Electric scooter buying guide | Everything You Need To Know

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How to choose an electric scooter? Is this question making you anxious? Don't worry dear. We are here to solve your problem.

Nowadays you can see the craze of electric scooters among kids and adults. Compared to the bikes, these e-scooters are much superior, as they are powered by a motor.

But for beginners, choosing the best e-scooter model might be tricky. As there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying the e-scooters. The first thing you need to consider while buying the electric scooters is of course its price. After that, you need to determine the motor power. Make sure that you don't forget to check the brake shape and type, as it can affect your overall riding experience.

For your convenience, in this article, we have elaborately discussed how to choose an electric scooter. So, without any delay, jump straight to the Electric scooter buying guide, and check the parameters that need to be considered.

Types Of Electric Scooters You Can Buy on the Market: 

If you are going to purchase the best E-Scooter for kids and toddlers for the first time, then it may be a formidable challenge for you. Why are we saying that? Because nowadays a huge variety of e-scooter collections can be seen in the market. As a result, you may feel overwhelmed and confused.

A good quality model can be available at $500. But if you want to buy a superior one, then you may need to spend more than $2000.

Budget-friendly scooters (less than $300): Those scooters that belong to this category should be used only for light recreational purposes. In this budget, you will get mediocre-level motors, weak brakes, and low capacity battery power. However, there are a few brands that are innovating outstanding and super functional e-scooters in this budget range.

Commuter e-scooters: In this category, we have put those scooters which come in the $300 to $1200 price range. In this price range, you will get such scooters which are superb performing, and equipped with exceptional features. This commuter class is divided into three categories. These categories are:

  1. Budget commuter
  2. Mid-range commuter
  3. Premium commuter

1. Budget commuter: These e-scooters are available at $300 to $600 price points. If you want to travel short distances, then you can go for these models. These are excellent models for regular commuting. The best thing about these e-scooters is you will get robustly constructed models at a very affordable price range.

However, it may require a few occasional repairs. But except for this fact, these ones can last a lifetime. If you want to commute on smooth surfaces, only then should you purchase these ones. But these are not the right model for commuting on uneven or rough surfaces. These e-scooters are extremely light in weight. As a result, you can fold them and even carry them easily.

2. Mid-range commuter: These kinds of e-scooters are available at the $600 to $900 price range. Compared to the budget ones, these models come with slightly larger batteries. So, if you want to buy a more motor-powered e-scooter, then you should go for this one. However, most of the models of this category are not equipped with dual-motor functions.

3. Premium commuter: ($600 to $1200): E-scooters that belong to this category are equipped with bigger batteries, large motors, and excellent brakes. As a result, you can enjoy safer and a more comfortable riding experience using these upgrade models.

Performance electric scooter: These are available at $1200 to $1600 price point. If you want to go for such a model which can be your long-ride companion, then these single motor-equipped e-scooters will be incredible. No matter whether you want a super-speed e-scooter Or a model for ultra-long-range, this one will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

However, a few models of this category come with dual motors and sizable batteries. The long-range models of this type can offer up to 81 km real-world range. Moreover, most of these models come with pneumatic tires, hydraulic brakes, turn signals, and so on.

Extreme performance e-scooters: To get these high-performing and excellent electric scooter for young adultsyou need to spend more than $2500. These are equipped with excellent performing dual motors. The extended battery life of these scooters can offer 64 km range. 

Moreover, hydraulically activated disk brakes allow the users to stop the scooter even at the fastest speed. These are the exact ones for regular commuting. The larger tires are specially designed for off-roading. 

But remember, these are heavy in weight. So, if you want to fold or carry these e-scooters before buying, do confirm that you have no issue with the weight.

Electric Scooter Technical Specifications:

Have you bought the most demanding skateboard for kids after checking the best skateboard buying guide? But now is your child feel annoyed or bored after skating too many times? And he or she wants to try something new? Then, you can buy the best E-Scooter for them and give them a surprise.

Now may think about what else is needed to consider while buying an electric scooter. In this section, we are going to mention those parameters now.

  • Price: Basically, the specifications of e-scooters improve as per the price. Most of the superior models for adults come at the $600 (and more than it ) price range. However, you can create a database in which you can list the e-scooters and their price range. Then, you can decide which one is suitable for you as per your needs and budget.

  • Range: Range means the distance an e-scooter will be able to travel before running out of its battery power. It is one of the most important factors that need to be determined while buying an e-scooter. However, it depends on several factors. For example, the weight of the rider, the weight of the scooter, weather, speed. Remember, as time passes, the battery capacity, as well as the range of the scooter, will be diminished.

    Most of the models come with an average range of eight miles capacity. However, the battery condition may affect the bike's range. Moreover, the rider's weight and temperature may have a deep impact on the range.

    If you are heavyweight, then your bike will get less range. Whereas if you are traveling in a sloppy area, the bike may cover a less range. Therefore, before buying you need to decide first how long you want to cover, how the territory is. 
  • Weight: The weight of the scooter is also a very significant factor that you need to consider, especially when you need to fold or carry the scooter regularly.

    Electric scooters are very easy to drive. But there are a few models which are heavy in weight. The weight of the e-scooter remains from 19.5 lbs to a maximum of 98 pounds. Those scooters which are available at a budget-friendly price range come with an 11 kgs weight.

    If you buy those models which weigh more than 14kgs, then you may feel difficulty while carrying the scooter for a while. However, there are a few models which come with extra wheels or folded design. You can carry these compact and commuter-friendly models easily. But remember that sometimes you need to carry the scooters upstairs. So, don't choose such models that can be difficult to carry.

    But if you want to buy a beast mode off-roading model, and if portability is not your main concern, then you should focus on the construction quality and speed of the scooter rather than its weight. However, for regular commuting, lightweight models can be an ideal choice.
  • Weight of the rider: One of the most important factors that you need to consider while purchasing an e-scooter is the weight of the rider. Because the rider's weight can have a deep impact on the range of the scooter. Therefore, before you purchase, make sure that the motorcycle's capacity is able to handle your weight.

    Those who have 180 lbs weight will be able to ride any bike easily and can enjoy a comfortable and cozy riding experience. Those who weigh 180 to 250 pounds should go for push scooters.
  • The landscape of the area: Before purchasing, you need to check the overview of the area's landscape where you are going to ride the scooter. If the region is weak, then you need to go for such an e-scooter which comes with good battery timing.

    On the contrary, if the surface is flat, then you can go for such a model that meets your requirements. However, electric scooters are the exact model for running on streets. But if you want an e-scooter for hill climbing, then make sure that it is equipped with a 350-watt electric engine.

    Those who live in sloppy areas should go for such a model which has reliable engine power and superior battery timing so that they can enjoy smooth and safe riding.
  • Climate: Along with the landscape of your region, you need to consider the climate of the area where you live. If the weather of the area is sunny and warm, then you can choose any scooter as per your choice.

    However, if the climate is too hot or too icy, then the range of the scooter can be diminished. But the riders should stop riding in heavy rainy weather. It is because in case the water seeps through the engine, it may shorten its lifespan.

     During the extremely cold days, try to park the scooters in such a place where there is no risk of getting jam in the engine due to snow or cold environment. No matter whether you are roller skating, or riding a bike - you need to make sure that you have put on safety equipment properly.

    That's why not only while skateboarding, you need to put on a superior quality helmet for roller skating, but also while riding the E-Scooter, you need to make sure that you have worn a good quality Helmet.
  • Stand up or sit down: There are a few models which don't come with seat facilities. Most of the stunt scooters are equipped with stand-up and sit-down positions. As a result, while riding you can sit on the scooter whenever you want and can stand as per your needs.

  • Top speed: It indicates the speed limit of the scooter. However, it's not a worrying factor. Because almost every scooter is able to reach 24 km/h. There are a few municipalities that have strictly announced laws against going more than 24 km/h on e-scooters. Basically, when you travel in bike lanes, then 24 km/h to 28 km/h is really fast enough.

  • Suspension and steering: Both of these are very important factors that need to be considered. It helps to smoothen out bumps as well as the indentations in the street. Thus, the riders can enjoy a smooth riding experience.

    If you don't have it and your scooters are equipped with airless strong tires, then you are going to feel your journey bumpy and annoying. If you need to travel on uneven rough terrain, then make sure that your e-scooter is equipped with suspension.

    Usually, suspensions remain attached to the rear, front, sometimes to both wheels. The premium commuter scooters usually come with rear or front suspension. Most electric scooters come with two types of suspensions. These are:

Most electric scooters come with two types of suspensions. These are

  1. Spring suspension
  2. Hydraulic suspension
  1. Spring suspensions: These are the most common ones. You can see that most of the high-end models are equipped with spring suspensions. Those who don't need to commute on rough terrain can go for this type. Basically, these are ideal for regular commuting. However, compared to the hydraulic ones, the initial and maintenance cost of spring suspensions are low.

  2. Hydraulic suspensions: These are known as air suspensions. These are more advanced compared to the other ones. The advantage of this one is they are able to endure high loads. However, this is too costly and needs a lot of maintenance. There remains a chance of leaking out the fluid.
  • LightingA few models are there which come with corner button LEDs. But these are not so bright. If you want to ride at night, make sure that your scooter is equipped with bright lights. Moreover, don't forget to use flashing red rear lights on the helmet while traveling in the dark. Just like while skateboarding, you carry the skateboarding cameras in your skateboarding backpack to capture the moments and scenario while skating, you can also carry a quality camera while riding bike or E-Scooter. Thus, you can make your riding memorable.

  • Motor power: How fast the scooter can get can depend on the motor power. Moreover, it can affect the top speed. Therefore, it's a very important factor that you need to consider while purchasing.

Low power commuters: Those e-scooters that are equipped with a single motor are categorized below the 500- watt mark. Most of the low to mid-range scooters come with 500 watts of power.

 If you are in need of a model for regular commuting, then these are excellent ones. These can reach 16-30 mph lower top speed easily. However, if you are on a tight budget, then 250 watts models can be ok for regular commuting.

High power performance scooters: Those models that come with more than 500 watts of motor power are considered the superior performing scooters. Whereas those scooters which come with 600 watts dual-motor scooter, run by 1200 watts of power. Remember that the powerful motors have greater wattage.

If you are an adult, then you can go for the 250 watts model for regular commuting. But in this case, make sure that you are riding on a flat surface.

But if you live in a mountainous, and rocky area, then try to go for those models which have 350 to 500 watts of motor power. Along with powering up hills, the larger motors help to enjoy speedy riding.

  • Tires: Basically, you can get to see two types of tires. These are :
  1. Solid or airless tires.
  2. Pneumatic or air-filled tires.

1. Solid tires: There are several types of airless tires. These are Honeycomb, Polymer-filled, and solid. Compared to the other one, these are inferior. But the best thing about these tires is they don't require too much maintenance. But if you're riding on these airless tires, you may feel every bump on the road.

2. Pneumatic tires: If you want to enjoy an excellent riding experience, then we will recommend you to go for the air-filled one. These are equipped with supple rubber. However, there are a few pneumatic tires that come with inner tubes. You can replace the tube when it gets damaged. But there are some models which are tubeless. The benefits of these air-filled tires are they can absorb shocks easily.

Whereas the disadvantages of these tires require more maintenance compared to the other ones. Moreover, these tires have a huge tendency of getting punctured.

  • Brake: It is a very significant factor that needs to be considered while buying an e-scooter. The brake type determines the safety level. Here, we have given the types of brakes that are used in the e-scooters. Let's have a look.

Drum and Disc combo: the drum ones are the first brakes. Moreover, these can offer efficient performance while descending a hill. But these can't endure heavy loads. That's why a few e-scooters are equipped with a combination of a drum brake at the rear and a disc brake at the front position. Disc brakes offer excellent performance in steep climbing, competitive racings.

Regenerative brakes: These brakes reuse the braking force and back it into the hubs of wheels. Actually, they help in recycling the braking power. These brakes help to prevent overheating. However, these are expensive enough.

  • IP rating: Ingress protection indicates how much your e-scooter can resist water and dust. This rating consists of two numbers. But we need to focus on the second. It is because it notifies how much water resistance the scooter has.

However, not every scooter has an IP rating. If you want to buy such a scooter that you can ride in all weather conditions, then you should go for such a model that has minimum IP×4 water resistance. If the scooter has an IP×7+ rating, then it can be submerged in the water fully.

If your scooter has IP×4 to IP×6 rating, then it is ideal for riding in rainy weather. Just as you need to carry all the necessary skateboard tools, you should also carry important tools and equipment while riding scooter.

Some best electric scooter for kids in the market:

The most demanding e-scooters for kids are:

  • Segway Ninebot E10.
  • Razor Power Core E90.
  • Razor Power A2.
  • Mongoose React E2.
  • Razor E100.
  • Razor E300.
  • Razor EPrime.
  • Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter.
  • Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro.

electric scooter buying guide: Conclusion

We hope that after checking the electric scooter buying guide, you have got the answer to your question 'how to choose an electric scooter'. Every feature of an e-scooter is important. But there are a few specifications that you need to consider more compared to others.

Suppose, you need to ride in a flat and even terrain, or don't want to ride in rainy weather then you don't need to focus too much on motor power, or tires. Therefore, you need to consider your own requirements while buying the best e-scooter for you. If you have further queries, ask us via commenting.

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