How To Clean Longboard Wheels And Bearings

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Are you unable to take smooth turns and moves? Is your skating speed getting slow down? While skating, is your longboard giving you a kind of sticky feeling? Then, dear, you need to clean the wheels and bearings of your longboard.

If you are an entry-level skater, this cleaning task may seem very challenging for you. To solve your problem, today we have come with this guide that will let you know How to clean longboard wheels and bearings. 

Let's figure it out.

Longboards are specially designed in such a way so that these boards can endure pressure and counteract other environmental elements such as heat, water, dirt.

But to make your longboard long-term usable, make sure that you are following the maintenance procedures properly. Among all of these parts of a longboard, wheels, and bearings are the most vital ones that you need to clean from time to time.

Because the wheels will ensure the safety of the riders and as well as it defines how smoothly you will be able to skate.

If you don't know how to keep longboard wheels clean, then follow the below-described steps.

How To Clean Your Longboard Wheels:

The easiest and best way to clean longboard wheels can be done in three main steps. These steps are:

  • Detaching the parts.
  • Wheels cleaning.
  • Re-assembling of the removed parts.

The first step: Detaching the longboard parts

First, you need to remove the wheels. After that, remove all those parts that remain connected to it. It will help you to clean the wheels properly. In this guide of how to clean clear longboard wheels, we are going to name those parts that you need to remove. These are:

  • Metal nuts.
  • Metal washers.
  • Wheels.
  • Bearings.
  • Metal spacers.

To remove all these parts, you need to take the help of a few tools and equipment. These are:

  • Half-inch socket wrench.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Small container.

After assembling all these tools, you need to start the parts removing procedure.

Step: I

  • First, you need to lay down the longboard on a surface. Make sure that the surface is durable enough.

  • Then you need to flip over the board. As a result, the wheels will remain in a faced up way.

  • Take the 1/2 inch socket wrench. By using it, you need to remove the nuts from the wheels. To do this, what you need to do is put the opening end of the wrench over the nut.

  • Then you need to rotate in a clockwise direction. As a result, the nuts will get loosen and automatically get detached from the bolt.

Step: II

Then you need to keep the nuts in a small container. Follow the same steps for the remaining wheels of the board.

Step: III

  • Now you need to remove the metal washer by hand. To do this, you just need to slide it off.

  • After that place it in a small container. Make sure that you are following the same process for the other remaining wheels. But a few longboards don't come with a metal washer. So it can be said that this step is optional.

Step: IV

  • In step 4 of how to clean wheels on a longboard, you need to pull the wheels from the board. You need to detach the wheels from the axle.

  • Then you should remove the second washer and do the same with the first washer as well.

  • You need to take the help of a flathead screwdriver to pry the bearings from the wheels. In this case, try to avoid other kinds of screwdrivers. Because other types of screwdrivers can make this process difficult for you.

  • When you will flip over the wheel, do confirm that the metal spacer will fall into your hand. After detaching the hardware of the longboard, place it in the small container.

Now, you need to turn the wheels over the other side. Now your task is cleaning the longboard wheels and parts. To know how to clean out longboard wheels, check the second steps.

clean longboard wheels

The second step: The cleaning process of wheels and other parts of the longboard

In this procedure of How to clean longboard wheels and bearings, you need to take -

  • Two tablespoons of dishwasher soap.
  • Water.
  • A bucket.
  • A piece of dampened cloth.
  • A piece of dry cloth.

Step: I

In the cleaning process, you need to take the help of a damp cloth. With the help of this cloth, you need to wash away the dirt from the hardware that you have put in the small container and as well as from the wheels.

Step: II

Then you need to fill a bucket with warm water and two tablespoons of dishwashing soap.

Step: III

  • After that, what you need to do is put the solution in the small container where you have put the hardware.

  • Then you need to put the wheels in the bucket. After that let the wheels and other parts in the solution for 5 minutes.

Step: IV

  • Then you need to take off the wheels and the parts from the solution. Take a clean and dry cloth. Then wash these parts and wheels with the help of this dry cloth.
    If you get to see any stubborn gunk on the parts or the wheels, then rub it with the damp other. In that case, don't forget to take dishwashing soap.

  • Then you need to wipe it again with a dry cloth.

Step: V

Now you need to check the wheels whether there remain any dirty particles, debris on the wheels. You can take the help of tweezers to remove these.

The third step: Reassembling the wheels and other parts

In this step, you need to take the help of the same tools, and equipment that you have used while removing the parts.

Step: I

  • First, you need to lay the wheels on a flat surface.

  • Then you need to take the dry bearings. Although in this process, you can install the old bearings or you can buy new ones and put those ones. When you push it in the wheel, you need to apply pressure on the metal ring of the bearings. When the bearings get fitted in the wheels, you will hear a click sound.

Step: II

  • Now, you need to flip over the wheels.

  •  Then what you need to do is install the metal spacer. You can do it by sliding it onto the middle hole of the wheels.

Step: III

  • Now, you need to place the second set of bearings on the top portion of the spacer. If the bearings will be placed properly, you will get to hear a click sound.

  • Then you need to put the metal washers between the wheel and axle.

  • Now your task is putting the wheels to the longboard.

  • Now, take the help of a wrench and put the nuts on the wheels.

Step: IV

  • Now you need to flip the board in such a way so that the wheels remain facing the ground.

  • You can go for a test-drive to confirm that the parts are properly installed. Check whether you are able to take sharp turns or not.

  • If you feel that the longboard is a little bit wobbly, then check again whether any part is loose or not. Only proper use and maintenance can lead your longboard to last for a long period.

Why do Longboard wheels and bearings need to be kept clean regularly?

If debris and dirt get accumulated within the bearings, and wheels of the longboard, it will slow down your performance. In case, you feel that the bearings are making noise, or you can't take smooth turns or moves, then don't be late to start the cleaning procedure of the longboard. That's why it's very essential to make sure that you know how to keep longboard wheels clean.

You need to make sure that you clean the bearings once per two or three months. But it also depends on the environment where you are skating. In case, you skate several times in a month, but the surface on which you are skating is not cleaned, then you need to clean your bearings at least once per month.

How to maintain longboard wheels and their parts:

Just only being aware of How to clean longboard wheels and bearings, is not enough. You need to follow a few tips and precautions as well.

  • In case, the longboard gets submerged in rain or a muddy area, make sure that you clean the dirt and dry the deck and the wheels of the longboard. It will prevent the damage of the metal parts and the bearings.

  • Until all the parts get completely dried, don't re-assemble those.

  • Don't use gasoline or other strong soaps or abrasive cleaning materials while cleaning the wheels and other metal parts.

How To Clean Longboard Bearings?

One of the most important parts of a longboard is the bearings. These ones are made of steel or ceramic. These tiny balls permit the wheels to spin when the force is applied.

If dirt or debris gets accumulated in the bearing, it will slow down the spinning ability of the wheels. So, it's very crucial to know How to properly clean longboard wheels and bearings. To clean the bearings, you can use lubricants and cleansers that are especially available for this purpose.

Although you can use bicycle oil, silicone-based lubricants, petroleum jelly for greasing the bearings. You should lubricate the bearings of the longboard for getting better performance.

While cleaning the bearings, you need to take care of a factor and the fact is whether the bearings come with built-in speed rings or not. A lot of skaters use bearings that don't come with built-in speed rings.

For beginners, cleaning the bearings can seem a little bit of a worrying matter. Here, we will guide you to know how to clean longboard bearings within just a few minutes. Let's figure it out.

Step: 1: Equipment preparing

Before starting the cleaning process, you need to assemble the tools that are required for this task. In this case, you need-

  • Citrus cleaner.
  • Container that comes with a lid.
  •  Safety pin.
  •  Socket wrench.
  •  Paper towel.
  •  Lubricant.
  •  Hairdryer.

Step: 2: Wheels removing

  • For removing the tire, you need to take the help of a wrench.

  • After that, you need to use a rag and any cleaning solvent such as acetone for lubricating and cleaning the process.

  • First, you need to unscrew the nuts that are holding the wheels.

  • Then keep the nuts aside. After that, you need to pull the wheels. And the pulling direction should be towards the end of the axle. To loosen the nuts from the wheels, you can take the help of a skate tool instead of a wrench.

Step: 3: Removing the bearings from the wheel

Now, you need to take the bearings off from the wheels. To do so, you need to use a screwdriver.

Step: 4: Seals removing

  • To remove the seals from the bearings, you can take the help of a dental tool or a safety pin.

    For the rubber shielded bearings, the task will become easier. But you should be careful while doing this procedure. Otherwise, you may damage the shield while taking them off.

    The metal shielded bearings come with a "C" clip. This clip remains the outside of the race.

Step: 5: Cleaning the dirt

In this step, you need to take a paper towel and clean the dirt from the bearings.

Step: 6: Preparing the solution and soaking the bearings

  • After removing the dirt from the bearing, you need to prepare the solution with the citrus cleaner in a container.

  • Then you need to put the bearings in the container and cover the lid. Then shake the container for a few minutes. You can continue the process until the dirt gets removed from the bearing.

Step: 7: Rinsing the bearings

After that, you need to rinse the bearings under warm water. This process will help to remove the citrus cleaner from the bearings.

Step: 8: Drying

After rinsing the bearings, you need to dry these out. To do so, you need to take the help of a hairdryer.

Step: 9: Lubricating

  • Before doing this process, make sure that you are aware of the procedure: how to clean and lubricate longboard wheels and bearings.

    You can use metal oil or sewing machine oil in this case. Try to use thin lubricants. If you lube thinner, your bearings will offer faster spins.

Step: 10: Putting the bearings back

This is the final step. Here, you only need to put the bearings back in a similar way that you have followed to remove the bearings. And do confirm that you have properly fixed the bearings.


If you want to get a smooth-riding, then the longboard needs to come with smoothly spinning tires. Only proper maintenance and cleaning of wheels and bearings will help you to get such a result.

We hope, if you follow this guide on How to clean longboard wheels and bearings, you can do this task effortlessly. In case, you still face any issues while cleaning, or have any queries regarding this topic, do ask us via commenting. We are always here dear for wiping away your every dilemma and query.

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