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How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold? Is there a weight limit for skateboarding? What is the electric skateboard weight limit? If you are a newbie skater, these questions may come to your mind.

While buying an electric skateboard, it's very important to determine whether the e-board will be able to support the rider's weight or not. Skateboards - no matter regular models or electric ones both are very tough to manage. Most of the e-boards come with the highest weight limit depending on the motor capacity and construction materials.

However, no official skateboarding weight limit is declared yet so far. But the quality of the board will affect how much weight it will be able to hold.

Don't worry. In this article, we are going to discuss the maximum holding capacity of an electric skateboard. To know about the Electric skateboard weight limit in detail, check the entire article.

The weight limit for a skateboard:

Basically, a standard electric skateboard can hold from 200-300 lbs. But this weight limit can vary based on the types and designs of the board. A superior quality skateboard deck can hold about 220 lbs. However, if you weigh more than 220lbs, you need to remain careful while choosing an e-board.

We have already mentioned that there is no official weight limit for skateboarding. But the construction of the board may affect the load capacity. Remember, in case the weight doesn't get evenly distributed, the deck.

At get snapped in half. While riding the e-board, you need to plant your foot in that place where the bolts remain fastened. Mainly the frames of the e-board have extra support from the placements of the batteries.

But it doesn't indicate that the heavy riders will not maintain basic precautions.

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For instance, you should not stomp on the middle portion of the board while landing. You need to land with your weight centered. And make sure that while landing, your feet are over the bolts. Thus, the risk of breaking or snapping the e-board will be reduced.

Remember all e-boards are not constructed with the same material. As a result, every model has a different capacity. Here, we have given the weight holding capacity of the most demanding e-board models. Let's check it out.

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold:

  • Acton blink S2 can hold up to 250lbs which is 113 kg.

  • Whereas the weight limit of Action blink Qu4tro is 127 kg i.e. 280 lbs.

  • AeBoard AE3 can endure up to 150 kg i.e.330 lbs.

  • On the other hand, the weight limit of AeBoard AWD is 150 kg i.e. 330 lbs.

To know about other models, check the below list:

AeBoard AX                                         330 lbs             150 kg

AeBoard AX Mini                               330 lbs             150 kg

AeBoard GT                                          330 lbs             150 kg

Apsuboard V3                                      330 lbs            150 kg

Apsuboard X1                                      330 lbs             150 kg

Backfire G2 Galaxy                            260 lbs            118 kg

Backfire G2 Black                              260 lbs             118 kg

Backfire G3                                          260 lbs            118 kg

Backfire G3 Plus                                260 lbs            118 kg

Backfire Mini                                      240 lbs            110 kg

Backfire Ranger X2                          265 lbs            120 kg

Backfire Zealot                                  260 lbs             118 kg

Bajabord G4 (X)                                350 lbs             160 kg

Bajaboard S2                                      350 lbs              160 kg

Bioboard Thorium X                         --                       No info

Boosted Mini S                                 250 lbs            113 kg

Boosted Mini X                                250 lbs             113 kg

Boosted Plus                                     250 lbs             113 kg

Boosted Stealth                               250 lbs             113 kg

Evolve GTR                                       220 lbs             100 kg

Evolve GTR All Terrain                220 lbs             100 kg

Exway Flex                                       265 lbs              120 kg

Exway X1 Pro                                  300 lbs              136 kg

Kaly NYC Boards                           280+ lbs           127+ kg

Hoyt St EL1                                      250+ lbs           113+ kg

Lacroix Jaws                                   350 lbs              160 kg

Lacroix Nazaré (Lonestar)        350 lbs              160 kg

Lycaon G                                          220 lbs               100 kg

Lycaon GR                                       220 lbs               100 kg

Maxfind FF Plus                            220 lbs               100 kg

Maxfind Max 4 Pro                      220 lbs                100 kg

Maxfind M5 Drive Kit                 220 lbs                100 kg

Meepo Mini 2                                 300 lbs                136 kg

Meepo NLS Pro                             300 lbs                136 kg

Meepo V3                                        300 lbs                 136 kg

MetroboardX                                300 lbs                 136 kg

Miles Rampage                             270 lbs                 122 kg

OneWheel + XR                            275 lbs                 125 kg

OneWheel Pint                             275 lbs                  125 kg

Onsra Black Carve                      310 lbs                  140 kg

Ownboard AT/ GT                       265 lbs                 120 kg

Riptide Boards                              250 lbs                 113 kg

Teamgee Boards                           200 lbs                90 kg

Unlimited X Loaded Kits          240 lbs                 109 kg

Verreal Mini                                  220 lbs                  100 kg

Verreal RS                                      330 lbs                  150 kg

Vestar Black Hawk                      260 lbs                  120 kg

Vestar Mini                                     260 lbs                  120 kg

VestarNightFury                           260 lbs                  120 kg

WowGo 3X                                      265 lbs                   120 kg

WowGo AT2                                   280 lbs                   127 kg

Things that can affect an e-board weight limit:

There are two important factors that can determine the maximum weight capacity of an e-board. These are material and motor power.

The weight carrying capacity of a skateboard hugely depends on the strength of the constructional components. While skateboarding, most of the skaters want to perform skating tricks and stunts. Therefore, if the skateboard is made of heavier components, handling it will become very difficult for the skaters.

 But when it comes to saying about electric skateboards, the components are not the only factor that can affect the weight limit. The motor power can also determine how much weight can hold the board. However, the e-boards will not get broken if you cross the highest weight limit.

But in that case, you will not be able to operate it properly. Because the motor will not be able to move you around.

Is skating impossible for heavyweight riders?

No. It's not true at all. A few people think that heavy or overweight persons should not use a skateboard. But, actually, it can be the best way that can help to change your body. But if you are overweight, before using the skateboard check whether that skateboard can sustain it or not.

But, you should remain careful enough. Because snapping a skateboard is a very common incident. And if you weigh heavy, the probability of such an incident gets higher. Another problem that heavier skaters face usually is ankle sprains. Remember, if you messed up while landing, you can injure your feet.

Are you overweight? And thinking is skateboarding dangerous for you? What to do? Will you still skate? Or will you stop thinking about it?

If these questions are making you worried, then check this portion.

 If you love to skateboard or have an interest in skating, then we will recommend you not think about quitting. Skating is one of the fun and exciting activities. But make sure that you have put on a robust Helmet For Roller Skating, Best Elbow Pads For Skateboarding, elbow pads, and so on. 

However, to capture the memories of your skating journey, you can carry a good Skateboarding Camera in your Skateboarding Backpack.

Can you lose weight by skateboarding? 

 Yeah. Absolutely. While skateboarding, you need to perform advanced stunts and tricks. Moreover, you need to have proper balancing skills. According to the experts, skating is a vigorous exercise that can help to lose weight. 

Skating is considered as intensive as jumping rope and spinning. While skateboarding, your entire body is used that can help you to lose weight

The importance of the weight limit on an electric skateboard:

We have already mentioned the most demanding electric skateboards with high weight limits. Now, you may think about the significance of the weight limit for electric skateboards.

Then, dear, you should know that the weight limit can affect the overall skating performance. Here, we have given the most important reasons due to which you should remain careful about the Electric skateboard weight limit. Let's check it out.

  • Safety: We have already discussed how overweight riders have more tendency of skateboarding injuries. Along with this, you need to remember that the weight of the rider can have a deep impact on the braking distance of the e-board, mainly when the rider is coming down an incline.

    If the e-board is heavily loaded, then it will have an enhanced braking distance. But the e-board should be able to break safely. Moreover, it should allow the skater to slow down to a halt using the brakes, mainly while you need to make sudden stops due to heavy traffic or while going down a hill.

    However, daily maintenance can confirm your safety. But if you know what is the maximum weight a skateboard can hold and obey it strictly, you can enjoy the incredible performance. Remember, the extra load can damage the brakes that can lead to accidents.

    However, the weight limit is also connected to the strength of the e-board and its structural components. Extra loading can damage the batteries. However, additional weight can damage the screws and be the reason for cracked or broken decks.

  • Performance: No matter whether you are purchasing the Best e-Scooter For your kids, or an electric skateboard, the performance of the product is one of the important factors that needs to be considered. Usually, skateboards come with a minimalistic design that is followed by electric skateboards. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that internal gears, brakes can't be operated, if you exceed the weight limit.

    Besides, while climbing up a hill, it will require power. As the motors are designed for a particular range, you will not be able to use them on an unsuitable e-board.

  • Range: Remember, more load is equal to higher power requirements. If you are overweight, and riding on such a skateboard that can't endure that amount, then the battery will run out sooner.

  • Lifespan: Basically a good Roller Skate can last for long years if you maintain it properly. But if you continuously put excessive loads on the e-board (beyond the capacity), then your e-board will fail soon. Because if you put excessive load on the board, then the motor needs to work more for accelerating the user. As a result, it will require more power. Therefore, it will drain the battery fast. Hence, you need to charge the battery often.

Things that heavy riders need to consider: However, finding the Best Skateboard model For Beginners Kid is very difficult. And it becomes more challenging if your child is heavyweight.

But if you spend more time researching e-boards Buying Guide, you will be able to pick the best model. But before buying the Best Roller Skates For adults, don't forget to check the weight limit for an electric skateboard.

In that case, you need to check a few essential features. Let's check it out.

  • Construction material: It is one of the most important features that an overweight rider needs to consider. Definitely, you will not want the e-board to get snapped in the middle of your journey. Isn't it? Therefore, you should choose a skateboard that has a high strength to weight ratio.

  • Motor power: We have already mentioned that motor power is a very significant feature of an electric skateboard. If you are overweight, you need to check whether the motor can handle the weight or not. Only a powerful motor will allow you to skate smoothly even in tricky areas. 

  • Long-lasting battery: Just like while buying an Electric Scooter For teenagers, you need to check the lifespan of the battery, you have to do the same while purchasing a skateboard.

    Remember only a powerful battery and the long-term usable battery can offer better acceleration and range to the e-board. But always try to carry the Skateboard Tools. Because sometimes in the middle of your skating journey, you may face issues with your skateboard. If you carry the tools in your backpack, you may get rid of these kinds of issues easily.

  • Skateboard deck: It is one of the most important parts of a skateboard. Because on the deck, riders need to place their feet so that they can maintain balance.

    Remember, the deck can occupy near about 40% to 50% of the entire skateboard weight. However, it depends on the quality and layers of the maple wood.

    An average deck comes in 2 to 5 pounds weight, and 7 to 9 layers. If the deck has only a few layers, then its weight will be lesser compared to a multi-layered board. However, too many wood layers can make the skateboard heavy. But it can give more strength to the deck so that it can hold the heavyweight riders easily.

electric skateboard weight limit: Bottom line

Those who have questions like 'do skateboards have a weight limit? ', 'is there a weight limit for skateboarding? ', we hope that after reading this article, they have got their answer. Therefore, if you are a heavyweight rider, don't forget to check the construction and strength of the deck, brakes, motors, and battery.

Check the above table of electric skateboard max weight and choose your preferable model as per your weight. In case you don't find your model in the above list, let us know via comments. We will let you know your Electric skateboard weight limit.

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