How To Choose A Skateboard Helmet?

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In any sports or in any spheres of our life, safety should be our first priority. While talking about safety, we should discuss about the safety of our head. Now, we should concentrate on how to choose a skateboard helmet? Who are not willing to keep himself or herself safe? It is almost all of our desire to keep ourselves safe.

In this regard, helmet is one of the important things to consider. In case of skateboarding, the most possible place of injury is head. So, we should try to keep our head safe. But the question is: 

How do we keep our head safe?

The first and foremost thing in any type of riding is to be careful. In some cases, in spite of being careful, we are getting injured. So, there comes the necessity of a helmet. In most of the skate parks, helmet is must. Without helmet, no one is allowed to enter the skate parks.

There are lots of helmets in the marketplace. Now, as a beginner of skateboarding, you may have a question:

How do I choose a skateboard helmet?

To get the answer of it, you have to go through our present article. Here, we are ready to provide you a detailed instructions and reference before you choose a helmet. You should always use 2-V-1 rule to confirm a proper fitting.

Do you want to know about the 2-V-1 method? Here are the methods:
Skateboard Helmets Guide
  • One of the most important qualities of this type of helmet is the covering of forehead. It fully covers the top of the forehead. Do not try to sling the helmet so that the forehead may open. It is very dangerous for your safety.
  • Straps of the helmet should meet in a V-shape. Be careful to see that the buckles are rightly fitted to the ears.
  • Ensure that one finger of the helmet fits between the chin straps and the chin. You have to confirm that it should not move around in any direction. It also allows the children to shout or drink.
  • Another thing, you have to confirm that if any cause the head shakes, the head may not move to any direction.

For every individual, the size of the helmet varies. So, it is your duty to choose the perfect helmet for you. There are some people who do not decide the perfect measurement for the helmet. Frequently, they enquire to know – what is the perfect measurement of the helmet?

While you are trying to buy a helmet, the first step is to fix what size fits you the best. The helmet should fit without any uncomfortable feeling. So, at first, you should measure your head. Get a flexible tape and take perfect size of your head. Do not keep the tape very tightly. For your absolute benefit, we provide you a chart of helmet size:
















21.3 - 22.0



22.0 - 22.8



22.8 - 23.6



23.6 - 24.4



24.4 - 25.2

After getting the perfect measurement for your helmet, now, your queries must be the skate helmet style. Generally, people use classical helmets. Classical helmets are generally comfortable and light-weight than any other styles. These helmets cover your total head including your forehead. These are the best helmets for rough and general use.

Do you want to know tips for safer helmet use?

If you are eager to know the tips for the safe use of helmets, you have come to the right place. We think, we will fulfil all your queries here.

  • You should always try to find a helmet that comfortably fits your head and reaches the standards of safety level. Generally, the helmets that are sold in Canada are mainly certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Snell, CPSC, or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
  • For any reason, you should avoid to put stickers on a helmet. You all know that the solvents in the sticker can reduce the strength of the outer part of the helmet.
  • You have to ensure that your child should not wear anything like a baseball hat or wrapper beneath the helmet.
  • One should not use a helmet after 5 years. Sometimes we do not find any problem or damage in the helmet. But, for our own safety, we should change our helmet in five years.
  • You should check your provincial/territorial legislation on helmet use.
  • Sometimes people use helmets while entering to the playground. Before using any of the other play structures, one should remove his or her helmets. It may call damages to the owner.
  • It is our duty to wear helmets whether we are on scooter, tricycle, or any balance bike. Wearing helmets should be one of our habits. If you want to keep your kids and yourself safe from any threat, you have to make a healthy habit of wearing helmets.
perfect fitting skateboard helmet

How do you know whether your child’s helmet fits or not?

 Sometimes people think that only wearing helmet is enough to secure themselves. It is an age-old notion. According to Parachute, a helmet requires to fit exactly each time you wear in order to give the ultimate level of security and protection. 

If you to get a proper fitting for your child, you should bring your child with you to the shop. In that case, they may also choose the color and style of the helmet.

  • Helmets use for toddlers (those who are five or below five) give more protection and security at the back of their head. Some children use larger helmet before they reach at the age of five. This needs extra padding to get a perfect fitting.
  • If you want to buy a helmet for your one year old child, you should consult with one healthcare provider or any doctor. This is a very sensitive matter, so don’t argue with it.
  • A child’s helmet requires to fit properly while buying it. There should be no compromise in it.

In this regard, Stephanie Cowley of Parachute says that we should wait at least one year age of our child before travelling in the bike.

“This is to prevent infant neck injuries, which could potentially be caused by movement during the activity,” she explains. “Think of a young child with low neck strength bobbing in a bike trailer, or the added weight of the helmet.

Notably, the CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission], has different testing requirements for helmets intended for use by those aged 1 year and older, and those aged 5 and older.”


In this article, we have sufficiently tried to provide you all the necessary information related to helmet. How to choose a skateboard helmet is totally depended on your experience and recommendation. We have just tried to encourage you with the very basics of skateboard helmet. Hope, we will able to fulfill your thirst regarding skateboard helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I look for in a skateboard helmet?

Usually, a skateboard helmet should not place too low or too high on your head. To make it certain, you have to check if the front rim of your helmet aligns with your eyebrows and the helmet’s back side does not reach the top level of your neck.

Question:  How do you size a skateboard helmet?

At first, you have to properly measure your head. To do so, you have to cover a soft tape around your forehead. The measurement must be above your ears and eyebrows. Then, you have to keep the tape from the front to the back side of your head. Remember, your skateboard helmet should put low on your forehead.

Question: Should I skateboard with a helmet?

Usually, for safety purpose, you should wear helmet while skateboarding. Now-a-days people are ignoring to wear helmets. But, if you want protect yourself, you should take the protective measures. Sometimes, skateboarders do not want to wear helmet, but law demands it and bounds them to wear helmet.

Question: How do I know my helmet size?

The popular way to measure your helmet size is to keep your two fingers above the eyebrows, particularly above the ears and about the largest area at the back side of your head. In the time of measuring, your measuring tape should be closely skin tight without applying extra pressure.

Question: Do I need a helmet for longboarding?

Most of the longboarders will agree that a helmet is an essential thing while longboarding. It is absolutely necessary while you are riding skatepark riding or downhill racing.

These racing include a huge amount of risks of injury. On the other hand, some riders do not agree to wear helmets in the time of pushing on flat area at the very low speed. The speed may be under 10 or 15 mph.

Question: What is the best helmet for skateboarding?

In a single sentence, we can say that a bike helmet is appropriate for skateboarding. Remember, you should not wear any other type of helmet while skateboarding. Your helmet should wrap the back side of your head while you are skateboarding. Your helmet should include CPSC-compliant.

Question: Where can I buy a skateboard helmet?

Simply saying, you can buy your helmet from your nearest shop or from the online shopping site like, Amazon Warehouse, BikeSomeWhere, Daddies Boards Shop, BC Surf & Sport, Universo Brands, 365 Cycles, Boardparadise etc.

Question: What brand helmet does Tony Hawk wear?

Normally, Tony Hawk wears Birdhouse Skateboards. This brand was founded in 1992. This brand contains Skateboard equipment, accessories, apparel, videos etc.

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