Why You Need To Wear A Skateboard Helmet? Everything You Need To Know

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Safety is the most important thing in all the spheres of our life. In the case of skateboarding, safety is very much important. Nothing is more important than life. In this pandemic situation, all are bound to stay at home. Owing to this situation, everyone is trying to do something new and interesting. Among other fun, people are enjoying skateboarding the most. In this respect, you should know why you need to wear a skateboard helmet.

why you need to wear a skateboard helmet?

why wearing helmets should be mandatory

Are You A Beginner At Skateboarding?

Then, you have to follow some rules and regulations. The first and foremost thing about skateboarding is safety. To make yourself safe and secure, you should wear a helmet always without any hesitation.

There is no alternative to it. As a beginner of skateboarding, you must learn why wearing helmets should be mandatory.

The main purpose of a helmet is to protect your head from severe injury.

Do you need a skateboard helmet?

Generally, young generations think, wearing helmets is a backdated fashion. If they wear a helmet while skateboarding, people will look at them and will talk humorously. But, as skateboarding is a risky game and always faces injury, it is necessary to wear a helmet.

Life is more important than fashion. So, a skateboard helmet is very much urgent while skateboarding.

Why skateboarders don’t like helmets?

Some so many people demand that wearing helmets is an age-old fashion. They think people will underestimate them if they wear helmets. For this reason, they want to avoid helmets. But, this is absolutely nonsense thinking. In some of the skate parks, there are some young guys taunt others.

Some of these humiliations create a huge impact on the teenager. Being impressed by these thoughts, they ignore using helmets. This habit brings danger to their life.

Why do you wear a helmet?

It is a human instinct to protect the head. By this instinct, some skaters always wear helmets. They don’t put importance on other’s teasing. The people who love their life, always avoid false glory. They always think about their own safety. In the whole world, you won’t find any of the best skateboarders who compromise with their safety gears.

In some of the skate parks, skaters are not allowed to skate without wearing a helmet. Above all, there are strict rules to wear helmets while skateboarding. Besides, some skaters don’t want to go to the hospital for their negligence.

Moreover, if you want to show your skills in the field of skateboarding, you should wear a helmet.

Do you want to know about the skateboard helmet safety certifications?

As a skater, you should have a perfect knowledge of skateboard helmet safety certifications. Actually, all the skate helmets require specific requirements from CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and Snell. Usually, these authorities cover all the safety certifications of the skateboard helmet.

All the skateboard helmets reach the safety requirements of:


ASTM F1447 & F1492

 Snell N-94.

What can happen without a helmet?

This is a terrific question from any individual. The people who are not willing to wear helmets must know about it.

In short, we can say that a helmet might save one’s life. We all know that skateboarding is a very risky and fun game. So, people are usually attracted to this game. But, they do not follow safety measures.

As a result, worse happens. Some skaters think, if they do not wear helmets, it shows their fashion status. As skateboarding is a risky game, it often brings injury. Sometimes, this injury brings fatal results. In some cases, skaters lose their lives.

In some cases, injured skaters survive, but they won’t able to get back to their normal life. They are bound to lay down on beds for their whole life. So, it is a very intelligent idea to wear a helmet.

We must remember that accidents may happen at any time. No one knows when it happens or not. So, we should take protective measures against it. There are a few important pieces of protective equipment. This equipment is as followed:

  • A perfect and fitting helmet.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Knee cushions.
  • Proper skating shoes with flat rubber soles.
  • Slide gloves.
  • Wrist guards.
  • Appropriate apparels.

What Are The Benefits Of Skateboarding Helmets?

We cannot provide the answer in a single sentence. Skateboarding always faces injuries. So, as a skater one should be careful while skateboarding. The Head is one of the most important parts of our body.

A head injury can cause a fatal result. So, our first duty is to protect our heads. Only helmets can prevent our heads. Without a helmet, skateboarding is nothing but inviting injury.

How to put on a skateboard helmet properly?

The priority of a skater is to buy a perfect helmet. But, the question is – how can one wear a helmet?

The proper way to wear a helmet is hidden in the size. First of all, we have to take the proper measure of our head. After that, we should buy a helmet according to the size of our head. Initially, we should wear a helmet. Then we should shake our head at the left side and then to the right side to see if the helmet is absolutely tight or loose.

After wearing the helmet, we should confirm whether the visibility of the helmet is perfect or not. In this way, we can get the perfect size of the helmet.

How do you measure your head size?

In the marketplace, there are so many manufacturers of helmets. Of course, they provide different measurements. So, you think to buy a helmet, you should check out websites to find an appropriate one for you. Otherwise, you might get an awkward helmet size.

To measure your head, at first, you have to get soft and flexible tape. Then cover the tape around your head. Now, you may get the perfect measurement of your head. Here, you are ready to buy a nice helmet.

Skaters always say that there are various pros & cons of wearing a helmet. So, it is our duty to discuss all the pros and cons of wearing a helmet.

Various pros of wearing a helmet:

  • There is a minimum chance of fatal head injury.
  • Decrease the recovery span from vital falls.
  • Increase visibility for drivers while he/she is skating by the road.
  • Moreover, provide a safe feeling.
  • Avoid dust or dirt.
  • Not stopping up in the nursing home or hospital, rather prepare to go to school, college, or working places on the very next day.

Do you know what are the cons of wearing helmets?

Though the helmet has several pros, yet, there are some cons also. The cons of wearing helmets are as followed:

  • The helmets seem very uncomfortable as after the helmet some skaters sweat.
  • Helmet does not look so ‘cool’.
  • Helmets mess up the skater’s hair.

Yet, we should remember that it is not a beauty contest. In this field, safety should be our priority.

What is the price of a skateboard helmet?

If you want to get the answer in a single sentence, then we have to say that the price of a skateboard helmet is a bit expensive. The range of the skateboard helmet price starts from $25 and it reaches up to $200.

The range depends on the lining material, shell, and of course its safety standards. If you buy the more expensive helmet, then you will get more features that may not be essential but you need them.

So, before buying a skateboard helmet, you should see all the info related to the skateboard helmet. And you should buy it from a reliable place.

What are the features of a skateboard helmet whose range is between $70-$200?

These types of helmets have an exterior shell molded, a protective liner that is fused. In comparison with other helmets, these helmets are lighter and provide extra venting capacity.

The material of these types of helmets is very high. Generally, they are made of ultra-thin and lightweight carbon fiber which contains Kevlar or fiberglass. This feature makes the helmet durable.

Moreover, its interior liner is EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner which reaches the CPSC certification standards.

What are the extra features of these types of helmets?

  • More adjustable capabilities.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Certified for both bike and skate.
  • Consists of pro rider drafted limited edition graphics.
  • Large fit pads that provide comfort.

What are the features of skateboard helmets whose range is between $35-$70?

These helmets have a hard shell construction. Moreover, these helmets have a pre-molded interior protective liner. In comparison with the other helmets, these helmets have less venting capacities and heavier. Its exterior shell is made of ABS hard plastic.

Its interior protective liner is CPSC certified.

What are the extra features of these types of helmets?

  • They have pro rider drafted limited edition graphics.
  • Removal and washable, sweat-wicking liner.
  • Large fit pads.

What are the features of the helmets whose range is between $25-$35?

These types of helmets are also made of a pre-molded interior protective liner. It is adjusted and glued into a pre-molded exterior shell. In comparison with other helmets, these helmets have less venting capacities. Though these helmets are heavy, yet, these helmets are budget-friendly. For this reason, these helmets are most popular than other helmets.

ABS plastic provides hard shell protection. At a very low price, these helmets have met a great impact in the case of protection.

Interior material contains a certified EPS foam liner.

If your head is too hot, then you should buy a helmet that has more venting options. Moreover, the color of the helmet has a great impact on your comfort level while you are skating.

In case, you live in a hot climate situation, then you should choose a helmet that has various venting options. These vents will keep you cool in hot and humid situations. After wearing the helmet, you might listen to the others, ‘this is a cool guy. To fight against the climate, we must buy the best skateboard helmet for hot weather.

On the other hand, if you live in a cool climate situation, you should choose a helmet that has fewer venting options.


I think, after going through this article, you have got the answer to ‘why you need to wear a skateboard helmet’. Moreover, you must have got a clear idea of how to choose a skateboard helmet

As a skater, you should remember one thing that safety is the first and foremost priority of a man’s life. We should not compromise with it.

We should make a promise that we must wear a helmet while we are going for a ride whether it is a short or long ride.

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