Is Roller Skating Harder Than Rollerblading?

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If you learn skating properly, then in your mind a question will arise – is roller skating harder than rollerblading?

Before we discuss it, we should know that ‘rollerblades’ is not a proper term. Rather, we may call it a wrong one. The appropriate term is ‘inline skating’. So, don’t be confused. If you find anywhere the term ‘Inline skating’ then take it as ‘Rollerblades’.

As a beginner at skating, you might be wondering various things. You might think, how can one spin around only on one leg. And the topmost question is...

is Rollerblading easier than Roller Skating?

If you are eager to get the answer, you should go through this article.

First of all, the choice of skating type is absolutely depends on an individual. Because preference varies from man to man. So, we can not conclude with a particular type of skating. Beginners always try to get the easiest one for their ride.

As you are willing to choose one of the easiest types, then you have to know what is the biggest difference between Roller skates and Inlines?

The main difference between these two types is wheels. For a beginner, roller skates become easier as its wheels are arranged left to the right. So, you can stand easily. A beginner at skating may feel more stable and comfortable.

On the other hand, you have to use fewer leg muscles to balance on the board on inline skates. So, children like this set up very much.

To get comfort while moving in various directions, each of the individual skaters finds inline skate easier than others. In this setup, wheels are arranged narrowly. On the other hand, roller skates hardly find any way to weave.

A beginner of skating always prefers roller skates as it takes low pressure. But, in the case of inline skates, the brake takes more pressure to stop. Yet, the preference changes for every individual.

Though you find these differences, there are some common points also. Both of the skates need the movement of all the wheels to keep the balance. Both types need a basic learning curve.

 Though we find these differences, they are not day and night. In case, you can keep your concentration and take things easily, roller skates will give you extra balance. On the other hand, inlines provide you more comfort while you are outside.

I think you are very much eager to know which sport is easy than the other. And what things are necessary to make a sport easy or hard. To fulfill your thirst, we are ready to provide you the detailed information. Now, are you ready to get all this information?

Let’s start…

  • Terrain: In each of the sports, terrain plays a very important part. So, there must be one terrain is easier than the others. Average people always like the regular or normal ground. On the other hand, very few people like the unusual ground. So, there may be a fall. In this respect, skaters choose rollerblading as it appears easier than the others.

    Ice is used in many sports. We all know that ice is slippery. When you are on high speed and want gliding, then ice makes it easier. Though for beginners, it is not at all easy. They must know how people fall.
  • Tricks: In the case of skating tricks, it is not an easy task to say which sport is easier than the others. Both these types of sports have almost similar tricks. You can find differences in terms of balance, speed, and skate engineering. There are a lot of things to learn.

    Though we have said various things, all these tricks are a matter of individual preference. Some people get more comfort and pleasure on rollerblades. While some people love ice skating as they are able to use the high speed.
  • Speed: As there are so many differences in the case of terrain, in this regard speed is one of the most significant things. Naturally, speed divides ice skaters and rollerbladers. Generally, you can get so much speed from ice skating. On the other hand, to get the same type of speed on rollerblading, you have to put more physical force. In this point of view, rollerblading is more different than the others.
  • Freedom of Movement: There are many differences of opinion in regard to movement. While you are skating, whether you will get the freedom of movement or not?

    Perhaps, you will not believe that rollerblading does not provide much freedom of movement in comparison with ice skating. This happens due to the set up of the board. In different terrain, it behaves differently.
  • Stopping: There is a big difference in which way you stop your board. In the case of Rollerblading, we find an in-built brake that assists us to stop any time whenever we like. You can even stop yourself by shifting your bodyweight completely to the backward position.

    On the other hand, we do not find any in-built brake in Ice skating. This is not an easy task to stop. For this setup, you have to shift your full body weight from one side to another. This may cause a dangerous fall.

Is there anything else?

If you say about calorie burning, respiration, and heart rate, both of the types provide almost similar aerobic worth. The total process of skating requires your full body involvement. The difference we can say is that – Ice skating is observed throughout the year as it is indoor games. On the other hand, we are not allowed to rollerblade in a hot and humid atmosphere.

Is Rollerblading easier than Roller Skating?

This is an absolutely hot debating question. We can not conclude it in a single sentence. Rather, the answer to this question is hidden within an individual’s choice. It depends on your age. So, here we ready to present a vivid description, so that you can choose the type easily.

  • ChildrenGenerally, children like roller skating much as they can easily stand up on their skates. It gives them enough confidence.  On the other hand, rollerblading becomes challenging to them, as their muscles are not properly developed.

    Children have one more adventure. As their muscles are gradually developing, they can be easily able to know maneuvers. This is very much challenging in the case of adults. For this reason, children become more agile while they are on the skateboard.

  • AdultsRollerblading becomes easier for adults as their muscles are totally matured. So, they can learn any curve easily. They can stand straight on rollerblades that seem a big problem for the children. As a result, adults spend their good times on inline skates in comparison with regular or normal roller blades.

    We all know that rollerblades are significantly more versatile than regular or normal roller skates. As adults are eager to go outside and get outdoor funs, they find rollerblades safer than the other.

Do you really find a difference in learning?

Actually, if you want to know the easier type of skating, then you have to go through the details. For adults, roller skating becomes harder than rollerblading. But, this reason may not stop you from choosing roller skating. If you search, you will find lots of people who are engaging in roller skating.

Evidently, you will find certain differences for each and every skate type. But, the big thing is that almost every people won’t watch the difference.

Is it difficult to learn skating?

If you compare skating with other sports like hockey, football, cricket, or baseball, you will find some certain differences. Skating is not a similar thing. However, we can call it one of the easiest sports. Once you learn the curves, it looks not at all difficult.

Actually, time goes to learn the basics of skating. It is not at all possible to learn fully the basics of learning within a short span of time.

Now, the question arises, which skate do I pick?

We can not answer this question in a single sentence. Apart from the easiness of learning, choosing the right type of skate is absolutely personal. Every individual has their own preferences. We don’t force anyone to use any particular type of skate.

In this regard, you may remember one thing that inlines are used to go fast. That doesn’t mean you do not learn the basics and go for a fast ride.

Do you know Rollerblading can make both types easier?

There are several reasons to choose Rollerblading. Firstly, it may strengthen our legs. To be a great skater, it is a must thing.

Using Rollerblading you can also keep your balance perfect. This happens as Rollerblading can strengthen our core muscles hugely.

Not only this, but Rollerblading can also help to keep your skating skills fresh. Using Rollerblading means you will feel fresh always in terms of your skating skills.


Till now you are trying to find to get the answer of “Is roller skating harder than rollerblading?” I think, you are enough satisfied to go through the post. But, at the end, you must keep in your mind that choosing the right type is absolutely personal preferences.

There is a saying that roller skating is harder than rollerblading, but if you think widely, it is a baseless saying. This difference may not put any barrier in the time of your learning. So, choose the right type according to your own preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is roller skating the same as rollerblading?

Roller skating consists of four wheels in a single row. On the other hand, the wheels of inline skates are comparatively thinner than roller skating. It means inline skates provide less stability.

Q. Is roller skating bad for your knees?

Roller skating might be a good option for those people who are willing to do exercise regularly but suffered from chronic pain. It is an aerobic exercise provides benefit to those who suffers from joint pain.

Q. Is roller skating a good form of exercise?

Various studies have proved that roller skating is a good aerobic exercise and it involves almost all the muscles of the body. Moreover, it reduces huge calories, fat etc.

Q. How healthy is roller skating?

In a single sentence we can say that roller skating is a complete physical exercise and it is absolutely healthy as it requires all of your body muscles. It helps to reduce fat and makes the body fit.

Q. How many calories do 2 hours of roller skating burn?

The American Heart Association recognized that an hour of roller skating burns 330 calories for a 143-pound individual. So, calories burning depend on an individual.

Q. Does roller skating burn more calories than running?

Frankly speaking, roller skating consumes as calories as much running does. Havard Health Publications recognized this information.

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