What Kind Of Skateboard Protective Gear Is Required For Skateboarding?

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Perhaps, you are a good skater, or you may be a skating lover. But do you know much safety is important during skateboarding? Before starting a skating session, for your safety purposes you should have the skateboard protective gear.

There is no doubt that skating is one of the top best sports. Rollerblading can help you to get a more healthy physique. Are you feeling bored with your regular life? Starts skating to release your stress level.

More than 65% of kids are fond of skating.

But do you know how much skateboarding is dangerous without protective gear?

Although skateboarding is a fun exercise that comes with a lot of advantages. But lack of skateboarding safety gear and consciousness can make it dangerous.

Why do you need to wear Skateboard Protective Gear?  

skateboarding safety tools

In any kind of accident head injuries are very common. These types of injuries can become the cause of premature death. So, before starting skating you should acquire knowledge about the skateboarding rules.

If you are a beginner skater, then the chances of falling are very high. To protect yourself from skateboarding injuries, you ought to use skateboarding safety equipment

Most of the skaters practice skateboarding on the streets. Because of that, the chances of the knee and head injuries are excessive.

If you are not willing to terminate your skating life with a mauled knee or elbow, then you need to make sure that you have the skateboarding pads, skateboarding helmets, and other skateboard safety kit.

Not only for beginners but also for the skating experts, skateboarding protective gear is inevitable for their protection. Before wearing protective gear, you need to make sure that you are wearing the appropriate size of it.

It is very important to pick the well-fitting and adjustable gear by wearing which you can feel comfortable.

Let's find out the importance of safety gear in detail.

Skateboard Safety Helmets

It doesn't matter what kind of activity you are doing. Safety should be your first priority. Not only during skating but also for biking you need to pay attention to your safety in a very serious note.

Among all the skateboarding safety equipment, one of the most essential gear is the skateboarding helmet. For inline skating or outdoor skating, most of the skaters use bicycle helmets.

But nowadays there are a few helmets available in the market that are specially designed for skating. This kind of skateboard helmet plays an important role in protecting the back portion of the head.

In the world of skating, fitness helmets and skate helmets are mainly two types of skateboard helmets that become excessively famous.

When it comes to safety, investing a little more amount of money is not a big loss. So, always try to buy a high-quality helmet. No matter if it costs more money to buy.

Do you want to look smart even after wearing a helmet? In keeping your mind, the daintiness and the safety factors, skateboard helmet companies are designing the classic and elegant helmets.

In today's market many renowned companies like the Pro-tec, Thousand, Triple Eight, TSG are inventing extraordinary, multi-influencing skateboarding helmets for kids and adults.

You can check the reviews and the prices of these helmets from any shopping websites like amazon or warehouse. According to the style favoritism, you can select the appropriate one for you.

Let's have a look at the types of helmets for skateboarding.

Types of helmet

  • Fitness Helmet: These types of skateboarding helmets are a little bit archaic and outdated. The special feature of this helmet is an extra orifice facility. It helps the skaters remain cool and sweat less.
  • Skate helmet: We can recognize this type of helmet in several names like Compact helmet, Urban helmet, Commuter helmet. The major distinction between the fitness helmet and skate helmet is their formation, design, and structure.This round shaped helmet has a little bit of similarity with the combat helmet according to the external appearance. You can cover your head even the ears by using a skate helmet.Most of the invasive and youth skaters love this helmet. Most of the invasive and youth skaters love this helmet.
  • Multisport Helmet: For multiple games like inline skating, rollerbladingriding bicycles you can use these types of helmets. If you are willing to do tricks by skateboarding in the street, then go for this one. The special feature of this helmet is durability and hard construction.
  • Classic Helmet: Are you a beginner skater? Confused about which helmet for skateboarding to buy? Then we suggest you go for the Classic helmets. Although it provides less protection, it is appropriate for ordinary use.The ventilation dents allow you to enjoy comfortability during skating. As it is very light-weight, you can wear it for a long time.
  • Full Face Covered Helmet: If you are skating on the roads, then you should need the ultimate level of protection. You can get a full face coverage facility from these helmets. Because of this advantage the risk of head injury is very low.
  • Wiggle Helmet: Does your child love skating? But are you worried about your kid's safety? Then we will recommend you to select the Wiggle one. According to the safety norms, it will perfect for your toddler.
  • BMX Helmet: These helmets come in two varieties. The first one is a full-face helmet and the other is an open face helmet.The full face one provides high-level protection and best for skating races. On the other hand, the open face helmet is applicable for riding on plains.
  • Leisure Helmet: Do you want to look cool? Then this exceptionally light-weight helmet will be great for you. Although they are a little bit costly.
  • Mountain Bike Helmet: If you like to skate along mountain slopes, then you must need tremendous coverage protection. Mountain helmets come with great ventilating features and full head coverage protection.
helmets for skateboarding

Structure Of The Helmets For Skateboarding:

Mainly skateboarding helmets are constructed in three parts. Solid external shell, EPS foam, and comfort liners - these three parts made the helmets intact and absolutely cozy.

  • Solid External Shell: Every authentic helmet should have a hard shell around the EPS foam. That kind of shell adds an extra layer upon the foam. As a result it helps the foam from any kind of impacts or scratches.
  • EPS Foam: Almost all of the certified helmets provide EPS Foam under the external shell. Comparing with the 2-Stage foam, you can get further protection.
  • Comfort Liners: Beneath the EPS foam, this tender and mild padded comfort liners offer you to enjoy comfort around your head. A few reputed helmet companies like ProTec's Dri-Lex®, Triple 8's Sweatsaver™ offer such kinds of helmets that come along with sweat absorbing comfort liners technology.

Helmet Safety law:

In the USA before entering skateparks, skaters ought to wear helmets. California also made a safety law for skaters. There, a below 18 aged skater has to wear a helmet while skating on street or social areas.

Other states' skating safety law has similarly with this. Depending on how much protection you require, there are two types of helmet.

According to the safety certification we can divide the helmets into two categories. They are- Certified helmets and Uncertified helmets.

  • Certified helmets: A few companies come with both certified and uncertified helmets. But for more protection and various safety technologies, you should go for a certified one.
  • Uncertified helmets: This type of helmet offers less protection and protects your head from dime impacts. If you are looking for a cheap one, go for it.

Essential Features Of Skateboarding Helmets:

Do you know which features a helmet should have? To make you aware of these facts, according to our skating specialists here we are analyzing a few essential features of a skating helmet.

Let's have a look.

  • Safely Criterion: The main purpose of wearing a helmet is protecting your head from any kind of injury. Before buying you need to confirm that the helmet is providing 100% surety of protection.The helmet must have durable plastic made external shell along with a solid rubber made inner shell. So that, it can resist any kind of impact.You should take a look if the helmet is certified or not. Whether the helmet constructors can reach all the safety laws of Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), then go for that one without any doubt.
  • Ventilating Facility: Durning skating sweat oozing down your face and ears, can distract your mind. Because of distraction, you may fall by losing your balance. So, always try to choose open face helmet A helmet designed with enough ventilation dents not only helps you to remain to relax and cool but also you can concentrate on your balance while skating.
  • Straps: One of the most important things you need to remember while buying a helmet for skateboarding is the straps of it. You should choose such type of helmet that has easily fastening and adjustable facility.
  • Fit: In addition to the straps, one important thing you need to consider the fitting of the helmet according to your size. Before buying confirm that the helmet has extra padding and provides enough comfort during skating.If you want to wash your helmet, then no need to worry. A few helmets come with pad removing features.
  • Color Preference: Are you a little choosy about colors? There are few companies that offer multiple color options for the helmet.You can choose red, white, yellow, blue, or any color according to your desire. But if you want to look cool, then black colored helmets are perfect for you.Although other bright colors are much safer than black. But keep in mind that the absorption ability of the darker colors is very high. So, these colors can not help you to remain too cool.

Skateboarding Helmets Vs Bike Helmets:

A few skaters use bike helmets while skateboarding. But they shouldn't do it. A bike helmet can't give protection like a skateboarding helmet

Skateboarding helmets come with extra padding, hard shell, foam protection. Thus you can get 100% guaranteed safety by using skating helmets.

features of skateboarding helmets

Importance Of Skateboarding Helmet:

Do you know the importance of a skateboarding helmet as a skateboarding protective gear? Here we are going to discuss how helmets play an important role while skating.

  • Advanced Protection: It doesn't really matter, whether you are a skating expert or a beginner. You should keep in mind the fact that when you are stepping on the skateboard, you are risking your life.Never be too much over-confident. You ne'er aware when you might face an accident So it is better to take protection in advance.So no matter how skilled you are, always wear a helmet while skating in order to protect your head from injury.
  • Provides Safety To Your Skull: Even if you are not an aggressive skater, you need to wear a helmet during skating. Do you know that you may fall even if you skating at a slow speed? Such a light blow can cause serious damage to your skull. So it's very necessary to wear a helmet during skating.

Cons Of Helmets For Skateboard:

Experiences can not decide your fortune. Accidents can occur at any moment, no matter how proficient you are.

Despite knowing this skateboarding fact, a few skateboarders can't understand the significance of skateboarding safety equipment. By showing several reasons, they don't want to wear a helmet while skating.

Let's find out those reasons.

  • Sweating: As the helmet covers your full head, you start sweating after a few minutes. Sometimes it makes the skaters feel very uncomfortable.
  • Incompatible look: Some skaters think that wearing a helmet doesn't make them look cool. Is showing off coolness more important than your life?

Safety is more important than your outlook. So, we will suggest you not to be silly and wear a helmet during skating.

Elbow pads:

As a skateboarding protective gear, the only helmet is not efficient for your full body protection. When you are skateboarding on the street or on the slopes of mountains, you need to wear more skateboard safety kits in order to cover most of the parts of your body.

When you fall while skating, apparently joints get injured in addition to the head. Bones cracking, bruise, sore- these are the ordinary examples of skateboarding injuries.

Elbow pad is a vital skateboarding protective Gear that protects your elbows from possible injuries of skating accidents. So, it's better to take precautions before wearing an elbow pad.

There are a few reputed companies like G-From that offers you extraordinary elbow pads designed with RTI technology. The mellifluous design gives you permission to wear the pads under your fabric along with comfort.

Important things you need to recognize before buying an elbow pad:

According to our skating experts, here we are going to analyze a few facts that you should know before your elbow pad selection.

  • Components: The main material of elbow pads should Ballistic Nylon. Don't go for a heavyweight one.
  • Well-fit: Always try to choose an adjustable and well-fitted elbow pad so that it can protect your elbows from bruising.

Knee Pads

Another body parts in addition to elbows that get injured mostly because of an accident are the knees. Whether you are a beginner or love to do tricks, you should wear a knee pad in order to protect your knees from any kind of skateboarding knee injuries like bruises.

Always choose such a pad that is well-fitted and you feel comfortable by wearing it. But keep in mind that girls' knee pads are smaller than the boys' one.

Wrist Guards

One of the most common injuries of any type of skateboard injury is arm and hand injuries. When you fall, your full body weight falls upon your hands. It can fracture the bones of your wrists.

In these types of cases, the role of wrist guards as a skateboarding safety gear is pivotal.

  • Palm Defencing: You can retain your palm safe from bruises or sores by wearing a wrist guard.
  • Vital For Snowboarding: If you prefer snowboarding, then wrist guards are the essential skateboarding gear. As these guards come with the hardshell exterior, it protects your wrists from impacts.
  • Protection From Fracturing Bones: Wrist guards protect your wrists from cracking bones.

Goggles Or Glasses

Do your eyes require protection while skating?  Have you ever imagined about this? Yeah! You need to retain safe your eyes along with full-body protection.

As a skateboarding safety gear the role of sunglasses is exigent. Let's find out the reasons why you should wear goggles while skating.

  • More Clear Views: It helps you to see the cobbled road more clearly by reducing the dazzle of the road.
  • Protection From UV Rays: Before purchasing, you need to confirm that the sunglass can protect your eyes from UV rays. Always try to choose nylon made durable and sunglass for skating.

Many renowned brands like Oakley comes with extraordinary frames.You can select your favorite one among them.

Padded Shorts For Skateboarding

While skating, you need to make sure that you are adopting accurate safety for your lower body. Ordinary shorts are not enough for skating. As a skateboard protective gear the role of padded shorts is impeccable.

Here, we are exploring a few reasons for why you should wear protective pants for skateboarding instead of a casual one.

  • Lower Body Protection: Casual shorts come with a single layer of clothing, on the contrary, padded shorts offer you foam loaded blocks. This extra padding facility can help you to protect your sensitive parts from injuries.
  • Tricks Performing: No one can ensure when you meet a fall by losing your balance while skating. There is a huge chance of falling when you are going to perform skating tricks. It may cause hip, tailbone, thigh injuries.

Only padded shorts can protect you these brittle parts from any kind of percussion or blow.

You can get a huge collection of padded shorts available in the online stores. You can order your desired one from there.

But always try to choose such protective paint that is made with breathable fabrics so that you can get ultimate comfort by using it.

What Is The Most Common Skateboard Injury?

If you don't use skateboard safety kits or don't obey the skateboarding safety facts while skating, then no one can protect you from getting skateboard injuries. The most ordinary injuries are head injuries and knee injuries.

  • Head injury from skateboarding: Head injuries are the most dangerous. It can lead to death. So, always wear a well-fitted helmet while skateboarding.
  • Skateboarding knee injuries: In addition to the head, the knees get excessively injured because of skating accidents. In order to protect your knees from fracturing and smashing, you should wear knee pads.

5 safety tips for skateboarding

Here we are exploring a few tips you need to follow to have a safe ride. Let's have a look.

1. Use skateboard protective gear: While skateboarding to evade injuries, always wear skateboarding safety gear like helmet, wrist guard, goggles, knee and elbow pads.

2. Skate in safety places: In order to escape from falling, you need to practice skating in safe places.

  • Avoid skating on the roads.
  • Don't skate in damp weather.
  • Beginners should avoid high traffic areas for skating.
  • Try to avoid the phone while skating.

3. Learn skateboarding techniques: Do you know how to fall while skateboarding? Falling is an integral portion of sports. To become a pro-level skater, you need to know the skating tricks.

When you feel you are losing balance, try to stoop down.

Never stiff your body while skating.

4. Inspection of your safety equipment: Before going for skating, check all the safety gear. Inspect if they are working properly or not.

5. Obey skating safety factors:  You should follow the skateboarding safety factors of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The rules of AAP don't permit the five years old kids for skateboarding.

According to the rules a six to ten years old toddlers need to skate under the observation of an adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What age is appropriate for a skateboard?

A According to the AAP,  6-10 years kids can start skating by wearing protective gear and when they are under the overseeing of adults.

Q  Do I need a helmet for Longboarding?

A According to most of the skating expert's opinions, helmets are essential for while you are skating in the mountain slopes or in the skateparks. Whereas some skaters disagree with this by saying helmet is not so much important for riding on plains.

Q  What helmet do pro skateboarders wear?

A Most of the skaters prefer the Pro-tec helmets, as these helmets offer a lot of facilities.

Q Do I need knee pads for roller skating?

A Knee pads play a vital role in protecting your knees from cuts and bones cracking.

Q Should I wear pads when skateboarding?

A To protect your hands, arms, palm, knees, elbows from fractures, bruises, smashes you need to wear pads while skating.


No matter what activity you are performing, you should remain concerned about your safety. But while skating you need to remain more aware of your safety. You should wear skateboard protective gear in order to carry on your skating session without getting injured.

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