Best Skateboard Helmet For Hot Weather In 2022

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Are you pondering which is the best skateboard helmet for hot weather? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the necessity of wearing a helmet, and how to determine which helmet is the exact one for you. Although for your convenience, we have picked the top 5 best riding helmets for hot weather as per the suggestions of our skating experts and depicted the features of these brain-savers.

Nowadays, not only kids but also young adults are indulging themselves in this recreational sport skating.

No doubt that skaters can get unlimited fun while skating. But your fun can turn into remorse if you don't put on proper safety gear. We don't want you to feel so. 

That's why we are strictly advising you to put on one of the most important safety gear - a helmet while skating.

But, don't forget to put on the other safety equipment also, for instance - wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards, goggles. We never know what is going to happen next.

So no matter how experienced you are - don't be overconfident, and don't avoid putting on a helmet while skating.

Remember, most of the time, when a skater loses balance, he may fall on his head. Thus, you may get serious head injuries that may even be the reason for death.

By offering enough protection to your head, a helmet assures you that even if you meet any accident, there will be less risk of getting head injuries.

 To get more info about the best skate helmet for hot temperatures, check below.

Our Top Picks (Best Skateboard Helmet For Hot Weather 2022) : Updated!

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Best Skateboard Helmet For Hot Weather In 2022

1. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet:

There is no doubt that skating is an extreme sport. Anytime you may lose your balance, fall, and get serious injuries.

 Therefore, to protect your head from serious head damage or injuries, it's very important to put on a certified helmet while skating.

A good skateboard helmet not only offers enough protection to the head but also must be lightweight. Besides, it should balance the airflow so that you can feel cool even while skating during summer days.

Whether you are biking or indulging yourself in any extreme sport, or skateboarding, make sure that you have put on a brain-saver. Among the multi-sport helmets, Razor V-17 Youth is the most demanding one. There is nothing more to say about this brand. Whether it comes to engineering skateboards, longboards or one of the most important safety gear, the helmet, no brand can beat Razor.

This super robust helmet is able to offer the user the highest level of protection and safety. The best thing about this product is this model is equipped with an extra sizing pad and ergonomic pads. As a result, the users don't need to worry at all by pondering whether this helmet will be properly fitted or not. These pads offer the user super comfort while skating.

Whether you want to purchase a helmet for your kids or for yourself, a full-coverage helmet will be very effective. This full-coverage helmet has met all the standards of CPSC. Therefore, there remains no question regarding the protection ability of this helmet.

This helmet will be a perfect pick for both 8-14 years kids, and young adults. This advanced model equipped with updated features successfully grabs the minds of the young cyclists. The simple clip buckle helps the user to put on the helmet easily. Due to its wonderful design, users can easily put off and put on the brain-saver.

The high-quality components are used to construct the outer shell. Whereas the inner padding foam helps to prevent the hard blows. As the outer shell comes with scratch-resistant ability, there remains no risk of damaging the helmet even if you come across any accident. With the help of a damp cloth, you can wipe the shell.

This helmet is not only an outstanding impact absorber but also is extremely light-weight. This helmet is adorned with seventeen air vents. These vents allow air to enter the helmet.

If you are in need of such a helmet that can be used regularly, then you can go for this model. The inner lining of this helmet helps to absorb sweat. Not only this, but it also helps to evaporate sweat quickly.

As a result, the commuters don't feel distracted due to sweat dripping. Therefore, if you live in a warm climate area, you can enjoy a cool riding experience by wearing this helmet.

Due to the wonderful design of this brain-saver, both men and women can wear this model.

Moreover, the high-quality constructional components and sleek design of this helmet make this product perfect for kids too.

As the inner padding of this brain-saver consists of foam, nylon, ABS, polystyrene, this helmet can absorb shocks perfectly. Due to being made of blend fabric, there remains no chance of splitting up or breaking the helmet even if it comes across serious impacts.

The inner portion of this brain-saver remains molded with the outer coverage. As a result, when the user comes across an accident, the inner cushioning absorbs the generated heat.

Without wasting further time, have your eyes on this best skate helmet for hot temperatures.

Mind-grabbing features of the Skateboard Helmets for Hot Weather:

  • Enjoy cool riding: The inner pads of this helmet are equipped with a moisture-wicking function. As a result, even if you wear this helmet during the summer days, you will feel cool throughout the entire journey. On the other hand, thanks to the light-weight design of this helmet for permitting the skaters to wear the brain-saver for a prolonged time.

  • Ventilation: If you are looking for the best skateboard helmet for hot weather, then it should definitely have a good ventilation function. Only a well-ventilated helmet can balance the airflow in the brain-saver. This helmet comes with seventeen vents that are located at the chin area, over the brows, and the back of the helmet.

    Whereas the breathable constructional components of this helmet prevent the growth of sweat inside the helmet. As a result, there remains no chance of getting a bad odor of sweat.

  • Safety features: This Lightest skateboard helmet is perfect for kids. As these helmets can offer the ultimate level of safety, there remains no risk of flying off the helmet even if you meet serious accidents.

  • Certification: As this helmet has successfully met all the standards of CPSC, there remains no doubt regarding the protection ability of this brain-saver. According to the recommendation of the industry, a helmet should not be used after it meets a serious collision. But this super durable and robust model from the brand Razor can undergo more than one mediocre impact.

  • Inner Pads: This helmet is equipped with soft inner paddings that can be cleaned easily. Whereas you can clean the outer coverage by using a damp cloth.

  • Configuration: This model comes with a super-strong outer shell, soft cushioning, durable buckles, and straps. As a result, this helmet can be used for a prolonged period. The outer shell of this model comes with a glossy finish that makes the model an exceptional one. Whereas the double-stitched inner pads provide more firmness.

  • Weight and dimension: This helmet weighs only 13.4 pounds. As a result, users won't feel that they are carrying something heavy over their heads. And the dimension of the product is 14.5" × 9.5" × 9".

  • Buckles and straps: You can adjust the durable buckles as per your need. The superior design of the buckles allows the helmet to fit snugly. Whereas the super adjustable and soft straps offer the skaters enough comfort and permit them to adjust it as required.

  • Warranty period: This product comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, the manufacturers offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Super protection.
  • Money-back guarantee for ninety days.
  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • Perfect for men, women, and kids


  • Not the appropriate model for professional skaters.

2. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet:

Here is the second product in our list from one of the most reliable and renowned brands Triple Eight.

It has been many years, from then till now this brand is reigning the market.

Do you avoid putting on helmets while skating just because you think wearing a helmet may make you look offensive?

Then guys, just check out this brain-saver. The super robust design along with stylish outlook makes this model an all-in-one product. These helmets are available in several colors and sizes. Moreover, you can customize and adjust the brain-saver as per your needs.

The main purpose of a helmet is to protect your head from any kind of serious impact. So, the helmets that are not certified will not be able to offer adequate protection. But if you pick this helmet from Razor, then you don't need to worry about such things.

By enduring hard blows, and impacts, this rubber helmet can offer enough protection to the user's head. Moreover, these helmets are certified by CPSC. So, you can use this helmet both for bicycling and roller skating.

If you have just started your skating lessons or want to replace the old or cracked model with a new one, then this brain-saver will be a smart pick. Moreover, if you are a Freerider, then this model is the ideal one for you.

If you are an aggressive skater or love to perform skating tricks or stunts, then wearing a superior quality helmet is essential.

Because, in case you lose balance or meet any accident, your skull may get seriously damaged. Such injuries can lead the skater to death. Therefore, never forget to put on your helmet before starting your journey.

The manufacturers tried to make this model durable, robust, and exceptional too. The ABS plastic is used to engineer this brain-saver. Whereas the EPS liner helps to protect the user's head from any kind of injuries. 

Due to come constructed with high-quality rubber, despite hard blows, it offers the user ultimate protection.

A few skaters said that they don't like to wear helmets, as the brain-savers make them feel like they are carrying a load or burden over their head. Whereas a few skaters said that most of the helmets are too heavyweight.

To all of those skaters who have such opinions regarding the helmets, we want to say that after checking the detailed info, and features of this product your thoughts are going to change totally.

This Triple Eight model is not only made of superior quality components but also it is extremely light-weight. This model weighs only 1.72 pounds. As a result, even if you wear this helmet for a long time, you are not going to feel annoyed at all.

Not only the construction of this model is praiseworthy, but also the outer design makes this model eye-catching.

Although a few users are there who skip wearing helmets in hot weather. Because multiple models are available in the market that don't have proper ventilation systems.

As a result, when the skater wears the helmet, sweat starts dropping on the face and the eyes of the user. Due to this, skaters feel distracted and lose balance or meet accidents. But these problems will not bother you anymore if you pick this outstanding Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet.

The terry cloth lined helps to wick away sweat easily. Whereas the fabulous ventilation function helps to absorb and evaporate the sweat as soon as possible.

Therefore, if you live in a hot summer country, and love to skate, then your journey is going to be mind-blowing if you wear this brain-saver. Because the airy design of this helmet helps to keep the user's head cool throughout the entire journey. To get more details about this product, check below.

Mind-grabbing features of the these Summer Helmet:

  • Size: You can get this helmet in several sizes. XS fits 20. 1–20. 5 in (51–52 cm), S fits 20. 6–21. 3 in (52–54 cm), M fits 21. 4–22 in (54–56 cm), L fits 22. 1–22. 9 in (56–58 cm), XL fits 23–24 in (58–61 cm), XXL fits 24-25 in (60–62 cm).

    But in case, you can't decide which helmet size is appropriate for you, then just take a measuring tape and measure the size of your head. Then choose the helmet size as per your head size. However, in this article, we have discussed how to pick the right size of helmet. You can check that guide to get rid of this worry. In case, you see that your head's size falls between the sizes that are offered by the brand, then you should pick a larger size.

  • Configuration: This brain-saver comes with a rubber finish that offers super comfort while skating. Whereas to make this model robust, and durable, ABS plastic and EPS foam are used. As a result, this model can easily endure serious impacts. Moreover, the durable chin straps permit the users to adjust these as per their needs. Therefore, the helmet remains fitted perfectly.

  • Liner: The liners are removable and washable too. As the liners are equipped with antibacterial properties, they can remove the nasty odor of sweat. Whereas the outstanding ventilation function helps to absorb and evaporate sweat quickly.

  • Colors: As these helmets come in several colors, you can pick your favorite one easily. These helmets are available in black rubber, Baja teal rubber, black glossy, black rubber W/ red, blue fade rubber, carbon rubber, neon Fuschia glossy, pink glossy, red rubber, Royal blue rubber, white rubber, zest rubber colors.

  • Warranty period: This model comes with 180 days warranty. During this warranty period, if you face any issues with this product, you can contact customer care to get their services.


  • Durable and robust enough.
  • Washable liner.
  • Size and color varieties.
  • Stylish outer design.


  • Size issues.
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3. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike And Skateboard Helmet:

Skating is no less dangerous than any other thrilling sport. You should know that per year almost seventy thousand skateboarding injuries occur.

And such injuries result in numerous skaters getting admitted to the hospital.

If you don't want this to happen with you, then do take our words seriously. And wear a helmet whenever you are skating. Don't risk your life just to look cool.

We have come with another product from the brand Triple Eight. By innovating new models, this brand is trying its best to upgrade the features of the previous models. If you use skating for regular commuting, then without any doubt go for this model.

This advanced model is not only powerful and robust but also passes all the safety standards successfully. The superior quality components and outstanding design of this brain-saver enable this model to endure hard blows and impacts.

The classic design gives this model an exclusive outlook. This helmet can be used for multi-purposes. Not only for skating but also you can wear this model for cycling, rollerblading, scootering.

This helmet got certification from CPSC. That means, if you wear this helmet, you will get ultimate protection.

To make this model super durable and high-impact resisting ABS shell is used. Moreover, due to being extremely light-weight, this model allows the user to wear this brain-saver for an extended period.

Two sets of EPS liners can easily absorb sweat. Among these two-liner sets, one is thick, and the other one is thin. These liners permit the user to adjust this brain-saver as per their needs. As a result, the helmet remains snugly fitted.

On the other hand, the chin strap of this model doesn't chafe the jaw area. Moreover, you can adjust it as per your comfort level. This best skateboard helmet for hot weather comes with removable pads. These helmets are available in three different sizes.

Mind-grabbing features of the best riding helmet for hot weather:

  • Lining: The EPS lining of the model can endure hard blows, and shocks easily. The thick polymer exterior is used to cover this liner. Thus, the shell becomes super robust and offers the highest protection to the user's head.

  • Versatile usages: You can put on these helmets while cycling, biking, scootering. Besides this model can be used for freeriding, roller derby.

  • Construction: 360° coverage of this model makes this product exceptional. The super robust design enables the model to endure hard blows and impacts easily. ABS shell omg with EPS foam liner makes this model tremendous. The wonderful design of this model makes this brain-saver perfect for both men and women. Whereas the stylish outlook makes this model impressive.

  • Sizes: You can get this helmet in several sizes: XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm), S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm). To measure your head size, you can use a string.

  • Colors: You can get these helmets in six eye-catching colors: black glossy, black matte, blue matte, gun matte, kelly green matte, white matte. As this model is extremely light in weight, you can wear this helmet for a long time.

  • Adjustable: The adjustable straps of this model allow the user to adjust it as per your needs.

  • Certification: This helmet has successfully passed all the safety standards and regulations of CPSC, and ASTM.

  • Sweat absorbing function: The sweat-absorbing pads help to absorb and evaporate sweat easily. Therefore, you won't be distracted by the dripping sweat. Besides, the outstanding ventilation function makes this model praiseworthy. As this function helps to balance the airflow, there remains no chance of growing bacterias inside the helmet. Therefore, you will not get disturbed by the bad smell of sweat.


  • Light-weight design.
  • Variety of colors and sizes.
  • Sweat-absorbing facility.
  • Outstanding ventilation function.


  • Size issues.

4. JBM Skateboard Helmet:

No matter which skating style you prefer - whether on-road skating, ice skating, roller skating, Or skateboarding - make sure that you are wearing proper safety gear.

Remember only a superior quality helmet can offer you ultimate protection and save your head from serious injuries.

Among the best skateboard helmets for hot weather, JBM is the most demanding and top-notch one. You can get these helmets in various sizes. As a result, if you are a young adult, you can buy this helmet for yourself. Whereas, if you want to gift this helmet to your kids, you can do so as well.

The wonderful construction of this helmet makes this product perfect for both newbie and pro-level skaters. This multi-purpose helmet can be used for several purposes. For example, along with using while skating, you can wear this model while trekking, hill-climbing.

Whereas the superb ventilation system permits the air to enter into the helmet. Due to this, the air can get circulated properly inside the brain-saver. As a result, by wearing this best riding helmet for hot weather, skaters can remain cool even while skating in warm climates.

Moreover, the breathable foam and aerodynamic design of this Summer Helmet helps to reduce sweating. Whereas the EPS foam can easily absorb sweat.

Therefore, there remains no chance of growing bacterias or getting a bad sweat odor. That means, wearing this brain-saver you can skate for a prolonged period without feeling sweaty or overheated.

To make this model super durable and hard-impact resisting, PVC, and PC are used as constructional components. Not only this model is robust and strong enough, but also the design of this model is mind-grabbing and stylish.

Thanks to the adjustable buckle and straps for allowing the skater to adjust the helmet as per their needs. For those who are on a tight budget, or in need of a budget-friendly model, then this JBM helmet will be exact for you. This helmet is certified by ASTM and CPSC.

As a result, this one is able to endure hard blows and impacts easily. The hard plastic shell and the soft inner pads make this model exceptional. To get more details about this brain-saver, check below.

Mind-grabbing features of the best skate helmet for hot temperatures:

  • Outer shell: This helmet is mainly engineered for kids. But advanced level skaters can also purchase this model. The anti-shock system of this helmet makes this model tremendous. Whereas to make the outer shell of this brain-saver super durable, PVC and PC components are used.

    To make this helmet shock-absorbing, the manufacturers have used superior quality inner foam that can protect the user's head from direct impacts. As a result, the cerebrum area gets adequate protection. As this model gets certification from CPSC and ASTM, this brain-saver is known as one of the safest models.

  • Performance: The wonderful configuration of this brain-saver allows both kids and pro-level skaters to use this model. The anti-shock system of this model is really praiseworthy. PVC and PC shells help to make this model robust and durable.

  • Whereas the shock-absorbing inner foam is designed to absorb shock and offer adequate protection to the head. As this Summer helmet is certified by CPSC and ASTM, there remains neither any doubt nor any question about the protection capacity of this model.

  • Versatile usages: We have already mentioned earlier that this helmet is known as a Multi-sport one. You can put on this model while cycling, scootering, skateboarding. This model is mainly designed for outdoor sports lovers.

  • Sizes: This helmet is available in different sizes. Small: 18.1’’-19.7, Medium: 19.7’’-22.8'', Large: 20.9’’-23.2''. As per your head size, you can pick the needy one.

  • Adjustable: To enjoy a safe ride, it's very important to confirm that the helmet you are wearing is fitted properly. The adjustable side buckles and strap allow the users to adjust the helmet as per their comfort level. This is a unisex model. Therefore, both men and women can use this brain-saver.

  • Ventilation function: This model comes with an outstanding aerodynamic design. Whereas multiple vents make this model airy. On the other hand, by reducing the temperature, the EPS foam helps to keep the user cool while skating. As a result, even if you skate under the scorching heat of the sun, you will feel relaxed and can enjoy a soothing and safe journey by wearing this helmet.

    • Warranty period: This model comes with a one-year warranty.

    • Colors: You can get this model in black, blue, pink, red, silver, white, yellow colors.


  • Color variety.
  • Shock-absorbing function.
  • Durable enough.
  • Affordable price range;
  • Specifically designed for outdoor sports.


  • After using it a few times, the inner straps get detached

5. Flybar Skateboard Helmet:

A multi-sport helmet can offer the user full-coverage protection. Helmets that can be used for multi-sport activities such as rollerblading, skating are extremely light in weight.

Now, we are going to elaborate on the last product in the list of Best skateboard helmets for hot weather from the brand Flybar.

You can wear this multi-sport helmet while longboarding, scootering, bicycling. To make this brain-saver durable, a robust superior quality component is used.

Whereas the inner shell comes with EPS foam liner. By absorbing shocks properly, this brain-saver offers the highest protection to the user's head.

The best thing about this brain-saver is this is easily wearable. This helmet is certified by CPSC and ASTM. This certification ensures that after wearing this helmet, your head will get enough protection from any kind of hard blows and impacts.

Summer Helmets should have a well-ventilated function. Otherwise, you will feel distracted by sweat dripping.

But you are not going to face these problems while wearing this Flybar helmet. Because this helmet is adorned with twelve vents. These vents help to enter the air into the helmet. As a result, you won't feel annoyed even while skating during the scorching heat of the Sun.

This model is equipped with an adjustable dial system. This system is located at the back of the helmet and permits the brain-saver to remain fitted snugly to the head.

Along with the outstanding configuration, this model comes with a mind-grabbing design. This incredible design allows the brain-saver to make it wearable for both men and women. 

Mind-grabbing features of the Best skateboard helmet for hot weather:

  • Versatility: You have already come to know that it is a multi-sport helmet. It can be used for inline skating, skateboarding, and performing other sports activities.

  • Size: This helmet is available in several sizes: S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in); M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in); L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in). First, measure your head size and then pick the exact size of this brain-saver depending on your head size.

  • Colors: The huge variety of colors of this brain-saver allow the users to pick their desired color easily. You can get this helmet in black, camouflage, cloud formations, flyscraper, gray, pink, splatter, true blue, and warning colors.

  • Configuration: To make the outer shell super durable, and robust, ABS material is used. Whereas EPS foam liner offers enough protection to your head. On the other hand, the chin strap helps to remain the brain-saver properly fitted.

  • Ventilation system: By allowing the air to enter into the helmet, the twelve vents help to keep the riders cool while skating in hot temperatures.


  • Certified by CPSC and ASTM.
  • Color variety.
  • Offers super protect.
  • Backspin dial.


  • If the helmet gets scratched, colors can get removed easily.

Why Should You Wear a Skateboard Helmet?

No one knows what is next to happen. So whether you are an entry-level skater, or previously experienced, you should definitely put on one of the most important safety gear - a helmet. Because while skating, you may lose balance and control and fall. And such falling can cause serious brain injuries.

 So, if you are thinking that you have practiced skateboarding for a long time, or you are too experienced and don't need to wear a helmet  - such mishaps can happen with you too dear.

Our intention is not to make you frightened. We are trying to just warn you. 

Having confidence is good, but don't let your confidence turn into overconfidence.

If it happens, then it may cause the decline of the person. That's why we will always advise the skaters to wear helmets whenever they are riding on the board.

There are a few skaters who are not fond of performing skating stunts or tricks or don't prefer aggressive skating. 

But it doesn't mean that they don't need to put on a helmet. No matter how decently you skate, to protect yourself from head injuries, wearing a helmet is essential. Even while skating at a slow speed, you may fall down.

 Always keep in mind that soft impacts can make your skull badly injured. That's why, while skating, never forget to wear a helmet.

types of helmets

How to Choose a Good Skateboard Helmet?

Nowadays, most skaters think that investing money in purchasing a helmet is just wasting money. We are requesting the skaters to think deeply.

Is it really a waste of money? How you guys are ignoring this one of the most vital safety gear - the helmet?  

A helmet can protect you from death risks. And you are considering it as a waste of money?

Be serious and don't risk your life dear.

If you are an entry-level skater, you may feel confused while selecting the best skateboard helmet for hot weather. Check this buying guide. We hope after checking this guide you will be able to understand which model can hit your needs and which can't.

Check whether the helmet is perfectly fitted or not: If you buy such a helmet that is not getting fitted perfectly, then it will be a total waste of money. A too-large helmet ( larger than the head size) can make the skater feel uncomfortable. Even those kinds of helmets won't be able to offer adequate protection.

Whereas, if the helmet is too small, then it will never fit perfectly. So, you need to determine first which helmet size you need. Here we have given a guide on how to measure the head for a skateboard helmet.

Let's check it out.

How to measure the head for a skateboard helmet? 

We have already discussed which problems you need to face if you pick such a helmet that is not properly fitted. So, here we are going to discuss how you can measure your head size.

But remember, the size of helmets varies depending on the brands. Therefore, if you know your head size before buying, after checking the size chart of the brand, you can easily determine which model is the exact one for you. 

Let's check out the head measuring process.

  • First, take a measuring tape.

  • After that, your task is to wrap the tape around your forehead. Make sure that you are wrapping it over your ears and eyebrows. Next, you need to measure the level. To do so, you need to take the measurement from the front portion to the back portion of your head. But you need to confirm that the tape is neither loose nor too tight. Then you need to take the measurements in inches.

  • In case, you can't take proper measurements of your head, you need to measure the head size as per the hat size.

Safety specifications: Helmets are designed to protect your head. But it's very important to confirm that the helmet you are using is able to offer enough protection. The safety specifications of a brain-saver depend on the constructional elements. ABS plastic is the most durable and strongest component.

Helmets that are equipped with soft inner lining are able to absorb any kind of hard blows and shocks. Whereas EPS is known as one of the best linings. But you need to confirm that the helmet you are purchasing has passed the safety standards.

Skateboard helmet safety laws

  The skateboard safety law depends on the state where you are skating. Although a few states have specified an age, skaters under that age must need to wear a helmet. California has declared that skaters under eighteen years need to put on CPSC-certified helmets.

Helmets that have passed the rules and standards of CPSC are equipped with EPS protective liner. But along with protecting your head, you need to make sure that you have put on other protecting gears. For example, knee pads, gloves, goggles, wrist guards, and so on.

Padding: The best helmet should be equipped with such paddings that can offer the user enough comfort. Nowadays a few models are innovated that are able to absorb as well as evaporate sweat. It is always recommended to go for such models that are adorned with removable and washable paddings.

Straps: The function of the straps is to keep the helmet secured in one place. But choose those Helmets that come with V-shaped straps. These straps ensure the user that the helmet won't be fallen off - no matter in which position the user's head is.

Retention system: Due to this feature, skaters can easily adjust the strap length and lock and unlock them easily. Therefore, always choose such models that come with a quick-release locking function. Whereas the adjustable knobs help the brain-saver to remain fitted perfectly.

Shell material: As constructional material, mainly ABS plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber are used.

Ventilation function: If you pick such a model that doesn't have a proper ventilation function, then you may feel annoyed due to sweat dripping. Therefore, you may face accidents. So, always try to choose such a brain-saver that is equipped with a good ventilation system. A good helmet will be able to balance the airflow, absorb and evaporate sweat.

Types of helmet: 

There are a few types of skateboard helmets. Let's check it out.

  • Mountain bike helmet: Do you want full-face coverage? Then you should go for this type. These helmets help to offer enough protection to your head from all sides. Especially for downhill skaters, this model is the ideal one. These models not only offer full coverage but also come with a superb ventilation system.
  • Time trial helmets: These models come with an aerodynamic design. The main function of these helmets is maintaining speed and countering the resistance of air.
  • Full face helmets: Those who skate on the street can get the highest safety level using these helmets. These helmets are able to cover the full face of the user. As a result, there remains no chance of getting injuries in the jaw area and head. These brain-savers are the ideal model for aggressive skaters. While using this helmet, you may find similarities between these models with the motorbike helmets.
  • Kids helmets: Wiggle helmets are famous for their safety standards. If you want to buy helmets for your kids, then go for the light-weight models. These models usually come in a huge range of sizes. Although kid's helmets have a few similarities with regular helmets. The difference between these two types is size, color, and design.
  • Leisure: These models are light in weight. The exceptional design and awesome ventilation function make these helmets tremendous. But compared to the other types, these are costlier.
  • BMX: These helmets are available in two types. Full face and open face. The full-face helmets offer the users the ultimate protection and pass all the standards and rules of BMX racing. Whereas the open face helmets are engineered for flatland riding.
  • Mountain bike helmets: The superb ventilation system and additional coverage make these models demanding. For downhill skaters, these helmets are ideal.
  • Aero road helmets: This one is the latest type. The design of these models lies between the vented types and the trial ones. These models are light in weight. These models come with an aerodynamic design.
  • Road helmets: These multi-purpose helmets can be used for several sports. For example, you can use these helmets for cycling, skateboarding, longboarding, bike riding.


We hope that after going through this article based on the best skateboard helmet for hot weather, you got to know the importance of putting on a helmet while skating. It's our advice to all the skaters - both beginner and experienced - not to avoid wearing helmets. Don't risk your life. Check the detailed info of the top 5 best summer helmets in our list, and choose your needy one, and enjoy a safe skating journey.

(Best Skateboard Helmet For Hot Weather)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does a skateboard helmet cost?

Most of the skateboard helmets that come in $50 and more than this range are equipped with a super ventilation system. Moreover, in this range, you will get a variety of designs and colors.

Q. Do you need a helmet for roller skating?

While skating, putting on safety gear is very essential so that you can enjoy a safe skating journey. You never know when you will meet an accident. Remember head injuries can lead you to death. So, always wear a helmet before you start skating.

Q. What is the best helmet for skateboarding?

The best helmets for skateboarding are:

  • Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboard Helmet.
  • Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner.
  • Punisher Skateboards Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety Certified.
  • Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified, Small/Medium, All Black Rubber.
  • Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet.
  • TSG Pass Helmet.
  • JBM CPSC ASTM Certified.

Q. Are thousand helmets safe? 

Along with manufacturing stylish helmets, Thousand brand tries their best to make the model high-impact resisting, and robust enough. That's why the helmets that are engineered by this brand successfully passed all the standards of CPSC, ASTM, and CE EN 1078.

Q. Do you legally have to wear a helmet on a skateboard?

A few states have put on the declaration that under a certain age wearing a helmet is necessary. According to such country laws, a skater who belongs to under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while skateboarding.

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