How To Choose The Best Skateboarding Cameras?

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In this present pandemic situation, we all know that skateboarding is a high demanding fun itself. As this is an era of smartphones, all skaters wish to know how to choose the best skateboarding cameras. If you are searching for a high-definition camera for your skateboard, then you have come to the right place.

Now, you may find a huge number of skaters who are excellent performers. But, they do not perfectly know how to use their exceptional skill.

Due to the increasing technology, skaters are now turning to record everything while they are skating. Even, they want to take a snap of the scenic beauty while they are skating. Sharing skateboarding tricks through an interesting video is a  new trend.

how to choose the best skateboarding cameras?

Why do people want to buy a skateboard camera?

Show off is a new trend in the modern world. We all are eager to show something special to others. The camera is also one of such things. A good quality photo or video may give you a special place in your friend circle. That’s why the demand for a good quality skateboarding camera is increasing day by day. This is the importance of using a skateboarding camera.

Why is a skateboarding camera essential?

Large numbers of visitors always try to visit the web to see any trendy clips. If you are skillful in the field of skateboarding, then you should try to satisfy the viewers.

 In this regard, you have a quick shoot or take a short video of your skill and share it with the viewers. If you want to do this, you must need a good quality skateboarding camera.

Whether you want to shoot in the daytime or at night?

Previously, there were two types of cameras - one is suitable for daytime and another is suitable for nighttime. Recently, this division is rarely seen. If you buy a good brand camera, then you will find these facilities in a single camera. You won’t have to worry much.

So, before you choose a good quality skateboarding camera, you should know the various features and qualities of it. Are you ready to know it?

Let’s start:

Now, we should concentrate on the various features of a good quality camera. After knowing the various features, I think, I might get the answer of What camera should I get for filming?

  • If you want to buy a good quality skateboarding camera, then you should concentrate on the above 90 degrees viewing angle. This wide range of viewing angles will provide you to capture a wide range of views. Moreover, you must remember that the lens must rotate up to a minimum of 180 degrees.
  • Before you buy a skateboarding camera, you must go through its webcam feature. A good quality skateboarding camera must have vlogging camera, good light sensitivity, night vision, and an external microphone.
  • Then, you must concentrate on the camera quality of a skateboarding camera. As skateboarding is an outdoor sport, so your camera must be waterproof. To get excellent picture quality, your camera should have 5k resolution, super control, easy framing, smooth stabilization, etc.
  • As you want to take a snap or video during skateboarding, your camera must be lightweight and portable. If your camera appears very heavy, then you won’t carry it easily and comfortably. Then, your concentration may shift from scenic beauty to control the heavy, lightweight is one of the most important qualities of a good skateboarding camera.
  • Your first and foremost purpose to buy a skateboarding camera is to take a short snap or video. So, the external memory matters much. For a good quality skateboarding camera, the external memory must be above 32 GB. Otherwise, it may create a nuisance during your recording of any exciting scene.
  • External microphone capacity is another feature of a good quality skateboarding camera. If you want to get clear audio, then an external microphone works wonders. In the marketplace, you may easily find a camera that contains a high-quality microphone. Using configuration, you can remove any type of annoying noise. To get perfect audio, ORDRO CM52O external model is the perfect example.
  • Folding screen is one of the major features of a good quality skateboarding camera. In the marketplace, you may easily find the 1080p screen. Using this type of screen, you can easily make a video like a professional. During this time, you can clearly specify every detail. The average screen size of a skateboarding camera is 3 inches. In some cameras, you may find the screen size 3.1 inches. This differs less as 3 inches is sufficient to make videos or photography.
  • If you want to make an exceptional video, then you have to concentrate on the camera’s video modes. In the present situation, the most desirous video mode is 60 fps. This video mode is popular among those who are eager to upload videos on the social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Some cameras contain 30 fps, but this does not provide good quality videos. On the other hand, cameras using 60 fps video mode obtain video that has the best resolution.

So, while buying a skateboarding camera, you should choose at least 60 fps video mode. Owing to modern technology, the recent cameras allow you both recording as well as photos. This quality is very much necessary as people are now eager to record the best video and also they want to take a good quality photo to share it with their friends and family members.

What cameras are used by the skateboard filmers?

In the marketplace, you may find a wide range of skateboarding cameras. Among those, several cameras are available at an affordable price. Some of the popular skateboarding cameras are AKASO Brave 7, Canon Vixia R800, GoPro Hero 9, etc.

How to set up your camera to film skateboarding?

Before you buy a skateboarding camera to film skateboarding, you must concentrate on its resolution. Besides resolution, you must put emphasis on the number of frames per second. In this regard, experts recommend two main options which are:

  1. 720 pixels and 60 frames per second
  2. 1080 pixels and 60 frames per second.

We all know that skateboarding is a fun sport where speed is absolutely necessary. In this regard, a 60 fps camera is very much appropriate to capture all the minute details correctly and smoothly. Of course, you may do this work by using a 30 fps camera. The only problem is you won’t get the same brightness and smoothness in the photos.

Secondly, as an experienced skateboarder, you must fix the shutter speed. If your camera has a slow shutter speed, then your images may appear unclear which will not be praised by others. So, it will be very wise to choose the best shutter speed:

  1. 125
  2. 250

Thirdly, it is very much essential to fix the F-Stop setting. During the recording of a video, F-Stop fixes the exposure. According to the skateboarding filming experts, the F-Stop setting should be 5.6 in the case of a DSLR camera.

At last, before you go out for skateboarding, you must check your battery status and the storage memory. If your battery does not get fully recharged, you may find your video recording incomplete. On the other hand, in an SD storage card, you might record all the minute details within high-quality videos.

What is the budget for a good skateboarding camera?

Before you fix your budget, you must decide your needs and requirements. We all know that determining the budget is the most important thing to choose the best camera. Usually, the range of cameras starts from $100 to $2000 and more.

To be honest, if you want to buy a camera with all the modern features (hoping for a perfect 4k resolution camera) at the price of around $50-$200 is nothing but a daydream.

It does not mean that all valuable things are perfect. But, we all know that brand name has great value. Brand name decreases the chance of getting scammed. Promises of a brand camera often come true.

After knowing all these, you may find a budget-friendly camera if you still have a low budget. There are various options to get a cheap camera. Just brag a one for you.

Is there any need for market research?

Market research is highly recommended before you buy a skateboarding camera. While you are investigating the market thoroughly, you will gather various specific information about the particular product.

You may check various reviews and remove all your doubts regarding the product. Moreover, you may make a shortlist of the products and buy an amazing product for yourself.


I think, the answer to ‘how to choose the best skateboarding camera’ is quite clear to you now. However, from the above discussion, we come to know that high resolution is a demanding feature for a skateboarding camera. The camera must be branded and easy to use. In this respect, you may follow a guide to Skateboarding cameras.

Besides high resolution, your camera should have a good sound quality while recording. So, don’t hesitate. Just go and grab a nice skateboarding camera and starts the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Is GoPros good for skateboarding?

If you want to get the answer in a single sentence, I might say ‘yes. As GoPros are lightweight, durable, and small in size, one can easily adjust it on the skateboard or a skater's head. So, if you use GoPro for filmmaking, it will be a great idea.

Q. How do you film skateboarding with a DSLR?

While skateboarding, recording with a large-sized camera is one of the hard tasks. As DSLR is a large-sized camera, it is not an exception. You can record video using a DSLR while you are on a tripod stand.

Q. Why do skaters use fisheye?

Actually, the function of the fisheye is to develop the impression of tricks of a skillful skater. Only for that reason, most of the experienced skaters use fisheye to get a smart look instead of a normal one.

Q. How do you record yourself roller skating?

If you want to record yourself, you may mount it on the camera of your skateboard. In this way, you can easily record yourself while skateboarding.

Q. How do you record yourself on a skateboard?

A skater is always eager to record himself or herself while on a skateboard. In this regard, you should have GoPro. Now, you may simply fix the camera on your head and record yourself. In the meantime, you may use a belt.

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