Electric Skateboard Buying Guide | Everything You Need To Know

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Are you planning to purchase an electric skateboard for the first time? In that situation, have you ever had any questions in your mind about which important specifications a quality electric skateboard should have? In order to choose the best electric skateboard, you need to go through our electric skateboard buying guide in-depth. It will help you to choose the appropriate one according to your needs.

Do you know the wrong choice can be a total waste of money? 

But don't be anxious. Take a long breath- a sigh of relief. As we are always here to make you stress-free by solving your crux.

To fix your mental fluctuation, we prepared this electric skateboard buyers' guide depending on our skating expert's judgment. We also explored enough so that you can take an intellectual move.

electric skateboard buying guide

Why Is It Important To Sneak A Glance At The Electric Skateboard Buying Guide Before Going To Purchase?

We have given our utmost effort to create this electric skateboard buyers guide in order to make you aware of all the necessary information. Wherein you can understand what is the best electric skateboard to buy.

  • Plenty Of Electric Skateboards' Availability From Several Brands:
    A few electric skateboard companies are inventing a few updated electric skateboard models day by day. But you should keep in mind a very significant fact. All skateboards don't belong to the same quality and performance category. So, you need to consider a few aspects of electric board skates before buying.
  • Different Necessities Of The Users: You may wish to buy the speediest or good mileage skateboard else you want to buy the best budget electric skateboard. Even it may happen that you are looking for a well-performing deceleration system since you are an aggressive skater.
  • Additional Specifications Consideration: In addition to above all these necessities, there are also too many features of e-skateboard that you need to consider like the wheels, reputation of brands, portability, motor, etc. So, before buying the appropriate skateboard model according to your desire, never forget to have a study on the procedure of how to choose an electric skateboard.

We hope that after reading this article, you wouldn't set the wrong choice of the skateboard at least due to a lack of proper knowledge.

So, let's find out the techniques by which you can able to understand what is the best electric skateboard to buy.

Features To Looks For In Electric Skateboards

For Which Purpose You Will Use This?

which purpose you will use thi selectric skateboard

When we are discussing how to buy an electric skateboard, one of the vital things first you need to think about is the major purpose of buying an electric longboard.  Each skateboard is designed by keeping in mind the users with several types of needs.

Even their specifications and uses are completely isolated from each other. A few electric longboards come for toddlers. Even there are a lot of electric skateboards available in the market that comes for aggressive or rough uses on the street. You can get also off-street e-skateboards.

If you require an electric skateboard for commuting purposes, then you need to focus on the range assertion of the board.

So, at first, all you need to set up your purpose of buying it. Because the motive fells a great impact on the permanence, and the performing ability of the skateboard.

How much skating skills you have?

electric skateboard How Much Skating Skills You Have

Are you feeling confused by thinking which one is the best electric skateboard for beginners? As a beginner, it's very normal for you to have these thoughts.

We know, how many difficulties you need to face when you are starting electric skateboarding for the first time. So, it's very important to choose the appropriate one according to your skating experiences and skills.

If you don't have too much confidence, then go for the unaccompanied motorized electric skateboard. You can easily control this single motorized skateboard's acceleration system. As these skateboards have moderate speed, you don't have to fear about falling off.

On the contrary, the experienced ones can go for the double motorized skateboards which are absolutely perfect for skating on the rugged terrain.

How much reputed is the skateboard brand?

how much reputed is the electric skateboard brand

Before purchasing, find out how famous the company is from where you are going to buy the product. If money is not a worrying thing for you, then spent a little bit more money in terms of getting skateboard parts from eminent brands.

Whereas you can get assurance about the quality material from the reputed professional brands. But the cheap ordinary brands never promises about quality. So, now it's all up to your affordability.

The quality of wheels

the quality of electric skateboard wheels

In terms of learning how to choose an electric skateboard, the first thing you need to ascertain is the wheels' quality. Do you know that the entire excellence of an electric longboard depends exhaustively on the wheels?

Basically, wheels come in two forms.

  • One is Generic wheels.
  • The other is the Clone one.

If you want good speed, then the generic one will appropriate. The generic ones belong to the top quality brands. As a result, the electric skateboards that come with generic wheels are a little bit costly. But these wheels ensure the users to enjoy an impeccable mileage for a long time.

In contrast, the clone wheels are cheaper than the generic ones. But these clone ones are non-branded. So, it's not secure for a long ride.

Check the length and weight of the board

length and weight of the electric skateboard brand

You need to give enough priority on the weight and length of a skateboard. A voluminous and onerous electric skateboard can be a nuisance to you. For a long ride, it can become ponderous and distressing.

In that view, lightweight boards are easy to carry and flexible also. But a large skateboard means it will be heavier in weight - that's not right at all.

Before buying, you should draw up is it easily portable or not. But in terms of getting a few featured integrated electric longboards, never made a mistake by buying a massive one.

Receptivity efficiency

receptivity efficiency of the electric skateboard

Most of the cases, buyers overlooked the capacity level of the board. But for the heavier users, it's very important to consider this point.

If you are a little bit bulky, make sure that the electric skateboard you are buying can bear your weight.

How long you want to ride?

long time battery life of the electric skateboard

The range you need to cover and the speed of the skateboard totally depends on the battery quality. So, if you contemplate going for a long ride, then you need to spend a little more money.

The expensive ones come with a long time battery life. If you think that you will travel more than 11 miles, then go for the batteries of more than 300WH(300 Watt-Hour) receptivity proficiency.

Choose the appropriate motorized electric skateboard according to your riding techniques

Appropriate Motorized Electric Skateboard According To Your Riding

To become a good skater, it's very vital to learn how to choose an electric skateboard. In terms of this, another significant thing that you need to focus on is the motor quality of the skateboard.

If you want to ride on the bumpy surface of the hills, then a good deceleration system is very necessary. In that sense, go for the hub motorized electric longboards. You need not do too much maintenance for this type of motor.

On the contrary, the belt-driven motorized electric skateboards allow the riders to enjoy an excellent acceleration and deceleration function. But for this type of motors, you need to sustain a lot of maintenance.

Check the environmental seal system of the entire board

water resistance capability of the electric skateboard

As you are going for the electrical one, its water-resistant ability should be your an exigent priority.

You definitely don't want to ruin your new electric board by skating in the rain purposely! Am I right? But you never know when it may suddenly start raining. So, make sure that the electric longboard you are buying has the water-resistance capability.

 It is probably impossible to get a full waterproof skateboard. So don't forget to check the environmental sealing of the board. Thus, you can get the assurance of inner parts protection.

Check the brake function

the brake function of the electric skateboard

The deceleration system is one of the most important things you need to test. All skateboards don't have a well-manufactured brake system. It can be dangerous for you.

For the high-speed e-boards, an improper brake system can lead you to have unexpectedly jerks. It can lead you to lose your balance.

Check the warranty period

the warranty period of the electric skateboard

If you are a beginner skater, target to buy an e-board that comes with one year warranty period. As you may face difficulties to maintain it.

Some brands provide warranty on the motor, some offer a warranty on the electric function. So, before purchasing, confirm that you have gone through all the warranty details of the product.

Go through the customer reviews

the customer reviews of the electric skateboard

The ultimate thing you need to consider in order to understand how to buy an electric skateboard is inspecting the customer's feedback.

We will recommend you to read the reviews of the customers about the product. As they have used the product already, they know about the advantages and disadvantages of it.

By going through the reviews, you can make yourself aware of the both pros and cons of the skateboard.


Following the opinions provided by our skating experts from their personal experience and after a lot of indignation, we included a few extremely considerable points in our electric skateboard buyers guide that you need to focus on before purchasing an electric skateboard.

Hopefully, after reading this informatory electric skateboard buying guide, you will have no more dilemmas about how to choose an electric skateboard. Now you can certainly understand what is the best electric skateboard to buy. But do sure that you are paying for which skateboards hits your all expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do You Need an Electric Skateboard?

A. With the help of an electric skateboard, you can enjoy smooth and relaxed riding. The ordinary longboards require more effort. On the other hand, the electric ones allow you to reach your destination more quickly even giving less effort.

Q. Which Deck Size is Right for You?

A. We will advise you to go for such a skateboard deck that's width is the same in ratio with the size of the shoe.

Q. How much does an electric skateboard cost?

A. The cost of an e-boards depends on its design, structure, and performance. The price of all models is not the same. You can get the most exoteric electric skateboard within $450.

Q. Can you ride an electric skateboard normally?

A. The great advantage of an e-board is when the battery life runs out, it becomes an ordinary skateboard. So, you can casually set it in motion.

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