What Are The Parts Of A Longboard Truck?

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If you are a lover of a longboard, then you should have a clear idea about the parts of a longboard truck. Without the knowledge of it, you won’t get any success in longboarding.

Longboard trucks are one of the most important parts of the longboard. Using it, you can smoothly affect how your longboard rides.

As there is a very wide range of longboard trucks, it is very difficult to choose the appropriate one for your riding style. Here we are trying to explain the main features of longboard trucks.

For your betterment, we make a list of top longboard trucks available in the marketplace:





7.25 - 7.75 AXLES

50 - 52 MM


7.25 - 8.0 AXLES

50 - 52 MM


7.25 - 8.25 AXLES

50 - 54 MM


8.0 - 8.25 AXLES

50 - 54 MM


8.0 - 8.5 AXLES

52 - 55 MM


8.25 - 8.5 AXLES

52 - 55 MM


8.25 - 8.75 AXLES

53 - 56 MM


8.5 - 8.75 AXLES

53 - 56 MM


8.5 - 9.0 AXLES

54 - 58 MM


8.75 - 9.0 AXLES

54 - 60 MM


8.75 - 9.25 AXLES

50 - 60 MM


9.0 - 9.25 AXLES

54 - 60 MM

What Are The Parts Of A Longboard Truck?

Before we learn about the best longboard truck parts, we should have a huge knowledge of longboard trucks. Longboard trucks mainly function as the axles. They easily connect your wheels.

If you want to buy longboard trucks, then you have to buy them in pairs. There are two tracks in your truck – one is in front of your board and another is in the back of your board.

As you are trying to find the best longboard trucks, then you should know that there are various parts of it. And these parts are very much essential to understand the impact of each of the parts while riding.

Among these parts, there are 5 main parts which should be considered while buying the best longboard truck.

Here we are trying to discuss all the queries about the parts of longboard trucks.

longboard trucks guide


The main function of the baseplate is to connect the longboard truck to the deck of the longboard. It is mainly designed to put similar pressure on the base of the board.

Using the screws and 4 or 6 mounting holes, the baseplate is utilized to mount the longboard truck to the truck. This function is very much necessary for the action of the longboard truck.


It is the place where you can see the main differences among longboard trucks. The kingpin is nothing but a primary big pin that holds the various parts of the truck.

If you find any fault in the kingpin, you do not need to replace the longboard truck. Rather, you may change only the kingpin and save a huge cost. We find the major difference in longboard trucks is in the place where the kingpin locates.

Standard Kingpin (SKP):

Generally, standard kingpin trucks face the center of the board. When a skater is trying to do skateboarding tricks, then standard kingpin trucks are used. In this regard, we should remember that kingpin bolt never interferes with grinds on rails.

There are some famous companies like Gullwing or Independent who offer the standard kingpin trucks for cruising longboards. As a beginner of longboardingyou should remember that they are not common.

Reverse Kingpin(RKP):

Generally, we use reverse kingpin trucks for longboards as they are mainly responsive at low speeds when it offers more stability and control at higher speeds. Usually, in reverse kingpin trucks, the kingpin places towards the front part of the board.

In case you are not looking to go into the skatepark, then reverse kingpin trucks will provide you a more responsive board for downhill, cruising, and carving.


In longboard trucks, bushings are mainly designed to affect the way the board responds to the rider. Before we learn about bushings, we should have a clear knowledge about the position of bushings.

Generally, each longboard truck has two bushings that provide a cushion between the various moving parts of the trucks. In the marketplace, bushings appear in varying hardnesses. If your bushing becomes harder, then also your truck becomes stiffer. In that case, the rider must have to learn to turn anyways.

If your truck is found to be very much responsive, then you should lean towards trucks with tender bushings.


In a longboard truck, the hanger is the T-shaped aluminum alloy beam. Generally, it connects the wheels to the solid body of the truck. While you are doing any skateboarding tricks such as rail grinds, this is the portion of the truck that will be in straight contact.

longboard truck


It is not like the other necessary parts. Rather, we may call it as an optional accessory to the longboard trucks. Usually, a user reuses it to adjust the height of your board off of the ground level and raises resistance to vibration. It is not much expensive.

If a rider wants to install it between the truck and the longboard, it is not a difficult task.

Choosing The Best Longboard Trucks:

If you want to buy the parts of the best longboard trucks, then you should have a clear knowledge of all the parts of it. At first, you should its characteristics features and function. One thing you should remember that there are many reasons to mess with it.

So, do not mess with it. Be careful while using the parts of the longboard. Firstly, you have to decide what type of skating you want to do.

In case, you are longing for carving, then you should buy a reverse kingpin truck with a 50-degree angle. This high angle allows riders to lean slightly to turn as he or she wishes.

Moreover, this high angle longboard truck is mainly made for carving and downhill under 35 mph.

parts of a longboard truck: Conclusion

I think parts of a longboard truck will benefit you so much. Here we are preparing a complete list of parts of the longboard truck so that you can easily buy the parts without any hesitation.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and relatives and fully enjoy skateboarding. We are always ready to help you with all your queries.

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