How To Choose A Skateboard? What The Experts Are Saying ?

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How to choose a skateboard for the beginners? If you are an entry-level skater, this question can bother you. And it's quite natural too. It's the board and its parts that determine how mellifluous your riding will be.

A wrong pick can totally disrupt your dream of becoming an advanced level skater. But don't become worried. We are here dear to assist you on the right path.

Today, we are going to discuss how to select skateboards for beginners. We have included our skating experts' advice and tips in this article that will help you to choose the best skateboard. So, without making a further delay, let's have a glance.

How To Choose The First Skateboard?

If you want to know How to choose a skateboard, then you need to know about the parts of a skateboard and how these parts can affect your skating performance. Among the parts of a skateboard, one of the most important parts is the deck. A flat board on which the skater needs to stand while skating is known as the deck. If you want to skate on the street, then a Shortboard can make your job done.

But while purchasing a skateboard, it's very important to make sure that you are living the appropriate size. Along with this, the shape of the board is also a significant factor that you need to focus on. How your performance will be that dependent to a great extent on the length, width, concave and constructional components of the board.

How often you need to replace a skateboard deck, depends on how hard you are skating. Here, we are going to assist you how you can choose the board size as per your skating style.

  • Size of a skateboard: Here, we will explain how to pick the size of the skateboard. Width is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while choosing the deck. You can get skateboard decks from 7.5" to 8.25". The width is dependent on the size of your skate boots, your skating style, and your height.

    In case, you have such a board that has too large width. In that case, you may face difficulties while riding, and performing tricks. On the other hand, if the board has a too-small width, then you will feel unstable while riding. In that case, you may lose balance and fall down. Here, we have given a chart that you should check before choosing the deck size.
  • 7.5"-8" - Perfect for adult skaters who prefer to skate on the street and perform skating stunts.

  • 8.0"- 8.25" - Suitable for skating in parks, ramp.

  • 8.25" And larger - Especially for cruising, vert skating.
choose the perfect skateboard
  • Shape of the skateboard: Basically, there are four different shapes of skateboards. Which shape you need to go for, depends on your skating style. Here, we are going to elaborate on the skateboard shapes and how you can decide which shape is ideal for you.
  • Shortboard: These ones are mainly designed for performing skating tricks, and stunts. In case, you are willing to learn how to skate in park and street, this kind of board will be perfect for you.
  • Cruiser: These kinds of boards mainly come with a kicktail. But these ones are designed mainly for cruising. These mid-length boards are exact for performing skating maneuvers, and street cruising.
  • Old school boards: These ones come with a flat nose and kicktail. If you want to skate on pools, ramps, or street carving, then go for these ones.
  • Longboards: If you want a skateboard for regular commuting, then these ones can come in your favor. There are a few longboards that are mainly designed for downhill racing. These kinds of longboards come in symmetrical shapes.
  • Length of the skateboard deck: The length of the skateboard indicates the distance from the nose tip to the tail tip. Usually, shortboards come with 28"-32" inches in length.
  • Construction of the skateboard: Before purchasing, it's very important to check which component is used to construct the board. Mainly most of the boards are made of maple wood. These kinds of skateboards are usually durable and flexible too. Nowadays, maple wood is the most common material that is used for constructing the skateboard deck.
  • Ply: Ply is the thin wood level. With it, you can measure the wood sheets or veneers that are used to build a deck. A lot of manufacturers used to layer the wood in cross-chain style so that the board can become robust. Typical skateboard usually comes with 7-ply. But most of the skateboards come with nine Ply.
  • Wheelbase: It's the distance between the inner mounting holes of the skateboard. How far the front and back wheels will be located depends on the mounting holes. Basically, the wheelbase remains 13"-15". But there are a lot of skateboard brands that manufacture such boards that come with only one set of holes. You can choose the wheelbase as per your experience level.
  • Nose, and tail: The front portion of a skateboard is considered as the nose. Whereas the back portion is known as the tail.
  • Concave: It is the wooden curve that remains between the nose and tail of the deck. How robust your skateboard will be and how stable your ride will depend on the concave.

Concave shapes: It is an essential factor that can affect your performance. The manufacturers are trying to innovate new kinds of concave shapes. Here, we have given the concave shapes and which one you need to pick as per your skating styles. Let's check out.

  • Radial concave skateboard deck: The most common deck shape is the U-shaped one. Although, a few boards come with deeper curves. You can enjoy better grip by using these kinds of boards. No matter which skating style you prefer, you can enjoy a mellifluous performance by using these skateboards.

  • Progressive skateboard decks: These ones have a few similarities with the previous one. But it can be said that this shape is a more updated version of a radical one.

  • W concave skateboard deck: The additional curve of this kind of deck permits the year to shift energy from the heel to toe. These ones are quick-responsive.

  • Tub skateboard deck: These ones are known as flat cave decks. But in this case, the rails are extended at a sharp angle from the skateboard deck. You can keep your feet in a flat way while using these boards.

  • Asymmetrical concave deck: These ones permit the skater to shift more power in their heels while taking turns.

  • Flat skateboard deck: Although these kinds of decks are very rare. Mainly the dropdown longboards come with flat decks. While using these ones, you can get a lot of space for keeping your feet.

  • Camber and Rocket decks: If your board comes with a raised middle portion, then it is a camber skateboard. On the other hand, if the board has dropped middles, then these are rocker skateboards. Although both these boards come with a mellow angle. Rocked boards come with low center gravity. Whether it's come to say downhill skating or carving, rocker boards are suitable.

  • Kicktail skateboard decks: If your decks come with upward curves, these are known as kicktail. Those who are willing to perform skating tricks and stunts can go for these kinds of decks.

Guide on how to pick skateboard size as per the age:

According to skateboard size, you can get four kinds of boards in the market. These are:

  • Micro Boards: These ones come with 6.5" - 6.75" width. For five years old kids these ones are suitable.

  • Mini boards: The width of these kinds of boards are 7 inches. For 6-8 years kids these ones are ideal.

  • Mid boards: These kinds of boards come with 7.25 - 7.375 inches in width. If your kid's age is 9-12 years, then go for these boards.

  • Full boards: These ones are usually 7.5 inches and wider. For more than 13 years old kids, these boards are exact ones.

Choosing skateboard decks as per your weight:

If you are an entry-level skater, then it's very important for you to know how to choose the best skateboard. Along with these above factors, there is another factor that you need to consider while picking your skateboard deck. And it is the weight of the riders.

Remember, if, you are not landing with your feet over the trucks directly, and you are heavier, then there is a huge possibility of breaking down the deck. For the heavyweight riders, 8-ply decks will be a smart pick.

How to choose a good skateboard for beginners as per the height? 

Are you too tall or too short? And wondering 'how do I pick a beginner's skateboard?' Don't worry dear, here we will guide you and help you to solve your worry.

If you are smaller, then you need shorter skateboards. Especially those who have just joined the skating session, can go for smaller boards. These ones can offer better control. As a result, you can enjoy mellifluous moves.

If you are tall, then go for the longer decks. You can maintain your balance easily by using these ones.

Here, we have given a chart by following which you will be able to know how to choose the length of skateboard according to your height.

140 cm or less than it:  28 inches – 30.5 inches.

150 cm  30.5 inches: 31.5 inches.

From 150 cm – 175 cm: 31.5 inches- 31.875 inches.

From 160 cm – 185 cm: 31.75 inches – 32.00 inches.

From 170 cm – 195 cm: 31.875 inches – 32.25 inches.

From 180 cm – 210 cm: 32 inches – 32.5 inches.

How to choose the right Trucks set for a skateboard?

These metal parts help to hold the wheels on the board. How smooth, and mellifluous your ride will be that is determined by the trucks. That's why make sure that you are picking the appropriate one.

Most of the manufacturers use aluminum alloy to construct the trucks. Whereas a few brands use metals and blends too. Baseplate, kingpin, hanger, axle - are the parts of a truck.

Make sure that these components must be light-weight and durable too. The truck's size depends on the board's width. In case, the board is 8 inches, then go for eight inches trucks.

Keeping in mind the size of the wheels, trucks come in three categories:

  • Low trucks: If your skateboard is equipped with small wheels, then go for the low trucks. These ones can offer incredible stability. These trucks are mainly recommended for 50 mm to 53 mm wheels.

  • Mid trucks: If you want to skate in the park, these ones are perfect. For 53 mm to 56 mm wheels, you should go for mid trucks.

  • High trucks: These ones are recommended mainly for the larger wheels ( 56 mm and more). If you want to perform cruising, carving, you need to purchase high trucks.

  • Bushings: These are basically polyurethane cones that flex side to side while riding. You can get bushings in several shapes and durometers. If the bushings have a harder durometer, you can enjoy a stable performance. On the contrary, softer bushings will help you to make easier turns. Most of the smaller skateboards are equipped with softer bushings.

  • Wheels: How to select skateboard wheels? For entry-level skaters, this is a very common factor. How your skating performance will be or how speedy and smooth your riding will depend on the wheels. Basically, wheels are made of polyurethane. How often you can ride depends on how you will ride.

While picking the wheels, you need to consider a few basic factors. These are- Hardness of the wheels, wheel size, and so on.

How to determine the wheel size?

 If you want light-weight wheels, then go for smaller ones. On the contrary, larger wheels offer speedy and stable riding.

  • Smaller wheels: These ones come in 50 mm - 55 mm size and perfect for street, and park skating.

  • Average sized wheels: Basically 54 mm - 59 mm wheels are categorized in this section. If you want to skate on-ramps, and street, go for these kinds of wheels.

  • 60 mm and more than it: These ones are specially manufactured for cruising.

How hardness of wheels can affect your skating performance?

Basically, the durometer helps to measure how hard the wheels are. Nowadays, most brands use the 'A' range to denote the hardness of the wheels. It indicates up to 103 points. Whereas a few manufacturers use the 'B' range that indicates 20 points.

Harder wheels can offer faster performance. On the other hand, softer wheels are slower. But softer ones can offer better grip and can be an ideal pick for street skaters. Whereas if you want to skate on smooth or even surface, go for the harder wheels.

How to choose bearings for a skateboard?

These ones are round metal balls and get easily fitted. Always bearings come in the same size. But they are categorized in ABEC 1 to 9. These categories determine how speedy your riding will be. If the number of bearings is high, then you can enjoy a faster performance.

Final words:

As too many skateboard brands are available in the market, you may feel puzzled. Just check out this guide on How to choose a skateboard, and determine which one will suit your needs. If you still have any confusion, then do ask us. We will revert back to you as soon as possible.

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