What Size Skateboard Should I Get? Everything You Need To Know

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What size skateboard should I get? Which one will be perfect according to my height and weight?

If you are just going to start your skateboarding session, then you may feel so worried by pondering these questions in your mind. We can understand your situation.As a callow and beginner leveled skater, it's quite natural for you.

Are you acquainted that in order to become a good skater, you should have a complete idea about the skateboard size chart? If you are unable to understand what size skateboard you should buy, then your dream of becoming an advanced skater probably will remain elusive.

We never want you to make such a blunder of buying a skateboard that is inappropriate for you, as a result of your opaqueness about choosing the size of the skateboard.

To reduce your tension, we tried to give a brief idea through this article so that you can understand what is the appropriate size skateboard for you.

By cogitating our specialists' personal experiences and knowledge, we prepared this skateboard size guide. We do believe that once you will be able to comprehend this topic, then no one can stop you from becoming an excellent one.

In this article, you will able to know about the skateboard size calculator.

Why it's important to consider what size skateboard should I get?

In order to find out the best size skateboard for beginners, one of the most important things that you need to retain is selecting the proper deck for you.

While skateboarding, you stand upon the which longboard, is called the skateboard deck. It is the base of a skateboard. You can get several sizes and styles of skateboard decks. The shape as well as the size of the deck varies according to the user's body weight and height.

Do you know the wrong choice of deck size can bring how much difficulties in your skating journey? Even it can totally obliterate your dreams of becoming a skating expert.

An appropriate size of the skateboard deck can lead you to learn skating more progressively. But before buying a skateboard, you need to keep in mind a few aspects

Let's dig into those essential aspects.

Which factors you should focus on while choosing the deck?

In terms of picking the proper size of the deck, you need to concentrate on a few factors.

Style of your riding

Among all the focusing aspects, the first thing you need to ponder is your skating style. Depending on your riding techniques, the deck sizes change. If you wanna try transition skating or need ample surface under the feet, then you should go for the wider decks.

For the users who love to perform a few skating tricks, then lighter ones should their first preference. Those who want to skate on the roads, for them narrow boards are ideal which comes with below 8 inches width.

Let's have a quick study at the skateboard size guide.

  • For the youths: The decks come with 7.00" - 7.50" width are perfect for them. These boards are actually called narrow decks.
  • For the teens: From 7.50" up to 8.00" wide medium decks are precise for the adult riders especially those who want to perform skating tricks.
  • For transition skating: Wider boards are suitable for transition skating as well as the street skating. In that case, go for the decks that come with the width of 8.50", and above.
types of skateboard deck size

Weight and height of the skater

Have any idea about what extent troubles you need to face because of the slightest differences in the measurement of a skateboard deck? So, always try to choose the skateboard decks by keeping in mind your body sizing.

If you're a little bit smaller in height, then you should buy the mini-deck skateboards. Whereas for the taller ones full-size skateboards will be a good choice.

Now the question can come to your mind is how can I understand which are the mini deck or the full-size skateboards? Stop being worried.

In this article, we are going to discuss this topic in detail to sweep away your worrying question of what size skateboard should I buy!

So, keep reading and follow the provided skateboard size guide.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get For My Height?

  • If your height is up to 4 feet 6 inches or less than it, then we will recommend you to choose the board from 7.25" up to 7.75".
  • For 7.75 skateboard deck and above, your height should be up to 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Our recommendation for the riders who are taller than 5 feet 6 inches, is up to 8.50" skateboard decks.

The size of the skate shoe:

Another most significant aspect you need to speculate is the shoe size. If the width of the skateboard is too confined or too wide than your feet, it can create trouble while skating

In order to maintain balance,  it's very important to check that the shoe size fits with your board or not.

 Skateboard deck Features

The first thing you need to know to buy the best size skateboard for beginners is what size skateboard I will buy.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the skateboard deck specifications, then you will never able to understand which size skateboard deck is suitable for you.

Here we are providing brief information about the specifications of the decks so that you can pick the right one for you.

Width of the deck:

One of the most vital aspects that the buyers need to keep in mind is the deck's width. Because your skating balance will depend on it.

Too ample deck can create problems while performing skating tricks. On the contrary, a too narrow deck can lead you to lose your balance.

By keeping in mind the previously discussed vital aspects, you can get a skateboard deck from 7.5 to up to 8.25-inches.

Length of the deck

The latitude of deck basically depends on your preferable riding style. Most of the expert skaters prefer 28" to 33" long decks. Whereas for the younger ones, shorter skate decks will be consummated. Only in the case of longboarding, deck length plays a vital role.


The obliquity of the deck alludes to the deck's concavity. Depending on this aspect, there are three major types of skateboards available in the market.

By trailing you can buy your own comfortable one.

  • Low concave skateboards: As these types of decks come with a very slight flexure, it puts the riders into trouble while flipping. But low concave decks permit your feet to have a cozy feeling while you are standing upon the irrevocable deck. 
  • Medium concave skateboards: Beginners can try this moderate concave boards. If you're confused between the medium and steep one, then go for the medium one. 
  • High concave skateboards: These are the perfect boards for performing skateboarding tricks like flipping.

Nose and tail of a deck:

The front portion of a board refers to the nose of the deck. And the back portion is the tail.

Mounting holes:

The holes that are pre-pierced where the trucks associates, are the mounting holes. Among the four mounting holes, two are in the nose part and the other two are in the tail part of a skateboard.


The intervening space between the mountain holes refer to the wheelbase. This distance is about 13" to 15 inches on average.

The skateboards come with several mounting wholes of wheelbase options, which are beneficial. You can adjust those skateboards' holes according to your comfort

The slightest adaptation in the wheelbase options, can apex your skating performance to an advanced level.

Types of skateboard deck size based upon the rider's age

Depending on the deck size, there are four types of decks available in the stores or online shopping sites like Warehouse.

Let's have a quick look at the guidelines about the deck types according to the board length and width.

  • Micro: Decks that are 6.5" up to 6.75" wide, and 27.2"  to 27.6" long are the micro ones.
  • Mini: Decks that are 7" wide, and 28" long are the mini one.
  • Full-Size: Decks with a width of 7.5" skateboard or more and are 26 inches long are the full-sized ones.
  • Mid-size: The decks come with 7.3" breadth and 29" length, which are the mid-sized decks.

Here, we will give you a skateboard size chart based upon the rider's age.

What size skateboard should I buy for a beginner?

Skateboard size guide

For the beginner skaters, it's quite difficult to find the best one for them.

If you don't have proper idea about the skateboarding techniques and styles, then follow our above-described deck size chart by keeping in your mind your feet size.

If your feet are small in size, then choose the narrow sized decks. On the contrary, those who have larger feet, select the wider one.

Micro and mini decks are perfect for the best size skateboard for beginners. But always try to select such a skateboard by using which you can enjoy a comfortable riding.

What size skateboard should I buy for a 6-8-year-old?

If you want your kids to start their skating session at the age of 6, then you need to be aware enough about their safety. Make sure that they are wearing protective gear while skating. From 6 up to 8 years of children, mini deck skateboards are suitable.

Although children under the age of 6 should not be allowed to skate, it totally depends on your personal preferences. In that case, you can order a micro board for your toddler.

What size skateboard should I buy for a 9-12-year-old? 

Almost from the 9 years, kids become pretty cheerful and sportive in nature. So, for 9-12 years child, go for the 7.3 skateboard which is the mid-sized one.

What size skateboard should I get for 13 years? 

7.5 skateboards are congenial for 13 years, and above. In this age, teens want to experience thrilling moments. They want to perform a few skating tricks. For this reason, they will need full-sized decks.

To find out the best size skateboard, follow our skateboard size chart.

Deck Type


Height Of The Rider

Shoe size

Micro Deck

5 years and below.

Shorter than 3’5"

3 or less than it.

Mini Deck

6-8 years

Up to 4'4"


Mid-sized Deck

9-12 years

Up to 5’2"


Full-sized Deck

13 years and above

More than 5’3"

9, and above

What To Look For When Buying A Skateboard?

Skateboard deck

Before buying try to fathom our deck size chart in order to choose the right one. In addition to the deck size, follow the deck style also. You can choose according to your preferred one among them.

Longboard: Used for performing tricks or riding on the slopes of the hills.

Shortboard: Designed for the advanced level skater who wants to perform tricks.

Cruiser: Good speed and mid-sized deck specified skateboard perfect for travel, and street cruising.

Old school: Used for ramp performing, pool skating.

Skateboarding trucks

In order to select the best skateboard, another thing you need to verify along with the deck size is the skateboard truck height. 

Depending on the skating style, skateboard truck sizes come in three categories- Low, medium, and high.

Eligible for small wheel skateboards.
Enjoy more stability while performing tricks or flipping.

All-rounder skateboarding truck.
Suitable for street skating.

Used for large wheel skateboards.
Perfect for carving, and other tricks performing.

You can choose your needy one from them. In order to protect your deck from cracking and wheel bite as well as to increase the height of the skateboard, you can insert riser pads between the deck and the trucks on a skateboard.

Skateboard wheel

Check the size of the wheels. For beginners, 54 to 59 mm wheels can be a good choice. Whereas the expert one who loves to perform trick should prefer 50 to 53 mm wheels.

Skateboard hardware

Before purchasing, verify all the hardware set containing 8 bolts and 8 nuts, are working properly or not. Make sure that without rising pards their sizes are average 7-8”.


We firmly believe that after reading this article you will no longer suffer in any dilemmas by pondering What size skateboard should I get.

By following the skateboard size guide, and the chart determined by our expert's knowledge, you can surely able to buy the best size skateboard.

Still, if you have any additional qualms in your mind, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always here to guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a 7.75 skateboard a good size?

A. Using this type of skateboard, you can able to skate in a few styles along with performing tricks. But it's all up to your preference.

Q. Is an 8-inch skateboard too big?

A. 8-inch skateboards are perfect for skating on the bumpy surface, stairs, pools. They are ideal for performing advance leveled seating tricks.

Q. Is 7.75 skateboard too small?

A. It's the eligible deck size that permits the riders to have enough space under their feet along with performing tricks.

Q. Is 7.25 skateboard too small?

A. The riders with small feet can go for this one. But it's very problematic in terms of tricks performing.

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