Tips For What To Wear Rollerblading? Everything You Need To Know!

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During this Covid pandemic situation, people are becoming bored day by day. To get relief from this boredom, they want fun like rollerblading.

Now, skaters are very much confused to know what to wear rollerblading? This is definitely a genuine question.

Are you eager to know the answer? We are here to satisfy you. We won’t take much time. Only a few moments will be enough.

So let’s ready:

I think, your question is “What should I wear when rollerblading?” But, before we learn about the proper fit, we should actually know “what is rollerblading?”

According to Cambridge Dictionary, rollerblading is nothing but “the activity of moving on a surface, wearing boots with a single row of small wheels on the bottom of each”.

Actually, inline skates are manufactured and produced by the German branch of SKF in 1978. Soon after one year the product was stopped due to the lack of consumer product in its portfolio.

To be true, the Rollerblade company was formed by Brennan Olson and Scott. Later, they sold the company to Bob Naegelejr in 1984.

After this, rollerblading becomes popular among millions of people. Some people take it only for fun whereas others take it as a instrument for being fit.

The people who are cautious for their fitness, they are very much eager to buy the best inline skates for fitness. Actually, proper inline skating will make you fit.

As you know rollerblading is a risk-taking game, so we must wear protective gears while skating.

In this regard, helmet is the most important thing to consider. That’s why skaters prefer best Helmet For Inline Skating.

Now, they are trying to search the suitable clothes for rollerblading. Frankly speaking, there is no proper dress code. You can wear whatever you like.

Yet, there are some clothes which are going to permit you extra freedom of movement. You may wear shirts or t-shirt. Even, you may wear jeans unless they are restrictive.

Skaters are always confused to get the answer of What Should I Wear inline skating?

Don’t worry.

We are here to provide you a complete guide:

To keep yourself safe and secure, you should wear the following protective gears during inline skating.

  • A helmet Skaters should always use a helmet specifically designed for inline skating. You have to confirm that your helmet fits properly. Always try to fasten chin straps, so that your helmet may not move around.

  • Do you ever compromise with helmet?

    Experienced skaters never compromise with helmet. They always try to buy the best helmet for inline skating.

  • Knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads These things are important to avoid scrapes and in case of any fall, these will cushion the bones.

  • Skates Always try to buy comfortable skates with good ankle support. If you want to check the support, you may squeeze the plastic of the boot. If it squeezes, the material is not strong.

    In this regard, you should buy the best roller skates to get the best feeling.

    In the marketplace, you can buy various roller skates. Among them, the best roller skates for men and the best inline skates for women are more popular.

  • Light gloves Light gloves will help to keep your fingers safe.

  • A mouthguard In case of any fall or crash, a mouth guard will help to protect your mouth and teeth.

What Should I Wear Rollerblading?

Generally, people wear all types of clothes while rollerblading. Among them, some of them are referred here:

  • Jeans – It is an admitted fact that skaters love to skate wearing jeans. We all know that jeans seem to be very popular among young generation. But, tight jeans create a barrier to turn. Some of the jeans have no stretching option. In this regard, they would make limitations on your skating.
  • Shorts – Yes, shorts are very much effective while skating. If you do not want to expose your skin, you should wear pads.
  • Skin tight leggings – Skin tight leggings are very popular among the skaters. During 80s and 90s, skin tight leggings are very much high-demanding. It’s nice to bring back those golden days.
  • Hoodies – These are also popular. Especially, during the cold, hoodies are much in demand.
  • Leather trousers – You can wear leather trousers also. If you feel comfortable, you can wear this. I am not a person to prevent you to do so.
  • Backpack – Lots of people like to wear backpack while inline skating. You may carry all your essential things in the backpack. For its importance, people like to buy the best skateboard backpack.
  • Sports bottoms – These are also working amazingly while skating. Some skaters prefer them.
  • Cargo pants Though very few people wear cargo pants, yet they are very much popular in the 90s. frankly speaking, cargo pants are too much heavy for exercising.
  • Skirts – If you like, you may also wear skirts.
  • Sunglasses – You should wear sunglasses to avoid any type of harmful ultraviolet sunlight. Besides, other airy particle may affect your eyes.
  • Hat – Use a hat to protect yourself from the sunrays.

Wearing clothes depends on your skill on skating.

If you are an experienced skater for years (rather, we may call you a master of skating), then this goes up to you. It is your responsibility to set a fashion of your own. You are the boss for your style statement.

The style of the rollerbladers is the reflection of their emotion and passion for rollerblading. As rollerblading is an expensive hobby, it reflects your self-expression and freedom.

Frankly speaking, rollerblading is both an art form and sport. To some of the skaters, it is even lifestyle also.

For this reason, people wear whatever they like and feel comfortable.

Some skaters wear colorful dresses to show their positive attitude.

Now, we have a clear idea about the wearing while skating. Similarly, we should learn about what not to wear while roller skating.

Do you know what things should we not wear while skating?

Generally, experts say not to wear any restrictive things. In this regard, we may name the jeans. Generally, jeans are very stiffy and prevent smoother movement.

Similarly, we should not wear skirts or tight dresses. These things are too restrictive.

Actually, we should wear the things which will allow to bend your knees freely.

Never wear loose garments. It may get caught in your skates.

Ensure that your dress do not touch the ground.

Besides, you should try to avoid lots of zippers, big buckles, or anything like that on your clothing. These may create potential hazards.

While wearing protective gears, you should also be alert while you are skating outside. Young generation likes to wear headphones while skating. It invites danger.

To keep yourself safe and secure, you may carry the following things:

  • A mobile phone
  • Any type of photo identity card
  • A whistle to blow to attract attention towards you while you are in a danger.

There are some other safety tips also to follow: 

  1. If possible, skate always with a friend
  2. Try to skate during daylight
  3. Always try to avoid busy roads. Rather, use lonely roads
  4. While skating, try to be at the right side.
  5. Carry extra water bottle if you find it is a very hot and humid day.
  6. Avoid skating during snowing or raining. Snowing or raining will make the surface of the road slippery. This may increase the chance of injury.
  7. While skating outside, wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above.
  8. Never follow any running bike, bus, or other vehicles. It may bring severe injuries.

Skating on the rough roads is also prohibited. But, recently many manufacturer produce skates for rough roads also. You may buy the best inline skates for rough roads. Then you can also enjoy the riding on the rough roads.

At the end of the article, we may conclude that your dress also reflects your environment. So, it is your duty to keep a vigil on your dress code.

The dress must be comfortable, fitting, attractive and of course, shows your personality.


After going through the context, you must get the answer of ‘what to wear rollerblading?’ Now, wear the necessary protective gears and enjoy the ride. During this frustrating time, it will give you enough entertainment.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Is Rollerblading Easier Than Roller Skating?

There are several people who are confused to get the answer of it. While some people believe that quad roller skates are easier than inline skates. But, practically speaking, the children and adults find inline skating easier.

Q. Can you lose weight by rollerblading?

As you all know that rollerblading is one of the most effective cardiovascular activities. During this time, you can burn the most calories per unit of time. While rollerblading, an adult can burn 260 calories in 30 minutes. If you are smaller, you will burn less calories. On the other hand, if you are larger, you can burn more calories.

Q. Can you Rollerblade in a dress?

While rollerblade, wearing knee pads, elbow pads, mouthguard, wrist guards, helmet are always an excellent idea. Try to wear comfortable and fitting clothes. On the other hand, try to avoid restrictive clothes like jeans or things like that.

Q. Do you need to wear a helmet when rollerblading?

It is an admitted fact that rollerblading is a risk-taking game. So, we should be more careful while rollerblade. Both roller skating helmets and CPSC-certified bicycle helmets are proved to be effective to reduce the chance of injury. If you wear a certified helmet, it will protect you from severe injury.

Q. What kind of helmet do you wear Rollerblading?

Practically speaking, there are two main types of helmets in the world of inline skating. These two helmets are fitness helmet and skate helmet. Among these two which will be the most useful depends on the style preference. These types of helmets are considered as the old school type.

Q. Should I get roller blades or skates?

For the young children, roller skates may be easier as the muscle of children are less developed. So, moving slowly and standing upright become easier. Teenagers and adults learn inline skates faster. This is because, they pick up speed quickly. But, frankly speaking, there is not a big difference between these two.

Q. How dangerous is Rollerblading?

The most significant danger of rollerblading is to suffer a severe fall, snap the ligament, or getting injured which is difficult to recover. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), among 1000 participants, 3.4% severe injury occurs from inline skating.

Q. What do I need to know before Rollerblading?

Among several other important things, it is most important to remember to stoop your knees. Most of the beginner skaters becomes very stiff while rollerblading. Before attempting to learn rollerblading, you should be skillful at gliding, performing normal heel stops, and maneuvering.

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