How Many Calories Do You Burn Skateboarding?

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Various people always want to know “how many calories do you burn skateboarding”. But, before we know it, we should know about skateboarding. Like any other fun games, skateboarding is also a fun game. It involves almost all the body parts. A person who does skateboarding regularly develops his/her agility, flexibility, etc.

People always take part in any sport due to entertainment or to lose weight. Just like any other sports, skateboarding has also helped to lose weight and build up body muscle.

Do you want to lose weight?

If your main objective is to lose weight, then you have come to the right place. Regular skateboarding can give you a slim and healthy body. In an hour almost 400 calories will burn if a person will do skateboarding regularly and moderately. On the other hand, if one does skateboarding aggressively, he will burn 800 calories in an hour. This depends on an individual’s age, weight, and of course intensity.

Why is skateboarding an effective exercise?

In a sentence, we can safely say that skateboarding is an excellent exercise for both mentally and physically. As skateboarding needs full concentration on it, so your mind will totally be absorbed while skateboarding. For this huge concentration, you will forget all about your surroundings. This situation helps you to be free from any stress in your life.

According to the above statement, it is obvious that skateboarding is a great mental exercise. There is no doubt about it. But, the question is – is it a physical exercise also?

You have already been told that skateboarding enhances inner flexibility and strength. It provides a full-body exercise except for only arms. For your kind information, here we make a list of things – why skateboarding is a good physical exercise:

  • It develops coordination and precision.

  • Skateboarding paves the way for other games like snowboarding and surfing.

  • It offers to acquire knowledge of falling technique. This knowledge will prevent tumbling and slipping in practical life.

  • You all know that learning any new trick may take huge patience. So, skateboarding will improve your patience.
does skateboarding help you lose belly fat

Does skateboarding assist you to lose belly fat?

The answer to this question is absolutely positive. Like any other exercise, skateboarding also reduces belly fat. But, how much you burn will totally depend on how much time you spare on skateboarding every day. Also, you do not expect any amazing results within a short period of time. Moreover, how many calories do you burn will depend on the bearings and wheels.

If you find your wheels are very hard and bearings are bad enough, you have to push your board by a huge force. On the other hand, if you find your wheels are soft and bearings are smooth, you have to waste less energy. Generally, longboards contain large and soft wheels.

In the modern world, no one will be satisfied without any statistics. So, here we will provide you a research result done by Harvard Medical School. According to the research, in an hour of skateboarding, a person who has a weight of 125, 155, and 185 pounds will burn almost 300, 372, and 444 kilocalories respectively. It is absolutely fun to burn calories.

Here is a statistics of burning calories:

Weight (pounds)

Weight (KG)






1 hour





1 hour





1 hour



Burning calories may depend on an individual. For example, if a person skateboards almost 5 hours in a week, he/she may burn at least 1500 to 222o calories per week. In this instance, you should remember one thing that burning fat depends on a healthy diet also.

If you maintain a healthy diet, you may burn lots of fat. Do not consume unhealthy food. Consuming fast food can make you unhealthy and fat. So, besides skateboarding, one should maintain a proper diet chart.

We found some confusion among the newbies. They do not decide what should be the appropriate weight limit for doing skateboard. To solve this confusion, we spend much time to find the proper answer.

What should be the proper weight limit for doing skateboarding?

Actually, there is not any proper weight limit for skateboarding. Everything depends on your ability and skill. Usually, skateboards take huge pressure if they are made of maple wood.

If you buy a reliable and branded skateboard, then there will be no queries about weight. There are so many skaters who have a huge weight, so don’t be scared to pick your skateboard.

There will be no fear if you skate regularly. Regular skating can lose your weight. If you chose a hard board, you will be free from breaking your skateboard.

There are some people who are really obese. They think about the risk factor. What are the possible risks for them?

In case an individual is over 300lb, then as an experienced skater, I recommend you not to skate. On the other hand, I have no right to do so. An overweight person finds it very hard to learn the tricks. Moreover, you will not find gravity as your true friend. So, there must be a huge chance to get an injury. 

To avoid any type of injury, you have to take protective measures. In this regard, you should at least wear a helmet. Remember one thing that the helmet be suitable for you.

Have you any plans?

Planning is a necessary thing for any beginner. Before you start, you must have a strong plan. At first, you have to make a promise to work out at least 20 minutes a day. Gradually, you may take overtime to 60 minutes a day. Though skateboarding is a fun game, its work out is not fun.

If you have previous experience of skateboarding, then things become easier for you. In this regard, if you have a heavyweight (over 300lb), there will be no problem. But, after hearing that you should not be overconfident about the matter. Rather, you should start slowly from the very beginning.

Which muscles should we use in the time of skateboarding?

For a newbie, it is a very important question. Because we use lots of muscles while we are skateboarding. Among all the muscles, the lower and upper legs, and your core muscles are very important. Here, I can explain it in detail. But, We think, there is no need for it. Only a list of muscles that are used during the time of skateboarding is referred to here:

  • For stabilization, you must need core muscles.
  • Hamstring and quadriceps muscles.
  • Lower and upper legs.
  • Gluteus Maximus.

Possibly the important part involves in skateboarding is the core. If you want to balance while skateboarding, then a strong core is essentially required.

What is the most important, skateboarding or other sports?

Frankly speaking, skateboarding is an excellent aerobic exercise. Though it is not so effective as some other sports, there is no alternative to it due to fun. There are some people who are not at all eager to go to the gym. They take it as a boring thing. On the other hand, this is not a factor in the case of skateboarding. Only you have to go outside with your board and start riding.

If you want to learn the various tricks of skateboarding, you have to learn much. But, its feedback is very much valuable. While skateboarding, huge adrenaline comes out of our bodies. This adrenaline helps us to maintain discipline and always makes us ready to be motivated.

Take skateboarding as an alternative of exercise:

In a sentence, we can safely say that there is no actual alternative to exercise. But, to some extent, skateboarding fulfills some essential requirements of exercise. If you want to get all the effectiveness of exercise, you have to maintain regular skateboarding. In case, you are an absolute newbie at skateboarding, you have to spend at least 10 minutes a day. These 10 minutes must be without any rain.

After that, you may spend 20 minutes a day and you can see the difference. You don’t need to make any quick build-up. Always think about capacity. Don’t avoid any type of discomfort or displeasure. You may ignore some fatigue. But, remember, don’t drain out yourself.

Leisure or break is a very important thing to regain your body strength. During the break, you can think about what will you do the next time. You have to make sure that you are enjoying while riding.

What is the ideal weight to skateboard?

If you are eager to learn anything, no bar can prevent you from doing that. Skateboarding is also the same. As long as you can walk, you can do skateboarding. There is no limit to age, weight, or size. Only you have to gain self-confidence to do that. This confidence can help you to go ahead.

Do you consider skateboarding as a good exercise?

To conclude in a sentence, we can safely say that skateboarding is a good exercise for both mentally and physically. As skateboarding involves almost all of the body parts, so it is a good physical exercise. We all know that a sound body makes a sound mind. So, there will be no exaggeration, if we say that skateboarding is also an excellent mental exercise. It improves our mental condition.


We think that the above discussion provides a satisfied answer of “how many calories do you burn skateboarding?” We have tried our best to put all the informative data. But, above all, everything will depend on your self-confidence and eagerness to skateboard regularly. Without regular practice everything will go in vain. Hope, you will get a huge platform through this content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many calories do 30 minutes of skateboarding burn?

Here is a statistic to understand the difference.

Skateboarding                                 150                         186

Snorkeling                                        150                         186

Softball: general play                      150                         186

Walking: 4.5 mph (13 min/mi)     150                         186.

Q. Can you lose weight by skateboarding?

If an individual skateboards for about 60 minutes, it helps him/her to lose weight between 300-500 calories. This burning depends on one’s metabolism rate, bodyweight, etc. As most of the activities involve balance on your legs, so reducing weight is a must.

Q. Is skateboarding a good workout?

Various researches and studies have confirmed that skateboarding is a complete aerobic exercise both physically and mentally. It does not work only on the cardiovascular system but it also works to build up muscular strength.

Q. Do you burn more calories walking or skateboarding?

According to Harvard Medical School, if a person of 125, 155, and 185 pounds skateboards at least 30 minutes a day, he or she will burn 150, 186, and 222 calories respectively. To burn similar calories, you have to work out a lot.

Q. Is skateboarding better than running?

Of all exercises, running is no doubt good. But, in comparison with kinetic energy, skateboarding is better than running. Skateboarding helps us to minimize the impacts on joints.

Q. How can I burn 1000 calories a day?

If you want to burn 1000 calories a day, you may walk 6km per hour. You may burn the same calories you may start skipping, cardio, and jumping jacks. Skateboarding is also another good option.

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