How to apply grip tape to a skateboard?

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Skateboarding is one of the most interesting and fun-loving games in the modern world. Recently, skaters are very much confused to get the answer of ‘how to apply grip tape to a skateboard?’ Here, we are ready to provide you the answer to this question.

Previously, skaters do not invest much money to buy a skateboard. But, they want to buy the best tool for the skateboard. In this regard, the grip tape is one of the most important things. Before you know about the way of gripping, you should know about grip tape.

When was grip tape invented?

This is a golden question. Before we learn about grip tape, we should know the invention time of it. In the middle of the 1970s, skaters first found grip tape. At this time, a lot of expansion in the industry was going on. Everything became standardized. Skaters saw a lot of change then and this was one of them.

During this time, skaters require everything best in terms of the tools. They essentially require the best electric skateboard backpack, the best skateboarding camerasthe best wrist guards for skateboarding, the best elbow pads for skateboarding, etc. For better comfort, even the skaters wanted the best skateboard helmet for hot weather.

What do you know about skateboard grip tape?

Actually, the skateboard grip tape is nothing but a grainy and sandpaper-like sheet. It is an extremely sticky underside which you can cling to the top of the skateboard deck to get traction or grip. Do you have an idea of the different types of skateboards?

You may use any type of skateboard. But, if you want to stand on the skateboard, the grip tape is a must. Actually, the average size of the grip tape is 9*33 inches. You can not judge the quality of a grip tape. Rather, you have to keep faith in the brand name.

What type of grip tape should I buy?

In the marketplace, you will get several types of grip tapes. You may choose from them. For example, before buying a skateboard grip tape, you have to consider the style, color, the grit (how rough it is). Of course, you have to choose the brand which you prefer the most. Depending on the brand, the price of the grip tape may vary.

How many types of grip tapes are here?

There are various types of grip tape available in the market. You may find 3 categories in the market.

1. Standard grip tape

2. Specialized grip tape

3. Non-Abrasive grip tape.

If you go to the market, you may find several famous grip tape brands. Some of the popular brand names are Grizzly, Shake Junt, MOB, Jessup, Black Magic, Diamond, etc.

Skateboard grip tape at warehouse skateboards:

Skateboard grip tape does not only provide traction but also makes your skateboard brighter than ever. Moreover, it also helps to express your personal style. Generally, the grip tape is of black color.

It is also available in other colors, so you can easily show off the logo of a company. While you apply a grip tape on your grip tape that is the last step to set up a complete skateboard.

Frankly speaking, you may use grip tape at one time. So, whenever you buy a new deck, or you feel that your grip tape begins to slip, you will require a new grip tape. The change of grip tape totally depends on the texture and traction preferences.

A wide variety of skateboard grip tape in various brands, patterns, and colors are available in warehouse skateboards.

What is the perfect size of grip tape?

As you previously got the answer of what size skateboard should I get?, it is also necessary to know the perfect size of the grip tape. There are several sizes of grip tape. You have to choose the right one according to the size of your deck.

For your benefit, we have made the names of the grip tapes with their size and approx. cost. Are you ready to learn?

Name of the top selling grip tape      



Mob Grip Black Griptape

 11" x 33"


Jessup Ultra Griptape

 10" x 34"


Grizzly Grip Tape Bear Cutout Clear Griptape       

10" x 33"


Grizzly Grip Tape Bear Cutout Goofy Griptape      

9" x 33"


How is skateboard grip tape made?

Skateboard grip tape is made with similar material to what the longboard grip tape is made with. Actually, grip tape has a construction just like sandpaper. This is generally made from silicon carbide or a low-cost material popularly known as aluminum oxide.

The base:- On a conveyor belt, the manufacturer lays a huge sheet of polyester film. This polyester film works as the base of the grip tape. Little perforations are made in the polyester film to allow moisture and water which will run off the grip tape. On the top of the polyester film, a machine applies epoxy which will create a vicious surface.

The coating:- On the top of the polyester film, the manufacturer sprays the abrasive mineral composition silicon carbide. As aluminum oxide is less expensive, it is used by smaller manufacturers.

Making it sticky:- Using the high-powered heat lamp, the grit-like silicon carbide reduces moisture on the top of polyester film. An acrylic copolymer resin adhesive creates the sticky underside of your grip tape.

Backing paper:- Over the copolymer resin adhesive, a thick backing paper is applied to confirm that in any way the sticky underside of the grip tape will not touch with the other materials until it is required.

Size:- The huge sheets of polyester film are cut by an automated machine into 32 inches and 9 inches into strips. Skateboarders can buy one sheet for their board for only $10.

How to apply grip tape to a skateboard?

Now, you have got a clear idea of skateboard grip tape. It’s time to apply your grip tape on the skateboard. Generally, shopkeepers are doing the work for the customers while they purchase it. Moreover, they do it free of cost.

But, if you buy it online, then you have to do the task yourself. Don’t be panicky. It is not a difficult task at all. Rather, applying grip tape on the deck is an interesting and funny task. You may do it in a creative process.

Here, we are ready to provide you the process of how to put grip tape on a skateboard deck. Just go through the article carefully:

At first, you have to arrange the necessary tools like a skateboard deck, a box knife, and of course, a grip tape.

Then you have to lay down the skateboard deck on a completely flat surface so that you will not face any trouble while applying the grip tape on the deck.

Later, you have to peel the outside paper from the grip tape to get the adhesive. It is as easy as pasting a sticker.

Now, lay down the grip tape completely over the deck. Ensure that the grip tape covers the total surface of the deck and of course, side to side.

After that place the grip down from one end to the other end of the deck. In this time, make sure that there are not a sign of air bubbles. If you find any air bubble, then put pressure on it to stick down towards the deck.

Then, you may use a screwdriver or something like that to run it around the edge of the board to get a perfect guideline to cut the extra grip.

Now, you have got the guideline. It’s high time to use the box knife. Be careful while using a knife. While cutting the extra part of the grip, you should do it on a flat surface rather than a rough surface.

You may use the excess grip tape at the edges of the deck to get a smoother deck.

Now, you have to make holes in the grip tape according to the truck's screw. When you have done 8 holes from the bottom of the deck, your deck is ready to run.

I think, now you might apply the grip tape on your deck. After knowing the process, you must know how to clean skateboard grip tape at home?

As a skater, you should know the cleaning process of your deck. Some skaters use a brass brush to get the dirty things that are placed deep in the grip tape. In this regard, you may start from the surface of the deck. It works properly. To remove the dirt, some skaters use rubber. Pro skaters clean their grip tape as they do not compromise with their skating. Even, they use the best lubricant for skateboard bearing. They never compromise with the cost.

Some of the skaters put their deck in the oven for about 20 minutes. Then, they clean the grip tape. However, at home, you may clean your grip tape easily.


Grip tape is not at all costly. Rather, in terms of its value, it works better. According to the function and brand, you may get the grip tape from $100 to $650. Even, you may buy more costly grip tape in the marketplace.

 As grip tape offers traction to keep your feet on the deck, you should not compromise with the money. Rather, you should invest to get the best result. In the marketplace, you will get the cheapest and the costliest grip tape. You may also buy online at your preferable budget.


I think you have enjoyed the article. We clearly discuss the process of how to apply grip tape to a skateboard. As you know skateboarding is an interesting and fun-loving game, so enjoy skating and be the boss of your own. Hope, this article will provide all the answer of your grip tape related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it hard to put grip tape on a skateboard?

Frankly speaking, putting a grip tape on the skateboard is not a difficult task. You may take your skateboard to the shop. The shopkeeper will do the job for you. Otherwise, you may do it at home without any problem. Just remove any existing grip tape and place a new one just like a sticker.

Q. Do you need grip tape on a skateboard?

Grip tape is one of the most essential things of a skate setup. Grip tape provides traction which is necessary to keep your feet on the skateboard. Especially when you are showing any tricks, the grip tape is a must.

Q. Can you put Grip tape over-grip tape?

It is the best way to remove the worn-out grip tape. Using a hairdryer, you may easily peel off the grip tape. If you put grip tape over the grip tape, it will put unsightly marks. Moreover, this process reduces friction and resistance.

Q. Does water ruin grip tape?

If the water reaches the surface of your deck, the grip tape works wonderfully to provide your feet traction on the skateboard. But, the repeated wetting of the grip tape can lose adhesion.

Q. What grip tape should I get?

If you are a beginner at skating, we will recommend Mob Grip Standard version. Generally, we recommend DKL Non-Abrasive grip tape. It is always wise to choose the right one. If you are more advanced in skating, you may use Mob Grip’s M-80.

Q. Does Grip tape matter?

Though the grip tape does not get the same attention as the bearings, the deck, or the wheels, it is one of the crucial elements of skateboarding. Without the grip tape, you won’t be able to put your feet on the board. Grip tape provides traction.

Q. What grip tape do pro skaters use?

Generally, pro skaters prefer Jessup Grip tape. As it is bubble-free and easy to apply, pro skaters chose it. The manufacturer has already produced over 70 million feet of grip tape.

Q. Is clear skateboard grip tape Good?

Actually, the clear grip tape is grippy. So, we recommend skaters use clear skateboard grip tape. Out of 5 stars, skaters provide 4 stars to the clear skateboard grip tape.

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