Top 5 Best skateboarding shoes for women In 2022

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Are you looking for the best skateboarding shoes for women? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to elaborate top skateboard footwear for women.

Perhaps you may wonder why normal-looking shoes are known as 'skate shoes. You should know that just like running shoes these skate shoes are manufactured in a specific way for supporting your feet at the time of skating.

As skating is a totally different activity from running, you should not use running shoes while skating.

 And if you do this, you may feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Wearing the best skateboarding shoes will allow you to perform skating stunts easily.

Moreover, you will be able to move more gracefully along with protecting your feet.

If you are a newbie skater, you may have several questions in your mind. For instance, you may think about which is the best  skateboards for beginners, how you can find out that the pair of shoes is a skate shoe, and so on.

Our Top Picks (Women's Skateboard Shoes 2022) : Updated!

adidas Women's Broma Skate Shoe
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Vans Unisex Women's Skateboard Shoes
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best skateboarding shoes for women by Consumer Reports

Don't worry. We are going to clear all your doubts here. Moreover, we have given a few blogs on electric skateboards for heavy riders, Skateboards for beginners, and so on. Don't forget to check those blogs.

1. DC Women's Court Graffik Low Top Casual Skate Shoe:

If you want to make your footwear colorful, then go for these best skateboarding shoes for women.

The classic and outstanding look of these shoes is going to grab your mind within a few seconds.

Suede is used to design the upper portion of the shoe. This shoe is adorned with a lightweight and puffy mesh tongue.

Naturetex mesh lining is used to make the shoes breathable. The manufacturers use a foam padded collar so that the user can get ultra comfort. For offering extra grip pill pattern tread is used.

This model comes with abrasion resisting sticky rubber sole that helps in preventing skidding.

 The super durable cup sole and robust construction make these best women's skateboarding shoes long-term usable.


  • Constructed by suede material
  • Foam padded collar for extra comfort.
  • Offers extra grip.
  • Comes with naturetex mesh lining.
  • Rubber outsole


  • A few users reported that the insole is very hard.

2. Adidas Women's Broma Skate Shoe:

The second shoe among the top skateboard footwear for women is from the brand Adidas.

Are you looking for everyday wearable footwear? Then these are the ideal ones for you.

Why we are saying this? Let's check-in below.

Canvas is used to design the upper portion of the shoes. These models are adorned with a durable traction sole and rubber platform outsole.

To make the shoes more comfortable, textile lining and EVA midsole are used.

Always try to buy such a pair of shoes that are snuggly fitted. Lace-up closure and a back pull tab help to make the shoes snugly fitted.

 The round-toed shape gives the shoes an outstanding look and allows the skaters to perform skating moves easily.


  • Canvas upper.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Perfect for daily usages.
  • Comes with a foam bootbed.


  • A few users reported that after extended usages throughout the day, it can give a bad odor.

3. Vans Unisex Adult Skateboarding Shoes:

The third product in this list is Vans Unisex Adult skateboarding shoes. This model comes with a classic silhouette.

The vans side stripe and the hallmark of the brand make these best skateboarding shoes for women unbeatable.

Canvas is used to construct the upper portion of this model. And padded collar makes these shoes super comfortable.

These top skateboarding shoes for women are adorned with cotton drill lining. You will get to see triple stitching on the collar. This model comes with a die-cut EVA insole and gum rubber outsole.

The outstanding design of this model offers the user an excellent grip. The vulcanized design of these shoes and slimmed-down profile make these shoes more flexible.


  • The upper portion is constructed by canvas.
  • Gum rubber outsole.
  • Flexible.
  • Slimmed-down profile.


  • A few users are reported that they are not satisfied with the finish.

4. DC Women's Chelsea Low Top Casual Skate Shoe:

Are you willing to wear attractive footwear that can grab the other's minds easily? Then, without any hesitation go for these best women's skateboarding shoes.

Wearing these low-top shoes, you are going to enjoy a comfortable and cozy journey. This model comes with a foam padded collar that adds more comfort.

The rubber sole of this model offers a better grip. These best skateboarding shoes have vent holes that make the shoes breathable.

This model has a textile upper. And rubber outsole is used for rounding out the shoes.

 These models come with metal eyelets. Due to which users are able to lace up for a snug fit. If you are looking for a durable and robust model, go for these best skateboarding shoes for women.


  • Attractive outlook.
  • Breathable.
  • Foam padded collar for extra comfort.
  • Rubber sole for better grip.


  • A few users reported that this model is not perfect for those who want extra arch support.

5. Vans Unisex Slip On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker:

The best thing about this shoe is its outstanding design. The iconic print of this model looks like a checkboard.

The padded collars of these best skateboarding shoes for women offer extra comfort.

Whereas laceless upper offers a signature laid back and outstanding look. As this shoe is very lightweight, you can perform skating tricks easily.

The robust construction of these cheap Skateboarding Shoes for Women makes this shoe model extremely durable and long-term usable.

These women skate shoes come with a padded insole that offers extra comfort. The vulcanized sole along with a waffle patterned outsole offers ultra grip.


  • Breathable.
  • Durable.
  • Padded insole.
  • Lightweight.


  • A few users reported that they received narrow shoes.

What are skate shoes? 

The main consideration that the brands keep in mind while manufacturing the skate shoes is that the users will get protection and reinforcement in the right place.

While skating, skaters need to perform a lot of jumping and flipping activities. That's why their shoes must be durable enough.

It is the components, stitches, and construction of the shoes that determine how long you can use the skate shoes. To know in detail, check out below.

The components: Mainly canvas, hemp, suede, and leather are used to construct the skate shoes. However, canvas, hemp is very lightweight and breathable too. But these are less durable compared to suede and leather.

But, you need to first determine how hard you are going to skate. Do you want to skate just for fun? Then, canvas or hemp will be ideal for you.

But, if you are willing to perform technical skateboarding or want to skate competitively, then you need such strong skate shoes that don't get easily torn.

In that case, go for suede or leather. These components can endure rough surfaces easily.

  • The stitches: How much serviceable the skate shoes will rely upon the stitch quality. Always try to go for such skate shoes that come with thorough stretching. These shoes don't get worn out easily.

    Moreover, thorough stitching helps to offer more support in the key areas of the feet.

    If you check the stitching pattern of the top-notch models, then they come with double or triple stitching into the kickflip zones and toe box.

  • The construction of the sole: The skate shoes come with two sole construction patterns - vulcanized and cup sole.

    However, the sole construction depends on your preference. But we will recommend you not only to go for just looks or style. You need to consider your feet.

    Remember, every person has different feet. That's why, which sole construction is not good for others might work better for you.
  1. Vulcanized sole: A vulcanized sole comes with a flat shape. As these are flexible enough, users can perform street skating moves and ground tricks easily.

    These soles are durable enough. But the downside of this kind of sole is they offer less support in the heel.

  2. Cupsole: These models offer adequate protection to the foot and ankle. The only difference between the vulcanized sole and the cup sole is that the latter one comes with a classic rubber bottom.
  • The skate shoe profile: Up to now we clearly elaborated what skate shoes are and their construction.

    When you go to a shoe store, you will see that there are skate shoes with different profiles such as high, mid, and low.

    Each profile comes with several benefits. If you want mobility then low-top skate shoes will be ideal. However, the mid-top skate shoes add more support to the feet.

    On the other hand, high-top skate shoes are able to offer enough protection to the ankle. But you may feel it is heavy.

    Just like the sole construction, this category relies upon your choice and preferences.

    If you are a newbie skater, you may face a few skateboarding issues in beginning. Even you may need to repair your skateboard a little bit. That's why it is advised to have skateboard tools with you.

best skateboarding shoes for women: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Skate Shoes

You should know first that skate shoes are not like casual shoes or sneakers. Skateboarding shoes are manufactured following innovative technology and different construction.

There are a few things that you don't know about skate shoes. Here, we are going to elaborate on those points. Let's have a look.

1. Skate shoes are not Normal shoes:

We have already mentioned that causal walking shoes or sneakers are totally different from skate shoes.

However, the common thing between these shoes is both are used for covering and protecting your feet.

But the design and constructions of these two types are totally different. Superb quality rubber is used to construct the outsole of skate shoes.

This kind of material is shock absorbent and abrasion-resistant. These skate shoes can offer high protection against any kind of shock and impact.

Moreover, you will get a thin padding design in the toe and heel portions. For making the shoes more durable and long-term usable, canvas, suede, leather is used to design the toe areas.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while picking a suitable pair of skateboarding shoes. For instance, you need to check the laces, asymmetrical collars, and the components of the shock liners.

One of the greatest benefits of skate shoes is that these help in reducing the impact on the feet while landing on the ground.

Compared to the normal shows, these are extremely durable and highly abrasion-resistant. Moreover, wearing these shoes, you will feel more comfortable while performing skateboarding tricks.

But we will recommend you not to use skate shoes for waking purposes as these provide less cushioning and less arch support.

Whereas, if you normal shows while performing skateboarding stunts, you will feel difficulties. Moreover, the chance of getting injuries may increase if you pick up the wrong pair of shoes.

2. Huge variety of skate shoe materials:

While picking up a pair of skate shoes, you will get to see a huge variety of choices for components such as grain leather, polyurethane, coated leather, canvas, canvas vulcanized rubber. Each one of these materials comes with pros and cons.

Full-grain leather can be considered the highest durable and comfortable material. Are you looking for a natural product? Then you can go for these models.

But the downside is real leather can break in easily. Moreover, caring for and maintaining these real leather shoes is very difficult.

Similar to the proper full-grain leather, suede material is also very durable and comfortable enough.

 Compared to the suede material, these are cheaper in price and long-lasting. In addition, these come in a huge variety of colors.

Moreover, maintenance of suede leather is very easy. And these don't stretch out quickly.

Now, we are going to discuss a new type of material which is PU-coated leather. These are durable enough and look shiny. But compared to the previously described two materials, these are less soft.

On the other hand, canvas shoes are stylish instead of cheaper in price. But these are not so durable and not so long-lasting.

For making this kind of canvas shoes long-term usable and durable, manufacturers used to add vulcanized rubber patches to the backside of the canvas.

The benefit of such a design is whenever your foot will touch the ground, the rubberized patch will come in touch with the ground.

3. Height of the state shoes:

Does the height of the skate shoe affect the balance? It is a very debatable factor.

 If you buy flatter-sided skate shoes, then there will not be too much difference between your toe area's height and the heel's height.

When it comes to talking about running shoes, there are a few typical running shoes that come with a steep side.

 If you notice such shoes, you will get to see that the height of the heel is much higher than the toe's height.

But the skateboarders need to perform a lot of skating tricks. That's why, if you wear flatter-sided shoes, you will get more balance.

4. Is there any link between skate shoes' tongue and durability?

If it comes to the tongue of skate shoes, you will get two options - puffy type and slimmer type.

Remember, the durability of skate shoes will not be affected by the skate shoe's tongue. It totally depends on your preferences and choices.

As it helps to cover the top portion of the skater's foot, it will not support the foot while landing on the ground. Even if you buy a cushioning tongue, you will not get too much comfortability.

Remember, no matter however the tongue is puffy or slim, it is not going to add more cushioning. It will only help to cover the top of our feet.

If you prefer traditional skate shoes, then you can go for those skate shoes which come with a puffy tongue. However, if you prefer a skinny look, then you can choose slimmer tongue shoes.

If you prefer to tie the lace very tight, then you will get a better result using a slimmer one.

5. Are shock liners really a significant factor of a skate shoe?

If you are going to buy a pair of skate shoes, then sock liners are one of the most dependable factors to consider. Always keep in mind that the overall quality of the shoes can be affected by the quality of the sock liners.

It is the sock liner that helps in ventilating air inside the shoes. Moreover, these also help in preventing moisture and hotspot from occurring.

A few skateboarders are there who prefer to skate for long hours. Are you one of them? Then don't forget to check this factor. These sock liners help to add more cushioning to your feet and offer comfort.

Most of the time, polyurethane or ethylene vinyl acetate is used to construct the sock liners. To design the sock liners,  polyurethane is poured into the mold as a form of liquid.

On the contrary, EVA which is a kind of foam is given the shape of a sock liner. You can choose any of these as per your preference.

6. Vulcanized and cupsole are not same:

You definitely know that the same method is used to construct vulcanized and cupsole. The thing that differentiates these two is how the skaters treat them with several levels of heat and pressure.

To construct the cupsole, a mixture of rubber components is used to get heated at a high temperature.

Then the manufacturers need to press it into a mold and clamp it tight. It will take ninety seconds to complete the entire procedure.

On the contrary, to construct the vulcanized skate shoes, rubber components are cut into small strips.

Then these are used for wrapping. But these materials are made at low temperatures. And it takes more time to get constructed compared to the cupsole.

You can try different skate shoes to check whether you feel comfortable wearing them or not. A few users think that the cupsole is thicker and offers more protection.

However, a few skaters think vulcanized shoes are more flexible.

7. Are skate shoes getting slimmer?

Remember, this fact has no connection with the function of skate shoes. But it is all about style and fashions.

Day by day the outlooks of skate shoes are changing. If you notice, you will get to see that those skate shoes which are available nowadays are completely different from those which are seen in the 90s.

During the 80s and 90s, skate shoes were very popular among kids. At that time, the skate shoes were puffy and bulky.

During that time, kids used to think that bigger shoes will offer much more protection. But now these things are changed.

Skaters prefer minimalist style. Due to the outstanding development of technology, users can get enough protection using slimmer shoes.

Moreover, slimmer shoes look stylish and these are trendy. However, which skate shoe you will choose totally depends on your choice.

While skateboarding, you may want to capture your journey and memories with you. For this, you can carry skateboarding cameras in your skateboard backpack.

8. Hightop or low-top - which one should be better?

Another debatable topic about the skate shoes is - hightop or lowtop - for which one to go for. It totally depends on personal preferences and your skating experience.

Before starting your skating journey, make sure that you have to wear safety gear. Don't forget to wear a skateboard helmet, the best wrist guards for skateboarding, knee pads.

How To Choose The best skateboarding shoes for women?

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while picking a pair of skate shoes. Let's check it out.

  • While buying the best skateboarding shoes for women, make sure that the shoes are neither too tight nor loose. Always try to buy such shoes which can fit snugly to your feet.
  • Do confirm that there is no heel lift.
  • You should not feel discomfort Or pain while wearing the shoes.
  • Check the specifications of the skate shoes and pick that model which fits your needs.
  • Features that need to be considered while buying the Best women's skateboarding shoes:

1. Material: Mainly suede, leather, and synthetic components are used for designing the upper portion of the top skateboard footwear for women.

The benefit of these materials is they are very durable and don't get torn off easily. Moreover, these materials help to make the skateboarding shoes flexible enough.

2. Types of soles: To make the skateboarding shoes, long-term usable rubbed is used for making the soles.

If you want to know which is the best rubber sole, then the answer will be the gum soles. These are tan in color.

These soles can offer outstanding grip. Not only this but also these can resist wear and tear.

But we will recommend you avoid synthetic skate shoe soles. Why? Because these materials may break down easily and give a cheap look.

However, you need to decide which one you need vulcanized Or cupsole shoes. We have already described these two types before.

If you want sturdier material, then cupsoles are a great option. Moreover, these offer more heel support.

But the disadvantage is that these will give less board feel. Because multiple layers are designed to construct the sole.

Always try to go for thin soles. Because these soles will make you feel that you are low to the ground.

3. Layers: Always try to buy shoes that come with more layers in the critical areas of the skateboarding shoes.

If the shoe comes with extra layers of protective materials, then you can confirm that the shoe is long-term usable. Compared to casual shoes, those which come with toe caps are more durable.

The toe cap is a layer that can be added for offering more durability to the outer toe or the entire toe area.

Different layers of a shoe:

  • Tread pattern: This type can affect the grip and allows the users to feel the board.
  • Midsole: It is the middle part of a skateboarding shoe. It can affect the cushioning.
  • Insole: This part indicates the footbed of the shoe. It can affect the cushioning. Moreover, how much the board will be felt and how much heel support you will get depend on this factor.

  • Design: Before buying the Best women's skateboarding shoes, check whether the shoe has these features or not - suede material, heel support, toe caps, laces, soles that are able to absorb shocks, double stitch work.

  • Always buy these shoes that allow the users to feel the skateboard. Moreover, the shoes must be sturdy enough.
  • The nose portion must be a little bit longer compared to the average sneakers.


In this article, we have given the top 5 best skateboarding shoes for women. You can pick any model in this list as per your preference and needs. If you have any further queries, do ask us via comments.

best skateboarding shoes for women: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Skate Shoes Good For Running?

Skate shoes are mainly constructed for skateboarders. That's why you should not use these shoes as an alternative to running or walking shoes.

Q. What is the Difference between Skateboard Shoes and Normal Shoes?

The main purpose of designing skateboard shoes is to offer protection from skateboarding issues. These shoes come with interior reinforced toe caps. These caps help in protecting the toes of the skaters.

Moreover, skateboarding shoes come with padded areas. Compared to normal shoes or sneakers, skate shoes come with a wider tongue.

Q. Do shoes matter when skateboarding?

If you want to learn skating tricks, then don't forget to wear skate shoes. The sole, insole, cushioning and grippy soles offer ultra grip and allow you to feel the board.

But if you wear regular shoes, you will not get the board feel. Moreover, regular shoes will provide less control.

Q. Do skateboarding shoes make difference?

Skateboarding shoes help the skaters to skate professionally. If you want to learn skating tricks, then wearing skate shoes is essential. These shoes allow the user to have control while skating.

Q. How Can You Make Skateboarding Shoes Last Longer?

There are several ways that you can follow to make your skate shoes long-term usable.

  • Glue gun: You can buy this product from any online shopping site or local stationery.

    When you will get to see any damage or little scrape, apply the glue on that area so that a layer on the area can be made. Whenever you will see that the glue layer is wearing off, repeat the prices.

  • Araldite: It is a resin. It is harder compared to glue and offers better protection.

  • Suede cloth patch: You can buy suede cloth from a garment shop. Then stitch the path on the shoe.

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