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If you want to keep the bearings of your skateboard smooth and active, first of all, you need to use the best lubricant for skateboard bearings. At that time, a question may come to your mind ‘what can I use to lubricate skateboard bearings’.

Yes, you can't know the best brand of lubricant for skateboards if you are a first-time skateboard user. Do not worry if you do not have sufficient knowledge regarding quality lubricants for a skateboard as today, this article will give you the right guidelines about lubricants.

Even by this article, you will know how to lubricate skateboard bearings, the best household lubricant for skateboard bearings, and the best silicone-based lubricant for skateboard bearings.

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Just stay on this page and go through the details mentioned below.

Top 10 Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings

oil for skate bearings

It is good to know that a good lubricant for skateboard bearings means an effective lubricant that cleans and lubricates bearings to spin better. It cleans the sand, dirt, dust, and even the water that grabs the bearings of the skateboard from the street.

The best one also protects the bearings from rust and provides the bearings a long life. For good maintenance of skateboard bearings, some brands of lubricants are given here.

Let's have look at them.

1. Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit:

Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit undoubtedly is very popular among skateboard players. Though the kit is made in the USA, its popularity, it spreads all over the world.

The kit comes to work fast and easy way in need of cleaning bearings. Generally, the kit includes a bearing holder, cleaning solvent, and washing container.

It is suitable for inline skates, penny boards, skateboards, longboards, and Scooters. The lubricant made of orange oil citrus is an effective alternative to protect the bearings of skateboards.

Why is it special?

  • Multi-purpose Use Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit is the best one for cleaning skate bearings. It comes as the best multi-users. You can use this one for penny boards, longboards, skateboards, and inline skate.
  • Multi-purpose Use – Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit is the best one for cleaning skate bearings. It comes as the best multi-users. You can use this one for penny boards, longboards, skateboards, and inline skate.

  • Secured protection  The lubricant comes from orange oil citrus and for that, it gives good protection to the skateboard bearings. It keeps away the bearings from rust and dirt.

  • Easy and smooth As it has an extreme level of viscosity, the lubricant spreads quickly into the bearings. The bearings get smoothness and make the skateboard faster than before.


  • Easy to clean bearings.
  • Hundred percent protective.
  • Suitable for multi-purposes.


  • Quick to be dried.

2. Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard

Now, what lubricant comes to you that is the better one than the previous. It comes with the name of Liberty 100 percent Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard.

This particular oil cleans the bearings perfectly and for that, the bearings move faster and smoother.

It provides good protection from dust and rust. The lubricant is a hundred percent synthetic-based.

It comes with an 18 gauge stainless steel grade applicator measured by 1.5 inches. This particular lubricant is completely safe when it comes to plastic and even painted surfaces.

Why is it special?

  • Very light – It is no doubt that the oil is light-weight. As the oil is synthetic-based, it provides the bearings easiness and smoothness after cleaning. It is good to know that the oil does not attract dust and makes it easy to move.

  • Comfortable for plastic & painted surface – The plastic & painted surface will be completely safe and secured after getting in touch with this particular lubricant. No color damage comes if you use this lubricant even for a long time.

  • Effective dust cleaner – Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Skateboard is the best one to clean the dust and dirt preserved surrounding the bearings. Even the oil keeps the bearing protected from rust.


  • High viscosity enabled.
  • Synthetic based.
  • Easy to use.


  • Price is something higher.

3. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant:

Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant is the better lubricant than the lubricants mentioned above. You can take this one as the best oil for skate bearings.

When you come to clean the bearings, the process of cleaning becomes painless maintenance.

It is designed with high-density polythene and for that, the bearing gets an extreme level of durability.

Undoubtedly, the oil is compatible with all kinds of skate bearings. The solvent is not included with this bearing lubricant.

The lubricant cleans the dust & dirt and makes the bearings smoothed for fast and speedy moving. It also provides a rust-free service for a long duration.

Why it is special?

  • Best Dust & Dirt Remover – Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant removes dust and dirt from the bearings very efficiently. It makes the bearings smooth and easy to move fast. As a result of that, the skateboard gets good speed easily.

  • Free from solvent – The oil does not get any touch of solvent. So, no rust gets in touch with the bearings even the bearings run for a long time without any hassle.

  • Bearings durability – This lubricant is systemized with high-density polythene. It keeps away rust as soon as the oil comes on the location of bearings. So without rust, the bearings get good durability.


  • Well cleaning ability.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Bearings get high durability.


  • Price is something higher.

4. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle:

Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle has gained goodwill to serve the great service for skateboard bearings.

It works great for lubricating the bearings of the skateboard. The lubricant comes in a 20z bottle including a straw-like tube to reach the areas of bearings.

The oil reduces the friction and cleans the dirt & dust from the bearings. It brings smoothness to the bearings at the extreme level and for that, the bearings revolve fast to push the wheels.

The oil is the superb one to decrease friction & wear on parts in need of cleaning bearings.

Why is it special?

  • A tube attachment The oil is in a tube attached with a straw just to reach every drop in the surrounding of the bearings. Every equipment of the bearings is soaked with oil and for that, the bearings move easily with speedy movement.

  • Lightweight – The oil is light-weight. So, it reaches fast at every location of the bearings. No rust comes on the bearings.

  • Low viscosityThe oil bears a low level of viscosity. It spreads fast on the bearings and works quickly. It removes dust and dirt from the bearing to make the bearings easy moving.


  • Lightness.
  • Easy using.
  • Suitable to make bearing rust-free.


  • Quick to dry.

5. Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil:

Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil has been providing a great service to keep the bearing active.

It is used for multi-purpose and is based on synthetic oil. Generally, oil is widely used for machinery purposes.

This particular oil reduces corrosion, friction, and rust. It can be used perfectly in harsh weather. It is good to know that this oil is suitable for wood painted surfaces, rubbers, and plastic

Undoubtedly, this particular lube performs extremely well and provides great value for your money.

Why is it special?

  • Environment friendlyThe super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil is enough environments friendly. No weather condition provides a hassle for this lubricant in need of better working.

  • Keeps the bearings rust-freeAs this lubricant is made of synthetic, it makes a thin layer on the bearings. So, the bearings are free from rust for a long time.

  • Multi-usersThe oil not only works for skateboard bearings. It works on wood-painted surfaces, plastic, and even rubbers.


  • Effective on any weather.
  • Synthetic based.
  • Easy use.
  • Suitable for rubbers and plastic.


  • Needs more quantity.

6. Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube:

Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube is another good lubricant for skateboard bearings. It especially comes to penetrate the ball and roller of the bearings in need of flushing out dirt and debris.

It does not grab any particles that create noise and worst performance.

It is true to say that the oil makes the bearings smooth as butter. It does not come to be sticky as most other lubricants. This lubricant is suitable for saltwater as well as freshwater and the bearings run for a long time without any damage.

As the oil has low viscosity, the lubricant works thoroughly with all the components of the bearings. It provides corrosion protection to prevent bearing nose grinding & reel issues.

The oil can be used for any mechanical equipment.

Why is it special?

  • Effective penetration – The oil no doubt provides good penetration on the ball and rollers of the roller skate. It removes dirt & dust from the bearings and makes the bearing smooth to revolves fast.

  • A lower level of viscosity – The lubricant is designed with low viscosity and for that, it works easily through all the components of the bearings. No rust and dust are seen in the location of the bearings.

  • Extreme Using Benefit – This oil is not only suitable for bearings of skateboards but it is effective for any kind of mechanical equipment.


  • Good for mechanical equipment.
  • Suitable for corrosion protection.
  • Easy for dust removing.


  • Wastage something more.

7. Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant:

If you like to have a quality lubricant for skateboard bearings with half of the price in the present market ratio, putting your eyes closed, you should come to grab Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant.

The particular lubricant is superior in quality as it is made of synthetic materials.

It is free from organic petroleum. The oil is not perfect light but sticky and it is like grease type.

The needle attached to the bottle is very easy to use. Just take off the cap, put the nozzle in the exact location and pour the oil into the bearings.

The lubricant makes the bearings easy and smooth to revolve fast. It removes the dust and dirt from the bearings.

Why is it special?

  • Medium Thickness – Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant runs with its medium thickness. It reaches very quickly at every component of bearings and cleans the bearings. Moreover, the oil protects the bearings from rust.

  • Synthetic Based  This particular oil is purely synthetic based and it does not get any attachment of organic materials. As a result of that, it cleans the bearings superbly without any damage.

  • Precision needle oiler – Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant comes to be stored in a precision needle oiler. So, you can put the oil into the bearings very easily and safely.


  • Medium thickness.
  • Synthetic based.
  • Suitable for rust removing.


  • Smaller in quantity.

8. Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant:

Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant has been giving a quality performance as the best lubricant for bearings on a skateboard.

This all-purpose lubricant protects the bearings from friction, rust, and corrosion. Even the oil makes the bearings noise-free.

It is also suitable for hinges, bed frames, drawers, and fans. The most important thing is that the lubricant does not attract dirt and dust.

This product stands for odorless, toxin-free, and environment-free. It makes a cost-efficient solution as you no need to use this lubricant very frequently. You will come to feel better as it is completely safe for the children and pets.

Why is it special?

  • Providing best protection – Squeaks Gone All-purpose Lubricant keeps your bearings of skateboards or longboards extremely safe from rust and corrosion. The bearings run for a long time without any damage.

  • Cost-effective – If you come to use this lubricant for your skateboard bearings for some days, you will realize its cost-efficiency. The reason behind that is you no need to use it frequently as on the bearings.

  • Safety for kids – The lubricant provides your babies and pets safe if they come to use it mistakenly. It does not make any damage to the skin. Even if the oil goes into the stomach of your pets, no troubles come.


  • Less using time.
  • Rust & dust free services.
  • Pets’ and Kids’ safety.


  • Spots come on clothes and carpets.

9. 3-IN-ONE 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil

You cannot understand the quality until and unless you come to use Liquid Bearings 100% Synthetic Lubricant.

It is not petroleum-based oils or sprays but it has a touch of high and low-temperature character for efficient lubrication.

The oil is synthetic based and for that, it is good for lubrication and corrosion. The lubricant is suitable for bearings of skateboards, longboards, roller skates, home appliances, gears, door hinges, the sliding parts.

Why is it special?

  • Synthetic-based – This particular lubricant for skateboard bearing is systemized with high-quality synthetic. The lubricant works efficiently to prevent rust, corrosion. The bearings run for a long duration without any damage.

  • Facilities with needles – For the best lubrication, the oil reaches the right points of the bearings through a dispensing needle.

  • Used for several purposes – This particular lubricant is not only suitable for skateboard bearings but it works well for gears, door hinges, machinery parts.


  • Good preventive for rust and dust cleaning.
  • Suitable for several purposes.
  • Favorable for weather.


  • Comparatively higher price.

10. Liquid Bearings, SUPERIOR 100%-Synthetic Oil For Lubrication:

Liquid Bearings, SUPERIOR 100%-synthetic oil is an undoubtedly better lubricant than the most others available in the market.

It prevents corrosion, makes the oil odor-free, and very pleasant to use. It does not make the bearings sticky during the time of evaporating.

You will know that this oil is safe for plastics and even for painted surfaces. It does not provide odor even after a long time of use. The oil comes with a long needle to get in touch with all components of the bearings.

The oil is undoubtedly environment friendly as it is synthetic-based. It is good for all kinds of skateboards.

Why is it special?

Environment friendly – The lubricant is designed with synthetic materials. So it does not harm the environment. That means the lubricant is completely good for the environment.

Long needle – The oil comes through a long needle. It reaches the exact point of bearings. As a result of that, it easily removes the dust and dirt. The oil also protects the bearings from rust.

Suitable for plastic – The lubricant is no doubt works well for plastic. It also effectively works on the painted surfaces. You will know that no damages come on the surfaces.


  • Favorable for any type of environment.
  • Attached with a needle.
  • Odor-free.


  • Dry quickly.
how to choose a good lubricant for skateboard bearings

How To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard bearing is the major component to keep the skateboard speedy. It helps the wheel to move fast. When the bearing gets lubrication, the wheel rotates faster. The proper lubrication of bearings increases the speed of the wheels reducing the friction balls.

That means the lubrication of the skateboard bearing is very important. But the question is that if you want to lubricate the bearings from time to time, it will be better if you do ownself. Self-lubrication comes good and effective if you know well how to lubricate skateboard bearings.

If you do not have proper knowledge of lubrication, please stay on this page for a little time. Today, this article will provide you the right information about the lubrication process.

To run the process of lubrication of skateboard bearings, you should collect several components. The main components are the oil or lubricant and grease. Apart from the main components, there are much more components mentioned below. Just take a look at the below details.

  • Plastic Pot
  • Grease
  • Acetone
  • Gloves

At the initial stage, you must come to separate the bearings from the wheel. In that need, just remove the seal using the pin. Generally, seals are two types that are made of either rubber or metal.

After unpinning the seal, you need to submerge the bearings in an acetone full container. After one or two minutes, you should pick up and dry the bearings before lubrication.

Method of lubrication

There are two types of lubrication used in the case of skateboard bearings lubrication.

  • Oil Lubrication – Lubrication with oil provides the best performance. The bearing lubrication comes in different ways with oil. Oil lubrication provides a special advantage when oil comes to be used.

    It is good to know that enough oil is used when the manufacturer prepares the bearings. But when the vehicle runs through the dirt road, the bearings are chocked with the dirt. Then the bearing get comes to move slow to slower.

  • Grease Lubrication – Before you come to lubricate the bearing with grease, you need to make sure either there is any old grease in the bearings or not. If there is any old grease in the bearings, you need to remove the grease from the bearings. Even you need to remove the dirt, grime, and particles from the bearings.

How To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

Generally, the right lubricant will have international standards ( ACEA, APL, JASO, and ILSAC) as well the Specification ( PSA, B712290, and BMW).

Viscosity Viscosity is the main thing of lubricant of a skateboard. It is good to know that the viscosity is a measure of resistance that indicates the flow of lubricant. Viscosity is two types such as a cold grade and hot grade.

The low SAPS lubricants protect the engine’s longevity avoiding particle filter clogging. But the high & hot grade goes oppositely.

Synthetic-based – A good lubricant for skateboard comes with synthetic formation. The synthetic-based oil puts a layer on the equipment just to protect the bearings from rust. If you use synthetic-based lubricants, the bearings get a long life.

Reviews & Ratings –  When you come online to buy the lubricant for skateboard bearings, you need to check reviews given by the users. The more ratings suggest the quality of the bearings.

Skateboard Bearing Lubricant Alternatives:

If you want to use alternatives of skateboard bearing lubricant, it will be a good effort from your side. In that particular case, you can come to use house-hold items such as bike oil petroleum jelly, or acetone-based nail cuticle removers.

Coconut oil for skateboard bearings

The use of coconut oil for skateboard bearings is a bad idea. It does not make the bearings smooth and fast to move. It attracts dust and dirt while the skateboard is on the street. If you come to use coconut oil for bearings for a long time, the skateboard bearing will come to be inactive very soon.


Skateboard runs efficiently days after days if the bearings of skateboard play an active role.

It is true to say that only the bearing moves itself and it makes the wheel fast to run. The rusty or dirty bearings keep the skateboard slow and even inactive. The bearing of skateboard runs well when it gets in touch with the best lubricant for skateboard bearings.

If the content makes you satisfied providing the best information regarding the lubricant of skateboards then please share this content to your nearest one. Your little effort makes me energetic to write more contents like this.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ)

Q. Is lithium grease good for skateboard bearings?

In a word, lithium grease is definitely good for skateboard bearings. But you need to remember that lithium grease is thin as well as soft and it does not run for a long as others.

Q. Is silicone lubricant good for skateboard bearings?

Undoubtedly, silicone oil is not good for skateboard bearings. It is not a lubricant and it comes to be used as a moisture repellent. You can use it as the light grease.

This oil bleeds out on the bearings very slowly and for that, dirt does not work on the bearings in easy way.

Q. Is transmission lubricant good for skateboard bearings?

Transmission Fluid is a kind of special lubricant. It is suitable for automatic gearboxes, transfer cases of 4WD systems for trucks and cars. It is very important to know that transmission is not oil but a mixture of various chemical compounds.

Q. Why Do I Need to Lubricate My Bearings?

The lubricant keeps the bearings of your skateboard moisture free, dirt-free and rust-free. The thing is that water will come to create rust on the bearings and destroy the smoothness.

After lubrication, the bearings regain smoothness and easily can revolve faster than before.

Q. Can you use olive oil as lube for bearings?

Olive oil is not at all good for the lubrication of skateboard bearings. You need to remember that thick oil is not suitable for using on the bearings. Instead of olive oil, you an use sewing machine oils.

Q. Is it OK to use wd40 on skateboard bearings?

In need of cleaning skateboard bearings, you should never use WD40. In fact, this is the best product used for rust and grime removing. At the initial stage, it works best but when you come to reply, it dries out bearings.

Q. Where can I buy skateboard bearings?

You can buy the skateboard bearings at your nearest skateboard market where different types of bearings are available. But today as online market comes fruitfully with all kinds of essential things including skateboard bearings oil. In that case, you can go Google and search

Q. Can you use motor oil for skateboard bearings?

Yes, you can use motor oil for the cleaning purpose of skateboard bearings. But you need to remember one thing that motor oil is not good for skateboard bearings.

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