How Long Does It Take To Learn To Skateboard?

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It seems that you are wishing to acquire some new knowledge on skateboarding, but I think, the question ‘how long does it take to learn to skateboard’ always haunts you.

Isn’t it?

Practically speaking skateboarding is not an easy process as we think. But, isn’t there a single way out?

There are various steps for you to learn to skateboard and be an expert on skateboarding. How much time do you take to learn skateboarding is totally depended on your athletic abilities, commitment, and time available for you. If you regularly practice and concentrate on the basics, then you will able to learn skateboarding quickly than you think.

 When you see young kids kick flipping, flying through airs, wondering then your mind says

How can I do that?

How long does it take to become good at skateboarding?

The questions are not irrelevant. If you want to be skillful at skateboarding, you have to practice at least 3 to 6 hours a day with intense dedication.

What does it take to learn skateboarding?

In case, you want to learn skateboarding, you should have some athletic abilities and decent coordination. On the other hand, if you do not have athletic abilities, then you may have to spend much time on skateboarding. Only you have to practice a lot for some days.

Skateboarding Is A Challenging Activity

To be honest, skateboarding is a challenging activity. It’s not an easy task at all. Rather, it is a difficult one. You may be frustrated when you see yourself smashing the board every five minutes. It seems that you are trying to learn the trick minutely, but it won’t work. This time you may reach the edge of giving up. There may appear various questions.

Can I do that?

Is it appropriate for me?

Don’t worry. No work seems easy at the beginning. If you become frustrate day by day, then these thoughts may distract you from your goal. And, ultimately, you may be a failure in that action. So, you have to deal with skateboarding with a little bit of confidence and zeal.

Stay On With Your Mindset

Like all other game or work, skateboarding also requires a lot of time and dedication. When you do anything in your life, it requires time also. For example, if you try to fulfill a project work in your school or trying to finish work at your office, it also requires some amount of time.

Why should not you spend time skateboarding?

You have to keep in mind that like any other thing, skateboarding also needs some amount of time. Only you have to do the work with a steady mindset. When you first learned how to balance, cruise on a skateboard, it seemed a great experience to you.

 What was the feeling then?

I think it was a tremendous feeling to learn those things. So now, you may have to spend a huge time to learn the tricks. You may take it as a second battle that needs enough dedication.

All about consistency

Everybody always wants to be good at everything. It is a natural instinct. Sometimes, you want to be great at any particular event. In that case, only consistency can develop your style and make you an excellent skater.

Don’t you want to be a great skater? Who doesn’t want to be a great skater?

Almost everybody wants to be a specialist in any case. To do that you should have a great commitment to the work. There are so many people who do no get success due to the lack of focus on a particular matter. Some tricks may appear to you weird.

But, will you give up on that? Never. Only consistency can fulfill your desired dream.

Short advice

One thing is important on skateboarding. Belief is the most important thing. If you don’t have a belief in yourself, there is little chance to get success. You may think of the time when everybody is admiring you after you learn some tricks. It may work as huge confidence in you.

Time is much important

We all know that time and tide wait for none. This also happens to us. We are not outside of this rule. If you want to learn almost every trick of skateboarding, it may take ten thousand hours of time.

I think you overview the time that sounds ten thousand hours, do you?

 To know every trick and develop your style, it is quite natural. All days are not the same for us. May be one day becomes a great success and may be a day appears a failure.

How long did it take you to learn the very basics of skateboarding?

Don’t be scarce about the time. To learn the basics of skateboarding,

it may take months together. At first, you have to learn it theoretically, then practically.

If you concentrate on your task, it may take a shorter time. It is very much important to learn the basics. Because, if you learn the basics, they will build consistency and will help you to reach the next level.

Remember, while you are practicing it regularly, you are building muscle memory. Muscle memory helps you to do something without thinking about it.

Here we are ready to provide you the most basic maneuvers you require to learn and watch how long they might take.

Why are you waiting for? Let’s start…

1. Balance: You may learn the basics step by step. At first, you have to put the brand new skateboard on the carpet or grass, so that it will not roll. Then, stand on the board with your two feet over the bolts and in that way your full weight will center over the skateboard.

Later, you should bend your body weight towards the front part of the foot and then gradually towards the heel area. You may do that thing several times to know how the skateboard functions according to your shifting of the weight.

After that, you should turn the skateboard to the hard or concrete surface. Repeat the similar thing as you have done previously. Only you feel a difference here. The board will must roll backward or forward.

Then, softly transfer your body weight from a particular angle to another and gradually get habituated to feel the skateboard move backward and forward. The board will not move so much long distance in case you transfer your body weight very carefully and slowly.

Now, you are quite eligible to properly stand on your board without the fear of falling out on the one side or the other.

2. Pushing:  After that, we are going to moving forward with the board. In that time you should stick your behind foot on the ground level and move on the onward bolts with your pioneer foot.

During this time, you should be careful enough that your backward foot might be stick on the Toe-side of your board. While centering all your body weight over the onward foot, push yourself towards the front side.

Some new skaters think, is pushing necessary?

 In some cases they overlook it. But, pushing is basic thing of skateboarding. You may learn it automatically, but you will require to practice on it a lot to become skilful. If you want to be an expert on pushing, you may practice push and roll wherever you like.

3. Carving: Carving is nothing but the turning of the skateboard. You should remember that while shifting your body weight from your front toes to your heel area, balance is the most important thing. Transfering your body weight is very much necessary while the skateboard is rolling.

Now, you may think, is it a long process?

 No, only you have to push few times and then keep your backward foot over the board and allow it to roll. After that, you may stoop to your toe or heel and feel that the board is turning. Now, you are on the way to carving.

4.Stopping: Stopping is another necessary thing. While you are learning to start anything, it is your duty to learn how to stop it. The simplest way to stop is to keep your legs on the ground level and allow it pull to become slow you down.

You have to practice a lot to balance it. While stopping, you have to remember that your knees should bend and the weight of your body should be centralized over your forward foot. In this way, you may keep  balance easily.

how to learn skateboarding

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Skateboard Tricks?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. There are various factors that control how longdoes it take to learn to skateboard tricks. But, while you learn tricks, you have to keep in mind, whether you are comfortable on your skateboard or not.

The learning time of an individual depends on his or her fitness level, flexibility, coordination, how often one skates, how one handles fear, etc. All these things have an important influence on the time it actually takes to learn various tricks.

You Can Learn Quickly Simple Tricks

If you feel comfortable enough with the riding and basics of your skateboard, you find some easy tricks that you can easily know in a very short time. Learning these tricks, you will be comfortable enough with skateboard. Each one of these tricks may take almost 10 to 15 minutes to know.

  • Flip On: At first, you have to flip the skateboard upper level, so that the grip tape is appearingdown. Then, put your heels inside the board. After that, while jumping on the board, it will easily flip over to the wheels and casually you will grounded on it.
  • Rail Stand On: You should keep the skateboard on the side in such a way that you may keep wheel’s set on the ground level and other set of wheel is pointing to the sky. Then, stand over the bank of the wheels and the deck. Your main target is to make ready the skateboard to roll over its wheels.
  • Caveman: In this trick, you have to hold theskateboard in one of your hand. Then jump up and stoop your knees to keep theskateboard inside your feet and grounded on bolts.
  • Boneless: While you are ready to stand over the skateboard, stoop down to seize the toe area with your backhand. After that, take the forward foot off on the toe side, and then jump off the earth. Later, keep your forward foot backward on the skateboard and ground on the bolts.

How Long Will It Take To Learn Advanced Tricks?

The answer to this question totally depends on an individual. Because we all know that skateboarding is fully based on any individual and his/her commitment to learning and practicing. So, it would not be possible to fix how much time it would take an individual to know more advanced tricks.

 Except for all these simple and advanced tricks, there are few factors that we should mention also. These factors are – skateboard configurations, quality materials, environment, and of course if you can compete with other skaters.


Technically speaking, you can learn skateboarding in about one day. But, if the question arises in you “How long does it take to learn to skateboard?”, the answer is hidden in your practice and commitment. Actually, skateboarding is a life-long process. If you want to be skillful in skateboarding and want to get comfort, practice frequently with intense commitment. Only remember one thing ‘as you sow, so will you reap.’

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it hard to learn skateboarding?

Skateboarding is not so much hard to learn only if you learn the basics. If you learn how to balance, push, carve, it will provide an advantage to you. Many beginners try to learn the hard tricks without knowing how to ride on a skateboard.

Q. Can you learn to skateboard at any age?

There is no age limit to learn skateboarding. If you are healthy and in reasonable physical shape, it is no matter whether you are in the 30s or 40s or 50s. Learning new skills takes time, so think when you may give time to practice.

Q. Can you learn skateboarding by yourself?

Of course, even with an instructor, you can teach yourself how to skate. Learning skateboarding is nothing but self-discovery.

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