How To Clean Skateboard Wheels And Bearings?

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As skateboarding is one of the most famous outdoor games throughout the world, so ‘how to clean skateboard wheels’ is also a hot debating question today. To be a good skater, your first duty is to clean your skateboard wheels. If you find your skateboard wheels are sticky, then it is high time to clean your skateboard wheels and bearings.

Don’t you willing to know how to clean wheel bearings on a skateboard?

While you are trying to clean the wheels and lubricating them, you are going to get a smooth ride. Moreover, in the time of cleaning, you have a sharp chance to check the overall system. In that case, you can repair the damaged parts of the wheel.

Have you any idea about the cleaning procedure?

Here, we are ready to provide you a step by step program, so that you can smoothly clean your wheels and experience a wonderful ride. These steps are very much easy and you can do it yourself at your own home.

Before you start with a new thing, you should have a basic idea about it. Similarly, while cleaning the skateboard wheels, you should remember to clean the entire board also. In this regard, you may use a torn or any wiping clothe. If you want to clean the entire board, you may use slightly warm water.

To clear the dirt on the skateboard, you may wipe the board with warm water. In this regard, you should remember one thing that before you remove any single parts of the skateboard, you must confirm that the surface of your skateboard is totally dry.

 If you are eager to clean your skateboard wheels without taking help from others, you have to be prepared properly. At first, you have to arrange some essential things to clean your skateboard wheels.

Here is the list of things essentially needed to clean the wheels and bearings of your skateboard:

  • A skate tool or wrench.
  • Citrus spray cleaner.
  • Cleaning solution.
  •  Lubricate oil.
  •  Toothbrush.
  • Tissue paper or cleaning rag.
  • Pin or screwdriver.

Now, we are ready to provide you the step by step process of how to clean dirty skateboard wheels.

Are you ready for that?

how to clean dirty skateboard wheels?


To clean the skateboard wheels, your first and foremost duty is to remove the wheels. The process may be a bit easy if you lay the skateboard so that the wheels of your skateboard are facing up.

To remove the axle bolts and nuts, you may use a 13mm or ½ inch socket wrench. While removing the wheels, you should be aware that all the parts of the wheel materials are safe and secure.

Remember one thing that your duty is to keep all the parts of the wheel materials. Otherwise, in the time of adding the parts, you won’t be able to reconstruct the skateboard.


While removing the wheels, you should also remove all the bearings of the wheels. To remove the bearings, you may use a screwdriver or a truck axle. Some people think it is a very much difficult process. But, the process is as easy as removing the bottle top with the help of a bottle opener.


Now, you should use a metal rod. You may put the rod through the wheels. Keeping in memory that the truck axle may hook or catch above the bearings. During this time, you should pull the upper level of the wheel from the skateboard.

If you have done the clearings successfully, then repeat the same process to clean the bearings of the other side. Gradually, do the same thing with all the wheels.

What should you do in case you are using a screwdriver?

If you use a screwdriver to remove the wheels, you should tightly hold every side of your skateboard wheels. You may put the screwdriver tip and remove the bearings one by one.

But, remember one thing, whatever tools you use, the result will be the same. There will be no difference. While you are detaching the bearings, there will drop a bearing spacer just from the middle of your wheel. For your future use, you should keep the spacer in a secure and safe place. In this instance, you can keep all the wheel materials in a particular place.


Now, you should clearly wipe off all the dirt and rocks of the wheels. In this regard, you may use a rag. To lose any type of gravel or rocks, you may use your fingers and then scrub them very hard with the rag. If you find any place that is not scrubbed normally, then you should use a toothbrush to clear the spot. Sometimes people get worried that their wheels are not cleaned properly. But, there is no place of worry as this is the first step of cleaning.


After the cleaning of the wheels, you should arrange a bucket full of water. This water must be a bit warm and add some dish soap. Then mix it properly and place put your wheels in it. Wait at least 10 minutes so that the wheels are submerged into the soapy water.

Remember one thing, you don’t need to soak your bearings in the bucket water. This may create rust in your bearings. The warm bucket water will help to lose any type of gravel stuck in the wheels.


After 10 minutes of absorbing, you should take out the wheels and start to scrub properly from upwards to downwards. At this time, you have to be more careful as some small gravels may stick to the wheels. Scrub hard with the rag or the toothbrush. You have to make sure that your wheels may look clean and sparkly.


When you finish your scrubbing, you should take a dry rag to wipe the wheels properly. You may put the wheels on the air so that they may dry. In the meantime, you may work with the bearings.

Remember, your wheels must be dry or it may create huge harm to you. If you do not dry them properly and start to reassemble them, during the time of riding, you may slip and fall.

After the proper clearings of the wheels, it is high time to clean the bearings. In this regard, you have to remember one thing that never ever try to clean the wheels and bearings at the same time. You all know that bearings are highly water sensitive. They may easily rust if they are exposed to water. To clean the bearings, here are few steps to follow. Here, we are ready to provide you the necessary steps.

how to clean dirty skateboard wheels

how to keep your skateboard wheels clean?

  • Firstly, using a razor blade, you should pop the shield of the bearings. During this time, push the blade in a gentle way. While separating the bearings, if you find the razorblade is not working, you may use a screwdriver or safety pin. Do it very gently otherwise if you are too rough, the thin material may damage. Some of the bearings have one shield while some others have shields on both sides.
  • To get proper cleaning of your bearings, you may use a cleaning solvent. You may use solvents like mineral spirits or alcohol. If you do not want to be harsh, you may use a liquid citrus cleaner. Now, you should pour the solvent or liquid cleaner into a bowl. Use a proper cleaning kit (that you will get any marketplace of skateboarding) to clean the bearings. If your solvent is a bit harsh, then you should use gloves or it may affect your skin.
  • Now, you should carefully drop all the bearings into the bowl. Make sure that all the bearings are fully submerged. Stir them so that all the parts of the bearings get the solutions. Now, put them into the bowl for 5 minutes to soak. Don’t keep them in the bowl for more than 5 minutes. It may cause huge harm to the bearings. So, take out the bearings at the proper time.
  • After that, you should wear the gloves again to keep yourself safe and secure. Now, take out all the bearings one by one and put them on a clean and clear paper towel to dry the bearings. If you find that there are still some solvent in the bearings, you may use a brush to clear off the extra solvent. Remember one thing that if you find some extra solvent and try to spin the bearings, it may be very harmful to your body. Because the solvent may spread over anywhere (whether it may be your face or eyes).
  • While cleaning the bearings, you may use 1 to 2 drops of skateboard oils, electric oils, or sewing machine oil. For better cleaning, you may use 2 to 3 drops on the exposed side of each of the bearings. After that spin them properly to confirm that the oil reaches all the parts of the bearings. Then wipe off the extra oil with a paper towel.

For proper cleaning, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Don’t put too much lubricant to clean the bearings. Even it may clog up all the bearings rather than smooth them.

  •  In the marketplace, you may find lubricate like WD-40, but they will dry out quickly.

  •  Never use any thick oils to clean the bearings. You should avoid lubricating like vegetable oil, motor oil, or olive oil, etc. It may clog up your bearings.

After the cleaning process, your duty is not yet over. You have to re-assemble them to give the past frame. In this regard, you have to make sure that all the parts are clean and are properly dried before reassembling them.

To get into the past size, you have to follow the following instructions:

1st: At first, you have to put the bearing shield into its proper place. Only you have to use your thumbs here. This does not take much effort from you. So, you may do it quickly without wasting the time. The shield will help to keep the bearings smooth.

2nd: Now, try to push the bearing into the wheel. Then place it properly using your fingers. After that, place the other bearings one by one. For this reason, we have said to keep all the materials in a particular place.

3rd: Just after that, you have to slide each of the wheels into the truck axle. Then, put the axle nut on each of the wheels. While tightening the wheels, you may use a socket wrench. Then spin your wheel properly. If you overtighten the nut, it may not spin. So, you have to lose the nut, so that the wheel may spin properly.

After the whole process is done, you may have a question “why longboard wheels are kept clean regularly?"

Simply saying, it is for getting a smooth and secure ride.

final word:

Whether you are a beginner or a pro skater, you can use these simple methods of how to keep your skateboard wheels clean. These methods will provide you better stability and speed. After each muddy ride, you should wash your wheels so that in the future it can work smoothly and properly. If you wish to do it in the shop, it may cost huge rather do it in the homely atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do You Need To Clean Skateboard Wheels?

Without wheels skateboard is nothing. If you don’t clean your wheels, it may not behave properly and create trouble in the time of riding.

Question:  Can You Use Dish Soap To Clean Skateboard Bearings?

After removing all the shields, you may place your bearings in a bowl of warm water mixing with dish soap.

Question: What Household Items Can I Use To Clean Skateboard Bearings?

You may use nail remover, silicone-based lubricants, clean clothes, tissue paper, bowls, etc.

Question: Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Skateboard Bearings?

Place all your bearings in a cup and fill it with alcohol. It will work like wonders.

Question: Can You Use Windex To Clean My Skateboard Bearings?

As Windex has a de-greaser, you have to regrease your bearings after each cleaning.

Question: Can WD 40 Clean Bearings?

WD 40 can clean your bearings quickly but at the same time dry them out and attracts dust.

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