How to choose the best skateboarding elbow pads?

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Skateboarding is becoming one of the most interesting and fun-loving sports during this covid pandemic situation. As it is a very risky game, we need to wear some protective measures. Among these protective measures, skaters are always confused to decide how to choose the best skateboarding elbow pads.

In skating life, one must face a fall during skating whether it is in the under the training period or in the experienced time. Accidents may occur at any time. It comes without informing anybody. So, we should prepare for it.

Why use the skateboarding elbow pads?

We can not prevent accidents. Rather, we may try to reduce it or try to face less harm. In this regard, protective gears act wonders.

As a lover of sport, you are well aware that most of the injuries occur in the zone around the knee and elbow

Among these injuries, the most dangerous are knee cartilage rupture, difficulty moving, mild loss of capability to function, an elbow injury, and the most severe leads to loss of ability to hands, muscle atrophy, and hand paralysis.

It is wise to wear protective gear before participating in any sports activity. For indoor activities, you may use a pillow or cushion to protect yourself.

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On the other hand, elbow pads and knee pads are very much necessary for any outdoor activities. Especially, in the case of skateboarding, elbow pads are very much important to keep yourself safe and secure.

The skateboarders who are always busy thinking about where to buy a skateboard must think to wear protective gear.

Are you a beginner at skateboarding?

Often skateboarding slams cause at least some kind of scrape or bruising, around the elbow areas. Actually, elbow pads are a great thing to learn new tricks. During skateboarding, elbow pads will assist to prevent injuries when you fall awkwardly.

If you are a skillful and experienced skater, then you must want to show your skill to others. In this respect, elbow pads are very much essential to any avoid any type of injury. During skateboarding, the elbow is the first thing where injury attacks first. So, an elbow pad is regarded as one of the best tools for the skateboard.

Now, I think, you are quite acquainted with the necessity of the elbow pads. If you realize the importance of the elbow pads, you must proceed to buy a useful one for yourself. But, as you are not so much experienced to buy skateboarding elbow pads, you should take a quick look at its features and other important considerations.

What to Look for in Skateboard Pads?

In the skateboard pads, you have to look at several things. First of all, you should have a correct measurement of your elbow. To buy an elbow pad, you have to find the appropriate size of your arms. In this regard, you may use a tailor’s tape or string and then measure around your arms at about 4 inches below and above your elbows.

 To know the correct size, you should follow the following chart. This will help you to get the appropriate size. If you are eager to know it, just follow us. Don’t you eager to learn the correct size of your arms?

Let’s have a quick look:

What are the general sizing guidelines?

As you are always trying to find what size skateboard should you use, so also you must need to know the correct size of elbow pads. Here, we provide a general sizing guideline but that does not guarantee fit. This is only a general guideline. It does not specify any particular brand or item.

Pad Size



Youth SM

3'2" - 3'5"

7" - 8"

Youth MD

3'4" - 3'11"

7.5" - 8.5"

Youth LG

3'9" - 4'4"

8" - 9"

Junior SM

4'3" - 4'9"

9" - 10"

Junior MD

4'6" - 4'11"

10" - 11"

Junior LG

4'10" - 5'4"

11" - 12"

Senior SM

5'3" - 5'8"

12" - 13"

Senior MD

5'6" - 5'11"

13" - 14"

Senior LG

5'9" - 6'2"

14" - 15"

Senior XL



How to check whether the pad fits properly or not?

When you wear an elbow pad on your arms, you may find a couple of areas to check whether the pad fits correctly or not.

What to look for when buying skateboard elbow pads?

Few years before when you bought an elbow pad, it may provide you protection, but it might appear to be sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. If you had enough luck, it might protect you during a fall. But, in modern times, things have changed a lot. So, when you are ready to go to the market to buy a pair of elbow pads, you should choose the best one.

If you are conscious enough about your safety, you must buy everything best, just like you want to buy the best skateboarding camera to capture your skills or the best wrist guards for skateboarding to protect yourself, or the best lubricant for skateboard bearings to clean your skateboard or the best electric skateboard backpack to keep your belongings safe and secure. So also, to buy the best elbow pads for skateboarding, here are few considerations to look for.

  • Material – The first and foremost thing about elbow pads is their material. You can’t compromise with it. As the fabric of the elbow pads will always be touching your body, it is best to invest in something comfortable. You must go for a material that will control moisture. In the marketplace, you will find Coolmax Fabric which helps to soak sweat and moisture from your body and make you feel dry and comfortable.

  • Gels Many of the elbow pads manufacturers recently use gels to make pads more comfortable to wear. This gel will bring softness to the hard plastic exterior and hard interior material.

  • Genders Manufacturers make pads for different genders. In this regard, women’s elbow pads are smaller than the man’s pads. Moreover, women’s elbow pads are thinner in the forearm and bicep areas.

  • Aggressive Generally. Aggressive elbow pads are drafted for the hardcore skater. If you are willing to make various tricks then these types of pads are very much helpful to do this. Usually, these are bigger and thicker than average elbow pads. And this feature provides extra protection around the arms.

In the marketplace, you will find various types of elbow pads. You may choose gel or foam elbow pads. Skaters always prefer protective gear according to various weather conditions. They always wish to buy the best skateboard helmet for hot weather just like skate elbow pads.

Though you will get a huge number of elbow pads in the market, yet, we provide you some names according to our choice. I think you are very much interested to know the names, don’t you?

  1. JBM international skateboard longboard knee pads and elbow pads
  2. CRZKO knee pads and elbow pads
  3. BOSONER – knee pads and elbow pads
  4. Knee gasket 3 in 1 GEQID protective elbow pads
  5. 187 Killer Fly Elbow Pads thumbnail
  6. Demon United Hyper X D30
  7. Alpinestars Paragon Elbow Guard
  8. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pads
  9. Triple 8 EP 55 Elbow Pads
  10. TTIO Elbow Pads.

What are the Skate Elbow Pads Buying Considerations?

When one is willing to buy something, he or she must wish to buy the best one for himself or herself. Here, we are to provide you the best buying considerations of skate elbow pads. You don’t have to worry much. Among so many considerations, we have arranged the essential buying considerations. Some of the skaters also have some personal preferences. But, we are ready to provide you the usual buying considerations.

  • Skate elbow pads must be lightweight but durable.
  • They must be fitted properly.
  • You have to feel comfortable after wearing the elbow pads.
  • The pads should be made of stretchy and breathable material.
  • Skate elbow pads must contain heavy-duty foam padding.
  • They must be equipped with a high-density cap with reinforced rives.
  • Pads must be flexible and easy to wear for an individual.
  • They must do a variety of activities greatly.
  • Depending on the various features and brand, the price of skate elbow pads ranges between $25 to $70.

As elbow pads are very much essential to protect yourself, so you should not compromise with the price while buying them. Skaters often spend a lot of money to buy skateboards but you should also invest money in protective gears to protect yourself from impending danger.

While buying skate elbow pads, you should not ignore some aspects. We all try to know the buying considerations for skate elbow pads. It is also important to know the qualities of bad elbow pads.

  • If you find the bottom strap of your elbow pads is large, then you should not buy it.

  • Moderate breathability is another poor option.

  • You should not buy poor-quality fabric.

  • If you find your skate elbow pads have not the moisture management feature, then you should avoid it. These pads will make you sweaty.

  • Try to avoid extremely light padding.

  • You have to see whether the compression foam seems comfortable or not. If you find compression foam of your skate elbow pads seems uncomfortable, then you should not buy them.


After reading the article, you must have got a clear idea of how to choose the best skateboarding elbow pads. To protect yourself from any type of injury, you should wear protective gear like skate elbow pads. And you should not compromise with the price of the elbow pads. It is not wise to compromise with protection. Just wear protective gear and enjoy skating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is It Necessary to Wear Elbow Pads While Skating?

There are some places (skate parks) where no skater is allowed without elbow pads. Moreover, if you are a beginner at skating, it is highly recommended to wear elbow pads. Even if you are an experienced skater, it is necessary to wear skate elbow pads to learn new tricks.

Q. How Do Elbow Pads Ensure Protection?

Recently, elbow pads contain D30 material which absorbs impact. Actually, D30 material is a shock-absorbing, high-performance material which resembles foam. This material makes a ‘lock’ together when it meets any impact. This makes a barrier to protect your elbow.

Q. How to Choose Between a Thick or a Slim Elbow Pad?

This depends on your activity. If you are working on any hard work which involves risky matters, then you should choose thick elbow pads. On the other hand, those are very smart and need to be fancy, they may choose a slim elbow pad.

Q. How to Wear Elbow Pads?

Just like any other safety gear, skate elbow pads should also fit perfectly. If you find them tight, it may stop the blood circulation. Even it causes the restriction of elbow movement. After selecting the size of the elbow, you may put on the elbow pads. After wearing the pads, you may bend the elbow to check breathability and flexibility.

Q. Do You Need Additional Protective Gear Other Than Elbow Pads?

In a single word, the answer is yes. As you previously got the knowledge that skating is a risky game, so you should try to reduce the chance of injury in case of any fall. It is wise to invest in protective gear rather than medical bills.

Q. Do you need to wear pads when skateboarding?

Each and every skateboarder should wear protective gear to protect themselves. Protective gears include wrist guards, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and proper shoes. Skateboarders who are willing to show their tricks must wear pads to avoid injury.

Q. How do I know my elbow pad size?

To know your appropriate elbow pad size, you should measure it with tape or string. Elbow pads are generally divided into various sizes:

Small         - 7 - 8 inches

Medium   - 9 - 10 inches

Large         - 11-12 inches.

Q. Do you wear knee and elbow pads over or under clothing?

Almost every standard elbow and knee pad are worn over clothing as it is very easy to on and off. On the other hand, if you are wearing short-sleeves, you may wear them directly on your elbow or knee. In this regard, you may use the Velcro strap to get the perfect fit.

Q. How do you clean knee pads and elbow pads?

Actually, proper cleaning of elbow pads depends on the product material. Some of the manufacturers make their products by using compression fabric which can be machine-washed and air-dried. On the other hand, other elbow pads are needed to be hand-washed.

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