How To Clean Skateboard Grip Tape At Home?

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Does the grip tape of your skateboard look dirty? Thinking about buying a new one? Stop. Before buying a new one, you should give it a try to make it look like a new one. How is it possible? Yes. Yes, Possible dear. But to do it, you should know first How to clean skateboard grip tape.

As grip tape is an important part of a skateboard, it's very essential for you to clean it properly. Especially, if you skate in a muddy area, then make sure that you are cleaning the grip tape regularly.

If you have no idea how to clean the grip tape on a skateboard, then it may happen that you are ending up spoiling the tape. So, make sure that you know the proper techniques.

Let's check out the entire article to know the procedure of How to clean skateboard grip tape.

What is skateboard grip tape?

Before elaborating any further details regarding the process, we think that you should know first what the grip tape actually is. You can say that it is the armor of the board. Grip tape remains on the surface of the skateboard. And the main function of this tape is enhancing the friction between the rider's shoes and the skateboard.

Moreover, these decorative parts play a vital role in terms of giving the skateboard a cool and engaging outlook. These tapes are made of several components. If you are not willing to spend too much money on the grip tape, then you can go for the sandpaper one.

These ones come in a budget-friendly price range. On the other hand, if spending money is not a worrying matter for you, then definitely go for the silicone ones. These are a little bit expensive compared to the previous one. But if we compare these two types of tape as per the quality, then the second one is really unbeatable.

A high-quality grip tape will make the board superior. Along with this, it will make your skating journey smoother. But in case, the tape gets older and gets scratched after a few usages, then it will not be able to offer you the same skating experience. Along with this, old tapes can make your skating journey risky.

Which problems are you going to face if the grip tape becomes dirty? 

If the dirt gets accumulated day by day, then it may create a huge matter of worry. Dirt grip tape can make your deck's look less attractive. If there remain layers of mud on the deck's surface, it will be difficult for you to perform skating stunts and tricks.

Therefore, if you are aware of how to clean the grip tape on a skateboard, then it will be beneficial for you. Because proper cleaning can lead the tape to last longer. As a result, you don't need to spend money again and again by purchasing the new one. Along with this, cleaning of grip tape can keep the skateboard in shape for an extended period.

So, if you don't want to waste your money by buying a new grip tape, then try to extend its life span by cleaning.

Why is it important to clean skateboard grip tape regularly?

A few skateboarders don't understand why cleaning grip tape is so important. If we keep aside the aesthetic reasons, do you want your skating performance to get hampered? Definitely not. Right? Too much dirt accumulation in your grip-tape can lead you to replace it with a new one.  That's why it's very important to know How to clean grip tape on a skateboard.

How to clean skateboard grip tape? 

How you can clean your grip tape, depends on how much dirt is accumulated on it. If the tape is too dirty, then you need to put more effort. As a result, this cleaning process will consume more time.

A skateboard and a longboard come with different kinds of grip tape, even the function of these two kinds are also different. Mainly for Skateboards, such grip tape is used that is thin and allows the riders to move their feet effortlessly. On the other hand, longboards are equipped with thick and robust tapes that offer more traction.

Here, we have given a few methods that you can follow to clean the grip tapes of both longboards and skateboards.

Let's figure it out.

1. Sanding belt cleaning process:

Whether you are going to clean the grip tape of a longboard Or skateboard, you can follow this best way to clean skateboard grip tape. Moreover, it's not so costly. You just need to give a little bit of effort and your grip tape will look like the new one. But make sure that you are not grinding the knuckles into the grip tape.

To know How to clean skateboard grip tape with the belt sand cleaner, follow the below steps:

  • First, you need to cut off a piece of it so that you will be able to hold this properly and clean the whole block.
  • After that, you need to rub the piece on the surface of the tape in a straight line. At that time, you need to check whether the dirt comes out off Or not. If you see that the dirt is not coming off, then you can rub it in a harder way.
  • After that, your task is removing the residue on the stick. Thereafter, you need to rub the surface of grip tape.
  • Repeat this process until the dirt spots from the grip tape surface get cleaned.
  • By following this method, your grip tape can last for a prolonged time. If you can see the stubborn dirt, then you need to apply more pressure.

Things you need to consider while following this cleaning method:

  • Try to put on gloves in terms of protecting your knuckles.

  • Make sure that you have cleaned the edges of the tape. In case, you get to see any frayed parts of the tape, then cut this with the help of a scissor.

  • After completing the cleaning procedure, take a microfiber cloth or a towel. And wipe out the remaining diet.

2. Wire brush cleaning procedure:

This is the second process that will let you know how to make clear skateboard grip tape in the easiest and quickest way.

  • To do this process properly, you need to hold the wire brush securely.
  • Then to clean the grip tape, you need to use circular strokes.
  • While cleaning the bolted areas, apply more pressure. But keep in mind that applying too much pressure in the uneven portions may damage the tape.
  • When you complete the brushing process, then take a grip gum or rubber cement eraser. With its help, try to clean the surface properly.
  • Take a microfiber cloth. Although you can take a towel also instead of the cloth. And do the necessary cleanings.
  • Continue the process until you cleaned the dirt spots accurately.

Things that you need to keep in mind while following this cleaning method:

  • Make sure that you are keeping away the liquids from the skateboard.

  • Never use rough or Hard brushes. Only softer brushes can do your job.

  • Don't apply too much pressure. Applying excessive pressure can be the reason for damaging the tape.

  • Wear a pair of hand gloves.

3. Toothbrush method:

Before following the process, do confirm that the toothbrush you are using comes with hard bristles. Although this process is unable to offer such an efficient result that you can get by following the above mentioned two methods. Make sure that while brushing, you are applying circular strokes.

Finally, wipe out the grip tape by taking the help of a cloth or towel. Repeat the method if needed.

Tips that can help to keep the grip tape cleaned:

  • Try to leave your deck put in the sun for a few minutes. This process will help to remove the dirt from the tape. Make sure that you are not letting your board in the sun for an extended period. Because too much sun ray can damage the glue or epoxy resin.
  • Try to clean the skateboard after a few usages.
  • In case, you see that bubble gum is stuck on the tape, then follow the belt sander cleaner method.
  • If you get to see that the tape has started to peel the edges, then you should use those edges. Then sand it down.

How to remove the old grip tape? 

Sometimes, by cleaning the tape, you won't be able to see effective results. In that case, you need to replace the tape. Although this grip tape replacing task is not so hard, you need to remove the old one first. To remove it, you need to follow the below steps. Let's check it out.

  • First, take a hairdryer and heat up the tape.

  • Now, you need to take a knife and then peel the tape.

  • Then you need to stand on the deck and remove the tape slowly.

How to apply a new grip tape? 

  • To do that, you need to remove the tape first. Then you need to cover the board.
  • Then what you need to do is apply the tape slowly.
  • After that try to keep it at an angle so that it can prevent air bubbles.
  • Then you need to tap the grip tape. At that moment, make sure that you are holding the other end with your index finger and thumb.
  • Now you need to take a screwdriver and scrape the edges. Make sure that you are doing it quickly.
  • Now, you need a sharp razor and place the razor blade at an angle. This razor will help you to do a few cuts near the bolts.
  • Now you need to sand down the edges.
  • After that, you need to puncture the bolt holes. Turn it around and push it with the take of a screwdriver.


If too much dirt gets accumulated in the tape, then it will become more challenging for you to clean. Even in that case, you will not be able to see a gratifying result.

If you don't want to save your money and give your skateboard a stylish look like before, then follow this guide that will help you to know How to clean skateboard grip tape. If you have further queries or face any problem while following these procedures, feel free to ask us via comments. We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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