Top 10 Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding In 2022 | The Essential Buying Guide

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When you come to take an initiative for skateboarding, you must put the best wrist guards for skateboarding on your wrist. The wrist guards keep your wrist safe if a sudden accident comes during the time of skateboarding.

The wrist guards provide comfort even a kind of strong confidence that makes you energized to do skateboarding excellently. The guard also keeps your mind free while skateboarding.

But one thing you need to remember that the using technique of guards you should know perfectly. If you wear the guard wrongly, then it may give you a negative result.

Without the knowledge of guard use, you must have some problems while you are in skateboarding. But do not be worried as we are with you. This article will give you the right information on how to use wrist guards for skateboarding.

Apart from that, this article will provide information regarding the choosing tips of skateboarding wrist guards, the wearing process, and many more. Please stay on this page and go through the details.

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What Are The Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding?

cheap wrist guards for skateboarding

Wrist fracturing is a common incident for skateboarders while they are skateboarding without wrist guards. Even the fracturing comes if they wear the below-quality wrist guard. For that is that reason, skateboarders need to wear the best skateboarding wrist guards.

Generally, the best skateboard wrist guard comes with quality materials that protect the wrist if the skateboarders fall on the rocks, streets, or skate park.

You may have a question in your mind that how you can understand the best one. Yes, you have come to the right point.

Just take a look at the below details.

  •  Breathability – The wrist guards for skateboarding comes as the best when it has an extreme level of breathability. The breathability gives you comfort to hold anything and even it does not make your finger and palm slippery.

  • Fitness & Flexibility – You will get an extreme level of flexibility when the wrist guard gives you the right fitness. More flexibility provides you an opportunity to move your hand along with your fingers according to your wish.

  • Style – Style is also an important thing on your wrist guard. It gives you the freedom to move your finger and the style of wrist guards makes you smart. The most popular style of wrist guard comes in two styles mainly. One type covers your full fingers and another type comes with covering at half of the fingers.

Apart from these, some wrist guards come with a single 'Splint' and some are double splints. When you come to use a single splint, there must be comfort and safety but the double splint provides you more protection for the wrist.

The wrist guards used in inline skating comes with a strap around your wrist and a bent bit made of plastic stays in front of your wrist. For your benefit, we will mention you some best brand of wrist guards and their quality works. Take a look below.

1. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards:

If you want to buy a quality wrist guard within your budget, then definitely, you should get in touch with Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards.

This particular wrist guard has the right quality to help you to win the competition. It is multi-purposes. 

It provides you good protection for the wrist and even better comfort to move your wrist while skateboarding.

It is equipped with high-quality fabrics that run for a long time, ballistic and strong nylon. The guard is very soft as it comes with a soft pad. For the best wrist & palm support, it is designed with wrap straps

Why is it special?

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards come to be used for multi-purposes such as skateboarding, biking, longboarding, and even inline skating. It is designed ergonomically with a splint and full wrap straps for the best palm and wrist support.

Undoubtedly, the wrist guard is high-grade as it comes with the construction of quality fabrics and ballistic nylon.

You can control your balance with the help of this guard while skateboarding. Even it can protect you from falling during daring movements.


  • Quality materials enabled wrist guard.
  • Attach with wrap strap.
  • Multi-purposes.


  • Not suitable for entire hand protection.

2. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards For Skateboarding:

Undoubtedly, Triple Eight Wrist saver Wrist Guards for skateboarding bring a safeguard for the skateboarders.

It is small in size. For the front and back support, it includes ABS splints. This particular guard is high density enabled.

The system of wearing and unwiring is very simple with on and off mode. It gives your wrist a snag fit with four-way stretch nylon mesh.

The wrist guard is very light-weighted and for that is the reason, you will feel comfortable while wearing it.

In a word, it can be said that the wrist will be a hundred perfect safe comfortable through this wrist guard.

Why it is special?

Triple Eight Wrist saver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding has gained massive popularity among the skateboarders for its working quality. The wrist comes under complete protection if you wear this wrist guard. It works excellently for skateboarding, longboarding, and inline skating.

The soft pads used in the wrist guards save your wrist from any kind of injuries caused by an accident. It comes in a small size measured by 7 to 8 inches. So, no worries to keep it in your pocket.

The guard provides you back support and front support with its high-density oriented ABS splints.


  • Small in sizes.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Easy wearing and unwiring.
  • Easy store.


  • Difficult to adjust sizes.

3. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves:

If you are a professional skateboarder and want to win the competition, then you must grab Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves.

Even you like to do daring skateboarding; you must take this particular wrist guard.

It is for all ages and even the wrist guard works well for longboard, skateboard, and inline stating. You also use it for a variety of similar sports.

The wrist guard comes in different sizes and as a result of that, your wrist gets the right fitness. It is designed with hook and loop closure.

Why is it special?

The extreme level of wrist protection comes from Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves. It is the exact one while you are in skateboarding, longboarding, or inline skating. Even you can come to use this one for outdoor sports.

Professional and beginners both can use but more advantages go for the professionals. It is designed with high resistant ABS splint on top and bottom and the splint can be changed when it comes to wear and tear.

The wrist guard comes in four sizes measured by 8 to 9 inches, 9 to 10 inches, X-large, and 10 to 11 inches.


  • Double-stitched enabled.
  • Four different sizes.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to wear.


  • Exact one for only professionals.

4. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves:

According to the market strategy, Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves take a good position among the professional as well as the beginner skateboarders.

The skateboarders feel good when they move their hands and wrist during their game.

No injuries they get if they fall on the ground or the skate park from the running skateboard. The high padding system of the guard keeps the wrist protected in any negative situation.

It provides you a better opportunity for gripping and you no need to put off the gloves. You will have a guard wearing comfort because the glove goes half of the fingers.

Why is it special?

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves are designed with durable goatskin and it is the best addition for your safety equipment. It comes in three different sizes and the sizes are small, medium, large. That means the sizes are adaptable for wearers.

This guard goes up to half of the fingers and so that, you will have much more flexibility in your hands. Even you will feel comfortable wearing the guard.


  • Goatskin made.
  • Half fingers enabled.
  • Three different sizes.
  • Ideal for professional as well as beginners.


  • Lower resistant.

5. Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves:

If you like to have the best wrist guards for electric skateboards keeping your eyes you should go for Triple Eight Sliders Longboard Gloves.

The gloves are made of quality leather and for the right fitness, it comes with neoprene padded knuckle.

The guards are available in three different sizes you can use them for skateboard, longboard, and inline skating.

The pad used in this wrist guard is completely unique as the pad works efficiently to remove the sweat.

You will get the right adjustability from the guard because it is systemized with a heavy-duty wraparound wrist strap. Even a hook and loop connector are attached with the guard for the right fitness.

Why is it special?

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves protect your wrist closely and superbly. It comes in three different sizes like 7.5 inches, 7.5 to 9.0 inches, and 9.0 inches to 10.5 inches. The guard includes a triple 8 badge and sweat saver pad to wipe away the sweat stored in the hand or wrist.

For the perfect fit, the wrist guard quality wraparound wrist strap & hook and loop connector. You will have a hundred percent comfortable feelings with the perfect protection from any kind of injury.

It is very simple to use and you can use the guard for skateboarding, longboarding, and some outdoor games. You can feel easy for washing.


  • Exact wrist fitness.
  • Three different sizes enabled.
  • Accurate sweat saver.
  • Multi-purposes.


  • Comparatively higher price.

Why You Need a wrist guard for skateboarding?

Wrist injuries are common incidents while you are on an inline skating roller, roller skating, snowboarding, or skateboarding. The skating players put their hands just to break a fall and hit the surface to bruise, dislocate or fracture the wrist or tear ligaments.

You need to remember that in most cases, wrist guards come with the construction of molded plastic over the back and front of the wrist to prevent the wrist from bending either backward or frontwards. But you need to remember that wrist guards do not protect the areas like upper arms or shoulders.

I think your kids are very expert in skateboarding and you have given you the top skateboard for beginners kid but a bit of carelessness or negligence, your kid may face an accident. Just take a look at the below details to know briefly the benefits of wrist guards for skateboarding.

  • Safety protection.
  • Nothing changes of wrist damage.
  • High comfort in hands along with fingers.
  • Good capacity of grip.
  • Getting easy support while skateboarding.
  • Nice shape of hands.

How Do Wrist Guards Actually Work?

Undoubtedly, the best skateboard wrist guards work very efficiently just to protect the wrist while the skate players are on the skateboard, snowboard, or longboards. The main object of the wrist guards is to save the wrist from any injury caused by the accident during skating.

The wrist guard also protects the fingers as well as the palm of the skate players. It even provides comfort for the palm and fingers.

Generally, the wrist guards prevent the injury through a plastic splint used in the inside of the wrist. The splint curves stay inwards of the palm up to the wrist joint. It is in the form of canceling and is held through a padding system at the arm & arm.

The best skateboard wrist guards are associated with a statistically significant and increase in the number of drops that mean the kinetic energy caused for a fracture. As a result of that, fracture comes severely less when wrist guards are used in the wrist.

So carry the wrist guard in the most popular skateboard backpack and wear it before you take a part in the skateboard competition.

How to Choose the Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding?

Skateboard wrist guard is one of the most important equipment's for the skate players while they are either skateboard or longboards. You can compare it with the top skateboard bearing press as both of equipment's do important works.  When skate players wear the wrist guard before starting the boarding, the chances of wrist injuries are at a low level up to the ending of the game.

Even the skateboarders come to feel comfortable because of wearing the wrist guards.

But always remember that only the best wrist guard bought from the best sellers in skate & skateboarding wrist guards can give maximum protection for the wrist as well as fingers & palm.

When you come to buy the best one, one thing you need to remember that the best wrist guards will not be available in all places and at all times. That means, to get the best one, you need to run a search process following some tips. For your great knowledge, the tips are mentioned below.

MaterialsThe best wrist guard comes with the construction of quality materials like fabric, latex, calfskin, goatskin, and elastic. So, the wrist guards run for a long time. Even it is good for any kind of weather.

If you want to get a wrist guard for cold weather, then you will get in touch with darker materials.

For stiff like wrist guards, you should go for wrist guards made of hard foam, carbon fiber or alternative ingredients.

You should remember one thing that if you like to have more protection from wrist guards, a denser element is the best.

Flexibility and FitFlexibility & Fit are the most important factor that you should give importance to when you are buying the best wrist guards. If you get the right fitness from the skateboarding wrist guards, then you will feel flexibility during wearing the wrist guards.

Generally, most of the branded wrist guards provide you fitness with three straps.

SizeThe fitness, flexibility, and comfort come from the right size of the wrist guard. In that case, first, you need to measure your hands from the wrist to the top end of the middle finger and then select an accurate size.

Remember one thing that you should select the wrist guards one inch larger than your hands' size as the larger measurement can be suitable for you more or less.

StyleThere are many more wrist guards available to protect the wrist according to styles. The traditional wrist guard comes as a full-finger skateboard wrist guard. It will efficiently work to cover the entire wrist and fingers.

When you like to have a half-finger wrist guard, it will make your fingerprints free. This type will give you an extreme level of freedom. You can move your fingers as your wish.

SafetySafety is the main thing that you need to check while you are going to buy the best wrist guard. The high range of safety comes from the wrist guard when the materials used in the guards are quality-oriented.

Even the safety comes if the guards are in the right fit. So check the safety measure and come to buy the guards.

PricePrice is another important thing to select the best skateboarding wrist guards. When you get in touch with the high-quality-oriented wrist guard at a reasonable price, you need to grab it paying the price.

To select the best price, you should do a long search for wrist guards. You can reach at skateboarding wrist guard web portal online to select the best depending on the price as well as features.

What Type of Skateboard Wrist Guard Do You Need?

It is sure and certain that all kinds of skate & skateboarding wrist guards more or less suitable for skateboarders. But everyone has a unique choice and for that reason, you need to choose the right one according to your needs and passion.

Normally, there are several types of wrist guards and the guards come as the best ones according to the skateboarders' choice. So, take a look below.

  • Longboard Normal Guards- Longboard is the most common kind of wrist guard. It provides you a high range of safety when you are sliding or downhill riding.

  • Longboard Wrist Guard Protective Gloves – This particular wrist guard is one of the best as it gives good protection for your wrist. It is the perfect one for an expert as well as a beginner. It has awesome adaptability for many riding styles.

  • Standard Longboard Wrist Guards – This wrist guard is undoubtedly one of the best for all ages skateboarders. It is suitable for all ages, beginners as well as professionals. 

  • Longboard Wrist Guards Anti Gloves – This wrist guard is the perfect one for wrist safety and even different types of injuries. It is good for only professionals but not for beginners. It does not provide much protection.

  • Longboard Wrist Support Braces – Suppose if you have injuries in your wrist and want to do skateboarding, then you can use this one keeping eyes closed. This one keeps the wrist in place safely and comfortably.

How to wear wrist guards for skateboarding?

It is very simple and common that the wrist guard used in skateboarding protects your wrist as well your palm with fingers while you are skateboarding.

But you need to remember that a wrist guard can only keep your wrist safe if the guards come to be set in the wrist rightly. That means you need to wear the wrist guards perfectly.

If you do not know the proper ways how to wear the wrist guards, we are with you. So just please follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Come to locate the thumb hole in the wrist guard.

  • Also, locate the hard plastic panel which will protect your wrist as well as your palm.

  • You need to put the plastic panel on your palm and wrist having a side facing of hard plastic. Through this system, you can protect both your wrist and palm.

  • Then you need to place your thumb through the thumb hole. But if you cannot enter your thumb, then your wrist guard comes probably upside down. Just turn the wrist guard on your palm to enter your thumb through the whole.

  • At last, you have to wrap the wrist guard fabric on the back of your hand and press Velcro against Velcro for security purposes.

How to Choose the Right Size Skateboard Wrist Guards?

It is good to know that more or less wrist fitness comes from the wrist guards it the wrist guards are something larger or smaller. But if you want to get superb fitness, then you must measure your hands.

To get an accurate measurement of your wrist, you should measure your hands and knuckles. To get the right size measuring, it is very important to use soft tape. You need to measure around the four knuckles around the widest point excluding the thumb.

Generally, there are four sizes available for skateboard players. When your hand width comes 5 to 6 inches, then the size of the wrist guard is small. If the hands' width comes 6 to 7.5 inches, the medium size is perfect.

The large size wrist guard comes when hand width is 7.5 to 9 inches. Even when hand width is between 9 to 11 inches, then the size of guards should be x-large.

How does a wrist guard become a unique one?

Undoubtedly, wrist guards are very important for skateboarders in need of skateboarding. The wrist guards generally work efficiently with their padding system that helps you against scrapes, grazes, and direct impacts. So, the good padding-enabled wrist guard is enough for the skateboarders.

The most important feature of the wrist guard is the splint. The splints come with long hard strips of plastic and even metal that keep your wrist in the right place. The splint provides support to your wrist while you lose your balance and get a severe injury.

The thing is that the splint gives strong support surrounding the bone. So, the skateboarders need to have good splint systemized wrist guards.

When your wrist guards come with a strong splint and well padding system, your wrist will be completely safe from any kind of injuries caused by falling from the skateboard. Always stay connected with this mentioned type of wrist guard.

Generally, most of the wrist guards have a single strap that puts the wrist guard on your hand as well as your wrist. But you know that one strap is not sufficient if you do a lot of aggressive skateboarding tricks. In that sense, two or more straps can be able to fix the wrist guard on the wrist.

Before you choose an extraordinary wrist guard, you need to check another important benefit that your selected wrist guards have or not. In that sense, you need to consider the ease of cleaning. While checking the wrist guards, you should think, ‘Can I remove the splints?’ or clean splints

separately? ‘ If the guards provide you these benefits, the wrist guards are undoubtedly awesome.

Even before you buy the wrist guards, you should notice either the guards are easily washable with hands or a machine. Both washing systems provide you easy and fast cleaning.

How does a wrist guard protect the wrist, palm, and fingers?

The wrist guard looks like a shape of wrist attached with palm and fingers. It comes to be fit on the wrist with the help of a splint. The guards stay on the wrist, palm, and fingers and cover them to protect against injury for the outdoor game especially skateboarding.

The outer portion of the wrist guard is like a hard shell and the inner portion is very soft. That means whenever palm or wrist faces any accident, the hard shell in the outer portion of the guard endures hard stroke from outside and the soft pad from the inner side keeps the wrist, fingers, and palm protected.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ)

Q. Are wrist guards effective?

Undoubtedly, the wrist guards are effective as the guards keep your wrist safe from any kind of injuries. The guard is especially required when you are on the skateboard. You can also use the guards if you come to play Longboard, snowboard, or inline skating.

Q. Are tight wrist guards better?

You need to remember that the good fittings by the wrist guards are very important while you are skateboarding. But the tight wrist guard is never good. The tight wrist guard does not provide you flexibility in your hand. As a result of that, you will feel uncomfortable during skateboarding.

Q. What are the most vulnerable parts of the hands during a fall?

The wrist, hands, and fingers are made of several small bones. When a fracture comes in these bones, you will feel severely bad. It is incredibly painful. Even the pain comes extreme during the healing process. So, when you fall from a skateboard, the bones are vulnerable. 

Q. Do skateboard wrist guards work for longboarding?

Yes, skateboard wrist guards work in the case of a longboard also. The thing is that wrist guards come to be put in the wrist and the guards protect the wrist, palm, and fingers while you are on a skateboard or longboard. Even you can use the wrist guards for any purpose of the game.

Q. Do skating wrist guards protect against fractures?

The skating wrist guards provide the best protection to your wrist, fingers, and palm. When you face an accident falling from the skateboard and be injured physically, your wrist and fingers will be protected from the injuries. No fractures will come on your wrist and palm.

Q. What does a wrist guard do?

The wrist guard gives the safest protection to your wrist, fingers, and palm. You can use this guard while you are skateboarding, longboarding, and inline skating. Even you can use this guard for any kind of outdoor game.

Q. How effective are wrist guards?

Wrist guards are hundred percent effective as your fingers, wrist and palm will be protected & safe while you are in outdoor games especially skateboarding. If you face an accident and get injured physically, no fractures come on your wrist. Even your palm and fingers will be safe from germs.

Q. What is the most common skateboard injury?

The common injuries from skateboarding are head injuries and concussions that skateboarders face. These types of injuries may cause the death of skateboarders. Even you can face other injuries on your hand, wrist, and shoulders when you lose balance and fall on an outstretched arm. 


Undoubtedly, skateboarding is a very charming game but it is also risky. Most of the time, the skateboarders get injuries on their wrists, hands, and palm. You can keep your wrist as well as fingers safe by the best wrist guards for skateboarding.

If you come to be satisfied with the information given above, please share this article with your connected social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Your little effort makes me energized to write more articles like this. 

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