What Are The Best Skateboard Trucks For 2022 | Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

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What are the best skateboard trucks that I should buy? Perhaps, this question has come to your mind many times.

To become a pro-level skater, it's very important to remain concerned regarding the selection of skateboarding parts. Among all of the segments of a skateboard, trucks are one of the vital parts.

Do you know the wrong choice of skateboard truck leads you to suffer how many problems? When you are skating, your whole body weight depends on the truck. The wheels remain connected with the trucks. So, your total balance confides on the truck.

Whether you are an off-road skateboarder or love to take sudden smooth turns, it's very essential to make sure that you have a made accurate choice of skateboarding truck. 

So, we will suggest you not to take any impromptu choice. Before purchasing, think twice, if needed thrice, and after that take a prudential decision in regards to which skateboard truck you need to go for.

To choose an eligible skateboard truck, you need to know how to choose skateboard trucks. As trucks are the vital parts of a skateboard, you need to have an advanced leveled idea about the truck construction.

By thinking all of these aspects, our skating specialists have impelled us by their own experience, and actuality. Depending on their opinions, here we will provide you ongoing and through-paced information about skateboarding trucks like how to measure skateboard trucks, how to clean your skateboard trucks, and all.

As well as we will recommend you top 10 best skateboard trucks for a skateboard that will able to take place in your hit list.

What are the best skateboard trucks?

Are you feeling puzzled? Can't decide to go for which truck brand? Due to the availability of skateboard trucks from a few top-rated brands like Independent, Thunder, Bullet, Tensor, Tracker, Tandem, it's very confusing for the buyers to understand what is the best brand of skateboard trucks.

After judging our skating specialists' own experiences, here we are introducing you with the top 10 best trucks for a skateboard that you should definitely try.

 Let's have a glance at the are best skateboarding truck.

Best Skateboard Trucks For Grinding

Thunder  Polished Skateboard Truck

Those skaters who prefer light-weight trucks, it goes without saying that there is no other option for them except Thunder Polished Skateboard Truck.

Basically, the concoction of the manufactures behind inventing the model is originating a technical expertise truck that is consummate for the grinding preferred skaters.

Till now Thunder has maintained with dexterity its kudos, and antecedents as a reliable, and long-lasting truck brand. For the street skaters, it is a great suggestion from us.

Without suspension, let's go-ahead figure out its features.

Mind grabbing specifications of this skateboard truck:

  • High-profile truck: If you are a beginner, and in need of a grinding truck, you can go for the Thunder Polished one to enjoy grinding techniques easily.Because of its high-profile design, it is considered as the greatest skateboard grinding truck compared to the others.

  • Wheel rubbing: Extra added bonus of these Thunder trucks are its ability to wheel rubbing resistance.

  • Compatibility: This skateboard truck from Thunder comes with a hanger of 149 mm. So, it can be undoubtedly said that if your board comes with 8.38 inches to 8.62 inches deck, you can admittedly purchase this truck in this regard.

  • Construction: The light-weight and firm construction of it has made this truck congruent for several kinds of skaters.

  • Design: The raw silver polished finish successfully gives this Thunder truck a glisten, and luster that is pretty eye-catching.

  •  Functions: Thanks to its high-quality design that allows the truck to provide the skaters' high performance. In order to get a smooth, and clear move even on the bumpy or curvy surface.


  • High-performance quality.
  • Polished dazzling design.
  • Light-weight.
  • Best skateboard truck for the grinding lovers.


  • Not too durable compared to the other models.
  • Can't maintain its high performing quality at high speed.

Best skateboard trucks for street

Independent Skateboard Trucks Stage 11

By reflecting high-performing ability, and exemplary striking look, Independent 129mm Stage 11 Skateboard trucks can conquer every skaters' mind within in friction of seconds.

Surely you don't want to lose the golden opportunity of buying such a truck from one of the reputed, and best skateboard trucks brands like Independent which is considered as the best overall skating truck. Am I right?

We all are antecedent about the popularity of this Independent brand in the skateboard truck ambit, as it is leading since 1978.

The fact that this Independent trucks are still maintaining the traditional glory since that time is evident in the reviews of buyers. So, you can blindly trust on this model.

Let's browse more information about the features of this truck model.

Mind grabbing specifications of this skateboard truck:

  • All-rounder truck: Perhaps you want to buy a cruiser truck or a truck that you can use while park skating. Want to meet all of your demands just spending money on only one truck?

    Then the Independent 129 mm will be the top-notch choice for you. As it covers these all expectations of yours being an all-rounder truck.

  • Construction: The manufacturers of this model to make the truck robust, and husky, decided to provide aluminum made 356 T6 hangers, as well as the base plates.

    The firm construction not only makes the set durable but also allows this model to become one of the light skateboard trucks too.

  • Combo set: The additional benefit you can get from buying this product is it comes in a combo of 2 trucks set in which the trucks provide the buyers tenacious steel axle, and grade 8 kingpin.

  • Color: A metallic matte silver finish gives this Independent 129mm Stage 11 Skateboard truck an iconic external look that is no doubt very ablaze, and sheeny.

  • Top choice for the street skater: We should definitely say that those who are in search of an all-rounder truck, or a street skateboarding truck, don't miss the opportunity of picking this Independent 129mm model.

  • Compatibility level: If your skateboard deck comes with a width of 7.4 inches to 8 inches, it can be a great choice for you. We will guide you to pick this truck for the wheels that come in the size of 56mm or less than it (only if the riser pads are not associated).

  • As because, the risers can add an exiguous mm to the size of the wheels.

  •  Performance: This light-weight, durable, and high-tech featured model from Independent allows the skateboarders to enjoy a more stable ride.


  • Eligible for long-term usage.
  • Good performing skills.
  • All-rounder truck.
  • Not too heavy.


  • Absence of hardware that can be associated with the deck.

best lightweight skateboard trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

If we don't mention the Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks in our most recommended top 10 best choices of trucks list, it may remain incomplete. Although in terms of purchasing skateboard trucks, the requirements, and choice totally depends on the skaters.

Low cost yet high-performing, quality skateboard? It's quite unbelievable, right? Yes.

But it's true. Havoc 5.0 is a formidable instance of these types of requirements. If you are requiring cheap skateboard trucks, then Havoc 5.0 trucks are the apex choice for you.

Let's have a glance at its special features.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck:

  • Color variation: If you are pretty fastidious in terms of color, then you should pick this Havoc 5.0 skateboard truck. As it comes in a few varieties of color like black, red, green, silver, you can select your preferred color.

    Choosing your favorite color, you can customize your skateboard according to your desire.

  • Untroubled trucks: During the installation of the trucks, you need not anyone, or a skating specialist to help you. You can easily install and fix the truck yourself with the skateboard deck.

  • Hardware: This skateboard truck from Havoc gives the skaters permission to dice a wonderful, as well as smooth skating experience, by using trustworthy hardware ( bolt, screw) that come with the truck model.

  • Construction: Thanks to its aluminum robust construction, that lead the truck to become durable, as well as light in weight.

    It's quite difficult for any other highly rated, top-selling brands except Havoc to offer such a herculean aluminum made truck like this model, at such a low price.
  • Compatibility: By keeping in mind the budget, as well as the skill of all types of skaters, Havoc designed this model which supports both skateboards, and longboards.

    As this truck, the model fits in nearly all sizes of decks, and ordinary wheels sizes, you don't need to worry about its fitting capacity.

    Havoc 5.0 offers the skater a hanger that comes with 5 inches size pattern. Indeed, it can easily associable for 7.5 inches to 8 inches deck.

  • High standard design: The high profiled design allows the trucks in getting fitted in every skateboard. As well as it is compatible with several skating styles.

  •  Affordability: In comparison to the other trucks models, Havoc 5.0 is quite inexpensive that can easily afford. If you are just going to start your skating carrier, then it will the right choice for you, as it easily fits in your budget too.


  • Light in weight.
  • Iconic designs.
  • Color variation
  • Affordable.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Durable.
  • Supports nearly all kinds of the skateboard.
  • Good pick for the beginners.


  • Not too good for grinding loving skaters.

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks For Tricks

At the beginning of a skating session, one of the most significant parts of a skateboard that you need to concern about is the trucks, as trucks play an important role in enhancing the skating style, as well as accumulates stability to perform skating tricks.

Among all the cheap skateboard trucks, Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks is enormously considerable.

This truck from Caliber offers a high-performing, robust model in a very affordable price range.

Let's dig up the special features.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Unprecedented for longboarders: If you are a longboarder, and want to skate on the bumpy areas, then Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks is the best companion to your board. By associating this truck with your board, riders can improve their skills.

  • The structure of the bushing: Basically, the deck's, as well as the skater's compatibility, depend in a great portion on the bushings.

    The external step of the bushings come with a 31.5 mm circle that is securely fitted with the bushing. It allows the truck to have a fast move whereas the riders can have more control.

  • Other beneficial features: Thanks to the 'T' shaped aluminum made a hanger for permitting the riders in terms of taking fast moves, or turns.

    This Caliber model offers the riders an upgraded version of replaceable kingpin which comes in 17.4 mm that can fit sturdily with the nuts and allows the riders to enjoy a clear, and riding without facing any rubbing issue.

  • Best choice according to the durability: It's sturdy design and structure permits the truck to become durable enough as well as long-lasting. You can roughly use this truck without facing any issue up to almost 2 years.

  • Construction: Caliber is developing a few updated features in their truck models to make the trucks stronger, and high- teched. The aluminum made external structure gives the truck a shimmering metallic glow, as well as the ability to scratch resisting, and percussion.

  • Combo: This truck model from Caliber comes in a set of two ultra-durable, firm trucks.

  •  Color variations: Too picky in terms of colors? Go for the Caliber 50° RKP Longboard Trucks. This skateboard truck from Calibar comes with a few color variations like black, gold, purple, bluish so that you can get the best truck according to your color preference.


  • An updated version of Caliber's previous models.
  • Stable, and smooth-riding even on the rugged areas.
  • Robust combo pack
  • A few color options
  • Eye-catching external design.


  • A little bit of noise creating bushings.

best trucks for old school skateboard

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Being a skater, you definitely know how important is this T-formed component of a skateboard named truck. The performance and riding skill greatly depends on the quality of the truck.

In this regard, Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks can be considered as a superb, and immaculate choice for you.

There is no doubt about the reputation of this company, as Paris is one of the top-selling and reliable brand for many years. The extraordinary design that is based on the geometrical rules, allows this best skateboard trucks permitting the skaters to have a stable riding.

Let's descry the features of the truck.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Geometrical structure: The baseplate of this Paris V2 model that comes with a 50° angle, undoubtedly gives unimpeachable stability in riding. The impeccable geometrical construction is based on an inverse technology that offers 180 mm wide bushing.

  • Hanger structure: As hanger is the most significant part of a board, you must concern about how durable is it.

  • Construction: In order to make the truck durable enough, and to give a long-term usage service, the brand Paris has used the aluminum as the construction material of this truck.

    To remove any qualms from the customers' minds, the manufacturers ponders how to make the truck more robust. In this regard, they applied T6 heat technology while designing this model.

    Basically, it's a technique that is based on a double heating method so that the structure of the model becomes pithier and stiff.

  • Other beneficial advantages: How comfortable the riding will be for the skaters, totally depends on the bushings. This Paris truck model comes with 90a Urethane Bushings that allows the riders to have an expedition in moves as well as equilibration.

  • Compatibility: Thanks to its six holed baseplate that allows the truck to become compatible with both deck old and new school models. The firm material and unique design of this Paris model provides stability even on the curvy, and craggy surface.

  • Price range: You must be thinking, as this truck belongs to such a renowned, and illustrious brand like Paris, the price of the product will be very high! But, it's not like that.

    The manufacturers also paid attention to the price range as well as the truck quality so that skater from every financial ability can buy this skater. It is also perfect for newbie ones, as it supports a tight budget.

    This V2 model from Paris furnished with the help of 2 T-shaped hangers which allow the skaters to enjoy a mellifluous, and flexible turns or moves.


  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy components.
  • High-tech design.
  • Supports all skateboards (old school as well as a new school).
  • Color variations.


  • Very less distance between the baseplate, and the truck.
  • Unfitted for less than 9" decks.

best skateboard trucks for cruising

BEAR Grizzly Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

One of the best trucks for a skateboard that occupies its place in our recommendation list is 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks from BEAR Grizzly.

The flawless quality, and performance of Bear skateboard trucks, lead to rank them as the top-rated, and most demanding ones.

Contemplating the problems that skaters may face, Bear trucks are including more exalted features and technologies in their trucks.

The main motive of this brand for elevating their models is to present an immaculate, and compact truck to the skaters so that they can gingerly embellish the truck with their skateboard, and can have a tremendous skating experience for a long time without facing any issues in the trucks.

Bear's one of the incomparable model named BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks admittedly denotes the manufacturers' competency and technological adeptness.

 Let's take a stealthy look at the specifications that made the product phenomenal.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Construction components: This Gen 5 852 model comes in a length of 181mm which is built with top-quality aluminum that makes the truck durable enough. Thanks to its solid, and strong material for resisting scratches, and slogs.

  • Weight: To make the riding more comfortable for the skaters, this truck is designed in a weight of merely 2.4 pounds which is very mild as well as doesn't add any additional load to the skateboard. It is one of the lightest skateboard trucks.

  • Compatibility: Along with the mildness of the truck in order to gift the skaters an absolutely comfortable ride, the brand Bear also focused on the versatility of the truck.

    If you are a newbie or have a few years of experience in skating, without any hesitation can go for this model as it supports all kinds of riding techniques as well as offers smooth riding on any surface either it's ever or craggy.

  • Color preference: Because of the color variations of this combo pack of 2 models, buyers can get opportunities to choose the colors according to their taste.

  • Stable riding: The extra added technique in this model is a 52° angle that allows the skaters to skate in a more smooth and stable way as well as permits them to apply to carve, and flipping techniques while skating.

  • Baseplate construction: The baseplate shape of this Gen 5 model is quite unique in comparison to the other models, as the manufacturers tried to concentrate on the less weight of the truck along with its robust construction. This supreme baseplate is built in such a way so that it can avert heavy blows.

  • Affordable price range: Price is always a very worrying matter. You may think  Am I not doing any oversight by spending extra money on buying a skateboard truck? But not in this case, as this brand offers its new innovative, and flawless performing model Gen 5 in a very affordable price range.

Other beneficial advantages:

Because of the total wrapping leaning function, the bushings provide more stable riding comparing the other available trucks.

 This truck comes with 6 mounting holes that offer the riders to customize their board with easy the installation process of the trucks. You don't need to feel worried about the skateboard type, as this truck model supports both the old and new skateboards.


  • Supreme material.
  • Durable enough.
  • Color variations.
  • Perfect for beginners as well as performing skating techniques.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Easy installation method.


  • Non-dispel kingpin.

Caliber Truck Skateboard Truck

Here, we are presenting to you another truck model of the Caliber brand which is Caliber Truck Co.10-Inch. We do believe that admittedly its iconic look and performance will be able to take place in your mind.

As we have already informed you that how trusted is Caliber, this model also denotes the same.

This top-rated Caliber Truck can lead you to upgrade your skating level, and help you to become you a next-leveled skating expert. How much effort is putting the manufacturing brand, Caliber to make their truck models pre-eminent, and supreme has expressly blossomed in their newly generated models.

Needless to say, this product is also a testament to their tireless work and the manifestation of advanced thinking. You must be curious to know why this skateboard truck has become so popular and praiseworthy.

 So what are you waiting for? Let's find out the special features of it.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Multicolor facility: Thanks to the Caliber for keeping a variety of dazzling colors that relieve the riders from using conventional, and usual color options.

    The unprecedented matte finish of black, red, purple, and silver color gives the combo of 2 trucks a more striking, and fascinating look.

  • Capacity level: If you want to skate in the down slopes of the hills, or a rugged surface goes for this Caliber truck. Its extra special geometrical design permits the riders to keep balance while skating as well as helps the riders to enjoy a speedy riding.

  • Other beneficial advantages: Whether it's the plain area, or curve you don't need to feel anxious, as it's upgraded bushings and kingpin of 8 grade offers a stable riding without facing any rubbing or wheel biting issues.

    10 inched lengthy axle and 44° angle allow the riders to get a better riding opportunity.

  •  Affordability: Along with the quality, Caliber also tried to make this product economical in price so that it can hit every skater's tight budget.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Sturdy structure.
  • Stable, and comfortable riding.
  • Color variations.


  • A little bit bulky.

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks For Street

The Venture trucks, the main origin of which is San Francisco, has obtained a mind triumphant field in the truck industry. Focusing on the weight, and performance quality of the trucks, Venture is introducing a few ingenious trucks along with the color, and design variations.

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks is a spanking example of this brand's excogitate ability. To get a reliable, and street truck, Venture Polished can be a perfect choice.

If you want an extraordinary yet budget-friendly truck that can provide an accurate complement to your skateboard, then don't think twice to buy Venture Polished model. The incredible, and wondrous design of this truck model phenomenally congruous to your board.

To explore more information about this Venture truck, you need to read the below-mentioned specifications of it.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Light in weight: Are you an aggressive skater who loves to perform skating tricks? Then, needless to say, this truck model definitely goes for you.

    Venture tried to build this model as a thin profiled one in which users can't find any deficiency of features.Perhaps you are a beginner who is just in the preliminary stage of skating sessions.

    You may think as it is appropriate for the expert ones, should I buy this for me? Yeah. Definitely. As it is a super light truck, you can easily maintain your balance as well as can enjoy a comfortable ride without facing load issues.

  • Stable riding: As this truck model is categorized as a low Venture model, it remains close to the ground. This additional feature provides the riders an updated center gravity.

  • Construction: Supreme quality Aluminum construction of this truck model allows the truck to be a sturdy and strong model as provides durability to the truck.

  • Capability: The skaters who use the decks that come with 8.75 inches width, can surely buy this skateboard truck from Venture.

  • External look: Behind its skinny outlook, the manufacturers focused on its firm structure. So, never be mistaken by pondering that because of light-weight, it may have delicate construction.

    It will go totally wrong for you then.Matte silver finish along with the logo of the brand Venture provides this truck an amazing, and smart look that can grab the customer's mind.


  • Firm structure.
  • Eligible for wide decks.
  • Stable, and smooth riding.


  • A little bit costly than the other truck brands.

Cal 7 129mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware

This total pack from Cal comes with a truck model along with bearings, and hardware set as well as it contains wheels for skateboarding.

In one word, we must say that Cal tries to include almost all the skateboarding equipment set in one combo which is very profitable for the customers.

The purpose of the manufacturers behind inventing this combo set is offering a full package of most useful skateboard parts along with the truck so that the buyers don't need to face any type of oppression, and vexation in order to find the board parts from different brands.

As well as the riders can equip their board with the same brand's skateboarding body parts. It permits the riders to provide a smart and elegant look to their skateboard.

Not only for getting an external splendid look but also for enjoying a speedy ride, the skaters should go for this Cal 7 129mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware set.

 Let's gather more information about this truck.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Combo package: This set comes with a 5 inched truck along with 99A PU wheels for skateboarding. And the package also contains 8 pieces of bearings and 4 pieces of spacers.

    That means all equipment is totally ready. You just need to fix all the parts with your board and you are ready to start skating.

    Basically, this set from Cal offers all the skateboard parts so that you can enjoy the classy service.

    The risers of 3 mm that comes with this combo set help the riders to protect the board wheels from rubbing, or frictions as well as resist the wheels from getting vibrated because of rough surfaces. The wheels come in a dimension of 52 x 31 mm.
  • Construction: The hard construction of aluminum, the trucks are extremely durable as well as stiff. Due to the use of aluminum as a building material, the truck is extremely light in weight.

    As a result, it doesn't add extra load or weight to the board. So riders can enjoy a smooth riding for a long time.

  • Capacity: All the parts are designed in such a way that they can easily get fitted with wide decks. If you are a longboarder, can definitely pick this set.

  • Color variations: You can get an abundant color option for this set. This package offers a different color combination of skateboard trucks and wheels set that is very congruous, and stinking.

    The wheels come with offering a few enchanting colors like red, purple, green, yellow, neon, etc.

  • Long-term using facility: This brand provides the package full of durable components so that buyers can feel satisfied after using this package for a long period.

    The ABEC bearings offer the wheels to have a smooth spin. And the spacers set help in incrementing the life of the skateboard parts.

  •  Other beneficial advantages: After explaining the preface of every part that comes with this Cal 7 129mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware set, it's needless to say that indisputably skaters can enjoy a smooth, stable and speedy riding.


  • Full combo package
  • Due to the presence of risers vibration absorbed smooth riding.
  • Varieties of colors.
  • Firm construction.


  • Poor quality wheels.

Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks For Street

Are you a longboarder? Wanna equip your longboard with the top-rated, and sublime truck model?

Then the last one in our top 10 best trucks for the skateboard list is Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard trucks are appropriate for you.

If you want to perform skating tricks, or need to have sudden turns, without any doubts go for this ideal truck model from Gullwing.

 Along with the versatile and engaging look, this truck model also offers supreme performance quality. Let's see which special features the manufacturers have included in this model.

Mind grabbing specifications of this truck model:

  • Kingpin set: Whereas the other trucks come with merely one kingpin facility, on the contrary, the truck from Gullwing offers two sets of kingpins. The extra added benefit of this dual kingpin is the ability of the more defined balance maintenance of a longboarder while curving.

  • Hardware: To have an easy installation process, this truck model comes with a few nuts that can be utilized during associating the trucks with the wheels.

  • Multicolored: These two sets of trucks come in a combo package offering versatile color options. You don't have to face any color customization problems, as the set is available in black, aqua, orange-bluish, lime green, purple, and in a few colors.

    By picking your preferred color of truck matching with the design of the boards, you can complement your skateboard with an eye-catching, dashing look.

  • Capability: As the manufacturers featured this truck applying the double-stack geometrical logic, it allows the riders to have smooth turns and moves.

    Due to its flexibility, and width, you can easily enjoy a ride even on a narrow carving point. But before buying make sure that the deck of your skateboard comes with up to 9 inches width.

  • Construction: The flawlessness and perfection of this truck show the firmness of it. The supreme quality building metallic material permits the truck to become a durable and long-lasting one.

    The pompous, and mellifluous body of the truck seems very attractive to the customers.


  • Sturdy metallic construction
  • Dual kingpin.
  • Perfect for carving.
  • Color variations.


  • A little bit heavy because of its metallic construction.
  • Costly.

What is skateboard trucks?

Skateboard trucks are one of the significant parts of a skateboard. Your comfort level with the board, and how snugly you can perform, mostly depends on your truck. The parts of a skateboard that are shaped like 'T', and located under the deck are called trucks.

The T-shaped segment remains connected with the deck as well as the bearings, and wheels. The truck is that portion where you need to attach the wheels.

This part responses according to your movement, and transfer it to the board deck so that you can enjoy your intended moves. Providing the skaters skating stability and smoothness in their movement is one of the important work of the trucks.

Although trucks are the parts of a skateboard, it is constructed by joining a few segments. Let's have a go through.

Major parts of a truck

Baseplate: The main cornerstone of a truck is its baseplate. With the use of four pieces of bolts, it remains connected with the board. Both kingpin and pivot cup is associated with this portion of the truck.

Kingpin: The joiner of the baseplate and the hanger is named as kingpin.

Hanger: As we mentioned before that hanger is associated with the baseplate with the help of bushings as well as a kingpin, which is known as a pivot. Basically, the grinding part is the hanger.

Bushings: The turning portion is mainly controlled by the bushings. This segment is located between the gap of baseplate and hanger.

how to choose skateboard trucks

How to measure skateboard trucks?

Do you know what are the best skateboard trucks for skateboarding? But in terms of selecting the best trucks for a skateboard, you need to learn how you can measure the truck dimensions.

A wrong selection of truck dimensions can lead you to have a very heinous and abhorrent skating experience. So, it's very important to have a proper idea about how you can measure the skateboard truck.

As a newbie, the measuring process can seem to you as a very baffling task. Being an untried verdant one your worrying is very natural, as you may have no idea about where you can begin the measurements.

Don't be anxious. We are always here for you. Here we will provide you enough information so that you can understand what are the best skateboard trucks for you through the measurement process.

According to the deck size:

Before buying you need to make sure that the truck you are choosing, doesn't remain excess out of the deck. You need to verify that the trucks are not too parochial. How wide your truck should depend on the size of the deck.

Here we are going to give you a brief idea about the truck measurement according to the deck length based on the length of the hanger and axel.

  • If you are using a deck up to 9 inches, then go for the truck that comes with 149 mm.

  • For the trucks that are 10 inches wide, 169 mm trucks will be eligible.

  • If you are using a longboard, which is more than 10 inches wide, then you can have a look at the 215 mm trucks.

Measure the longitude of the truck:  One of the easiest ways that you can do to measure the longitude is to use a measurement tape.

Kingpin measurement: Among all the important parts of a truck, the kingpin is the one. You need to make sure that the kingpin is not striking out from your board.

Follow The Skateboard Truck Size Chart




50 - 52 MM

7.25 - 7.75 axles


50 - 52 MM

7.5 - 8.0 axles


50 - 54 MM

7.75 - 8.25 axles


50 - 54 MM

8.0 - 8.25 axles


52 - 55 MM

8.0 - 8.5 axles


52 - 55 MM

8.25 - 8.5 axles


53 - 56 MM

8.25 - 8.75 axles


53 - 56 MM

8.5 - 8.75 axles


54 - 58 MM

8.5 - 9.0 axles


55 - 60 MM

8.75 - 9.0 axles


54 - 60 MM

8.75 - 9.25 axles


54 - 60 MM

9.0 - 9.35 axles


What size skateboard trucks?

One of the most significant things that buyers used to consider while choosing their truck is the height of it. Truck profile basically depends on the measurement of the distance between the baseplate and axle.

It totally based on the size of the skateboard wheels. Depending on this aspect, trucks basically come in three profiles.

  • Low profiled trucks.
  • Mind profiled trucks.
  • High profiled trucks.

Low profile trucks: For the skateboards that come with small wheels, these trucks are ideal. Mostly, beginners use these types of trucks.

Mid-profile trucks: Those skaters who prefer skating on the street or parks, they prefer mid-sized ones.

High profile trucks: For the cruising, and carving experts, mostly the longboarders love these ones.

Here, we are representing a chart so that you can choose the appropriate type of trucks according to the wheel sizes.

Wheel sizes

Types of trucks



Up to 56 mm


More than 56 mm


Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide: How to choose skateboard trucks?

Now, you may have understood what are the best skateboard trucks for skateboarding that go with your needs. From our above mentioned top 10 Best skateboard trucks list, you can choose your needy one, and to get them you just need to place an order in shopping sites like Amazon, warehouse, or may visit your local skate store.

As a few companies like Independent, Ace, Thunder, Suspension, Bullet, Venture, Royal, Supreme, Krux, Turbo skateboard truck brands have introduced a few innovative, and premium models, it's quite confusing for you to select the right one.

 So, here we will guide you to choose the proper skateboard trucks.

  • Check how wide the truck is: Make sure that the truck is not striking out of your deck or not too narrow.
  • Top-selling brand: Always try to choose your truck that belongs to a top-rated brand.
  • Price range: Do sure that the truck is not too costly or can fir in your affordability.
  • Check the size of the truck: To confirm that you are going to buy the right size of the trucks, you can follow our provided chart. We will suggest you check twice the trucks' sizing, and choose the truck that fits with your deck size.
  • Choose the right profile of the truck: If you are a beginner one, or want to skate on the street, then go for the low profiled ones. On the contrary, the high profiled trucks will fit the board that comes with large wheels, and absolutely perfect for smooth, and sharp movements as well as cruising.
  • How firm the material is: Almost all the manufacturing brands use aluminum, Titanium, or steel as the building material of the skateboard trucks.

Choosing the right material is totally depends on your personal preference as well as on your skating style. But for the newbies, light-weight materials are the best, as they can take easy moves without feeling extra weight.

How to clean your skateboard trucks? 

After using a skateboard for a long period, you need to clean the skateboard parts to make them shine like the new one. You can pursue these following steps to give your trucks a shining look by cleaning them.

  • Step 1: With the help of a screwdriver, you need to lose all the nuts that are used to fix the trucks with the deck.
  • Step 2: Then by using your finger, remove all the nuts.
  • Step 3: After that, you will be able to detach the trucks from the deck.
  • Step 4: Then you need to clean the truck by using a wet tissue or with a piece of fabric. You may use some cleaning lubricant like Metal Gloss to maintain your trucks' resplendence.

After cleaning all the body parts of the skateboard along with the truck, make sure that you have re-installed, and tightened them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy skateboard trucks? 

After checking all the measurements of your truck, make sure that it is suitable for your deck. Then place an order in shopping sites like Amazon, warehouse or you may visit your nearby skate shop.

Can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard?

Yeah. But you need to verify a few things. Confirm that the trucks are tightened enough, and the wheels of the skateboard must be within 66 mm.

How much you need to spend on skateboard trucks?

It totally depends on your personal choice. But we will recommend the trucks come with a price range within 100$ to those who just want to check whether they prefer it or not. But those who are newbie should go for the truck priced of 150$.

What size trucks are best for an 8.0 skateboard?

If you are going to buy trucks for 8 inches wide deck, then 5.25" trucks are good for you.

What size skateboard trucks for the 9.0 deck?

For the decks of 9 inches, you can go for a truck that comes with a 129 mm wide axle and 169 mm wide hanger.


It can be assumed that the question, "what are the best skateboard trucks for me?" Which was bothering before reading this article is totally solved now. But before buying do follow our size chart, and go for the trucks that can be get fitted with your deck. Otherwise, it can be a total waste of money. So, take a smart move in terms of picking the right trucks, and you are ready to begin your skating journey.

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