How To Clean Roller Skate Boots

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How to clean roller skate boots? It's a common question that every newbie skater wonders. And cleaning the skate boots is not easy at all. In case, you don't follow the rules properly, you may damage your skate boots permanently.

To solve this problem, today we have elaborated the safest way of cleaning the skate boots. Along with this, we have compiled a few tips given by our skating experts. To know more information regarding how to clean roller skate boots, check below.

Factors That You Need To Consider While Cleaning Your Skate Boots:

  • Constructional material: Before pondering how to clean roller skate boots, you need to check the material that is used to construct the boots. If you have a pair of leather boots, then make sure that you are cleaning them with the help of a damp cloth. In this case, you need to damp the cloth in a leather conditioner.

    Try to avoid a wet cloth. Because it can damage leather. If you want to remove the dirt, and dust from vinyl boots, then you can use a damp cloth. Most of the skate boots are made of vinyl or leather.

    However, there are a few types of leather. For example, pigmented smooth leather, suede, aniline leather, nubuck, and waxed leather. Remember, compared to the vinyl ones, leather boots need more maintenance.

  • The weather: If the weather is wet, try to clean your leather boots regularly. Compared to the dry weather, during the wet weather, the leather shoes require more cleaning. Although how frequently you need to clean your skate boots depends on how frequently you wear them. Although it is advisable to clean the boots after every three to six weeks.

How To Clean The Roller Skate Boots: 

Here, we are going to outline the cleaning process of several types of skate boots. Basically, the cleaning procedure depends on the material of which the boots are made.

Process of cleaning leather skate boots: 

If you do proper maintenance of the leather boots, these can last for a long time and remain comfortable. As leather gets scratches and scars easily, you need to maintain them more regularly compared to the vinyl ones.

Cleaning Process

  • Take a soft shoe brush. Then you need to brush off the dust and debris with the help of this shoe brush. Make sure that you are not rubbing harshly. Because too hard rubbing can damage the leather.

  • Then you need to remove the laces. After that clean them properly.  You can clean the laces separately by tying with the help of a mesh. Then you need to put them in the machine. Otherwise, you can clean these by hand washing.

  • Now you need to take a cloth. And dip it in water. After that, you need to rub the cloth on a mild soap. Make sure that you are wringing the cloth properly. Try to avoid wet cloth as the water can damage leather.

  • Then what you need to do is rubbing the cloth for removing the dirt.

  • Then you need to wipe the surface of the boots with a clean damp cloth so that the excess soap can be removed from the leather.

  • After that, you need to check the wheels whether their debris or dirty particles are accumulated or not. If you see any dirt, remove them and clean the wheels by using warm soapy water.

  • Then you need to place the boots in a cool dry room and let them for a while so that they become dry. Make sure that you are not keeping the boots under direct sunlight or in the heater directly. Because it can damage the boots by causing cracking, or discoloration.

  • You can apply a leather conditioner to the boots with the help of a soft cloth. It will protect the boots from water, snow, mud, and so on. However, you can use a silicone shoe saver for making the inside portion of the boots waterproof.

Process of cleaning suede roller skates boots:

You need while the suede boots both inside and outside with the help of a damp cloth. Then you need to dry them naturally.

In case, your suede boots get wet, but not dirty, then make sure that you are not keeping these shoes near a heating source. Extreme heat can damage the boots permanently.

Cleaning process:

You should know that suede is a kind of leather. That means suede is very sensitive to water just like leather. For cleaning the suede boots, follow the below procedure:

  • Remember that suede consists of a soft grain. So, for cleaning these materials, you need to take a special brush and suede cleaning kit.

  • Then you need to brush the boots gently to remove the accumulated dirt. With the help of this brush, you can brush in all directions so that the scuff marks get removed.

  • This process will lead to the boot's pressed down grain. In case, you see that there are stubborn marks on the boots, then you need to take an eraser. Then apply it where you can see the tough marks.

  • Then you need to spray the suede protector on the boots in teams of preventing marks, and stains.

  • In case, your boots get splashed with dirty water, you need to wet the boots lightly with the help of the suede brush. Never sip the boots in water, as water can discolor the boots.

  • Now you need to take a dry soft cloth. Although you can use a sponge instead of a soft cloth. Then you need to dab the boots gently. Continue this process until the suede leather gets wet properly.

  • After that, you need to insert a few dry papers, and shoe trees in the boot. These dry papers help to absorb the water from the inside portion of the boots. Make sure that you are not using any color papers as the shoes may soak the ink.

  • Then you need to leave the boots for one day so that they can get dried naturally. Make sure that the place where you are keeping the shoes for drying is away from direct heat and sunlight. The water will evaporate soon.

  • When the shoes get dry, you need to rub them with the help of a brush.
TipsIf you see that the suede boots are wet, then you need to remove the laces. Otherwise, you can detach the velcro. Then you need to open the boots and allow them to get dry. By following this process, you can prevent the growth of organisms, and keep off the bad odor too.

Cleaning process of Acrylic Boots:

  • First, you need to brush the shoes with a soft brush and remove the dirt, and debris.

  • Then you need to take suede cleaner. For example, you can use Angelus Easy cleaner.

  • Then you need to pour the cleaner into a basin. After that dip the bristle brush in it. Then tap off the excess cleaner.

  • After that, you need to rub the brush in a circular motion on the boots.

  • Then you need to dip again and reapply if needed. After completing this process, wash the brush with water.

  •  You can use paper towels for cleaning the plates. After that, you need to leave them in a cool place so that they can get dried. Make sure that the place is away from direct heat and sunlight.

How To Clean Roller Skate Boots In The Washing Machine?

If you are cleaning your skate shoes in the Washing machine, then you will do it at your own risk. Because this procedure may damage your shoes after washing.

You may think that by cleaning the boots in a washing machine, you can save time. But dear, if you want your skate boots to be your friend for the long run, then we will recommend you invest some time to clean them. Before putting the boots in the washing machine, you need to remove the dirt on the sole.

Here, we have given a few steps that you can follow to clean the shoes in the washing machine. If you follow these rules accurately, it will help to prevent the deformation and damage of the boots. Let's check out.

  • After completing the process of cleaning, you need to remove the insoles, and shoelaces from the boots.

  • Then you need to place each shoe in its washing bag. In case, you are not willing to use your hands for cleaning the shoelaces, then you can put the laces in the bag.

  • Make sure that the revolutions are not by more than 500 per minute. You need to keep the temperature of the washing between 30°C to 40°C.

  • Make sure that after cleaning the boots, you have dried the boots properly.

Types Of Skate Boots And How To Do Proper Maintenance:

  • Rigid and low boots are usually made of carbon. These ones are mainly used for speed skating.

  • If you prefer hockey and downhill skating, you need to go for rigid ankle boots.

  • Flexible boots usually come with a removable liner. These ones are mainly used for long-distance commuting and street skating. 

Rigid boots and maintenance procedure: 

You don't need to do a lot of maintenance for the rigid boots. What you need to do is just check the wearing out of the buckles, and straps. For making the boots extremely hard, resins are used in hockey skating.

Speed skating boots and maintenance procedure:

Most of the speed skating boots don't come with removable liners. For drying them, you need to place them in the open air.

As these boots don't have proper ventilation, you may sweat a lot. In this case, for absorbing the humidity, you can use the newsprint and fill the boots up with it. Thus, you can reduce bad odor, and make the boots long-term usable.

What To Do After Skating In The Rain?

Before you go for an outing in the rainy weather, we will recommend you to use waterproof guards. These guards will protect your shoes from getting damaged.

  • After skating in the rainy water, you can follow these below steps.

  • First, you need to separate the parts of the skate boots: liners, soles, laces.

  • Then you need to rinse parts of the boots using clean water.

  • Then you need to fill up the skate boots with a newsprint.

  • After that allow the shoes to get dried. Try to avoid putting the liners in the washing machine.

  • You can use a bactericide for reducing the bad odor.

Tips That You Need To Keep In Mind While Cleaning The Skate Boots:

  • Sweat issue: While skating, feet get sweated. As a result, the sweat costs the inside part of the boots. The acidity of the sweat can damage the inner boots' synthetic fabrics, and gives birth to smelly microorganisms. It leads to the swelling and shrinking that causes cracking.

How to tackle this sweat issue: Try your best to keep the inside portion of the boots dry. After skating, you need time to wipe the boots using a paper towel. After that, you need to leave the boots so that they get completely dried.

You can follow another alternative method. Stuff the boots with newspaper wads after skating. The paper will help in soaking the moisture. Although you can put a dryer strip inside the boots.

  • Never leave your skate boots in a hot car: If you keep your skate boots on the trunk of your car, it can damage the boots completely. In case, you need to keep your boots in a hot car, then you need to keep them on their wheels. Make sure that you're not placing them on their sides.
  • Check the nature of the cleanser: For cleaning the outside of the boots, you can use a damp cloth. You can use a weak solution of mild cleanser and water. If you think that the solution can remove the color, then you can clean the hidden portion first.
  • Types of skate bags that you need to use: Make sure that the skate bag you are using is not sealed with fabric pockets. If you use such bags, your skate boots will not get dried. You need to use a bag that comes with breathable mesh pockets.
  • Leather conditioner: Nowadays only a few boots are there that come with natural leather. Most of the boots come with synthetic fibers. In case, you feel that the boots are made of leather, then you can use a leather conditioner or oil on them occasionally.
  • Never expose your skate shoes to water: Try to avoid dipping the boots in water. Therefore, we will advise you to skip skating in rainy weather.
  • What kinds of material is used to design the shoes: Before starting the cleaning procedure, make sure that you are aware of the material that is used to construct the shoes. It will help you to choose the correct cleaning process.
  • Check the user manual: Most of the skate shoe brands provide special cleaning instructions. So, make sure that you have checked the manual properly before starting the cleaning procedure.


I hope that after going through the article, your worries regarding How to clean roller skate boots are obliterated. Just check the construction material of your boots, and follow the specific steps. In case, you face any problem while cleaning your boots ask us via comments. We will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

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