How To Ride A Skateboard For The First Time?

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Skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable and funny sports since the 19’s. People of all ages (whether young or old) almost like the game very much.

Skateboarding is to some extent different from that of bi-cycle or car riding. It consists of some tricks and appears to be very difficult for some people. So, it would be very intelligent to follow any best skateboard for beginners' guide.

In this dynamic world, we all are learning always. We all learn in school, college, at work, and throughout our life also. There’s no ending to learning. In this regard, skateboarding is no different from that.

In some cases, people learn advanced tricks of skateboarding but they neglect the very basics of skateboarding. They should follow the basics of how to ride a skateboard for beginners.

Many guides demand that they provide the basics of skateboarding. But, practically, they show some advanced tricks.

Here, we are ready to provide you with every step of skateboarding. While starting to learn skateboarding, you should have enough confidence within yourself.

However, just take a board and follow some tips to experience a highly enjoyable outdoor game.

Are You Prepared Before You Start A Journey With Your Skateboard?

The very basics of skateboarding are to keep your balance and enjoy a lot. On the very first day, you will have to practice how to keep balance on the skateboard. As you are a mere trainee, you should choose a smooth surface like a parking lot and try to avoid crowded places.

If you can keep balance on the skateboard, you may easily avoid some common injuries.

Before you start your journey as a trainee, you should not ignore some common things.

What necessary things do you require to skateboard?

The first and foremost thing to learn skateboard is a good quality skateboard. There are various types of skateboards in the marketplace. So, our first duty is to know what are the different types of skateboards?

Though many people don’t know the difference, the type of skateboard requirement depends on what you wish to do with it. In case, you wish to cruise, you may buy a cruiser or a longboard.

On the other hand, if you are an extremely lazy person, you may buy an electric skateboard. Street skating demands a skateboard that is lightweight and agile.

I recommend you not to buy a toy skateboard. Rather you may buy a cheap skateboard.

Where to buy a skateboard?

To buy a skateboard, you may go to a local skate store and buy your favorite skateboard. For a better option, you may visit various skate-related websites.

How much does a skateboard cost?

Generally, in the marketplace, you may buy a skateboard for around $90-$100. If you are lucky enough, you may buy at less price. Always try to buy a complete pro skateboard and avoid toy stores. Normally, toy decks are heavy and consist of very low quality.

How to skateboard for beginners?

If you are eager to learn skateboarding, you have to choose a smooth surface and the appropriate size of the skateboard. For a beginner, soft skateboard wheels are the best choice. In this regard, you may buy Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard.

Wear proper shoes:

One of the most important things while skateboarding is proper shoes. If you choose an appropriate shoe, it will prevent your nasty heel injuries. Try to buy a pair of shoes that can easily absorb an impact and has a flat sole.

Moreover, your shoes must be flexible so that you can comfortably feel your board. There are some shoes which are more fashionable but do not work properly. So, don’t rush out for brand only.

For your reference, you may take a look at the brands like Vans, Etnies, Lakai, Emerica, etc.

If you join skateboarding recently, it is quite normal that you feel pain in your feet. Some skaters still feel the pain though they are quite habituated with it. The pain will automatically vanish when you skate regularly. Only, make sure that your shoes are not tight too much.

In the practice session, you may keep one of the best skateboarding cameras to record your development. So that, you may watch it later, and try to recover from your faults.

Always try to wear runner socks:

Almost everyone’s feet get sweaty and for that reason everyone’s socks also get soggy. It happens to me also. To avoid this situation, I get my running socks which are capable to absorb most of the sweat. It also assists to avoid blisters.

In the marketplace, you will find so many socks for skateboarding. All socks are not pretty good, rather they are not suitable for skateboarding. Some of them look fashionable. Don’t be trapped by their look. So, be careful while buying a pair of skateboarding socks.

Wear protective gear:

Though this is not the hottest topic among skateboarders, yet wearing protective gear is not a bad idea at all. It shows that you love yourself and also take care of your family also.

Some skaters do not want to wear protective gear. It does not reveal that they are smart, rather it shows their stupidity. At least, you should buy the best skateboard helmet for hot weather.

Servicing your skateboard regularly:

If you are eager to avoid accidents, you should regularly check if there are fractured kingpins, worn-out bearings, loose bolts, sharp edges in your skateboard. While servicing your skateboard, you should always use the best lubricant for skateboard bearings.

You may follow the following process to check your skateboard:

  • At first, inspect your bearings as only a broken bearing can prevent wheel movement.
  • You have to confirm whether the wheels are properly attached or not.
  • Inspect if the top bolt can not move.
  • Sharp edges on your skate may create nasty cuts.
  • Moreover, worn-out grip tape will reduce your grip.

Regular servicing may not be possible always, so, try to buy the best quality skateboard like Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard (For Kids) or Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard, etc.

Don’t feel embarrassed:

New skaters always feel shy thinking that what will the neighbors think if they fall? Will people laugh at their failure on the first attempt? It is silly thinking. No one is a born expert in any field. Be confident and start your new journey.

There is no way to feel embarrassed. You may take the help of anybody who is an expert on skateboarding. Nobody will be going to mock you. People may remark, but you should avoid all these comments.

If you feel too much embarrassed, then you may choose an empty garage or your driveway to skate.

Don’t be afraid, be confident:

In all the spheres of our life, there are the elements of fear, but you have to overcome all of these. You have to gather all the courage hidden inside you and start a new journey.

The report says, almost 33 percent of skateboarders found in hospitals are exclusively new in the field. To be honest, fear is not abnormal, rather it is quite normal.

In this regard, you should wear protective gear to avoid severe injuries. Not only protective gear, but also you should use the best tool for skateboarding.

Don’t try to skateboard in the rain:

Skating in the rain is not only dangerous but also a life risk. Some skaters use the rainy decks for rainy seasons. Using a rainy deck means inviting an old wheel, old deck, bearings, etc.

Be comfortable while riding a skateboard:

While trying to learn skateboarding for the first time, don’t try to learn any critical tricks or maneuvers. Just try to do the simple things. Remember, as you are a newbie at skateboarding, try to buy a good quality board like Beleev Cruiser Skateboards (For Beginners) to avoid any unwanted incident.

Try to avoid overcrowded spots:

It would be intelligent to avoid overcrowded places as safety should be our first concern. It is not only for you but also for the other person’s safety. If the skateboard hits on ankles, it would hurt so much.

Control your speed:

Some skaters drive their skateboards at an excessive speed. For this reason, in an adverse situation, they can not control their board properly. If you want to show your skill, you should buy a branded board like Powell Flying Dragon Skateboard.

How to fall safely?

If you are ready to learn something new, you should be confident. There is no way to be afraid. It is natural to fall. Only you have to be careful that it won’t hurt too much.

In this regard, you should take proper training and technique which may decrease the chance to fall. Do not skate at high speed toward the rainy roads or grassy fields.

Concentrate on the basics:

The first and foremost thing in skating is to learn basic riding skills. If you are new to skateboarding, you may follow the following process to learn how to push:

At first, you have to put forward your front foot on the board. Now, putting your legs over the front knees bend, using the other foot trying to give a slight push.

Try to do it again and again to get the best result.

If you want to know the very basics of how to ride a skateboard for the first time, you may follow the following instruction:

  • Keep your front foot over the knees bend of your skateboard.
  • Using the other foot, push slightly.
  • With your back foot, push the board and keep it on your tail.
  • Now, try to position your front foot sideways.

Practice this continuously until you feel comfortable. It may take some time, but do not give up. To get acquainted with your skateboard, you may take your board to your workplace, friend’s house, or school.

Don’t try to kickflip or ollie for a while:

Some people intentionally skip the basics and start going for ollies. I request you not to do this. You may try it after having confidence in the basics.

Start learning how to turn:

At first, you have to begin by stepping with your legs on your skateboard. Using your feet, bend to the front back. At this time, your skateboard will give a response according to your movements.

In the field of skateboarding, there are two types of turns

  1. A kick turn
  2. A carving turn

A kick turn is a bit hard. To do it, you have to lift your front wheels off the field by just putting pressure on your back by using your back foot.

If your trucks are stiff, carving turns are harder. To do it, you have to loosen them up. You have to bend in the direction you wish to go.

Start learning how to stop:

Before you go for a trip, try to learn how to stop your movement by using your back foot. To stop your movement, just drag the sole of your shoes to decrease speed.

Do not try to be in the limelight:

Some of the beginners make the silly mistake to be in the limelight. For this reason, they try to do something new, and often an unwanted accident occurs.

Rather, they should keep one of the best skateboard travel bags to keep the essential things to keep themselves safe and secure.

Let’s have fun:

There are so many reasons to start skateboarding, but most of the well-known reason is fun. Nowadays, modern people start skateboarding to get relief from boredom.


I think this article should be one of the best skateboards for beginners. Here, we have tried hard to give a simple and clear glimpse of the very basics of skateboarding.

After having regular practice, the new tricks will automatically come to your grip. Don’t be hesitated. Just take a new board and start learning skateboarding with a little urge and confidence.

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