How To Start Roller Skating? Tips And Advice For Newbie

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Frankly speaking, I am absolutely new to the roller-skating zone. I think you’ll be a bit more surprised as I first started skating in the Lockdown period. Before this, I was totally ignorant about how to start roller skating. I had no idea about rollerblading, or ice skating, or roller skating. Though I am not an expert now, at least I can stand on the skateboard properly.

What Is Roller Skating?

Roller skating is absolutely a fun activity. It provides you full entertainment. If you skate regularly, it will give you a huge chance to reduce your fat. Moreover, roller skating makes your body fit and healthy. Like football, cricket, baseball, etc, roller skating is also a sport. It is an unusual sport that most of us do not know. Here we are ready to provide you detailed information about skating.

Before we learn skating, we should know all about the basics. I think you are ready to know the basics. You must learn how to get started roller skating?

At first, you have to wear all the necessary skating tools. The first and foremost thing about skating is a pair of skates. It must be well fit on your feet. If you wish, you can buy a pair of skates from any good sports store or you can rent them from any of the roller skating rinks. While you are trying to skate, you should not ignore the items given below:

  • Helmet: As you are a beginner at skating, you should follow all the safety rules related to skating. Among all the safety items, a helmet is one of them. A proper helmet may help you to protect yourself from any type of injury. so, wearing a helmet may provide you extra safety and of course confidence.

  • Wrist Guards And Knee Pads: When you are trying to learn skating, it is an admitted fact that your knees and hands may hurt. In this respect, you should be more careful and take precautions. To avoid knee and wrist injuries, you should wear wrist guards and knee guards.

  • Posture: It is an utmost necessary thing. Your learning skill will depend on your posture. So, we must be a bit more careful while started riding. As a beginner, you should learn what is the appropriate way to start your skating.

Do You Want To Know That?

Let’s start at…

Firstly, you have to put your feet very much wide separately. Then, you have to stoop your knees so that you can squat. In this way, your body will feel more steadiness and you can stand perfectly.

If you want to learn skating properly, you have to keep this position always. Keeping this position, you can move forward without any hesitation. Now, you have to decide whether you need to go further. To move forward, you need sufficient force. Bending your knees if you push your full body weight, you can easily start to glide.

While you are squatting comfortably, you may feel tired. I that time if you wish to take a rest, you may use your toes to stop. It is very much important to learn how to stop. If you don’t practice it regularly, you may fall after losing your balance. In this respect, if you find it difficult to do, apply sufficient pressure to stop.

Then you should learn how to skate towards the backward position. As you don’t see the backward position, so you should be more careful while moving backward. Remember to move slowly to the backward position. Don’t lean much to the backward position as it is one of the most common causes of falling.

What Should You Do When You Get Better?

It is too early to say this. There is no ending to learning. You have to learn what is coming to happen and what should you do to make skating more interesting. If you are eager to learn much, you may practice the following things:

How To Relax?

To the great skaters, it looks always effortless to learn to relax. It is nothing but a mind game. In this trick, your brain has to trust your feet. If you can do that, then you can easily convince your mind to do it. Only you have to be free from any type of fear. Then you can easily spot out your tense spots and try to loosen up the part.

This is not so much an easy thing as we think. Just you have to follow the instructions and try to reduce the number of falls. You will be the king of your kingdom if you can regain enough confidence and do more practice.

How To Start Roller Skating For Beginners?

As a learner, you will always want to get more speed. To get faster speed, you have to gain self-confidence and take on challenges. This is not at all a difficult task. You will require to stoop down on your waist and transform your weight into the thighs. After that, you should push harder to your legs and put pressure on the skates to move forward.

In this regard, use the required force. Don’t be over-active and go at a high speed. Keep your control otherwise it may produce a sheer fall.

Do You Want A Sharp Turn?

As a skater, it is essential to take turns. You may have to take a turn at any time. It will depend on what direction you want to take the turn. Bend your full body weight on the side where you decide to take the turn. Remember one thing – don’t you dare to change your squat position.

Do You Wish To Dance?

You can think of dancing when you are quite skillful at skating. Otherwise, it may cause an injury. if you can stand properly on the wheels, you can try something advance. At this time some soft music can make your mind pleasurable and motivate you to move your body with rhythm.

We all know that music can make any hard work easier than anything else. On the other hand, rhythm may distract one’s attention. So, as a clever skater, you should have self-confidence in yourself.

What Is Roller Skating & How Is It Fun?

No doubt, roller skating is nothing but fun. If you learn properly, roller skating will provide you enough fun. But, if you are able to take the challenge, you may think to join a league. Throughout the world roller derby becomes a fun sport. Almost all of the cities have arranged a league and you may join there. It is a perfect place to show your talent.

What Should You Do During Obstacles? How To Start Roller Skating Outside?

While you are driving on your car or bike, you may face such obstacles. So, you are well acquainted with that. Skating is just a similar thing. There is nothing more in it. You should be strict with your focus on the place where you are eager to go. Regular training of it will improve your vision and reaction time. Just stick in your own way without moving away from your eyes.

Some Things To Remember About Roller Skates:

Don’t ever dare to get your skates. Even it is harmful if your skates become wet during rain. This may destroy your skates. Any type of moisture can bring rust to your bearings and makes it a mere paperweight. So, you should be more careful to maintain your skates.

You are advised not to go downhill until you are comfortable enough skating. Even, for your safety purpose, it will be safer not to go downhill ever. You should remember that roller skates and roller blades are not similar things. During skating, it is very hard to stop while you are going downhill. As a beginner at skating, the slightest slope may be harmful to your body parts. For your own safety, try on the flat area.

You should always check your skates before wearing it. Toe stoppers of your skates may lose and sometimes it may fall off. If you do not check it, it may cause a nuisance. So, make it a habit to check your skates all the time before wearing them.

Always see the weather update before you going out. Nice weather can make your ride pleasant. Firstly, nobody wants to get wet while riding. Secondly, any type of moisture can totally destroy your skates. This moisture can invite rust and make your skate a mere paperweight. Thirdly, skating in the rain is the most dangerous thing.

As a beginner at skating, you should feel comfortable on your skate. You must practice regularly to be an expert on it. Without much experience, don’t go downhill.

The most important thing about skating is concentration. Don’t speak with others while rolling. Especially, you have to be more careful in a public place to avoid any type of obstacles. If you do not concentrate on your track, it may cause severe injury.

Do You Know Some Basic Maintenance Of Skate?

As you are going to skate, so you must buy a skate. In this regard, you should know how to maintain skates. First of all, you have to learn how to loosen or tighten the nuts that are connected to your wheels. From the marketplace, when you buy skate you will find the nuts very much tight. You have to lose them according to your choice before wearing them.

Adjust the nuts properly, so that the wheel can spin smoothly. When the wheels will spin smoothly, you can easily show your skill.


I think you are quite satisfied with the answer of ‘how to start roller skating’. If you practice a few hours a day regularly, it is sufficient to make you a great skater. Roller skating is nothing but a competitive sport. So, there is a huge scope to join many people. It will be great fun to show your skill in skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Equipment Do You Need For Roller Skating?

If you want to get the answer in a single, we are ready to provide you the necessary equipment – elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. These things will help you to protect yourself.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Learn To Roller Skate?

The answer to this question depends on an individual. Some people learn rapidly while some people learn it very slowly. Generally, it takes one hour to 40 minutes in a week to learn roller skating.

Q. Do You Lose Weight Roller Skating?

Various studies have proved that roller skating is a complete aerobic exercise. It involves all the muscles of the body. It burns a huge portion of calories.

Q. Does Roller Skating Slim Thighs?

Though we all know that roller skating is a complete aerobic exercise, yet it alone won’t reduce the fat of your legs. For this purpose, you have to do maintain a balanced diet and some exercise.

Q. Does Roller Skating Make Your Thighs Bigger?

The athletes and professionals who skate regularly with intense concentration may have bigger thighs. This may happen due to the heavy work out that shifted the fat into firm muscles.

Q. How Many Calories Do You Burn When Roller Skating?

According to American Heart Association, roller skating is a complete aerobic exercise. Only one-hour of roller skating can burn 330 calories for a 143-pound person.

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