Top 5 Best Skateboard Trucks For Street In 2022 | Which One To Choose?

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Are you a street skater? Finding the best skateboard trucks for the street? Then you should check this article once.

From your skating performance to the upliftment of skating skills, these all depend to a great extent on the quality of the truck that you are using.

This T-shaped component of the skateboard holds the weight of the riders and converts the movements of the riders to the deck. Only then, the skater can take proper moves. Now, you definitely understand why it's so important to choose accurate trucks.

But when it comes to saying about street skating, then you definitely need a skateboard truck that is robust enough and can endure hard blows easily. As a lot of skateboards are available in the market, you may get confused by pondering which one you should buy.

In that case, we will recommend you to choose such trucks that can offer you incredible performance while grinding, tricks performing, and even sliding. As street skaters need to face obstacles and bunkers while skating on the street, then they definitely need stiff and robust trucks.

In this article, depending on our skating experts' judgments, we have picked the top 5 Best skateboard trucks for street skating that can offer you incredible performance. Let's have a look at the review of these Best street skateboard trucks.

What is a street skater?

In street skateboarding, the skaters need to face a few obstacles i.e. stairs, drainage puddles, and so on. The riders need to perform skating maneuvers to overcome these types of obstacles.

1. Thunder Unisex skateboard trucks (Best Low Height) 

The first skateboard truck that enlightened our top 5 Best street skateboard trucks list is the Thunder Unisex skateboard trucks. Thunder skateboarding trucks are renowned for street skating, as these ones are very responsive and offer the riders to take mellifluous turns while skateboarding.

To make these thunder skateboarding trucks cost-effective for all types of customers, the manufacturers have kept the price of the trucks very affordable. The sleek and elegant design of these thunder trucks skateboards will engage you to keep it as your first choice.

You definitely know that the trucks are the most important parts of a skateboard. And when it comes to saying about street skating, the trucks must be scratch resistant, and robust enough.

Who doesn't want to have a cool truck that can complement the skateboard with a stunning look? Definitely, you belong to the same category. Isn't it?

Then picking up the amazing thunder trucks skateboard will be the right decision. Whether you want to buy a skateboard truck for rough use or for tricks performing, you can definitely pick this one.

Let's have a look at the review of this Best skateboard truck for the street.

Prepossessing specifications of this impeccable truck model:

  • Durability: If you are going to buy the trucks for the first time, you may think that your money would be wasted by buying this truck. In that case, we are assuring you to remove your such worries. For long-term usages, you can blindly trust this model.

  • Weight: To make this model husky and lightweight as well, the originators have put their best efforts. Their mastermind strategies and technology are reflected in this model.

    This truck set comes with 0.38 kg weight that is extremely mild and doesn't sum on any additional weight on the skateboard.
  • Axle: This tenacious truck set comes with 8.25 inches axle. That means if we define the width in millimeters, it will be 148 mm. The Chromoly axle of the truck set makes the truck set sturdy and durable enough.

  • Compatibility: Will this truck set apt for my skateboard? Is this question wandering in your mind? Then we will tell you not to worry too much. The wide axle of this truck allows the truck apt for up to 8.38 inches decks easily.

  • Kingpin: The wonderful design of the kingpin makes the truck more responsive and allows the riders to enjoy a stable skating experience. The Chromoly kingpin of these thunder trucks makes the turns smoother.

  • Color variety: The dazzling silver and polished color of this Best skateboard trucks for the street makes the trucks pair more shining and gorgeous.

  • Warranty: The manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the product. That impresses the customers most.

  • Performance: Whether you want to enjoy speedy riding or willing to perform skating maneuvers, this truck will offer you an excellent service.

    As this truck set is mostly considered as the Best skateboard trucks for street skating, consequently, this truck is scratch resistant and able to endure sharp blows.


  • Promptly responsive.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Admirable and dazzling outlook.
  • Light-weight.


  • Beginners should avoid this truck.

2. Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11 (Best Overall) 

Now, we are going to unpack the second Best skateboard trucks for street skating. And it's the Independent Skateboard Trucks 129mm Stage 11.

Whether it comes to say about the performance or the exterior look, the truck can occupy its place in your mind for sure. It would be idiocy if you miss the precious opportunity of buying this truck set.

You are definitely aware of the popularity and reputation of the Independent trucks company. It was perhaps 1978. From then till now independent trucks are considered as the top-notch trucks.

And about the quality? Just stay tension-free dear. We can assure you that after purchasing these trucks set, you are going to fall in love with this truck.

Without talking further, let's find out the special features of these Best skateboard trucks for the street.

Prepossessing specifications of this impeccable truck model:

  • Truck profile: You may be willing to buy such a truck set that can work as a cruiser truck as well as can offer the best performance while street skating.

    Then these all-rounder independent skateboard trucks can hit your needs. No matter what type of skating style you prefer, this skateboard truck can offer you a remarkable performance.
  • Structure: To make this model exact for long-term and rough uses, the manufacturers have put their utmost effort to make this model robust and sturdy. The aluminum made 356 T6 hangers and the construction of the baseplate reflects the hard work of the originators.

    In which angle we define this truck, we can say that this truck is one of the best trucks considering the overall attributes of it. While making the model durable, the manufacturers tried to make it mild too so that it would not add extra weight to the board.
  • Combo package: These Best skateboard trucks for street skating come with a combo package of 2 trucks.

  • Color variations: To exhibit the design of the truck in more detail, the manufacturers coated the truck with dazzling and metallic silver color. This matte finish coat not only increases the elegance of the truck but also makes it shiny and glazing one.

  • Other benefits: This 129 mm truck comes with steel made solid and stiff axles. Along with that, the grade 8 kingpin makes this truck adjuvant one so that it can resist any type of hard slog. That means for the street skaters, this truck can be the smart pick.

  • Compatibility: Are you feeling worried by pondering whether this truck set will be apt with your deck or not? Those who are using up to 8 inches decks can purchase this truck set without any doubt. We will recommend this truck set for up to 56mm wheels without associating the risers.

    Whether it comes to stay stable while riding or having proper balance, you can get all these benefits from the Best skateboard trucks for the street.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Durable enough.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Light in weight.
  • Offers stable riding.


  • Doesn't come with any hardware set.

3. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks (Best Lightweight) 

The most significant component of a skateboard is the trucks. How you will maintain your balance while skating, and how well you can skate - these all depend on the skateboard truck. In case you are a street skater, it's very important to choose the Best street skateboard trucks.

The third truck set that illuminated our assorted and most-demanding top 5 Best skateboard trucks for the street, is Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks. You are definitely aware of the glorification of the Havoc brand.

Those brands that are famous for Best skateboard trucks for street skating, among them Havoc is the top-notch one. This truck brand has conquered the customer's mind due to its decent price range of every product.

Are you a newbie in the skating field? Or want such a light-weight truck that will not sum up any extra weight to your board? Then these Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks will be an impeccable pick for you, as it is considered as the Best Lightweight trucks.

In case, you don't want to spend too much yet intend to get a good-performing and long-lasting truck, then you shouldn't miss the chance of grabbing this truck.

Pondering the financial ability of all types of skaters, the manufacturers have introduced this model that can easily get fitted in your tight budget.

If you want to complement your skating style, and as well as want upliftment in your skating style, then adorn your deck with this incomparable and classic truck model.

Whether you are a beginner or skilled in skating, you are going to get a remarkable experience after using this truck set.

So, are you inquisitive to know about this product in detail? Let's sneak a quick look.

Prepossessing specifications of this impeccable truck model:

  • Multi-color option: Are you a little bit choosy in the color selection? Then you are definitely going to be happy after knowing this aspect about havoc trucks. You can get this pair of trucks set in black, red, green, and many more colors. So, just pick your favorite color and make your deck customized.

  • Easy installation process: Perhaps, you are a newbie. Then you may face huge difficulties while installing the truck set. But you would not be going to face any issue while installing this Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks.

    As the truck model comes with a bolt, screw, and the hardware set. That's why you don't need to purchase the hardware individually. You just need to put the trucks on the skateboard, associate it and you are ready for a wonderful ride.
  • Configuration: This model is constructed with durable and premium quality aluminum. That's why along with being light-weight, this truck set is durable too.

    It's really hard to believe that you will get such a long-lasting and high-performing truck at such a low cost. But it's true dear. Havoc has made this improbable possible.
  • Performance efficiency: No matter which skating style you prefer, you can get superior stability and performance while using this truck set.

    Whether you are using a skateboard or a longboard, these Best skateboard trucks for street skating can offer you unprecedented performance. As this truck set is apt for all types of deck size.
  • Hanger structure: If your deck is up to 8 inches wide, this truck will be apt for that. As it comes with a 5 inches wide hanger.

  • Design of the truck: As these best skateboard trucks for beginners belong to the high profile category, it can support every skating style and every type of skateboard.


  • Durable.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Color variety.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • An incredible choice for beginners.
  • Suitable for long-term usages.


  • The skaters who love grinding should avoid this truck set.

4. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50 Degree RKP

Among the best skateboard truck brands, Caliber is the most demanding and exoteric one. If you need a truck set for regular commuting, then you must try this one.

But do you feel exhausted while riding on the bumpy road due to excessive vibration and shocks! In that case, a decent truck set can solve your problem. We will recommend you to shop for Caliber Trucks Cal II 50 Degree RKP, as it is constructed with shock-resisting technology.

If you want to be an advanced level skater, then this Best skateboard truck for street skating will bring a fabulous increment in your skating skills.

How much we will praise this unprecedented truck model, it will be trivial. Let's check the extra special features of this incomparable truck model.

Prepossessing specifications of this impeccable truck model:

  • Designing: The super unique blood orange bushings of this truck have made it a more innovative one.

    If you want such a truck that can resist any kind of sharp bashes, then you are in the right place. Inasmuch as these trucks are well known by Best skateboard trucks for the street, you can imagine how excellent they are in terms of enduring hard blows.

    Along with maintaining the performance quality, the manufacturers have paid attention to the configuration also. Whereas the high-quality aluminum makes this model durable and long-lasting, the exterior look adds a more vibrant look at the truck.
  • Bushings quality: How efficiently you can skate, totally determines the quality of the bushings. If the bushings are hard, then riders can have more control.

    The HR blood-orange bushings come in a cone shape. As a result, the rider can enjoy smoother turns while skating and as well as can have enough control.
  • Baseplate configuration: With the help of baseplate, trucks remain connected with the deck. While installing the truck set, you need to associate them with the help of a screw through the mounting holes.

    It's one of the most significant parts of a truck as it plays an important role in terms of providing stability. As the baseplate of this Caliber model supports all types of mounting patterns, you can indisputably customize your longboard.
  • Hanger construction: Thanks to the sturdy configuration of the hanger for allowing the riders to take easy turns.

  • Kingpin design: The 17.4 mm kingpin of this truck is absolutely perfect for smooth and stable riding.

  • Durability: Due to the robust constructional material of the truck, you can consider this truck set as the long-lasting one. Even if you are an aggressive skater, you can use roughly this truck for about 2 years without facing any problem.

  • Combo set: Caliber offers two pieces of trucks in this combo package.

  • Color variations: You can get this truck in gold, purple, blue, and many more colors.


  • Stronger than the previous Caliber models.
  • Offer smooth riding on the bumpy area too.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Outstanding exterior look.
  • Color variety.


  • Noise creating.

5. BEAR Grizzly 852 Trucks (Best for Speed) 

The performance ability and increment of skating skills depends on the truck's quality. To give a tough competition to the other truck brands that are available in the market, Bear Grizzly is improving their model day by day by adding supreme technology and features in their models.

The manufacturers have upgraded this truck model so that the riders can enjoy the incredible performance and enough stability while skating for a long time.

Are you worrying about pondering the price? Don't worry. Bear Grizzly has offered this remarkable and tremendous truck model even at a very affordable price range. Along with making this model robust, the originators had put their best effort to make this model light-weight as well.

The new design and praiseworthy exterior structure of this truck have made it elegant and versatile as well. If you check the specifications of this exceptional truck model, you will get to realize the phenomenal quality of the brand and the mastermind construction.

Let's figure out the special features of this truck:

Prepossessing specifications of this impeccable truck model:

  • Admirable design: In one word, we can define the truck by calling it 'Versatile'. Whether you are skating on an even surface or the surface is extremely bumpy, you are going to experience a phenomenal riding experience with this truck.

    As well as the exceptional design of this truck allows the riders to perform skating skills efficiently.

    No matter whether you are a beginner skater or have prior experience, you can pick this truck indisputably. The durable construction of this Best street skateboard truck makes this truck vibration resisting and exact for long-term usages.

  • Structural materials: This BEAR Grizzly 852 truck is constructed with superior quality aluminum. Due to this robust configuration, this truck model can endure any type of hard blows.

  • Weight of the truck: Are you feeling annoyed by using heavyweight trucks that sum on additional weight to skateboard?

    But you are not going to face these issues anymore, if you purchase this Along with concentrating on the truck's quality, the manufacturers have tried to make this model light-weight too. This 2.4 pounds mild weighted truck can offer you noteworthy stability while skating even at high speed.

  • Axle construction: Axle is the part of a truck that remains attached to the wheel and goes through the Hanger. As this Bear Grizzly model comes with a 181 mm axle, whether it comes today street skating, carving, downhill skating, or freestyle riding, you are going to experience the best performance ever.

    After getting a few complaints about the axle quality of previous models, the manufacturers have tried to make this model a premium one so that it can gratify the customers.

  • Kingpin design: With the help of a kingpin, all the parts of a truck remain together. Most of the skaters prefer the hollow kingpins, as these ones are extremely light in weight and durable as well. The excellent construction of the kingpin of this bear grizzly model allows it to endure excessive pressure.

  • Bushings design: The soft urethane bushings allow the riders to perform skating maneuvers without facing any hassle. As well as it makes the truck more responsive and stable performing.

  • Baseplate construction: It's the baseplate with which the deck remains associated with the board. The manufacturers of this model made the construction unique and innovative in such a way that it became husky and resisted heavy impacts as well.

    The baseplate of this Gen 5 model is designed with 6 mounting holes that support both traditional and new skateboards.

  • Color: As this Bear Grizzly Gen 5 model is available in many colors, you can pick your desired one and customize your board easily.


  • Robust construction.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Suitable for long-term usages.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Easy installation process.


  • Non-removable kingpin.
skateboard trucks buying guide for street skating

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Trucks for street skating (Buyers Guide)?

If your dream is to become a pro-level skater, then it's very important to select the best skateboard truck. But if you are an aggressive street skater or want to use the truck roughly, then you need to have the Best trucks and wheels for street skateboarding.

 In that case, if you don't follow the guidelines properly, you may make a wrong decision that can totally ruin your dream of becoming an advanced level skater.

A wrong pick of trucks can cause wheel bite and as well as you may face difficulties while taking turns or performing skating maneuvers. That's why, you need to focus on a few aspects of the trucks i.e. bushings, kingpin, and so on.

Because all of the parts of a truck can have a deep impact on the skating performance.

  • Truck Size: You should buy a truck that should fit with your deck. The truck should be an all-rounder. It must support all types of skating styles, not merely street skating.

    If your trucks are not getting fitted properly, then you may face huge problems such as you will not be able to see the wheels. In that case, even you can't enjoy a stable ride.

    Even in the case of too narrow trucks, you can't have proper balance.
  • Height of the truck: Depending on the truck's height, you can get to see three types of trucks. These are:
  • Low profile Trucks: Are you using small wheels? Then these ones will be an exceptional choice for you. In that case, by purchasing these types of trucks, you can enjoy the more stable performance and perform skating maneuvers as well. For the wheels that come with 50-53 mm, these trucks will be a perfect choice.

  • Moderate profile trucks: Mainly these are considered as the Best skateboard trucks for street skating. Up to 56 mm wheels, you can go for these types of trucks.

  • High profile trucks:  Those wheels are more than 56 mm, can be apt for these trucks. For longboards or roughly street skating, these ones are suitable.
  • The shape of the trucks: The truck's shape plays a vital role while skating. All the trucks come with different types of dimensions and geometrical structures.
  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase can have a deep impact on the baseplate angle. For up to 90° baseplate angles, you should pick the wide wheelbase trucks. Wider wheelbase helps the riders to take sharp turns.

    Although while using the wider wheelbase, you can't take the turns as smoothly as you can take using the short ones. But in the wider ones, you can enjoy more stability while skating. Depending on your preferable street skating types, you can choose the wheelbase.
  • Hanger: The hanger's shape determines the quality of the trucks. The trucks come with stiff and metal constructed hangers that are perfect for long-term usages.
  • Baseplate configuration: The baseplate of a skateboard endures the pressure most. That's why you should buy such a skateboard that comes with a robust configured baseplate.
  • Kingpin design: Basing on kingpin types, you can get two types of trucks i.e. Standard kingpin trucks and Reverse kingpin trucks.

1. Reverse kingpin trucks:

  • Best for causing.
  • Offers the skater to take smooth turns while skating.

2. Standard kingpin trucks:

  • Suitable for skating tricks performing.

Make sure that before purchasing the Best skateboard trucks for the street, you have gone through these points. Only then, you will be able to find a suitable one for you.

Final words:

In this article based on the best skateboard trucks for the street, we have included the top 9 skateboarding street trucks that are efficient in various fields.

Such as some Best street skateboard trucks are esoteric as the most light-weight trucks. On the contrary, a few trucks are recommended for the riders who prefer to skate at a high speed.

Depending on the various needs of the customers, we have tried our best to enlist such trucks that can reach all types of skaters' expectations. Now it's your turn. Choose the best skateboard trucks for street skating according to your needs and adorn your deck.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are high Trucks good for street skating?

If you want promptly responding trucks, then high trucks can hit your expectations. But in this case, make sure that you are using large wheels to prevent the wheel bites.

Q. Are Loose trucks better for flip tricks?

You can face difficulties while skating with loose trucks. But tighter trucks can also lead you to face the same difficulties.

Q. How long do skate trucks last?

Most skate trucks last near about 2-4 years. But it totally depends on the truck's quality and as well as the usages of the truck.

Q. Can I ride a skateboard without a helmet?

Wearing a helmet while skating can protect your head from any kind of serious injury. Although, a few riders don't want to wear a helmet to look cool.

Q. Can you use aggressive skates on the street?

Mainly these types of skates are used on the street to hit the blocks and bunkers. In case, you want to cover a long distance by skating, you should avoid these ones.

Q. Is it legal to skateboard on the street?

Skateboarding and longboarding both belong to the same category of rules. According to the rules, you can't skate on the traveling section of roads. But you can skate on the pavements excluding the downtown core area.

Q. Is it easier to Ollie with tight trucks?

If you want to perform skating tricks and flipping, then higher and tighter trucks can offer you the best performance to Ollie.

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