Inline Skate Buying Guide | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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What type of inline skates should I buy? How do I choose inline skates? Are these questions making you perturbed? We can understand the reason for your concern. A wide range of inline skates is available in the market. As a result, it becomes very difficult for the users to figure out which one is the best for them. That's why today we have come with this inline skate buying guide.

While choosing the inline skates, not only the size of the skate boots matters. But also there are a lot of aspects on which you need to focus while picking the best inline skates such as skating style, wheel size, the hardness of the wheels, bearings, and so on.

How To Choose Inline Skates?

Here, we are going to elude a few factors to which you should pay attention while purchasing inline skates.

  • Comfort level: Make sure that the boot you are choosing comes with a softshell design. Because you need to place your feet all the time while skating on the boot. So in case, the boots are not able to provide you enough coziness, then it will become disgusting for you to skate for a long time.

    Most of the inline skate brands offer the soft shell design. Although you can get to see the use of a hard shell on the aggressive inline skates.

    The softshell boots come with a plastic or carbon skeleton. These are known as the cuff. It's the cuff that allows the rider to get enough support at the time of skating. Even if we talk about breathability, then these softshell ones are far better than plastic shells.
  • Liners: It's the liner where you need to place your feet at the time of sharing. Mesh, vinyl, neoprene, leather are a few fabrics that are used to construct liner. Some liners come with multiple fabrics in terms of offering more durability, breathability, and support.Whereas ordinary liners come with merely one or two different fabrics. Here, we are going to allude to a few types of liners.

    Let's have a look....
  • Standard liners: These liners are mainly constructed with foam materials. As a result, it can offer more coziness and padding.

  • Auto-fit liner: These liners mainly come with gel pads. As a result, you can get extra support and coziness at the time of skating.

  • Memory fit liners: These ones have a few similarities with the gel pad pattern of auto-fit ones. But these ones can recognize the foot pattern of the user.

  • Heat moldable liners: Those who want to get custom-fit boots, can try this one. The professional of the skate shop heats the liners up after removing it. As a result, you can get a pair of custom-fit skate boots.
  • Cuffs: Mainly cuffs are made of stiff plastic or carbon skeleton. It's the cuff because of which users get enough ankle support. It allows the risers to take flexible turns and movements.

    Check the type of cuffs...
  • Carbon cuffs: Compared to the other one, these cuffs are light in weight and stiffer as well. The light-weight cuffs help the riders to perform skating tricks easily. Whereas the stiff cuffs help the riders to take smooth and easy turns.

  • Plastic cuffs: These are mainly used for recreational skating. On the other hand, for lateral movement, racing-style inline skates are used.

Wheel size:

You need to choose the wheel size according to your experience level, and skating style.

Choose wheel size according to your experience level: 

  • Noob: If you are completely a newbie, then you should choose smaller wheels, as these ones can keep the speed under control. In that case, we will recommend you to go for 72-80 mm wheels. By using these types of wheels, you can enjoy a safe and fun ride.

  • Have slight prior knowledge: Here, we are talking about such skaters who are beginners but have a little bit prior knowledge. Or those skaters who have experience. But due to some reasons, they have stopped skating, and now are willing to start their skating sessions again. As they are previously skilled (although not so much) can go for 80-84mm wheels.

  • Moderate level skaters: For intermediate level, skaters can try these wheel sizes. But those who want to skate in the urban areas should pick smaller wheels. As they need to perform a lot of skating tricks and maneuvers. But for marathons 90-100 mm wheels will be the exact one.

  • Advanced level skaters: For the pro-level skaters, 80-110 mm wheels are suggested. But if you want to perform skating tricks and stunts, then we will recommend you to choose smaller wheels. Whereas those who want to cover a long distance should definitely pick 90-100mm ones.

Choose wheel size according to your skating style: 

  • Recreational Skates: For fitness skates, choosing the wheel size of 76-90 mm will be apt. If you want to skate at a high speed, then picking 90mm wheels will be a smart move.

  • Speed skates: For speed skates, 90 mm or more than 90 mm wheels can be the exact one. You will get to see that a few skates are available in the market that comes with the fifth wheel.

  • Aggressive skates: As the aggressive skaters need to perform a lot of skating tricks and stunts, they need smaller wheels such as 56-59 mm. These types of wheels are appropriate for jumping and performing skating maneuvers.

The durometer of the wheels:

The durometer of a wheel indicates its hardness. The letter 'A' is used to denote it. The hardness of the wheels starts from 0 up to 100. In this case, 0 indicates the softest rating. Whereas 100 indicates the hardest one. Make sure that the wheel's rating is not below 68A. If it happens, then there remains a maximum chance of toning down the wheels.

Although the durometer ratings depend on the type of skating.

Let's check out....

  • Indoor rinks: The wheels come with low durometer ratings (soft ones) that can be used to skate on smooth terrain such as indoor rinks. These types of wheels can offer an adequate grip on the indoor surface.

  • Mostly indoor use and partially outdoor uses: The wheels of 78A durometer, can absorb shock and vibration easily. As well as, helps the riders to enjoy a speedy ride. But keep in mind that these wheels are not ideal for rough usages.

  • Mostly outdoor and partially indoor: Those who want to perform recreational outdoor skating, can choose 78 A Durometer wheels. By using these wheels, you can enjoy enough grip and speedy riding. As well as, by using these wheels you can take flexible turns And moves while indoor skating.

  • Only for outdoor skating: For outdoor skating, wheels of  84A or 82A durometer will be perfect. These wheels help to enjoy a speedy riding.

  • Aggressive skating: For the aggressive skaters, we will recommend you to choose wheels of not less than 88A durometer. These types of hard wheels can offer speedy riding.

  • Frame: You should pick such inline skates that come with a lightweight, robust, and durable frame. If you choose lightweight frames, then you can skate for a long time without any anxiety or fatigue. Here, we are going to mention a few types of frames. Let's have a look.

Plastic Frames: These are used for constructing the entry-level skates. Although compared to the other ones, these frames are inexpensive, but these ones are neither so durable nor long-lasting.

Metal Frames: For the construction of these types of frames, mainly aluminum is used. You can see the use of these frames in moderate level inline skates. These types of frames are light in weight and stiffer than the plastic ones. 

Carbon Frames: In terms of reducing weight and durability, carbon is added to the aluminum frames. For the construction of pro-level skates, these frames are used. Although these ones are a little bit expensive. But there is no alternative to carbon frames when it comes to saying about durability, longevity, or performance.

Inline Hockey Skates Buying Guide:

inline hockey skates buying guide

Those who are pondering, what kind of inline skates should I buy for playing hockey, check this hockey Inline skate buying guide.

Basically, roller hockey skates are similar to ice hockey skates. These boots are extremely soft and allow the riders to take flexible and smooth moves.

Liners: We have already said that all liners are not constructed with the same components. As a result, a few liners can give you fresh feelings. Whereas the nylon brushed liners can't offer you too much comfortability. In that case, you need to wear socks.

Wheels: Wheels are the most vital parts of skate boots. That's why, while choosing roller hockey skating, the size and the hardness of the wheels play a significant role. In that case, starting with 76-80 mm wheels can be an appropriate choice. These wheels are neither too big nor too small. If it comes to the durometer ratings, then we will recommend you to go with 76A.

Size: Compared to ordinary inline skates, roller hockey skates are different. Although choosing the right size of roller hockey skates is easier. You only need to take the shoe size yours. Then you need to choose one size down in terms of getting a pair of properly fitted roller hockey skates. As well as, you can check the size chart also.

Aggressive Inline Skate Buying Guide:

Picking the appropriate aggressive inline skates is very important. Because only good inline skates can offer you enough coziness, and proper protection. Only thus, your skating journey can become enjoyable.

As well as by using good skates, you can perform skating tricks and stunts easily. Here, we are going to discuss the key aspects on which you need to focus while purchasing the aggressive inline skates.

The Shell Of The Skates:

  • Softshell aggressive inline skates: These boots can offer you enough flexibility and coziness. By wearing these boots, you can have proper control. As well as in terms of providing support to the ankle area, these boots are incredible. But in case, you want to perform long jumps, then go for the hard shell one.

  • Hardshell aggressive inline skates: These boots are mainly made with plastic and come with a removable liner. Compared to the soft shell boots, these ones are stiffer and offer ultimate protection.

  • Skeletal shell aggressive inline skates: In the field of aggressive skates, these ones are newly launched. Due to the incredible design, these boots are very light in weight. As a result, you can perform skating skills efficiently.


As the wheels need to roll on a different kind of terrain and need to face a lot of obstacles, choosing the right wheels is very crucial.

  • Standard wheels: These wheels are durable, thick, and don't get easily torn down. As well as, aggressive skates should be hard enough. In that case, high 80A to low 90A wheels will be perfect.

  • Anti-Rocker wheels: These wheels are very small in size and help the riders to grind proficiently. The wheels come in 35-45 mm size. And the hardness remains from 90A to 100A. For skating on a rough surface, these wheels are the best ones. Due to the hard durometer, these wheels didn't tear out easily.


The Swiss or titanium made bearings can give you outstanding performance. Mainly the aggressive skates come with ABEC 5 bearings.

What are the best inline skates for beginners?

The  best inline skates for entry-level skaters are:

  • Rollerblade Zetrablade Adult Fitness Inline Skate
  • Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Adult Fitness Inline Skate
  • Rollerblade RB Cruiser Unisex Adult Fitness Inline Skate
  • ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skates.

inline skate buying guide: Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed the topic of the Inline skate buying guide and try to guide you properly so that you can understand how to buy inline skates. We hope, after going through this article, your queries are solved. Still, if you have further contusion, do ask us without any hesitation. We will solve your queries as soon as possible.

inline skate buying guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will rollerblading tone my legs?

Rollerblading helps to build up the muscles of the legs. Along with strengthening the muscles, rollerblading plays a vital role to tone the glutes, hips, legs.

Q. Can you lose weight by inline skating?

If you practice inline skating at 10mph, it will help you to burn almost 6 calories per minute. That means 360 calories per hour.

Q. How long does it take to learn inline skating?

If you practice 5-10 rides for 1-2 hours, then you can learn the balancing techniques, turnings, and easily.

Q. Is inline skating harder than roller skating?

Compared to inline skates, quad roller skates are easier to learn. But a few children and adults said that inline skating is easier compared to the other skate types.

Q. Is inline skating a good workout?

Inline skating helps to improve the body muscles. As well as to burn calories, tone core muscles, lower body parts.

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