Top 10 Best Skateboard Tools In 2022 | Cheap, Affordable And Mandatory

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From time to time, you have to use the best skateboard tools for removing bearings or wheels. Even the skateboard tools are very essential when you are engaged in repairing skateboard.

You should remember that without skateboard tools like top skateboard bearing press, skateboard repairing, removing wheels and removing bearing are difficult to do and time bounding. Even the work of repairing comes hassle.

One more thing you should know the types of skateboard tools. Even you will have to have a perfect working knowledge of a particular type of skateboard tool.

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Top 10 best skateboard tools In 2021

skateboard tools and accessories

If you are in the first time to repair most popular skateboard for beginners kid or remove the bearings, then you will face some problems even the work will kill your valuable time.

But do not worry, we are beside you. We can help you provide information on skateboard tools through this particular article. Even this article will focus on the tips for choosing tools, the types of skateboard tools.

Please look at the below and go through the article.

We can help you provide information on skateboard tools through this particular article. Even this article will focus on the tips for choosing tools, the types of skateboard tools.

Please look at the below and go through the article.

1. M Merkapa All In One Skate Tool:

M Merkapa All in One Skate Tool is one of the skateboard tools in the present situation. Most of the skateboard players keep it with them in need of skateboard maintenance.

It comes with the construction of a ratchet that makes the most type of skateboarders effective.

 It includes 3/8 inches socket with perfect ratchet capabilities and ½ inches socket for adding or removing wheels. It also includes 9/16 inches socket for loosening or tighten the trucks.

Even the tool comes with a 1/8 inch Allen Wrench & Philips attachment key and 5/16 inches Axle Rethreader.

Why it is special?

M Merkapa All in One Skate Tool undoubtedly has a good feature for skateboard maintenance. All the equipment in the tool is made of heavy-duty steel along with durable ABS plastics.

It is one of the multi-function skate tools. The tool is designed with 3/8 inches socket, ratchet, 9/16 inches socket for truck changing, a bearing press, and much more equipment.

The most important thing is that you will have a refund policy if the tool comes to damage or inactive within 30 days.


  • Multi-equipments attached in the tool.
  • All are made of strong steel and durable ABS plastic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy refund policy.


  • Feeling weighted while using.

2. Kcallspee Skateboard Tool:

Now we are making you familiar with the better skateboard tool than the previous one and it is named by Kcallspee Skateboard Tool.

It is popular among skateboarders in recent times. The tools in the kit are very durable as they are made of premium quality materials. 

The tools have three kinds of hexagon sockets. Even these are equipped with Allen Key. The toolset is designed with 10pcs standard speed washers. The tool kit is very light weighted and it only comes with a weight of 0.26lbs.

The tools in the tool kit are suitable for repairing the skateboard, tightening and reassembling the skateboard and longboard.

Why is it special?

Kcallspee Skateboard Tool is a very strong and durable material and for that, the tool runs for a long time. Even every tool in the tool kit works efficiently and does not make any hassle damaging itself.

The tool kit has three separate functional sockets and the first is measured by 3/8 inches used for hardware, the second is ½ inch socket used for wheels and the third is a 9/16 inches socket in need of trucks.

This particular toolset is equipped with a 10 pcs speed washer in need of reducing friction between the bearing and the axle nut. The tool kit is very easy to carry and the weight comes with 0.26lbs.

The kit comes for multi-purposes like repairing, reassembling the skateboard, and even tightening.


  • Attached three types of socket.
  • 10 pcs speed washer included.
  • Lightweight.
  • Used for multi-purposes


  • Something hard to move.

3. Zeato All-In-One Skate Tools Multi-Function:

Zeato All-in-one Skate Tool is a multi-functional T tool that excellently works for the maintenance of skateboard.

It helps you to adjust mounting hardware, axle nuts. This particular skateboard tool comes with a single design in need of tightening up. 

You can use this tool to repair the skateboard. It has three different sizes sockets measured by 3/8 inches, 9/16 inches, and ½ inch. Even it comes with a screwdriver that stays at the top of the handle.

It is very lightweight with portable size and for that, you can carry the tool in your pocket.

Why is it special?

You can do a lot of works with this particular skateboard tool. With this tool, you can come to tighten or loosen the nuts and even assemble the complete hardware of the skateboard.

The tool efficiently works for all types of skateboards, penny boards, and longboards. Apart from that, this skateboard tool helps you to change wheels or clean the bearings of the skateboard.

As it comes with much portability, you can it at any place where you need to work. Surprisingly, it is very lightweight and the weight is 0.26 lbs and for that is that reason, you can use it according to your needs.

It is a T tool that has three different sockets measured by ½ inch, 3/8 inches, and 9/16 inches. That means you can tighten or loosen three different sizes of nuts. Moreover, it includes a slide–out Phillips head wrench screwdriver for easy working.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Three sockets enabled.
  • Used for multi-purposes.


  • More chances to lose.

4. Alouette Skate Tool:

When you are fed up with for searching the best tool for skateboarding, you can go for Alouette Skate Tool, one of the most popular skateboard tools.

One T tool and one Y tool are in the kit of the tool. It is suitable for assembling the skateboard. Even it is suitable for mounting hardware, fix or assemble the skateboard.

You can feel easy to handle the tool when it is used. Undoubtedly, the tool is for multi-purposes.

It is easy to carry with its sizes as it has three different sizes. It’s weight comes very light. So no worries when you come to use it.

Why is it special?

Zeato-All-in-one Skate tool signifies a universal tool and it can be used for multipurpose such as fixing, tightening, or assembling. This particular tool is suitable for skateboards, cruisers, or longboards. It also works for nuts adjustments and setting up hardware.

Without any difficulty, you can use it for a long time as it is lightweight enabled. As it comes in three different sizes, you will have a preference to like anyone according to your requirement.

You do not have to feel the hassle to keep the tool as it comes with much portability.

It has a T-shaped design with a pull-out Phillips head pattern screwdriver that goes snugly into the head of the handle while not in purpose. It is also accessible in three varying sizes. It is lightweight, so it is easy to carry around and even fits inside pouches quickly. The set arrives with a bag for better storage.


  • Multi-functional.
  • Extreme portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy storage.


  • Easy to break.

5. Everland Eskape All-In-One Skate Tools:

Everland Eskape All-in-one Skate Tool has a super excellent feature that you will not understand unless and until you come to use it.

The tool gives you awesome flexibility during the time of repairing a skateboard or changing the wheels.

It has three different sized sockets that will make your repairs easy and simple. Its design looks very beautiful and slim.

All tools in the tool kit are made of durable and premium quality metal. As a result of that, the tool will go in the long run.

You can put it in your pocket very easily as it has extraordinary portability. It is suitable for all types of skateboards.

Why is it special?

Everland Eskape All-in-One Skate Tool comes with a lot of benefits for skateboarders. You will get unbelievable flexibility during the time of repairing the skateboard. You can loosen or tighten three types of nuts with this tool kit as it is designed with three different sockets.

It is very lightweight with extra-ordinary portable and for that, you can use it very easily. Even you can keep it either in your pant pocket or shirt pocket.

The tools in the tool kit are made of premium category metal and that's why the tools work for a long time without any hassle. Even the tool kit does not come damage. The specialty of the tool comes with systemization of three different sizes sockets like 9/16 inches, 3/8 inches, and ½ inch easy work.

A sidelock feature comes with the tool just to prevent the screwdriver from falling.


  • Premium quality material enabled.
  • Easy to keep in a pocket.
  • Awesome design oriented.
  • Slim design.


  • Sometimes difficult comes.

6. Alouette Skate Tool Set:

If you are tired of searching for the best tools then you can go to use Alouette Skate Toolset, one of the best tools in the present situation.

This tool includes one T tool and one Y tool. It comes to works for repairing and assembling the skateboard. 

You can use the tool kit to do the work for the maintenance of skateboard or longboard.

It has four color combinations that make your hands superb during the time of use. The tools in the tool kit are made of high-quality plastic and steel. Undoubtedly, it works superbly without any crack and even it runs for a long time.

Why is it special?

This particular skateboard tool comes to help you to loosen or tighten the axle nuts. You can assemble the skateboard, repair, and do the maintenance for inline skate, longboard, or skateboard. With great comfort, you can do any work perfectly.

It is very light-weighted which is unbelievable. You can carry this tool to any place with your pocket. Even the size of the tool is very small. That means it has much more portability.

 It has extraordinary durability as it comes with premium quality steel and plastic. No damage comes if you use it maximum times


  • Multi-functional.
  • Used for longboard, skateboard, and penny board.
  • High material designed.
  • Easy storage


  • Comparatively higher price.

7. RADECKAL All In One Skate Tools:

Radeckal All in One Skate Tool kit is unlike the plastic-made skate tool in the market. It does not come to be broken normally especially for human usage.

The tool kit includes three different sizes sockets that go rightly to adjust three different nuts. 

It can help you to repair the longboard, penny board. You can use it for truck changing or assembling the skateboard.

It nicely comes to fit in your pocket. That means you can carry it at any location like a skate park or street if you like to do skateboarding.

Why is it special?

Radeckal All in one Skate Tools are multi-functional and for that, you can loosen or tighten the nuts when you come to repair the skateboards. Even you can assemble a new skateboard with the help of this particular skateboard tool.

Three different socket tools are in the particular tool kit and they have a measurement of 3/8 inches, 9/16 inches, and ½ inch. It is very light weighted and portable and so that, you put it in you all the time.

Radeckal offers you a returned policy at the mentioned time and you can return the product if you want.


  • Not breakable easily.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Easy refund and return policy.
  • Used for multi-purposes.


  • Comparatively higher price.

8. A&S Creavention Skateboard T-Tool:

Now we are making you known about the most benefit-oriented skateboard tool named A&S Creavention Skateboard T-Tool. It is undoubtedly superb for skateboard maintenance.

This particular skateboard tool comes with the construction of allowing metal. It is very user-friendly and comfortable during the time using. 

You can use it for multi-purposes.

The tool comes with T shape design and you can feel comfortable while you using it. The tool comes in a different color.

It has much more durability and for that, it does not come to be broken or cracked with a single stroke.

Why is it special?

This particular tool is suitable for skateboards, longboards, and penny boards. The work of skateboard repair comes easily as you can feel comfortable with its size measured by 10.5 cm. This alloy metal-enabled tool runs for a long time without any crack or damage.

The user of the tools can tighten or loosen the nuts. Even they can adjust the truck of the boards using this tool.

The color of the tool comes differently with an awesome look and for that, the users feel good when they use it. It is very portable in size.


  • Small in size.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Manufactured by premium quality metal.
  • Multi-purposes


  • Needs frequent maintenance.

9. Premium All-In-One Multi Function Ratchet Skate Tool:

Silver Premium All-in One Multi-function Rachet Skate Tool works superbly and you not will know anything until and unless you come to use this one.

The tool makes your work fast and it is difficult to believe.

 It includes several types of equipment that are needed for the maintenance of a skateboard as well as a longboard.

It will give you comfort while you come to repair the skateboard, change wheels or tighten the nuts. The tools are exact ones to keep in your and you can use them at any need of skateboard.

This particular tool kit includes a pull-out screwdriver, ratchet hardware, and a precision file. It also includes many more essential tools.

Why is it special?

Silver Premium All-in-one Multi-function Ratchet Skate Tool kit works better for repairing skateboard, adjusting nuts, and changing top skateboard trucks for street . The tool kit comes with a pull-out screwdriver, a precision file, ratchet socket, Allen wrench, and many more.

The handle of the tool is made with a nice grip. It comes in different colors like black, white, or silver and even bright colors such as spectrum green, gold metallic, and neon pink.

Using this tool kit, you can do the skateboarding work very easily and confidently. You can feel comfortable to keep in you and carry it anywhere as it goes easily into your pocket.


  • Multi-functional.
  • Used for multi-purposes.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Has portability.


  • Rust comes if not properly use.

10. Bona Skate Tool:

Bona Skate Tool is one of the most user-friendly skateboard tools in the present situation. It works best when you come to use it for skateboard repairing, assembling a new skateboard, or longboard.

The tool also helps you to tighten the screw or nuts, changing wheels, changing grip tape, or repairing the screw thread. 

This tool is constructed systematically and as a result of that, the work comes fruitfully. It includes not only three combined tools but ten tools in one tool kit.

The company of the tool provides excellent customer service. That means, buying this tool is completely risk-free. The tools in the tool kit are very easy to use, convenient and durable.

Why is it special?

This particular skateboard tool kit has three different sizes of sockets, a detachable Allen key, a bearing press, a Phillips screwdriver, a precision file, an Allen wrench, and an axle rethreader.

All the tools in the tool kit work to tighten or loosen a screw or nuts. The tools are so convenient in the exact operation. It is good for all types of skateboard, longboard, and inline skate which means, undoubtedly, it is for all purposes.

You can carry the tool kit at any place using a bag and after using this one, you can make a safe store of them.


  • Equipped with ten tools.
  • Suitable for longboard and skateboard.
  • Easy to carry and store.


  • Loose wrench and bearings.

What are the Best Skateboard Tools?

It is sure and certain that tools are very essential to repair the skateboard, remove the bearings of the skateboard, and even for removing wheels. Go through the details of tools and check how the tools help you.

  • Wrench – Wrench is one of the most important skateboard tools. It works on the nuts and bolts to loosen or tighten. Wrench comes in different sizes according to the sizes of nuts and bolts.
  • Screw Driver – Screwdriver works on the screw that is used for the trucks and skateboard decks.
  • Skate Multi-tool – Skate Multi-tool is very essential during the adjusting of skateboard wheels, trucks, bearings. The tool is made of non-rust steel and durable plastic. The tools do the maintenance for skateboard, roller skate, penny board, mini-board, and so on.
  • T tools – T tools look like the English alphabet ‘T’. It has three separate sockets that are attached in the three ending parts.
  • Skateboard Training Tools – Skateboard Training Tools are very important for first-time skateboarders. With the help of these particular tools, the inexperienced skateboarders go forward to run the skateboard. The tools assist them how to play the skateboard technically.
  • Utility Knife – The utility knife comes for cutting grip tape. It is also an essential item to trim the edges of the grip tape. For designing grip tape, you can use grip tape.
  • Metal File – Metal file is another skateboard tool to use the grip tape. Generally, the file makes the grip tape easier.
  • Bearing Press – The work of bearing press comes from its name. It helps the bearings to press on the wheels. Even it helps you to pull the bearings from the wheels. With the help of a bearing press, you can remove or set the bearings in the skateboard.

Apart from that, there is one kind of tool that is essential for skateboarders. These tools are called safety tools as the tools give good protection to the skateboarders while skateboarding. Just take a look below to know.

  • Elbow Pads – Elbow pads are very essential for the skate players as the pads protect the elbow while you run with the skateboards. The pads are made of soft foam and guard the elbow. The skate players feel good while they are with the pads stored in the top skateboard backpack
  • Knee Pads – Knee pads are the best safety tools for skateboarders. The pads keep guards the knee of skateboarders. As a result of that, the knee does not get any injury even the player falls on the ground from the running skateboard.
  • Wrist Guards – Wrist guards protect the wrist of the skate players. The wrist guards also provide comfort to you while you are skateboarding. No injuries come in the wrist if you fall from the skateboards.
  • Helmet – Helmet is very essential while you are on the skateboard. It gives good protection for your head. No damages come on the head while you face an accident

How To Use skateboard tools?

The most essential skateboard tools are the ‘Y’ shaped tool and ‘T’ tool. Both of the tools have three ends. In every end, you will have an opportunity to fix a socket in need of removing or attaching nuts or bolts. Take a look at the below information to use the skateboard tools.

For removing the spare parts of skateboards:

  • Take the tools and put an end on the nuts or bolts that hold the wheels or skateboard truck.
  • Turn your hand towards the left side to loosen the bolt.
  • Take off the wheels.

For assembling spare parts with the skateboard truck:

  • Put the parts like wheels in the right position.
  • Keep the nut in the exact location.
  • Put an appropriate end of the tools on the nut.
  • Turn your hand left-hand site until and unless the tools get no position to go.

In the case of bearings:

  • Put the wheels on the right location of bearings
  • Turn inside the handle of the press to set the particular end on the bearings.
  • Now leave the handle for removing the bearings.

Keep in your mind on a thing that always you should buy the best and quality-oriented skateboard tool as it works with you for a long time. Even the quality tools make your work easy. The tools also save you valuable time.

The thing is that the best skateboard tool will bring confidence in the maintenance of roller skate, skateboard, or longboard.

Is A Skate Tool Necessary?

Undoubtedly, a skate tool is very essential for skateboard players. Generally, skate players use the tools to remove the wheels or the bearings. Even they can also use the tools to fit the new bearings into the wheels of the skateboards.

Sometimes, the truck of the skateboard comes damages. So, the players require to change the old one with a new one. With the tools of the skateboard, they remove the old truck and do the new fittings with a new one.

To avoid the hassle either on the street or the park, the skate players always should keep skateboard tools with them. At any time, the equipment of the skateboard comes inactive.

The skate players using the tools can change the trucks, wheels, or bearings. They no need to go to any skateboard repairing center. They can save time as well as money.

But one thing you should remember that only the best skateboard tools can give you the benefit as the tools provide quality repairing. As a result of that, you no need to face hassle again and again. Even the best repairing work from the best tools does not keep you in tension.

What size is a skate tool?

The size of the skate tool comes in different sizes. Generally, the size of tools depends on the size of nuts and bolts that are used in the wheels, trucks, or decks.

That means you need to buy the skate tools according to the size of nuts and bolts. So, you should know the size of nuts and bolts before you buy the skate tools. Let's have a look at the nuts & bolts with the size given below.

  • Axle Nuts – 1/2 “ Nut  The Axle Nuts come to hold on the wheels and the size of nuts is a half-inch. To loosen and tighten the nuts, you need to have a ½ inch wrench. In that case, you can buy a flat or socket wrench.
  • Kingpin Nuts – 9/16” Nuts  8/16 inch comes to be used in the trucks of skateboards. In that case, you have to use a flat wrench or socket measured by 9/16”. With the wrench, you can change bushings, washers, and even pivot cups to tighten or loosen. One thing you need to remember that a socket wrench is much easier than a flat wrench.
  • Inverted Kingpins The inverted kingpins come with a size of 5.5 mm Alen bolt. So, to lighten and loosen, you must use a 5.5 mm Alen wrench.
  • 3/8” nut and 1/8” Philips screw These mentioned nuts & screws are required to hold the trucks with the skateboard deck. In need of loosening and tighten the screw and nuts, you should have 3/8 inch socket wrench or flat wrench and even a screwdriver.

Skateboard tool features you must take into consideration:

To repair the skateboard or replace the equipment, you need to use exact feature-enabled skate tolls. The exact tools make you efficient to repair the skateboard tightening or loosening the equipment of the skateboard.

If you come to use the best facility-oriented stake board tools, then the tools must go for T or Y-shaped tools. These particular tools come with several pieces. It helps you to repair, reassemble or tighten the skate or longboard.

Apart from that, the skate tools come with a hex key, screwdriver, a bearing remover, a bottle opener, and a grip tape file.

The sockets enabled tools are other best skate tools. The sockets come with the size of 3/8”, 1/2 “, and 9/16 inches. The ½ inches socket is used to tighten or loosen the wheels. 9/16 inches socket is used to install or replace the trucks. The 3/8 inches socket makes the deck bolts tight.

The trader tools measured by 5/16 inches work to rethread axles when the nuts do not come for the right fitting.

types of skateboard tools

Types Skateboard Tools

To do the maintenance work for skateboard, skateboard tools you must require. With the help of skateboard tools, you can change the bearings or wheels. Even you can loosen the nuts & bolts with the help of skateboard tools.

The tools will provide you comfort while you come to repair the skateboard tools. The tools will lessen the time of repairing work.

For different types of works in skateboard, there must be several types of tools. But some tools without which the repairing work are not possible. These tools are given below. Just take a look.

  • Skateboard bearing pressThe Skateboard bearing press is one of the most important skateboard tools. This particular bearing press helps you to remove the bearings from the wheels. Generally, this tool works on the bearings in the method of pressing.

    It provides you comfort while you come to remove the bearings.
  • T-ToolsT-Tools are one of the most important skateboard tools. It looks like an English alphabet ‘T’. The tool comes to works with three ends just to loosen and tighten the nuts and bolts.
  • Y-Tools & Flat ToolsY-Tools & Flat Tools consist of 12 tools. The shape of the tools come with a flat shape. All the tools are used for the repairing of the skateboard. You will feel comfortable using these tools and even the tools will lessen your time.

How long do the skateboard tools run?

The best quality skateboard tools work in need of skateboard maintenance for a long time. The quality skateboard comes with the construction of strong materials. Even the process of construction runs systematically.

For longevity and good work performance, you need to get in touch with the best brand of skateboard tools. Even you have to run a good search online and grab the best one.

How does a skate wrench, the major skateboard tool work on the skateboard?

Though skate wrench is available in different shapes and sizes, its fundamental works are the same. The skate wrenches are made of four main components and each component works differently.

  1.  Kingpin Adjustment – Kingpin Adjustment is the largest gauge socket of skate wrench. With this socket, you can tighten or loosen the kingpin of your skateboard. According to your needs, you can use the kingpin and make your skateboard speedy or slow.

  2. Wheel nuts –Wheel nut is a medium-sized socket that can be used to tighten or detach nuts that connect wheels on the axle.

  3. Truck Bolts – This is the very smallest socket and it is used to change the truck bolts.

  4.  The Allen key or screw bit which comes to detach truck bolts. You can use it to deal with both types of truck bolts.

What are the substitute tools instead of skateboard tools?

Generally, skateboard tool comes to be used in need of regular skateboard maintenance. The tools also work for Longboard, roller skates, and inline skates.

But if you are unable to manage the particular skateboard tools, then you can use some other tools which work alike the skateboard tools. Please look at the below.

  • 3/2 inches Socket
  • 9/16 inches socket
  • Half inches socket
  • ½ inches Allen Driver
  • #2 Phillips Driver

With these above tools, you can tune-ups and easily can carry a pack or pocket. You easily make immediate adjustments while out riding.

Do I need to carry skateboard tools when I am in skateboarding?

Generally, skateboard tools are very essential equipment to do the maintenance of your skateboard. Even you can change your wheel or tighten the bolts of the skateboard bearings.

You can do the maintenance of your skateboard once every month.

But it may be happened that when you are in the skate park or on the road, you can come to face hassle with your skateboard. At that time, you cannot able to drive your skateboard. So, right now, what you need to do?

With your skateboard tools preserved in the storage, you can come to be able to repair the skateboard. You can adjust the wheels if the wheels are misplaced.

Even if the wheels are fully damaged, you can alter the wheels using skateboard tools.

It is good to remember that all of the skateboard tools you cannot carry with you. In that case, you keep a skate wrench with you.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ)

Q. Are skateboard tools multi-purpose?

All skateboard tools are not multi-purpose. When you come to use ‘T’ tools or ‘Y’ tools, you can use these for multi-purposes. But wrench, screwdriver, metal file, or knife come to work for a single purpose.

Q. What can I use instead of a skate tool?

Generally, ‘T’ tools and ‘Y’ tools are commonly used for skateboard maintenance. But if you do not have any of mentioned tools, you can use a flat wrench or socket wrench, knife, and screwdriver to make repairing the job easy and fast. You need to put all tools in the box of Tools Accessory.

Q. What is a skate tool utilized for?

Skate tool comes to be used for removing bearings, wheels, changing trucks, and many more purposes. Even you can remove dust, dirt, and rust and clean the bearings with the help of skate tools.

Always, you should buy the best skate tools from a reliable point.

Q. Do I need to buy a skateboard tool?

You have to buy a skateboard tool as your skateboard tool gives you any time and anywhere skateboard repairing facility. Even you need to buy the quality-oriented skateboard tool at the best price. Your best buying will come if you go online.

Q. Do the skateboard tools look the same?

Generally, the skateboard tools are not the same in look. ‘T’ tools and ‘Y’ tools both types are different in looking and they are called Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T and Y. Wrench, files and screwdriver work for skateboard maintenance and all are not same looking.

Not only the skateboard tools are different in looking but each tool works differently.

Q. Can you build a skateboard using the skateboard tools?

Yes, you can build a skateboard with your effort using the skateboard tools. For building a skateboard, you need to collect the skateboard tools like ‘Y’ tools, ‘T’ tools. To make your every effort easy, you can have in your hand a screwdriver, wrench, file, and hammer.

Q. What skateboard tools do I need?

If you have a determination to build a skateboard, you should keep all the skateboard tools near your hand. If you come to loosen the nuts & bolts, then you should use the wrench. To remove the screw, you will have to use the screwdriver. But for the multi-purpose works, ‘Y’ tools and ‘T’ tools are the best.

Q. Are all skateboard tools the same?

Undoubtedly, all skateboard tools are not the same. ‘T’ tools and ‘Y’ tools look sometimes alike but 75 percent looking differently. A wrench comes to loosen and tighten the nuts & bolts. A screwdriver loosens or tightens the screw.

Q. What can I use if I don't have a skate tool?

If you do not have skate tools, then you need to be dependent on a skateboard repairing center. You cannot remove the bearings or change the skateboard wheels with your effort.

You will face unsolved problems if your skateboard shows disturbance middle of the street or at the part.


To do the repairing work of the skateboard or change any equipment in the skateboard, you must come to use the best skateboard tools. At any location either street or skate part, if you have quality skateboard tools, you will not face any problem with your skateboard. Even you will make a new skateboard using the tools.

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