What Is The Difference Between Longboard And Skateboard

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There are so many people who are very much confused to differentiate between longboard and skateboard. It is very much usual that people do not make difference between longboard and skateboard.

Many people find them similar and find no difference between them. Actually, a longboard is nothing but a variant of the traditional skateboard. In a simple way, we can say that the longboard is a long skateboard.

The manufacturers of skateboard design these boards in various styles for various purposes. As a result, you may feel the different riding experiences while riding longboard or skateboard.

 In the skating world, it is now a hot topic for debate. People are always asking what is the difference between longboard and skateboard

Do skaters become confused to decide which board should they use? 

As there is no specific answer, we are ready to explain it to our readers. Here, we will provide some references so that all of the confusion of our readers will be wiped out.

Here are a list of difference between longboard and skateboard









Short distance


Big soft wheels between 60 and 70mm

Small hard wheels between 52 and 58mm


Wide and more stable

Shorter and more agile

Learning curve



Initial costs



Replacing parts




Fewer injuries

More injuries



Not even the sky is the limit




Effort to ride



Popularity (sales)







Cruising, Dancing, freeriding, downhill

Street, vert, mini ramp, bowl


Less popular but growing 50% of the market



Bulky and heavy

Lightweight and Portable


Since the 1950s, skateboarding was very much popular. At that time, people were always striving to surf. So, they looked for something different when they could not surf anymore.

For that reason, they made a decision to make the skateboard longer and felt like surfing on the way. After that, we see the era of longboarding. As it had so many same movements to surfing, it was warmly welcomed by many surfers.


Apparently, the longboard and skateboard look different from each other. Skateboards are distinctly different. They have curving upwards at both ends. On the other hand, longboards are in different shapes.

Unlike the skateboards, longboards have no curving at each end, though they have two narrow strips at both ends. These things make them very much easier to control.


According to its name, longboards are usually longer than the traditional ones. Usually, skateboards are 28-34 inches long and 7-10 inches wide.

On the other hand, longboards are usually 35-60 inches long and 9-10 inches wide. If you use longer and wider longboards, then as a beginner, you may balance it easily.

Generally, beginners should use longboards.


In comparison with conventional skateboards, longboards have bigger and softer wheels. For this reason, longboards can go faster and strong shock absorption capability, suitable for various complex terrains.

 On the other hand, the skateboards have smaller wheels, that make it easy to control its speed and easier to do tricks.


As the longboards are longer and wider, it will be very much easy to balance on, which means you require to have better balancing skills for using smaller skateboards.

Generally, longboard offers huge space and comfort for those persons who have larger feet and in this respect, you can also have a wider stance on the longboard. However, longboards have a better balance than a normal skateboard.


There are various skateboards, but traditional skateboards are particularly designed for skating in the ramps or parks, where you can easily leap as you wish. But, if you choose long-distance, the skateboards will provide you less stable and comfortable.

If you wish to go long distances, you require a long-range electric skateboard. For example, Inmotion K1 is an expert in this. On the other hand, longboards are appropriate for transportation.

Using longboards, you can comfortably cruise for miles and enjoy your ride through the town or elsewhere.


In comparison with longboards, skateboards are better at doing various tricks. If you wish to zigzag and doing tricks at the parking area, its curved ends, smaller wheels, and length enable you to do so.

Moreover, a short skateboard is very much easy to carry with you wherever you wish. Skateboard is lightweight also.

Which is More Expensive?

If you wish to get a good quality board, then longboards are more expensive than the others. A good quality longboard costs between $150 to $250. If you buy this board, then you will get a quality truck, deck, and wheels.

On the other hand, a good quality skateboard costs between $90 to $150. At $90 you will never get good quality parts but you may continue with this. If you pay $150, then you may get the best quality parts. It’s low-quality wheels and bearings require to be replaced again and again.

 However, I can say to you that if you have decided to buy a cheap longboard or skateboard, it is a very bad idea. If you invest very low money, in return you will get low-quality components. 

Then it won’t be fun anymore. In that case, if your budget is low, then you can choose a second-hand longboard or skateboard. Only you have to ensure that you have given enough time to inspect it. 

Your main inspection area should be chips, water damage, and delamination. If you find that the bearings make uncanny sound, then it is better to change them immediately.


If you wish, you can learn more about the difference between longboard and skateboard. Here we learn that both longboards and skateboards have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s your turn to choose the right one for you which suits you the best. 

At first, you have to select, whether you want a difficult trick or a cruise for long-distance with your friends or family members. If you wish to choose a difficult trick, then you should opt for a short skateboard. On the other hand, if you wish to go for a long-distance, you should choose the longboard.

There are so many good skateboards and longboards on the marketplace. Now, it is your turn to find the right one.

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