Cal 7 Longboard Trucks Review In 2022

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Are cal 7 longboard trucks good? Am I making the right choice? Can I improve my longboarding skills by using these trucks for longboards?

Yes, dear. You are in the right way!

If you are a beginner longboarder, pondering such questions are very casual. That's why we are here to fix your worries.

Since many years, Cal 7 longboarding trucks are reigning the truck industry. So, there is no doubt regarding the brand's reliability. Every product of this brand is praiseworthy.

And the Cal 7 model also says the same. With superior quality material, and advanced technology the manufacturers have designed this model. Even it is budget-friendly too. In this article, we are going to discuss cal 7 trucks review, the difference between Cal 7 and gullwing longboard trucks, and so on.

So, without making any delay let's move further and find out the engaging features of this cal 7 180mm reverse kingpin longboard trucks.

Cal 7 Trucks Review

Are you willing to purchase an all-rounder truck for longboards? Then you must check the cal 7 longboard trucks review.

Within a cost-effective budget, this truck set offers the riders incredible performance.

Basically, it's a combo package of cal 7 longboard trucks and wheels, bearings, and hardware. Whether you want to perform street skating or ramp longboarding, then the mellifluous wheels and sturdy truck set of Cal 7 can offer you the best outcomes.

As this combo package comes with all essential parts of a longboard, you just need to buy the board. After that, associate the deck with these longboard parts and you are ready to go.

Do you feel exhausted while longboarding on an uneven surface? In that case, you must choose such a truck that can absorb the shocks and vibration. Cal 7 180mm reverse kingpin longboard trucks can offer you an incomparable service in terms of shock resisting.

Due to having the extra vibration obstructing pads, undoubtedly you can enjoy smooth riding by using this truck set.

So, are you curious to know the specifications of this one of the best longboard trucks?

Let's dig in.

  • Versatility: Those who are on a tight budget, but willing to buy such a longboard truck pair that can offer unprecedented performance for a long period, go for this one. 

    Why are we calling it versatile? Let us answer your question.

    Whether you have just started your longboarding season, or have prior experience, this elegant truck can be your closest companion in both cases.

    The newbie ones can get impressed by the adequate controlling facility that the truck offers. Most of the beginner longboarders prefer lightweight trucks. Pondering that the manufacturers have made this model mild and blonde. As well as they comprised moderate weight bearings in this package.

    Whereas the experienced ones target such trucks that are robust and sturdy enough. The tenacious wheels and pith constructional elements of this truck make the truck flexible and suitable for grinding as well as sliding.

    Whether you merely want a regular commuting truck that can perform smoothly in the park and road as well, then this accomplished Cal 7 Longboard truck will not disappoint you at all.

  • Configuration: If you are finding a cruising truck, just pick this one without any hesitation. To gratify the buyers' expectations, the originator of this longboard trucks and wheels used virgin aluminum as a structural component.

  • Axle: To make the model more robust than the previous Cal models, the generators equipped the truck with a firm quality grade 8 axle that is ample enough to offer a stable riding.

  • Quality of the bearings: Without compromising the quality of the trucks Cal 7 has specified it with superior quality and excellent performing bearings. To offer a speedy and mellifluous riding to the users, the manufacturers have adorned the truck with Abec bearings.

    As the bushings are pre-lubricated, you will be able to enjoy a smooth-riding at a decent speed.

Other hardware that comes with this package:

To prevent wheel biting, the manufacturers include 8 mm risers in this combo set. Not only that but also you will be able to get spacers, wheels along with the package.

The set of trucks and wheels for longboards come with durable and stiff PU wheels. As the dimensions of the wheels are 70 × 51 mm, you can get the best cruising experience ever. Along with that, the 180 mm hanger makes these longboarding trucks husky and strong.

  • Color variations: This cal 7 longboard trucks and wheels combo set come in a few color options. Due to having a wide range of color options, riders can pick their desired ones and customize their boards.

    These trucks and wheels for longboards come in black-green, black-purple, black-red, black-blue, and many more combinations.

  • Suitable for long-term uses: You definitely will not want to waste your money again and again by purchasing such a truck set that can get cracked after using a few days. In that case, you can shop for cal 7 longboard trucks.

     The structural components of the truck are extremely durable and suitable for long time uses.


  • Durable construction.
  • Affordable.
  • Excellent performance provider in terms of cruising, and turnings.


  • Kingpins are not so good.
  • Moderate quality wheels.

Now say are you impressed by the cal 7 trucks review? Then why are you wasting time dear?

To get these trucks and wheels longboard, just place your order and bring the cal 7 longboard trucks set to your home. And make yourself a pro-level longboarder.

Cal 7 Vs Gullwing Longboard Trucks

The incredible truck brand Gullwing is famous for its remarkable performance while performing skating tricks or sliding. For the beginner skaters, purchasing this longboarding trucks will be a smart stroke.

But, Are you feeling puzzled or can't decide which one is the best gullwing longboard trucks or the cal 7 one? Let us make your job easy. To wash away your confusion, here we are going to make a comparison between these two.

Just have a look.


Let's start by comparing the weight of the trucks.

  • Cal 7 Longboard Trucks come in 1.77 Kilograms packaging weight. Whereas Gullwing sidewinder longboard trucks come with 595.5g weight.
  • Comparing the weight, it can be said that Gullwing trucks are more light-weight.


  • Gullwing trucks are equipped with 10" axle.
  • On the other hand, Cal 7 comes with a 9.75" wide high-quality grade 8 axle.


  • Cal 7 trucks are adorned with 180 mm durable and sturdy hanger that adds more stability while riding.

  • On the contrary, 185 hangers of Gullwing trucks come with pivot facility. That means for carving and turnings, this truck set can make your job easier.


  • Mainly, for downhill skating, and as well as cruising, Gullwing trucks will be a great pick. Not only that but also 86-90 durometer bushings can offer you the best carving experience. Gullwing trucks come with barrel and cone bushings.

  • As a cruising truck this unique and high-tech featured cal 7 longboarding truck is reigning the market.

Color options:

  • Gullwing trucks come with Black, aqua, lime, orangish blue, purple, silver, and many more colors.
  • Whereas the manufacturers of Cal 7 trucks offer a few color options of wheels and truck combo i.e. black-green, black-black, etc.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Longboard Trucks:

It doesn't mean that a truck set that belongs to an eminent brand will offer excellent performance. Feeling worried after knowing this? Don't worry. Here we will guide you by defining all the necessary points that you need to consider while purchasing a truck set.

Let's figure out those aspects.

  • The width of the trucks: When you are going to purchase a longboarding truck, make sure that you have checked the truck's width. You should select such a truck set that is congruous with your deck. Only thus, you will be able to enjoy a tremendous performance.

    If you are still unable to understand the width of your truck, then we will suggest you not to choose such a truck set that is too narrow or too wide.

    Why we are saying this?

    Because balancing and stability are totally dependent on the trucks.

    But it's really confusing to understand the measurement of the truck's width, as it varies according to the companies. In that case, we will recommend you a trick.

    In terms of the measurement of trucks, you need to look at the measuring unit. In case, the truck's width is mentioned in mm, that will denote the length of the hanger.

    On the contrary, the inches are referred to as the length of the axle. For example, if your deck is nine inches wide, you can target the trucks that come with 150 mm. Such a combo can be suitable for regular commuting, and as well as freestyle riding.

    Whereas, for 10 inches decks, 180-millimeter trucks can be the exact choice. These types of the combo can offer the best service while downhill longboarding.

  • The baseplate angle of the trucks: The baseplate is the metal constructed part of a truck. The baseplate angle determines how sharply you will be able to take turns. Whereas those trucks come with higher angle offer smoother turns.

    Most of the RKP trucks that come with a 50° angle are the most responsive ones. Such trucks offer phenomenal service while downhill longboarding, carving, and cruising.

    Whereas if you are purchasing 44° trucks, you will be unable to take such sharp and smooth turns that you can enjoy by using 50° ones.

  • Price: Always costly products don't provide you the best service. So make sure before buying you are checking all of the specifications of the truck.

  • Kingpin: Depending on the kingpin style, trucks come in two patterns. One is the standard one and another is the reverse one.

    For freestyle, downhill longboarding, reverse one can be an intelligent choice.

    On the other hand, standard kingpins are suitable for cruising, as they offer more stability.

  • Hanger's height: The height of the hanger should be apt according to the wheels. Too short or too tall hangers can become the reason for wheel biting.

So, do confirm that you are checking all of these points before purchasing a pair of trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are Cal 7 boards good?

Depending on the overall review of the cal 7 longboard trucks and wheels, it can be said that both for the beginners and the experienced ones, this truck set can be a phenomenal choice.

 The newbies will be impressed by its ability of adequate control providing. And on the contrary, the stable performance and versatile attribute of this truck will impress the experienced ones.

Q. What size trucks do I need for my longboard?

The trucks come with more width, are quick responding, and provides stable performance. On the contrary, narrow trucks will not be able to offer such performance.

That's why, for downhill longboarding and as well as freestyle riding, most of the skaters preferred 180 mm trucks. Whereas, for daily commuting, 150 mm trucks will be a smart pick.

Q. What are the best trucks for street skating?

If you are a street skater, then you must want such a truck set that is suitable for regular commuting and as well as can offer you remarkable performance even on the uneven surface.

In that case, the trucks come from Independent, Thunder, KRUX, Venture brands can offer you excellent riding experience.

Q. Do trucks matter on a skateboard?

Skateboards are equipped with a pair of trucks. Depending on the width of the axle and hanger, you can measure the trucks. While skating, the whole bodyweight of the rider relies upon the trucks. It's the truck that provides stability while skating.

This T-shaped part of a skateboard that remains under the deck associates the other parts of boards i.e. wheels, bearings with the deck. So, it can be said a wrong pick of the truck set can ruin your dream of becoming an advanced level skater.

Therefore, do confirm that the trucks you are purchasing are apt according to the deck's size.

Q. What trucks should I get for an 8-inch board?

While purchasing, make sure that the truck you are selecting is not too wide or too narrow. It should be apt according to your deck size. For the decks come with 7.88  inches to 8.25 inches deck, 8 inches axle will be an excellent choice.


We are sure that after checking the cal 7 trucks review, you have understood the contrast between the gullwing trucks and the cal 7 longboard trucks. So, it's your turn to make an accurate choice. Just place your order and bring the combo package of cal 7 180mm reverse kingpin longboard trucks to your home.

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