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How proficient are the Caliber longboard trucks? Will the Caliber Ii Longboard Trucks will be able to fulfill my aspirations? You may ponder these questions.

If you are a beginner longboarder, it's common to feel confused before purchasing a truck set. You may think that You might be thinking that I wasn't wasting money buying this pair of trucks?

Relax dear. Don't get worried!

We are always here to guide you. You definitely heard the brand name Caliber and also precept kudos of this brand in the market.

Caliber Longboard Trucks

Caliber is such an authentic brand that always tries its best to provide the customers the superior quality products.

Every truck model of this brand is incomparable and tremendous.

In this article, we are going to give you an elaborate idea regarding the caliber 2 longboard trucks as well as we are going to make a comparison between the Paris trucks and the Caliber trucks.

So, let's dig in to get more information.

What Are Caliber Trucks?

Caliber is such a skateboard truck brand that always tries to hit the expectations of the customers by inventing extra special and impeccable truck models day by day. The longboard trucks from Caliber are highly robust and durable too.

To gratify the buyers' expectations, Caliber is adding ultra-modern features in their models. Since the last few years, Caliber is reigning the market as the most reliable truck brand.

Are Caliber Trucks Good?

Caliber is such a truck manufacturer that know how to satisfy their buyers. That's why they are trying to cover all the needs of riders. Whether it comes to say about quality bushings, firm structure, performance ability in all sectors, Caliber is the number one brand in truck industry.

Caliber Precision Trucks:

Are you feeling bored or not too gratified with your old ordinary trucks? Then you should try once this extra updated recent model of caliber precision trucks.

If you want to experience a better riding, then the caliber precision longboard trucks can be a great pick for you. You definitely wish to buy a pair of trucks that can offer you incredible performance, stability.

Isn't it? 

For your convenience, the caliber has designed these caliber precision longboard trucks in such an effective way that it can even get fitted in your tight budget.

Sound's good. Right?

Although you can find a few similarities between the caliber precision trucks and caliber ii trucks.

But you can also get enjoyable and stable riding by using caliber 2 trucks. Regarding the caliber 2 longboard trucks, we can assure you by saying that you will not be disappointed at all after using this truck set.

You can see the review of these caliber precision trucks and we can say that after using this truck model, you are just going to love it.

If you are a regular commuter, and finding a truck set for that regarding, then honestly to say you can get the most remarkable riding experience from the caliber precision trucks.

longboard truck caliber ii
  • Design: If it comes to say about the geometric structure of this precision Caliber longboard trucks, then it can allude that its structure is pretty much similar to the Caliber Cast trucks.

    But these precision ones are made of an extremely light-weight component that is American made 6061 T6 aluminum. Due to its durable and robust structure, the truck is sharp blow resisting and more responsive as well.
  • Axle Structure: This caliber truck of 58.75 mm height, comes with exceptional removable axles.
  • Performance: As these are CNC Machined ones, that means it can respond promptly according to your desire and offer you a better performance.

    To enjoy more balanced and precise riding, this caliber precision longboard truck will be a remarkable choice for you.

    Whatever riding style you prefer, you are just going to enjoy your ride by purchasing this truck set. Whether you are in need of a cruising truck or a carving, try caliber precision trucks for longboards.

    Do you love downhill longboarding?
    Surely you can shop for these caliber trucks. Even the free-riders can enjoy a tremendous performance by using this truck set.
  • Bushings Quality: This truck set is adorned with four pieces of blood orange bushings that allow the users to enjoy more smooth riding. Along with that with the help of high-quality spacers and superior speed rings, caliber precision trucks can provide you a great deal.

Caliber Trucks 44 Vs 50

Mainly, the truck manufacturers try to innovate new truck models while changing the baseplate angles. Caliber is also trying to do the same to represent a more upgraded version of the trucks.

Most of the skating experts prefer a 50-degree baseplate angle, as they recommended it as the standard angle. But there are a few trucks that come with 44° and as well as 40° angles.

Basically, the baseplate angle is related to the board's height. If we define it in geometrical language, then you can understand it easily.

For instance, a truck that comes with a 50° angle is definitely taller than a 40° truck. Like this, the geometrical structure of a low angle truck provides the riders a stable riding even at the fastest speed.

On the contrary, you can enjoy turnings in a more mellifluous way with the high angle trucks. But if you are going with the lower baseplate angles, then remember that you will not be able to enjoy the turns so smoothly that the higher angles provide, no matter how much power you put.

Another disadvantage of the lower baseplate trucks is the very possible chance of an accident, as there is a risk of feet biting of the rider with the ground.

We hope, now you can understand the difference between the caliber 44 longboard trucks and 50 caliber longboard trucks.

Longboard Trucks Caliber Vs Paris

This is a very common question that arises in almost every longboarder's mind. And the question is what one is the best truck either Caliber longboard trucks or Paris longboard trucks.

Although it depends on the customers' choices which one they are going to pick. But we have tried to put out the best efforts to uphold the difference between these two so that you can make a wise decision before buying.

Let's begin with the innovation history of both trucks.

History of the trucks:

Mainly at the beginning days, skaters don't have a lot of choices regarding the selection of the truck, as at that time there was the realm of merely two truck brands. The brands were Paris and Randal.

Whereas Paris Trucks come with eye-catching design and finishing, the Randal ones were the most classic and costly one.

It's was almost the ending period of the year 2010, Caliber has launched its truck model. At that time, the caliber designed the truck for freeriding purposes. Whereas Paris trucks had earned fame in the truck industry as a remarkable truck brand for carving.

Caliber didn't take too much time to conquer the customers' minds. With its incredible performance and as well as inflammatory ads Caliber has occupied its place in the market.

Who doesn't want to get a stable performance providing, high-tech designed truck?

Here was the opportunity for Caliber to infiltrate its worth in the market. And caliber has successfully done so.

During the past days, the caliber has designed their model with robust hangers, prompt responding bushings, low baseplate angle, even at a very get-at-able price range.

Let's explore more regarding Paris trucks. It was going to the end of the year 2012, at that time Paris has launched its V2 model. Through this model, one of the most reliable brands Paris wants to represent offer such a pair that is all-rounder performing. Needless to say, within a few days, this model just started to reign the market.

In 2014, Caliber has launched its super updated model caliber ii longboard trucks.

On the other hand, Paris has always tried to bring improvement in their models. Whether it comes to say about the color, baseplate design, or the width of the hangers, Paris has successfully upgraded its model.

 And their hard work is reflected in their V2 model, as through this truck model, they tried to alleviate all the complaints of the customers of the V1 model.

Let's have a quick discussion comparing the features of the latest model of Paris and Caliber.

So, let's start with the inspection of the longboard truck caliber ii.

Caliber Ii Trucks:

Caliber has put its best efforts to make this model highly strong and pith. Even they had tried to make their model more premium one by bringing unprecedented changes in the color, structure of bushings, pivots, kingpin.

With the 'Satin' color coat, this caliber 2 longboard trucks were introduced in the market that is very eye-catching.

Paris V2 Trucks:

Like caliber trucks, Paris has also tried to represent an upgraded model that comes with a high-quality washer and kingpin structure, and more robust hangers.

Even the powder coat of this truck is admirable. In one word, it can be said that this Paris trucks have set a standard level target for every truck brand.

Let's have a comparison between the Caliber's longboard trucks and Paris trucks.

Like caliber trucks, Paris has also tried to represent an upgraded model that comes with a high-quality washer and kingpin structure, and more robust hangers. Even the powder coat of this truck is admirable.

In one word, it can be said that this Paris trucks have set a standard level target for every truck brand.


  • Paris trucks come with 150mm,180mm, 195mm hanger length.
  • One the contrary, Caliber trucks come with 160 mm, 180 mm hanger length.

Width of the Axle:

  •  Both of these trucks' axles are structured with 8mm width.

Kingpin Style:

  • Both of the tracks are featured with grade 8 Reverse Kingpins.

Structural components:

  • Due to the 356.2 Virgin Aluminum construction, Paris truck models are immensely durable and husky. Whereas the baseplate and hanger of Paris trucks are Aluminum gravity molded.

    To make this model extraordinary, Paris has applied 2 heat technology while constructing the trucks.

  • To give 40% more strength Caliber has used A356 Virgin Aluminum and T6 heating technology to make this model robust.

Baseplate angles:

  • Paris trucks come at 43°, and 50° angles.
  • Whereas the Caliber trucks come with 50° angles.


  • 90a Divine Bushings has adorned this truck set in an impeccable way. Paris bushings are proficient enough to offer smooth carvings.

  • On the contrary, 89a Blood Orange Bushings have equipped Caliber trucks. You can enjoy a more stable performance due to its lock-in bushings design.


  • Two pieces of Paris trucks come with 920 grams.
  • Comparing to the Paris trucks, Caliber trucks are a little bit weighty, as these trucks come with 970 grams.

Now, you may realize the differences as well as similarities of both these trucks. But it's totally up to you that for which one you should shop.

Overall Review Of Paris Trucks:

The open bushing seat of the Paris longboard trucks is absolutely perfect for smooth and more effective turns. The beefiER hangers are robust and durable enough to serve users with long-term usage.

As Paris trucks allow the riders to enjoy facile and racy ridings, we will recommend these trucks as the best longboard trucks for freeriding. If you are a beginner one, then Paris 50 degree trucks can offer you mellifluous carving.

For the downhill longboarders, we will suggest having a try Paris 43 degree trucks. But you can also complete the truck selection process according to your choice.

Caliber Trucks Overview

The tight bushing seat of Caliber trucks provides more stable riding and more facile feelings. Even if you are longboarding at a high speed on the bumpy surface, you can enjoy flowing and smooth riding.

Although these trucks are a little bit weighty, these trucks come with super-strong hangers that will not bend easily.

If you are pondering to buy a downhill truck, then these Caliber trucks can be a surpassed choice for stable riding.

For the newbies, Caliber 44° trucks for leaning and 55° trucks for turning, will be a great pick for freeriding and downhill longboarding.

Now, you can clearly see the differences and similarities as well between the two trucks. So, depending on the specifications, decide which one you are going to pick, either the Paris trucks or the Caliber ones.

Caliber Trucks Cal Ii 50 Rkp Longboard Trucks review:

If you want to develop your longboarding skills, then it's very important to choose the right truck. But most of the trucks can't perform well on the bumpy surface. In that case, caliber ii fifty longboard trucks are identical ones.

Whereas other trucks that are available in the market at a cheap rate is spoiling the enjoyment of the easygoing ride, caliber 2 50 trucks are ready to offer you incredible performance.

As this truck brand Caliber offers the riders stable riding while longboarding and as well as permits them to perform longboarding tricks, this brand is considered as the superior one. If you want to get a truck set that can also hit your tight budget, then caliber 180mm trucks will be the best.

This truck model reflects the brand's excellence and proficiency in a remarkable way. Whether you love freeriding, Or downhill longboarding or cruising, for all longboarding styles caliber 2 50 trucks are the incredible ones.

The quality standard that Caliber has set for all truck brands, it really difficult to outmatch. The sturdiness, compatibility make these Caliber longboard trucks is really praiseworthy.

In one word, it can be said that this all-rounder truck can successfully gratify the buyers' needs.

Let's know more about the features of caliber 2 longboard trucks.

Alluring specifications of the truck model:

  • Firm structure: Caliber has made this model 40% stronger and sturdy than its earlier truck sets. As a result, it becomes more bashes resisting.

    This truck set is adorned with blood orange bushings that make this truck set eye-catching one. The impingement enduring the Aluminum structure of the truck makes this truck durable enough.

  • How much durable the 50 caliber longboard trucks are? As aluminum can endure any type of hard blows, the model is immensely durable.

  • The quality of the bushings: The bushings are the most significant part of a truck. If the bushings are not properly adjustable, you will fail to take turns smoothly, as well as can't enjoy the stability of riding.

    On the other hand, harder bushings create a lot of problems to maintain control. The unique version of come shaped Ultra HR bushings helps the riders to take carves and turns smoothly.

  • Color options: Perhaps you are very choosy regarding the colors. In that case, this Caliber longboard truck model can come to your aid. As these caliber trucks cal ii 50 Rkp longboard trucks are available in Silver, Satin Coral, Satin Green, Satin Lavender, Satin Smoke, and many colors.

    As the manufactures coated the truck with the help of thinner paint, the paint doesn't affect on the trucks' performance.

  • Design of the baseplate:  Baseplate plays a significant role in terms of enhancing longboarding skills. The incomparable baseplate design of this Caliber longboard trucks set gives the customers a golden opportunity to give a customized look to the board.

  • Kingpin design: This Caliber model comes with a 17.4 mm kingpin that is circular in shape and easily adjustable. Due to the pressed-in grade 8, kingpin head riders can have proper control while longboarding.

  • Capability: For all skating styles, this truck model can offer impressive services. Whether it's cruising, downhill longboarding, or freestyle riding you should try this Caliber truck set for sure.


  • Sturdy configuration.
  • Suitable for all types of longboarding styles.
  • Durable enough.
  • Budget-friendly


  • Sound creating bushings.

Final verdict:

Overall, we can say that caliber longboard trucks are such truck models that can be eligible for all types of riders. As well as getting the trucks from a reliable truck brand is really a hard task. 

In this regard, Caliber is the most trustworthy brand that is conquering its customer's mind day by day by its innovative and incredible truck models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Paris Trucks good?

The accurate bushings design, beefiEr hangers, firm structure altogether these all features make Paris trucks good enough. Although the Paris trucks are pretty much light-weight, it can offer you long time services.

Q. Do trucks matter on a longboard?

With the help of two trucks, each longboarding trucks get equipped. You can measure the trucks depending on the width of the hanger and axle.

Q. Is there a difference between Longboard trucks and skateboard trucks?

The main motive of both trucks is the same. But these trucks are totally contrasting with each other. The hangers of longboard tracks are wider. Most of the cases, longboarding trucks come with 150-180 mm width.

Q. What size trucks should I get for my longboard?

Although the trucks come with more width provide stability while riding, they are not promptly responding. On the contrary, 180mm trucks are mainly used for downhill longboarding and freestyle riding. Whereas 150 mm trucks can provide you gratifying services for carving.

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