How to choose the best skateboard backpack?

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In the present day, skateboarding is itself a huge fun to the modern people. Today skateboarding is a part and parcel to most of the people. To them, how to choose the best skateboard backpack is an important question.

Though some of the skaters are yet to know about backpacks. So, before we know about the best backpack, we should have a clear knowledge of the backpack.

What is a Skateboard Backpacks?

The backpack is nothing but a type of bag where you can keep all the essentials. In a good backpack, you can keep your skateboard as well as your mobile phone (Amazon), purse, watch, charger, extra battery, or essential things as you like.

There’s no need to keep an extra bag.

Why use the best skateboard backpacks?

We all know that skateboarders are moving from one place to another. For this reason, they have to carry a lot of things with them. In this regard, they essentially need their mobile, laptop, wallet, camera, etc with them. That’s why we need the best skateboard travel bag (Amazon) to carry these things.

In the marketplace, you will find a huge amount of backpacks.

The problem is which backpack should we use?

Here, we are ready to provide you detailed information on various backpacks. At first, we should concentrate on the several features of the best backpack.

What are the features of the best backpack?

If you are eager to know about the features of the best backpack, you have to go through this content. Here, we will try to fill up all your quest regarding the best skateboard backpack. Let’s start:

  • Before you buy a skateboard backpack, you should be certain that your backpack must be an extra-large interior compartment. This compartment should at least fit a 15 inches laptop. Moreover, it must contain multiple front zip pockets so that one can easily deposit all his or her valuables. Also, you must concentrate on the straps. The straps should be strong and durable so that they can comfortably hold your favorite skateboard.
  • A good backpack also contains two side pockets. These side pockets will hold drinks and water bottles. This facility is a sign of a good backpack.
  • It must be made of very high-quality material. Generally, a good backpack is made of polyester. Otherwise, your bag will be unable to carry such a load. As your bag will carry all your valuables, so the product material must be high.
  • As a backpack carries all the essentials and valuable materials, so there must be no chance to leak water inside the bag. For this reason, a good backpack must be water-resistant. There are so many backpacks that promise to be water-resistant, but practically they won’t. so, it is your duty to confirm the feature before you buy it.
  • Experienced skaters always prefer special qualities in anything whatever they buy. Some of the backpacks have built-in USB cables. This means you can charge your mobile phone or any electronic device using a power bank. To do this, you won’t have to arrange anything because already the wire is organized.
  • Shoulder strap is one of the most significant features of a good skateboard backpack. As you are willing to carry all your belongings inside the backpack, the weight of the backpack must be heavy. In this regard, the strap must be strong and durable. There are two buckle straps in some of the backpacks where you can easily keep your skateboard whatever size it may be. The shoulder straps should be highly comfortable. In some of the backpacks, the straps are heavily padded. For this reason, they decrease stress to carry the bag.
  • Manufacturers always try to provide mesh foaming. Due to mesh foaming, you will not feel any stress at all. Mesh foaming helps to develop air circulation, so you will feel comfortable. Moreover, some of the best backpacks have comfortable opening and closing zippers.
  • Another important feature of the backpack is the net. Some of the manufacturers provide a net facility where a skater can keep the ball. If a skater wishes, he or she may carry any other things inside the net. Experienced skaters always prefer this facility to carry balls so that they can enjoy wherever they wish.
  • Color combination is another exciting feature of a good backpack. Generally, people prefer black color and almost every manufacturer produces black color backpack. But, some of the manufacturers produce various colors (in some cases rainbow color) bags in the demand of some skaters. Bright color always attracts buyers.
  • The basic characteristic of a good backpack is that it should not exceed the 10% weight of a child. It means you should select the important equipment and avoid the inessentials to make it lightweight.
  • Some of the manufacturers provide magnetic flaps to avoid frustrations as some skaters feel irritation to close the bag. For this reason, this exciting feature is in high demand now.
  • Lockable zipper is another significant characteristic of the best backpack. As skaters are always trying to keep all their valuables inside the backpack, it is quite natural that they want to keep their valuables safe and secure. For this particular reason, a lockable zipper is in high demand now. Modern people think modern to keep their belongings safe.
  • Expansion capability is one of the most significant features of the best backpack. Some people use it for a travel bags. To become the best skateboard travel bag, this feature is a must. During your new travel destination, you must buy something new. In this regard, you have to buy a new bag if you don’t have any previous management. So, expansion capability works like a wonder. You can expand the volume of your backpack by up to 10 to 20%. This is enough to pack your extra shopping.
  • Though we have listed the budget option at the last, I think it is more important to some of the skaters than anything else. We all want the best features while buying anything. To get all the best features, you have to pay a little bit more. If you want to get all the best features, you have to pay approximately $40. You will get also some interesting backpacks which start from $10.

I think, now you have got the most important features of a good backpack. Only knowing the essential features is not sufficient.

It is also necessary to learn how do we use a backpack?

There are some significant principles to follow. It will help you to use a backpack properly.

Don’t you eager to know the principles?

Let’s start...

  • First and foremost thing of a backpack is to arrange the objects. You should place the heavy objects in the middle of the bag so that you won’t feel much pressure on the body. And the sharp objects should place outward so that you can avoid pressure points.

  • You must adjust the straps on both shoulders properly. It will reduce the pressure and you will feel comfortable a lot.

  • Never wear the bag on your one shoulder. It will put pressure on your body and you will feel exhausted.

  • It will be totally unwise to tilt the bag suddenly towards the back.

  • Always try to attach the straps.

  • To reduce the pressure, you must adjust your bag to shoulder level.

  • Always remember that the bottom level of the bag should never go down on the buttocks. Rather it must be placed between 5 and 10 cm below the waist.

  • Your bag must never bounce downwards. Rather, you should well support it along the backside.

Some of the skaters complain that they feel back pain due to wearing backpacks. If you properly adjust and wear your backpack, it will prevent any type of pain in the spine, neck, shoulder, or muscle.

You may also lean on the sideways, or back ways without any hesitation of tiring your neck, back or shoulders muscles.

What Are The Different Types Of Skate back?

Actually, there are two types of skate back. In one, the skateboard will be inside the bag. On the other hand, the skateboard will be just hanging outside of the bag. Both types are very much useful for skaters.

Recently, skaters prefer most the second type of backpack. The reason for choosing the second type is that skaters can store more belongings inside their backpacks.

After acquiring all the necessary knowledge regarding backpacks, now we should concentrate on the list of the best backpacks. I think you are also eager to know the names.

Don’t you?

In the marketplace, you will get several good backpacks. Here, we provide you some of the best backpacks:

1.            Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

2.            Burton Kilo 2.0

3.            Dakine URBN Mission

4.            Eastsport Multi Compartment

5.            Mohave Skate Backpack

6.            Everest Grip tape Backpack

7.            Crazy K&A Professional S-board Bag

8.            Nike SB skateboard backpack

9.            Dakine Atlas skate backpack

10.          The North Face.


I think you are now quiet to get the answer of ‘how to choose the best skateboard backpack?’ It is high time to wear a backpack and make skateboarding a breeze. Only remember to keep all your essential things in the backpack. It will help to change your lifestyle and never let you down.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ)

Q. What brand makes the best backpacks?

In the marketplace, you will get several good backpack brands. Some of them are – American Tourister Backpacks, Wildcraft Backpacks, Skybags Backpacks, F Gear Casual Backpacks, Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks, Nike Backpacks, HRX by Hrithik Roshan Backpacks, Fastrack Backpacks, Gear Backpacks for Men, Puma Backpacks, etc.

Q. How much are skateboard backpacks?

You will easily afford various types of skateboard backpacks. According to the exciting features, the cost of skateboard backpacks varies from $20 to $200. Mainly its cost changes due to its capacity level.

Q. Who wears skateboard backpacks?

Frankly speaking, famous and popular skaters wear backpacks. These skaters love backpacks because they are versatile. Wearing a backpack, they make skateboarding a breeze. Moreover, on the marketplace backpacks are available for both males and females.

Q. What color should my backpack be?

You should choose a color which suits your clothes. Generally, black and navy-blue color suits most of the color. You may also get various colors like maroon, red, etc. backpack. There is also a white, blue, black, grey color backpack.

Q. Are skateboarders allowed on planes?

Actually, there’s no problem at all checking in skateboards or decks for air travel. You will get enough space to keep your extra wheels, extra deck, an extra tee, some munchies, and your shoes also.

Q. Are one-strap backpacks bad for my back?

If you carry your backpacks over one shoulder, then it might be the cause of your upper and lower back pain. Moreover, it might create shoulder and neck pain. Even, using a backpack over one shoulder can lead to bad posture also.

Q. Where should a backpack sit on your back?

Always adjust the straps just 2 inches below the shoulder. The end of the backpack should not exceed 2 inches above your hips. Otherwise, you might use a hip belt to see the position of the shoulder straps.

Q. What is the best way to carry a skateboard?

There are so many ways to carry your skateboard. Among them, you may use a classic way.  Just carry your favorite skateboard by holding it in the middle. According to your own wish, you may carry your skateboard as you like. There’s no ideal way to carry the skateboard.

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