How Much Does A Skateboard Cost | Essential Buying Guide

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A skateboard is normally constructed from a maple board. It includes a polyurethane covering & gets driven if you move it using either of your legs whereas the other leg sits along the surface. But the most important question is how much does a skateboard cost? The costing of a skateboard varies on the model, size, and performance of your skateboard.

What Is Skateboarding?

Skating is an adventure game that entails cruising and doing skateboard stunts, as well as a leisure practice, popular artistic medium, a career in the motion picture field, and a mode of transport. Skateboarding has been developed and motivated by several skaters over the decades.

How much does a skateboard cost?

Before you start buying online, you must learn a bit concerning the local skateboard rates first and about the skate warehouse. You should be confident that the allocation is going to be sufficient for everyone. You may buy a skateboard in 2 instances: by purchasing a full skateboard, or by selecting a customized variant.

When anyone wants to buy a full skateboard or is willing to know the best price forlongboard please remember because the estimated cost is approximately $50 to $200. When you choose a skateboard through a highly reliable manufacturer, its cost could reach as high as $300 or even higher.

What is a good quality skateboard?

The skateboard is basically the collection of all its components. When you expect a relatively good skateboard, you’re going to require every part to consist of an excellent standard.

  • The Skateboard Deck – A superb-quality skateboard panel should be light yet being sturdy & must have the perfect balance of durability and elasticity to enable the deck to adapt with ollies & various stunts.


  • High-quality Wheels – Genuine skateboard wheels typically crafted of polyurethane without any chemicals. A professional collection of skateboard rollers would normally charge approximately $20 to $40 based upon its manufacturer & potential extra capabilities.


  • Best Bearings – A decent collection of bearings is going to turn perfectly straight away & potentially getting much stronger when torn in a row. If good bearing becomes muddy, we can normally be disconnected and washed remarkably quickly. A decent collection of bearings usually varies from $10 to $16.


  • Good Quality Trucks – These trucks are liable for sensing a big portion of the surface, how everything spins & how it reacts to the skateboarder. The manufacturer’s reputation will step into action again here. The identity of the supplier must be seen on its truck. A standard collection of trucks could begin as low as about $30 & more.
  • Best grip tape – We suggest putting money in the hands of good trustworthy companies with decades of work expertise serving skaters. Sadly, if you’re purchasing a readymade full skateboard, it certainly won’t have coverage to the grip trademark.


  • Pro-Assembly – A true skateboarder can create small adjustments throughout the design, including changing the trucks, to ensuring the rollers keep turning appropriately. it’s really doubtful whether a skateboard manufactured along its production track will help the skater’s foot.

best longboard brands


How Much Does a Longboard Cost?

A respectable regular longboard begins at about 90$ to 150$ for a full version. The above is superb, allowing a beginner to love longboarding straight along and continue using it.

You’ll get high standard trucks and wheels, so you’ll surely notice the difference when you can equate it to a cheaper model. It is indeed better to purchase a full first item.

How much should a beginner spend on a skateboard?

Beginner skateboards may differ in cost. A budget skateboard setup varies ranging between $150 to $35. It’s just a case of looking towards the right person. It’s better to reduce the budgets until you head to the dream complete skateboard.

reducing exactly how much you’re planning to pay should often hold the spending at a manageable level, make sure you don’t pay too much than you ought to.

Particularly because expending more can become enticing whenever you notice all the beautiful design elements and glossy-looking boards.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Skateboard?

Great skateboarding involves $170. Nevertheless, there are other solutions open, which are half the price. The quality of the main deck, vans, rollers, and bearings depends upon the manufacturer including the products they produce. Here are several viable choices accessible including critical aspects to acknowledge.

Some of us are lost? Browsing in pursuit of responses in the last hour? Okay, I’m happy I published this post.

I’m sharing what you ought to understand concerning the price of skating including the best companies to remember. I’m going to give actual life details, too, of what the best decisions are.

Skateboard price range

Skating needs a one-time commitment, however, you may drastically reduce expenses if you notice efficiently. Skateboarding is not really costly, but it’s not inexpensive either.

We may have a good skateboard around $100, $70 if you’re purchasing a full skateboard. We have to upgrade the hardware at a certain point in time.

Obviously, it depends on the size and aggressive behavior you will have to change the board approximately 3-6 months.

Trucks & wheels will last for 6 months or even years until they require being replaced. Strong bearings will last for almost a decade if you take proper maintenance of them.

Best longboard brands

While purchasing a fresh longboard, it’s just as necessary, if not more so, to remember both the manufacturer’s identity and the longboard. multiple manufacturer labels are considered to be outstanding in various areas of longboarding.

Here are some of the best brands we recommend you to choose from as your first pro-longboarding or willing to buy a skateboard for the first time.

  • Sector 9.
  • Loaded Longboards.
  • Arbor Axis Longboards (Arbor Collective)
  • Atom Longboards.
  • Globe Longboards.
  • Yocaher Skateboards.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which skateboard is best for beginners?

Ans. Almost all of the SKATEBOARDS Are for Learners!!! Drive THEM ALL, guy! Longboards are a lot of fun, very seamless & easy. Cruisers are enjoyable, flexible & graceful. Standard, dual kick tail, skateboarding is so enjoyable & you can create several different things using it. Penny boards are great since they’re just nice. Check out something you may like to do; you should discover something!

  1. How much does it cost to build a skateboard?

Ans. The typical skateboard parts assembly costing is a bit less than $170. as anyone can notice, its deck & the trucks are pushing up rates. The cheapest configurations will cost about $64. if you want to create your own full system.

  1. How much does a longboard cost?

Ans. A decent generic longboards price begins at about 90-150 $ for a complete one. so it is perfect for a beginner to love longboarding straight ahead and continue using it. You’ll get high standard trucks & wheels, so you’ll surely notice the difference when you can equate it to a cheaper model. It’s better to purchase a full 1st product.

  1. Is it cheaper to buy a complete longboard?

Ans. Most skateboard shops that display longboards do not promise any modifications. The above ensures that “whatever you experience is what you receive.” which really could be a positive thing if you save dollars, although this entire package will be better all together, however you don’t receive too many choices with the actual buy.

  1. How do I pick my first skateboard?

Ans. Here are several things you need to know before you purchase your 1st skateboard. What type of skateboard may You purchase? Are there various kinds of vehicles out there? Where is the grip tape? what’s the gap in the length of the wheel on a skateboard?

  1. Do skateboards lose Pop?

Ans. However often the nose or tail begins to crack, it’s time to repair the board. Everything matters on how often you play, although the skateboard board doesn’t break it pop at most stages. Over the board wears down, you still don’t actually realize that you’re working so hard over the deck.

  1. What happens if a skateboard gets wet?

Ans. If skateboards become wet, the bearings may lack its lube, as well as the screws, may oxidize. If lubrication declines, the skateboard speeds sluggish & its bearings tend to break through the inside out. The skateboard won’t ride as quickly or as easily as you’ve come to believe.

  1. Is water bad for your skateboard?

Ans. Water is harmful to wheels, panels, trucks, and screws. Besides, they may continue to contend with hydroplaning, which would impair the power to handle your skateboard. So, try never to glide in the rain or the standing water.

  1. Can I wash my skateboard?

Ans. Clean it so it’s clean & there are zero residues visible around the deck. right now, you’ll use paper wipes to sweep the grease off your panel. Making sure you’re drying it and you shouldn’t wet your plate.

  1. Is it OK to skate after it rains?

Ans. It’s certainly never a smart idea to play in the rain. The timber on the board would prefer to suck up moisture and rust, as well as the bearings do not need to be damp. So essentially, you’re not allowed to play in the rain. Avoid extreme rainfall.

Final Words

After the ending of the 1990s, skateboarding has become incredibly popular. Ever since, for others, it has become a growing activity and a source of fun and pleasure.

Furthermore, the rise of skateboarding now makes it impossible to identify consistent and high-quality material. Here are several skateboards around now that can smash quickly once laid on rough pavement.

As we always think about how much does a skateboard cost? While spending cash on our first skateboard. That’s why we’ve created the above post, the selection as well as the details areas to support you pick the right one for yourself.

Several premium manufacturers around here sell great items, so we believe you choose a skateboard which should be enough to follow you for the coming years!

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