Top 5 Best Skateboard Bearing Spacers Reviewed & Tested in 2022

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Are you cognizant about exactly how important Skateboard bearing spacers to the board wheels? If you are dreaming about becoming an advanced level skater, then you should have knowledge about the technical parts of the skateboard.

Just knowing how to skate is not adequate, in order to become a pro-level skater you have to know by using which parts a skateboard constructed, as well as how to install or replace the parts.

While skating if you face any technical problems in your skateboard, perhaps you can't find anyone to help you. Then you need to fix it yourself.

That's why it's very essential to make yourself aware of the technical construction of the skateboards. Wheels are such a vital part of a skateboard. In case, if you face any issues regarding the board wheels, then you need to ascertain it yourself.

So, today we will discuss such a topic which is one of the important parts of skateboard wheels. And it is the bearing skateboard spacers.

Skateboard bearing washers and spacers are very essential parts of a wheel. To become a good skater, it's very important to know skateboard bearing spacers uses as well as the installation process.

In this article, we will give you a complete idea about bearing spacers along with the reviews of the top 5 best spacers based on our expert's experiences.

top 5 Best skateboard bearing spacers in 2022

Do you need bearing spacers for a skateboard? But feeling confused by pondering which one is the right to pick?

Here, we have come with experts recommended top 5 skateboard bearing spacers that will help you to reduce your these qualms as well as hit your expectations.

1. Sushi Alloy Skateboard Bearing Spacers 

The product that has taken its place in the first rank as our expert's most recommended top choice is none other than Sushi Alloy Skateboard Bearing Spacers. Sushi Alloy comes with a pack of 4 pieces of roller skate bearing spacers packaging that will never make you think that you have wasted money by buying it.

This product in maintaining its reputation since its inception proficiently. Due to this fact, we can assure you by saying that you will not be disappointed after purchasing it.

So, without wasting a single minute, let's dig into the special features of this spacer.

Features that have the ability to grab your mind:

  • Provisional finish: This roller skate bearing spacers from Sushi Alloy is designed by the provisional finish. These spacers don't offer any painted models. The lacquer implicated metallic outer covering of this skateboard bearing spacer is really scrumptious.

  • Construction: Due to raw finish, the aluminum alloy construction, and other constructing details you can see easily.


  • Light-weight: The construction of aluminum alloy permits this Sushi Alloy Skateboard Bearing Spacers to become extremely light-weight.

  • Dimension: These 4 set of spacers from Sushi Alloy comes with 8 mm interior, and 12 mm exotic. dimension, whereas its altitude is 10 mm. You can use this spacer for 8 mm, and 10 mm axles.

  • Enhance the life of the bearings: In order to ennoble the bearings and to get long-term usage, use Sushi Alloy Skateboard Bearing Spacers. By alleviating the adjacent load, and restraining the wheels from getting over tightened, this product increases the bearings life.


  • Light-weight construction.
  • Available in 8 mm as well as 10 mm hole. 


  • Not externally painted.
  • Unmarked packaging.

2. Metal Hardware Set for Skateboard Bearing Spacers

Are you willing to purchase a full set of spacers and washers? Here, we have come with an entire packaging of a skateboard bearing washers and spacers from metal hardware.

Let's browse more details about this product.

Features that have the ability to grab your mind:

  • A full combo: This metal hardware set offers the users to get a full combo of the washer as well as the spacers. This set comes in 10 pieces of the washer, and 4 pieces of wheel bearing spacers.

  • Construction: The robust structures of the washers are iron made. Whereas this full combo offers the users 4 pieces of aluminum made spacers.

  • Suitable for: You can use this combo in your longboard, skateboard, etc.

  • Sizes of this metallic washer and spacers: The iron made washers come with approximately 0.4 inches dimension, whereas its thickness is 1 mm.

    The spacers come in a dimension of 0.4×0.4 inches.
  • How will you get benefitted by using this set: By using these spacers, you can make the boards more stable as well as reduce the shaking of the wheels. On the other hand, the spacers help to keep the bearings long-lasting and enhance the wheel speed.

In one word, we will say that in order to get a speedy, and smooth-riding, you must pick this skateboard bearing washers and spacers combo.


  • Robust construction.
  • Best pick for the longboarders.


  • Require changes in terms of size and color.

3. SGerste 4pcs Durable Aluminum Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacers:

Based on our expert's judgments, and after exploring a lot, we have given the 3rd position to the SGerste 4pcs Durable Aluminum Longboard Skateboard Bearing Spacers. The only thing that can be said is a satisfactory product at a reasonable cost.

Let's have a glance at the features of the spacer.

Features that have the ability to grab your mind:

  • Construction: Most preferred aluminum construction of this roller skate bearing spacer, has successful to meet the buyers' expectations, and demands. The robust construction is very outstanding as well as impressive.

  • Dimension: This robust spacer comes within a 10 × 10 mm dimension, has the heat, and friction-resistant facility.
  • How does it work: This is a set of 4 pieces spacers that make the skateboard stable by decreasing the shaking of wheels.

    By using this spacer you can enhance your skating speed and the bearings life.
  • Perfect for longboards: If you are longboard spacers, without any doubt you can pick this one.


  • Heat resistant construction.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not appropriate for retailing.

4. Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings  Bearing Spacers: 

In our specialist suggested top 5 Skateboard bearing spacers list, one of the most exoteric spacers took place in the 4th rank is Bones Super Reds bearings spacers. The manufacturer of this spacer while designing this focus on its pricing as well as the fractures.

Let's browse the special features of Bones Super Reds spacers.

Features that have the ability to grab your mind:

  • Super affordable: If you are willing to buy a firm model of spacers at an affordable price, then the Bones Super Reds can hit your needs. We can say only that the pack of 4 spacers according to its cost, will not disappoint you at all.

  • Eligible for 8 mm axles: This Bones Super Reds spacers come with an average length of 410 inches, and 7 mm breadth. Whereas you can get the wall which is up to 16 inches thick. In one word, we can say that it's apt for the axle of 8 mm.

    But you should avoid this spacer for the truck that comes with a 10 mm axle.

  • Firm construction: These super redbone bearings spacers come with high quality and extraordinary super polished steel surface.

  • Durable: For long-term uses, and a smooth, quiet riding these spacers will be a great choice for the skaters.

  • Super black shield: One of the special features that make reds bones bearings spacers exceptional from others is its removable rubber made shield which not only gives you easy cleaning facility but also permits you to enjoy a smooth ride with less rubbing.

  • Must usable for the skating techniques: Whether you want to skate in the slopes of the hills, or participating in skating race, you should associate these reds bearing spacer without any hesitation with your Longboard.

    In terms of getting stable performance, this sturdy spacers from redbone bearings successfully kept all their promises.


  • Robust construction.
  • Super black easy cleaning, and removable shield.


  • Not eligible for more than an 8 mm axle.

5.Prettyia Skateboard Bearing, Spacers and Speed Washers:  

The last one in your top 5 list is a full combo set from Prettyia Skateboard Speed Kit that contains bearings spacers, and as well as the washer.

Let's figure out its mind grabbing features.

Features that have the ability to grab your mind:

  • A full combo set: This combo set is a package of 4 pieces of spacers, 8 pieces of high-quality washers, and 8 pieces of professionally efficient skateboard bearings.
  • Suitable for: If you are looking for a longboard inline skateboard, or electric skateboard, then definitely go for this one.
  • Construction: These are basically chrome steel made spacers. So, it can easily endure high pressure.
  • Color: This combo set comes with super black or silver-colored washers, and spacers. Whereas the bearings come with 21 mm external, and 8 mm inner dimension.
  • How does it work: To reduce extra pressure from the 7 mm wide skateboard bearings, and to develop the speed of wheels you should go for this professional combo.

    If you want a friction-free long ride, and long-lasting wheels as well as the bearings, then don't miss the chance of buying it.


  • A full package of 8 pieces bearings, 8 pieces washers, and 4 pieces spacers.
  • Shimmer color.
  • Suitable for longboards, or any type of skateboards.


  • Frequent care requires.
  • Not eligible for retailing.

To know more about how spacers work and why you need to use them, keep reading.

Have you any knowledge about what are spacers for skateboard bearings? If you want to make yourself more adept and proficient in skating, in that regard you need to have a little bit of cognition about the bearings for a skateboard.

How Bearings Work

Among all the parts of a skateboard, bearings are the most significant ones. A total of five constituents together constructed a bearing.

The major portion of a bearing is its inner, and outer race. You should verify that the inner race is firmly set inside the axle or not so that it can remain consolidated and adjusted.

Among those five parts, balls are the important ones. It makes the distance between the two races. The main work of it is removing abrasion and rubbing. By doing this, it allows the outer race to spin properly.

In this process, wheels become able to roll. A skateboard consists of eight bearings that are located underneath the board. Bearings play a vital role in speed managing.

Only by knowing the working process, and functions of the skateboard bearings components, you will able to realize why you should buy skateboard bearings with built-in spacers.

Let's have a quick glance at the functions of the bearings components.

  • Outer Ring: This bearing spacer ring revolves by centering the inner ring. As it's the outer shroud of a bearing, the wheels sustain spinning allied with this part.
  • Inner Rings: This portion of the bearings, doesn't have an affinity with the axle. These rings can't revolve with the wheel.
  • Balls: Near about six to seven balls that fill the gap between the two bearing rings play an important role in the spinning of bearings.
  • Shield: This portion of the skateboard bearings protects the rings from getting dusty, dirty.
  • Crown: The main purpose of the cage is retaining the equilibration, and analogy of the balls' location inside the rings. Crown protects the balls from getting close with each other as well as works as an equalizer of pressure distribution among the balls.

If you want to learn about skateboard bearing spacers, then firstly you should know what are skateboard bearing spacers for.

What are bearing spacers for Skateboard? 

The meaning of this word- 'Skateboard bearing spacers' is implicit in the name itself. Bearing skateboard spacers are basically miniature cylinder-shaped segments of a skateboard. Spacers are implanted between the brace of a bearing of a wheel.

The major motive of these metallic parts is tightening the axle nuts. In order to synchronize the spinning of the bearings, the wheel bearing spacers firmly maintain the accord between the bearing pairs.

Why do you need bearing spacers for a skateboard?

In order to know this, you need to know at first, what do skateboard bearing spacers do? Basically, in terms of enhancing the bearings execution level and to make it long-lasting, the spacers are installed. Although, in order to get good speed while skating, and to enjoy safe ride bearings are very significant.

Do you know what type of problems you may face if you buy skateboard bearings without spacers?

Here, we will give you detailed information about which purposes skateboard needs bearing spacers.

Let's find out why you need to install Skateboard bearing spacers.

  • Skating style: Those who love aggressive skating, definitely should go for those skateboard bearings which come with built-in spacers. As aggressive skaters stop abruptly while skating at a pretty fast speed, their whole body weight falls upon the other end of the board.

    Pre-installed or built-in spacers make the bearings long-lasting. In this regard, you need not waste money by buying new spacers.

    But despite being an aggressive skater, if you are skating without skateboard wheel bearing spacers, then you're making a huge mistake. It can damage the skateboard bearings totally while flipping or performing tricks.

  • Deterioration reducer: Every set contains six ball bearings. They help the wheels to spin. Due to their steel construction, the chance of erosion is a little bit low. But the spaces between the balls allow accumulating the dust and dirt particles. These prevent the bearings from being sustainable.

    If you don't use the wheel bearing spacers, the balls will become dusty, as there is no other way to get the dust out of. Because of this, problems occur while spring or rotating the wheels.

    By using bearing spacers skateboard, you can keep the dust away from the board bearings. As a result, the risk of corrosion is reduced.

  • Space creator between two bearings: If the spacers are not used, then there is no distance between two bearings. Consequently, it will create chirp, and jargon noise in the wheels.

    In that case, as two bearings located next to each other, it creates unbalanced pressure on the axle.

    The skateboard wheel bearing spacers creates room between the pair of bearings. Owing to this reason, the gap allows one to pour equal and even pressure on the axle. Thus, the axle becomes more lasting, and you can enjoy a better ride without facing any balancing issues.
how to choose the right bearing spacers

Are skateboard bearing spacers necessary? 

Skateboard bearing spacers are inserted in such a way that it fills the middle gap between the pairs of the bearings inside the wheels.

Now let's have a quick study about why you should buy bearing spacers skateboard.

  • To enjoy a smooth ride: As the wheel bearing spacers helps to maintain the distance between two skateboard bearings, as a result, no abrasion, or rubbing problems occur.

    If we ponder how to install skateboard bearing spacers, we will able to understand why wheels don't create any annoying noise while boarding. Not only that but also the speed of the board gets slow down.

    In this regard, skateboard bearings spacers help to have a fast and smooth ride.
  • Make the wheels long-lasting: In the absence of skateboard wheel bearing spacers, the bearings come next to each other. As a result, the generated friction causes depreciation of the wheels.

    It can fall a deep impact on your safety also. Without spacers, the board bearings need to endure much pressure. Consequently, it can create a huge issue for your safety.

    To give your skateboard wheels a long life, it's important to install Skateboard bearing spacers.
  • Longboard users: If you use ordinary Longboards and don't need to perform skate tricks like sudden stops, flipping, snappy turning, then for you bearing skateboard spacers are not too essential.

    We will recommend such skateboarders not to waste money by buying spacers. For them, skateboard bearing spacers are optional. Sometimes, skateboard bearings with built-in spacers create trouble for the skateboarders.

    Basically when skateboard bearing spacers size don't associate with the size of the bearings.

Common Problems Without Spacers:

If you are pondering to skate without skateboard bearing washers and spacers, then undoubtedly you are putting into huge trouble. Let's have a look at which type of obstacles you need to face if you are using skateboard bearings without spacers.

  • Chirping sound in wheels: If you are not using skateboard bearing washers and spacers, then the wheels are not get tightened enough. Consequently, it moves from one side to another. When you are just trying to have quick turns, or willing to slide the skateboard, the wheels can cause very bothersome chatter sound as well as vibration.

  • Explosions of bearings: Without wheel bearing spacers, the bearing lines remain next to each other. While skating it can increase extra pressure in the bearings. It can lead to the fulmination of bearings.

    Intemperance of loads during sliding can become the reason of your bearings falling. As a result, the skateboard wheels may fly off and cause a serious calamity.
  • Obstruction in order to get appeasement rolling: Bearing spacer rings allow the bearings to spin in a parallel manner inside the wheels. But without skateboard bearing washers and spacers, neither you can get a good rolling speed nor you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride. As in that case, there is a very possible chance of the wheels to have a transverse carving.

    If you don't want to see yourself being plagued in these kinds of problems, then confirm that you are skating with such a skateboard in which the skateboard bearing washers and spacers are pre-installed.

How to install bearing spacers?

After assembling, riders need to tighten the nuts. When tightening the nuts, you need to make sure that the nuts are not too incoherent, and phlegmatic.

You have to continue the process of tightening up until you realize that the nuts have properly fitted. But keep remembering you need not apply too much force while screwing up.

If you are using a skateboard bearings without spacers, then you will find a huge difficulty while balancing, as the wheels will move side to side. If you don't realize any kind of discernible robbing, then assured yourself that you did the installation process of a skateboard bearing washers and spacers appropriately.

Where to buy bearing spacers skateboard?

If you are thinking of purchasing skateboard bearing spacers, then you can choose the online or offline option, according to your preference. By following our skateboard bearing spacer buying guide, you can select the eligible one for you.

The buyers who prefer offline purchasing can visit their local skating hardware selling shops. But before buying, you can make sure that the bearing skateboard spacers you are choosing hitting all your expected criteria.

Otherwise, you can go for such online shopping websites like the Amazon, Flipkart,Walmart etc that priors the customer's needs and expectations.

How to understand which skateboard bearing spacer size is appropriate?

Bearing spacers are such a vital part of a skateboard that can fell a great impact on your skateboarding performance. So, it's very important to choose the appropriate size of the spacers. If your chosen spacers are too small or too big, then there is a risk for your bearings damaging. It can affect as well as the wheels also.

What type of labyrinth you will face because of choosing an ineligible skateboard bearing spacers?

It doesn't matter which skateboard you are using, if the tightening process can't be properly done, it can harm your wheels as well.

  • Too long spacers: A too extensive skateboard bearing spacers will linger between the hub and the bearings for the skateboard. As a result, the wheels will become slacked, and cranked.

  • Too tiny spacers: If you've selected very small spacers, it can squeeze the inner rings of the bearings by making them confined.

All of these occurrences will cause corrosion in the bearings as well as deterioration of the wheels.

By following which process you will be able to choose the eligible spacers for you:

While mounting, follow these below-mentioned techniques to understand your spacer's size.

By pounding a certain bearing's inner rings with the help of your finger, try to turn the wheel. Automatically, the inverse bearing's ring will make a turn.

  • If any bearings come out, while entering the other spacer, that means the spacer is too big.

  • Rough trail: You can also pursue a rough trial. For this, you need to give a quick shaking to the wheels. In that case, the spacers get diverged, or any kind of movement in the spacers, that means the spacers may be too tiny.

  • Closer trial: During the tightening process, try to lift up the wheels over the axle. If the wheel continues to turn slowly, that notifies you have chosen a very short spacer.

  • Check the skateboard bearing spacer dimensions: Before purchasing, make sure that you have verified the dimensions of the spacers. Mostly 6 mm, 7 mm, and 8 mm dimensional spacers are easily available in the stores.


  • Enhance the bearings life.
  • Distribute extra pressure evenly among the bearings.
  • Allows the riders to enjoy smooth and stable riding.
  • Keeps the bearings in a parallel manner.


  • A little bit of money investing.
  • After using the spacers, the new reproduced sound differs from the previous sound.

How to Choose the Right Bearing Spacers?

A few skateboard bearing washers and spacers manufacturing companies are available in the market. So, it's very difficult for the buyers to choose the right one. If you are a beginner skater, perhaps you don't have any idea about which specifications of the wheel bearing spacers, you need to look for.

To make you aware of these aspects, here we are giving you a brief knowledge about the skateboard spacers buying guide. We hope, if you follow our provided guidelines properly, then you can select the best one.

Several brands: A very important thing you need to know about spacers manufacturing companies. That is the diameters of the spacers vary according to the brands. A few companies offer fixed diameter based spacers. You can go for a specific brand according to your spacer size.

How bearings matters in terms of spacer selection:

Basing on the diameters of the bearing, the size of the spacer changes. So, before you purchase, check the diameters of the bearings.

Basically, most of the skateboards come with an equal-sized axle and bearings. So, you need not worry about the spacer's performance, as all of them usually come with the same performing functions.

Check the axle size: Mostly, axle comes in 6 mm, 7mm, and 8mm - these three sizes.  How well the spacers will fit within the bearings, depends on the axle size in a great portion.

If you are using the small-sized axles like 6 mm, 7 mm, then the skateboard bearing spacers can remain within the inner rings of bearings.

But in case, you are using the  8 mm, then the spacers can't able to fit within the inner race.

Verify the spacers material: Which type of material you will choose, that totally depends on you. According to your preference, you can go for the plastic made spacers as well as the metallic ones.

  • Plastic spacers: If you are worried about money, then we will recommend you to go for the plastic ones. Although these types of spacers will be light-weight, they're not for long-term usages.

  • Metallic spacers: In order to get durable, and long-lasting spacers, go for the metallic ones. Although these are a little bit costly but endurable for all-weather as well as the utmost pressure.

The spacer sizes can fall a great impact on your skateboarding. A wrong pick can ruin your skating dreams. If the spacers are too lax or to fastened, it can directly affect the axle as well as the bearings.

Do you need bearing spacers for a skateboard? But feeling confused by pondering which one is the right to pick? Here, we have come with experts recommended top 5 skateboard bearing spacers that will help you to reduce your these qualms as well as hit your expectations.


We hope after reading this entire article, you have understood how spacers play a vital role in skateboarding. If you want to protect your bearings from getting exploded, don't waste time.

Immediately choose your preferable one from our skating specialist suggested top 5 Skateboard bearing spacers list. And place an order from any online reliable shopping website or visit your nearby skating store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you need bearing spacers on a street skateboard?

A. Wheel bearings spacers are not too essential. Basically, they are facultative. If you are a longboarder, or a normal skater, or a beginner one, then it's not too necessary for you. But you want to perform skating tricks, then definitely use bearings spacers.

Q. Where to skateboard bearing spacers go?

A. Skateboard bearing spacers stay up on the axle which remains between a pair of wheel bearings. Spacers help to maintain the distance between two bearings by keeping them parallel.

Q. Why use skateboard bearing spacers yes or no?

A. Skateboard wheel spacers help in reducing extra pressure upon the bearings. By disturbing the pressure evenly it helps the riders to have a smooth ride as well as prolong bearings' life span.

Q. Do bearing spacers slow you down?

A. If the spacers get well fitted with the axle, it will allow them to enjoy smooth and speedy riding.

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