Top 5 Best Skateboard Bearing Press In 2022 | Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

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Do you use skateboard bearing press during the cleaning process of skateboard bearings? If no, then let's make a habit of using the bearing press while you come to clean the bearings.

It is good to remember that skateboard bearing is the exact one that makes the wheels of the skateboard speedy and smooth. Smooth wheels move fast depending on the smooth bearings that come after a regular and systemic washing by the bearing press for skateboard wheels.

Generally, skateboard wheel bearing press does not wash the bearing of a skateboard, but it makes the cleaning process of bearings easy and comfortable.

It is right to remember that when you come to clean the skateboarding bearings, at the initial stage, you need to bring out the bearings from the inner track of the wheels and start the washing process of bearings.

For easy and comfortable bringing out of bearings, you should use the bearing press from your end.

 But if you are in the first time to clean the bearings using wheel bearing removal tool, then you need to give importance first to know the process. In that particular case, just stay on this page as this article will focus all the information regarding bearing removal as well as the washing process. 

Let's have a look below...

These Are The 5 Best Skateboard Bearing Press For 2022

Independent Genuine Parts Bearing Press

Independent Genuine Parts Bearing Press makes your effort easy & simple to remove and put in the bearing. Its handle is very smooth, and with one stroke, you can make the well-fit bearings in the wheels.

Even you can remove the bearings from the wheels.


  • Easy and comfortable
  • The hook comes secure and effective
  • The bearing fitness time comes within a short duration.


  • No hassle oriented

Bones Swiss Bearing Press

Now what we are talking about skateboard bearing press that is named by Bones Swiss Bearing Press. It is also suitable, like the puller.

It looks very tiny, and there is a button under the big round top. When you push the button, a small hook comes out.

 Just enter the hook into the bearing for wheels, and the bearing comes tightly.


  • Tiny shape and size.
  • Suitable for puller.
  • Easy to handle.


  • No hassle oriented.

Amphetamine Bearing Press

According to us, Amphetamine Bearing Press/puller Longboard skateboard is one of the best. It has strong durability and great functionality. This particular tool decreases the struggling of installation and removing bearings with the help of leverage. 

This particular tool comes with assembling by an 8mm axle for the perfect shape & size. It comes with a design for 7mm axle for 627.

 It works as a press and puller in need of 8mm bearings.


  • Multiple functionalities.
  • High durability.
  • Constructed by 7 mm axle.
  • Looks good.


  • Not time consuming.

Cal 7 Skateboard Bearing Press Tool

   It is true to say that Cal 7 Skateboard Bearing Press Tool provides the best advantage while removing and installing the bearing in the wheels. It works for the wheel measured up to 97 mm. It is compatible with skateboards and roller skates.

 It is easy and simple to use. It is right to remember that most of the skateboard repairing shops comes to use this type of bearing press.


  • Used for bearing installation and removal.
  • Perfect for 97mm measured
  • Compatible for skateboards and skaters
  • Mostly used in skateboard repairing shop


  • Not fit for above 97 wheel

Owlsome Skateboard Longboard Wheels Bearing Press

Now we are going to discuss the most popular skateboard bearing press that comes with a name Owlsome Skateboard Longboard wheels Bearing Press Puller Tool W/Sticker. It comes with a construction made by high-quality Aluminum and steel. It is suitable for both 7 mm and 8 mm bearings.

 This particular bearing press comes with accessories, and Allen wrenches in need of bearing removing and bearing installation. It can come to be mounted to a bench or block of wood.


  • High quality oriented.
  • Suitable for 7 mm and 8 mm.
  • Installation easy and strong.
  • Comfortable for removal and installation.


  • Nothing hassle at all.

Bearing Press Longboard Skateboard Scooter Big Wheel

Bearing Press Longboard Skateboard Scooter Big Wheel runs with a lot of durability and functionality.  It makes the process of installation and removal easy and quick. It does not bring any damage while work goes on.

This bearing press comes to work with 8mm for bearing size measured by 608. It works for both, press and puller for 8mm bearings and the wheels measured up to 100 mm.


  • Good for big wheel.
  • Suitable for both removal and installation.
  • Comfortable for the wheels up to 100 mm.


  • Nothing hassle at all.
skateboard bearing removal tools

How to use a skateboard bearing press?

With the help of skateboard bearing press, you can comfortably put in and out the bearings from the wheel. It saves your hands and the time during the time putting in and out bearings.

Bearing press looks like a small tool with rectangular size, and in the middle of the press, there is a handle designed with a hook where you need put bearings and the wheels one after another to be set.

  • Put in the procedure for bearing press:

To set the bearing in the wheels of the skateboard, first, you need to put the bearing in the hook keeping red shield on the outer side. Then you need to put the wheel into the hook and after that, enter another bearing keeping red shield outside.

After setting the bearings and wheels, you need to pull the handle just to give a hit at the opposite end to do the right fittings.

  • System of putting out bearings:
 At the initial stage, you need to pull the wheel off the axel. Then pry the wheel just to twist the bearing out.

How to Choose the Right skateboard bearing press?

Before you buy the skateboarding bearing press, you need to give importance on the best one as only the best one will provide you maximum facility with excellent features.  Generally, the best one comes from the reputed brands that are popular according to the skaters.

In that case, you can depend on the reviews and ratings from the customer online.

Are skateboard bearing press necessary?

Skateboard bearing press is necessary when you want to do the removal of a skateboard bearing from the wheels.

The thing is that skateboarding bearing comes with an attachment to the central location of the wheel in such a way that no one can remove the bearing without the press.

With a natural step, you can enter the skate bearing press into the bearing whole and within a short time; you smoothly can bring out the skate bearing from the inner side of wheels.

But one thing you need to remember that to remove the bearings from skateboards' wheels without any hassle, you should always get in touch with the skateboard best bearing press.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do you clean skateboard bearings?

To clean the skateboard bearing, you need to do the cleaning process through several steps. At the initial stage, you should remove the bearings from the skateboard wheels.

In that case, you can come to make your working process easy with the help of bearing press. But if you think that you can do the work without using the press, then you can do from your side.

Q2:  What is a bearing puller?

Bearing puller is a bearing removal tool. It is used for pulling and replacing a variety of parts including bearings, wheels, gears and even pulleys.

Generally, the pullers come with the robust construction made of steel. As a result of that, the pullers can go for long days. 

Q3:  How do you pull an internal bearing?

The way of pulling out an internal bearing is straightforward and easy. With the help of T-tools, first, you need to remove the wheels from the skateboards' truck.

After that, you should take the initiative to remove the outer bearing first and then the internal one.

Q4:   How much do skateboard bearings cost?

The cost of skateboard bearings comes with different range according to the quality. The price for most of the bearings is from $ 7 to $ 20.

But it is good to know that in the market, there must be some high-quality oriented bearings that come with cost $ 50 or more   $ 50.

Q5:  Are all skate tools the same?

No, all the tools are not the same. To repair the skateboard or other accessories used in the skates, you need to have different tools.

In that regards, you need to have T-tools or Skateboard bearing press and some others.

Q6:  How do you use a bone bearing tool?

The bone bearing tool acts like both bearing press and a puller. It is designed in such a way that you do dent your shields without any difficult. 

Q7:  How do bearing pullers work?

A bearing puller is the essential tool that helps you to remove bearing sets from the shaft or a blind bearing hole. Usually, it is used for removing a caged set of ball or bearings in a car's transmission.

Q8: Are Bones Super Reds better than reds?

Reds bones are with the highest precision that provides the maximum benefits. Even it is designed with quality materials. But the Swiss one is not as same as the red one. It has lesser friction that the red one.

 You can make many more efforts to remove skateboard bearing and its installation, but hassle-free work comes to you if you use the best skateboard bearing press.

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