Gullwing Longboard Trucks Review In 2022

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Can't fix your mind whether to buy Gullwing longboard trucks or not? Just check out this article. You can find your answer yourself.

We hope you are already aware of the popularity of Gullwing trucks. In case, you are a newbie in this longboarding arena, and having a dilemma in your mind whether to purchase or not, then we will suggest you check the elaborate review of sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks and gullwing shadow trucks.

Not only that but also in this article we have defined why Gullwing trucks are good and the struggle of this brand to establish itself as the best longboard truck brand.

We can assure you that you will find hardly a few longboarding trucks in the market that are offering such novelty, excellence, and perfection like Gullwing.

Why we are so much confident?

 To know this, you need to go through this article.

Gullwing Shadow Trucks Review:

We all know that for over thirty-five years, Gullwing has pervaded the truck industry. And from that period till now it is one of the most demanding and top-selling truck brands.

Whether you are willing to give your kids an exciting surprise by adorning their longboards with a top-notch truck model or want a pair of the truck set for yours, gullwing trucks longboard can be the best longboard trucks for you.

Gullwing Shadow Trucks:

To make their customers more gratified, Gullwing is working hard so that every model of this brand becomes the superior one.

After checking the gullwing trucks review and using the longboard gullwing trucks, you yourself are going to believe these facts.

If you are an adult skater and love to enjoy your longboarding by performing tricks on the street, then these classic and elegant Gullwing longboard trucks can be the best choice for you.

One of the most impressive features of this truck is its built-in speed washer that is equipped on the hanger and as well as on the axle nuts. That means you need not worry about the loss of the washer. To get more information about these longboard trucks, have a quick look at this gullwing trucks review.

Outstanding features of this truck model:

  • Construction: This sturdy truck model is extremely durable and exact for long-term uses. Due to the superior quality aluminum construction, the truck is extremely consolidated and polished too.

  • Compatibility: Whether it's street skating, carving, cruising, or performing skating tricks, this revolutionary truck model can be recommended as the best longboard trucks.

    If you are using a deck that is 9.2 inches to 10 inches wide, you can definitely pick these gullwing shadow trucks.
  • Bushings quality: The bushings come with the remarkable combination of 92A cone-shaped and barrel-shaped bushings.

  • Pivot cup design: As the manufacturers have given a round shape to the inside portion of the pivot cup, it helps the riders to take turns smoothly.

  • Hanger: The 165 mm hanger is undoubtedly suitable for both types of bolt patterns new and old school.

Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Review:

You already have come to know about the admirable struggle of the Gullwing trucks. Mainly when you buy a pair of trucks set from a trustworthy brand, you can avowedly rely upon it. And the same can happen with you if you choose the sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks.

'Unique and idiosyncratic'- these words are appropriate to define this truck model.

Why we are saying that? 

If you checked the reviews of these gullwing double kingpin trucks, you can understand the worth of this truck model yourself.

Do you really want to increment your skating performances and skills will as sharp as the advance leveled ones? Then why are you waiting for dear! Don't waste a single moment, and grab the opportunity of shopping this gullwing sidewinder ii trucks.

Almost every longboarder need such a truck set that can support all types of skating style. To fulfill these aspirations of the customers gullwing has tried its best and innovated this truck model.

Whether it comes to say about stable performance or performing mellifluous turnings, sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks are the impeccable choice for you.

If you are a beginner or have prior knowledge of longboarding, you can pick this truck model without any hesitation. It is such an exceptional truck model that offers the users adequate balancing while carving.

Just go through the specifications of the gullwing sidewinder trucks and you will be able to figure out its novelty.

Let's have a glance.

The features of sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks that can bewitch your mind:

  • Kingpin design: It's the kingpin structure that makes these gullwing sidewinder ii trucks anomalous and extra special than the other longboarding trucks.

    This gullwing longboard truck model is adorned with a double kingpin set. Due to its exceptional kingpin design, these gullwing longboard trucks allow the users to take mellifluous carves and turns at the fastest speed.

  • Hanger structure: The hanger length of this gullwing double kingpin longboard trucks set is 10 inches. That means you can enjoy a stable performance while longboarding.

    As aluminum is used to give this model a husky structure, this truck set so durably that it can tolerate any type of bashes.

  • Quality of the bushings: The Bushing's quality of this gullwing sidewinder longboard trucks is really scrumptious. The bushing's quality depends on the durometers of its.

    In the case of sidewinders, the truck set comes with up to 90 durometer edition. The bushings of this gullwing trucks longboard are designed in two different ways i.e. in a cone shape and in a barrel shape.

    Due to this impeccable bushings, the truck model offers the riders mellifluous movements. Not only that but also it's a nonpareil bouncing truck that allows the users to maintain proper control and balancing.

  • Hardware set: Guys if you don't want to purchase individually the screws that you need while installing the truck set, buy the gullwing sidewinder ii trucks. By imagining this problem of the buyers, the manufacturers offer the nuts along with the trucks set.

  • Color varieties: As this truck model is available in a few color options, you can make your board eye-catching by customizing it. Pick any color among silver, aqua, lime green, blue, purple, and make your longboard frilly.

  • Construction: Aluminum constructed this gullwing sidewinder ii longboard trucks offer the stability of the rider while riding.

    For the newbies, this pre-built truck is a suitable one, as they need to suffer any type of anxiety while installing the trucks. Just fix the truck with your longboard and associate the wheels. And you are all done.

  •  Performing ability: For any type of skateboarding like carving, pool skating, skating maneuvers performing, sliding these prompt responding truck models are consummate.


  • Robust structure.
  • Double kingpin truck model.
  • Eye-catching color options.
  • Supports all types of skating styles.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not so lightweight.

What are gullwing trucks?

This USA made truck company, Gullwing mainly produces truck models for both skateboards and longboards. This brand is popular for its durable and strong truck models that offer incredible performance on any type of surface.

features of gullwing longboard trucks

Are Gullwing longboard trucks good?

Gullwing is such a truck manufacturing brand that is not only innovative but also trustworthy too. And day by day enhancing their models, gullwing is fixing the target for the other truck brands at a high standard.

While it comes to purchase a truck for sliding or performing skating maneuver, indisputably you can go for the Gullwing longboard trucks. The double kingpin trucks from gullwing are able to provide the best service for a long time.

About Gullwing longboard trucks:

It was almost the end of the year 1976, two juvenile skaters, Mike Williams and Joe Lynch came with a proposal in October month, to the most distinguished brand named High Precision grinding and manufacturing.

In that proposal, those two youngsters offer that eminent company whether they are kept in manufacturing new skateboarding items, mainly the trucks of the skateboards.

The originator of Precision Bill Brawner and CEO Walter Teidge agreed with that proposal and decided that they would work together with Mike Williams and Joe Lynch as a team. This gave birth to a new brand and that is Gullwing Truck Company.

Gullwing had launched Split Axle as a commencement product. It was the first skateboard truck that was equipped with the split axle. The main purpose of this innovation was to construct such a truck that supports slalom and downhill skating.

Gullwing has achieved its success by its first model as this truck was able to offer smooth turnings, and enough stability at the fastest speed.

The Phoenix also follows the same split axle design. Although the geometrical structures of these both trucks were the same, this Phoenix one was built for resisting the hard impact of Vert and pool skating.

According to the enumeration, gullwing became more exoteric and illustrious as one of the most demanding skateboard trucks in the '80s. In the early eighties, the detonation of an ultimate evolution in vert skating is observed. It blends grinding to a great extent and that's why the skateboard companies were making the boards wider than the previous ones.

In the '80s, when it was the early age of grinding progression, Gullwing has launched the PRO model. Although that truck model was a little bit kinky, it has an extraordinary and unique design.

To give this model a concentrated structure, gullwing has designed this truck with an indentation in the middle of the hanger. Later, this truck was recommended as the best longboard trucks for its efficiency of assisting with locking into grinds.

Due to this type of design, this feature was named as Gullwing Groove. Even for a few years, gullwing maintained this feature in its new models.

Gullwing had introduced a new model in the truck industry named PRO III. Indisputably it can be said that it was the most exoteric model in the '80s. As well as this model uplifted Gullwing to the pinnacle of improvement.

During that period this model becomes so popular that a few renowned skaters used these gullwing trucks. Now, we are going to allude a few names of legendary people who embellished the team roster of Gullwing. Such people are Ben Schroeder, Chris Miller, Tony Magnusson, Jason Jesse, Jeff Kendal, Lee Ralph, David Hackett and Ray Underhill, and many more.

As a complementary feature of this Gullwing Pro III model, the manufacturers innovated the new magnesium version. At that time most of the trucks were heavy in weight.

At that moment, the advent of this Gullwing model marked the beginning of a golden age in the truck industry. Because it was one of the lightest skateboard truck of that time. It was such a truck to construct which Gullwing had used 100% magnesium as a structural component and the titanium made axle adds extra compliment to this truck model.

The success of this PRO III model is reflected in the other truck models like Phoenix, The Sidewinder, and The Mach IV. Have you heard about the unprecedented Mach IV trucks?  It was the first skateboard truck to construct which graphite was used. All of these trucks came with tremendous features that supported all types of skateboarding styles.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the '90s, it was audited that the vogue of skateboarding is diminished. Whereas the tendency of Vert was subsided, the Street skating was creating another field of its own. Gullwing threw an exact answer to the street skaters by creating the incredible model named Street Shadow.

This model sustained the reputation of the Gullwing brand in the truck industry. A few legendary skaters like Matt Hensley, Ronnie Creager, Chad Knight, and Chet Thomas used these trucks for a long time.

Along with the time, street skaters started to prefer performing skating tricks. Due to this reason, the skateboard manufacturers were making the board more swift-moving and smaller.

The manifestation of the Little G model gave a worthy answer to those skaters who are in need of narrow trucks, as it offered 7 inches narrow trucks. During the late '90s, the appearance of Spectra was amused every skater.

The incarnation of Hurricane trucks took Gullwing at the pick of advancement. The main motive of this truck model construction was creating such a truck that can entirely perfect for street skating.

At that time, gullwing also started its production house for many new-coming truck brands. As an originator brand, Gullwing constructed many trucks for a few brands that are still remaining as the renowned ones in the truck industry.

In the new millenary, with an incredible outburst, gullwing get back to its former form. In that period, gullwing launched its premium Charger model. This gullwing reverse longboard truck model reminds the progenitor models that were equipped with Split Axle.

Along with providing enough stability while skating, this truck successfully hit the aspirations of the skaters who want to take smooth turns, carves at the fastest speed.

The next model Stalker also follows almost the same as Charger. Nearly all the benefits of both trucks are the same, but Stalker was such a truck model that set the competition at one step higher.

 The unique bushings of this model diminished the vibrations while skating on the bumpy surfaces. That means by using the truck the riders can take the benefit of mellifluous riding on any type of surface.

By maintaining the reputation, gullwing launched its mind grabbing item Sidewinder. The unprecedented design of this Sidewinder truck that comes with two pivot points and a dual bushings system. As a result, this truck model offers the most mellifluous turnings and carvings while skating.

It was the year 2011 when Gullwing had marked its name in the truck industry as the truck manufacturing brand that constructs such truck models that supports all types of skateboarding. Consequently, riders become able to enjoy speedy riding, skating tricks performing, and what not by using these Gullwing truck models.

The next innovation Charger II model from Gullwing was not only fancy but also it was one of the functional ones. For the street skateboarder Gullwing has manufactured its Shadow DLX model. Basically, these truck model reminds us of the previous models of Gullwing i.e. Street Shadow, Little G.

And finally, due to excessive demands in the market, Gullwing had introduced its PRO III model. Either you are a buying a truck set for the toddlers or for the old school boards, these trucks are going to offer you marvelous experience.

So, it's more than thirty-five years, Gullwing is still reigning as the best longboard trucks in the industry. In the truck arena, there are hardly a few alternatives to this reliable and innovative gullwing trucks.

How do I choose Longboard trucks?

Before going to buy a longboard truck, it's not efficient to know the names of the best longboard truck that are reigning the market. You have to determine whether the quality of the truck set is good or not.

In that case, you have to know at first which specialties a good longboard truck should have. Only then, you will be able to pick the right one that can hit your needs.

So, let's figure out those aspects to look for before buying a truck set.

  • The price of the truck set: There is a hearsay that the more molasses you will add, the sweeter it will be. In this case, we will say some.

    So, make sure that you have decided on the budget within which you are looking for a truck set. Online shopping will be a better plan in that case, as many reliable shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart offers exciting discounts, offers on purchase.

    Otherwise, in terms of online shopping, you can check also the prices of several trucks there and compare them. But keep in mind that only costly trucks are good- this is not the reality. You can buy quality products even at a budget-friendly price range.

    The width of the hanger: Make sure that you have checked the measurement of the hanger. Too large or too small both types of longboards can create problems for the riders.

    In the case of the hangers that are excessively large, you can't perform the skating maneuvers well, as the bearings will remain out of the board.

    On the contrary, small trucks can't offer the riders stable riding. We can imagine how you are getting confused to understand which hanger size to go for.

    Don't worry guys. We are giving you a brief idea so that you can have an idea regarding the truck's width.

✔  For the moderate level skaters, 150-160 mm trucks are perfect.

✔ For wide decks like 9 inches, 180 mm trucks can offer the riders an
impressive performance.

  • Kingpin design:  Depending on your riding style, you can choose the kingpin. For Street skating, cruising you can pick the standard kingpin trucks.

    On the other hand, for freestyle riding, downhill longboarding, regular commuting reverse kingpin trucks will be the exact ones.

  • Baseplate angle: It's the baseplate angle that determines how fluently you can take the turns while skating. The trucks that come with 50° baseplate angles are the more responding ones.

    On the contrary, the lower trucks are not so responsive. But by using these trucks, you can enjoy speedy riding.

  • Bushings: Bushings are designed in several shapes like a cone, barrel. For the aggressive longboarders, hard bushings will be the perfect pick.

  • The height of the hanger: Too low or too high hangers can create troubles for the riders. For the big wheels and short height hanger combo, there will be a possible chance of wheel biting.

Final words:

In this article, we have tried our best to aware you of everything about the longboard gullwing trucks, its review, and all. So, if you are new in this skateboarding field, and can't fix your mind whether to buy the gullwing trucks longboard or not, in that case, make sure that you have to go through this article and have a complete and clear idea regarding Gullwing longboard trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are double kingpin trucks good for?

Double kingpin trucks are quickly responding and permit the riders to take smooth turns.

Q. What are Sidewinder trucks?

As the sidewinder trucks come with double kingpin design, they offer better steering than the ordinary truck models. For carving, and turning this truck model can give you incredible performance.

Q. Are Paris Trucks good?

Unprecedented bushings design, beefiER hangers all make the Paris trucks durable and sturdy and light-weight too.

Q. Why do Longboards have the trucks backward?

You definitely know that the longboard trucks are acquainted as the Reverse kingpin Trucks. If we compare these trucks with the standard trucks, we can see that in these trucks the axle is located on the other side of the kingpin. Software bushings permit the riders to perform tricks and maneuvers easily.

Q. What are Longboard trucks made of?

Cast aluminum is mainly used to construct both longboard and skateboard trucks. After pouring this metal into a pre-built mold, the manufacturers left it for getting dried and condensing.

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