Top 10 Best Lubricant For Roller Skate Bearings In 2022

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Is your roller skate running slow and sometimes, it comes inactive? If yes, do one thing, just use some drops of the best lubricant for roller skate bearings.

The best lubricant makes the bearings smooth; easy to move and even protects the bearings from rust and dirt.

The thing is that in the market, there are a lot of lubricants for roller skate bearings but all do not have sufficient power to remove the dust from the bearings and clean the bearings completely. So the bearings of roller skate do not make the skate speedy if you put the lubricant into the bearings every day.

You cannot understand the quality of lubricant unless you come to use it. But you will have proper knowledge about the lubricant if you like to get in touch with an expert on a roller skate. Even professional roller players will give you an idea about the best oil for roller skate bearings.

If you are at the first time to clean your roller skate bearings with the best oil for roller skate bearings but do not proper knowledge for the best one, please stay on this page. Today, this article will show you some of the best lubricants for roller skate bearings.

Our Top Picks (best lubricant for roller skate bearings In  2022): Updated!

Best Rated Lubricant
Bones Skate Bearings Cleaning Unit
  • Most Popular & Top Rated
  • Best Overall
Low Price & Top Quality Lubricant
Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil
  • Most Popular & Portable
  • Low Price & Top Quality
  • Best Lubricant For Roller Skate Bearings

Top 10 Best Lubricant For Roller Skate Bearings In 2022

roller skate wheel bearings lubricant

The best lubricant for roller skate bearings comes to remove the dust and dirt from the bearings. It cleans the bearings well and makes the bearings smooth and speedy. 

Even it protects the bearings from rust and as a result of that, the bearings run for a long time.

In the market, there are many brands of lubricant oil available but all are not the best oils. Here are some best oil brands for roller skate bearings according to our experts.

Just take a look below to have an idea.

1. Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit:

Oust Bearings Speed Clean Kit is one of the best roller skate bearings oil according to our expert.

It is originated in the USA. This particular cleaning kit is also popular out of the country.

The cleaning kit is an exact one to remove dust from the bearings and after that, it cleans the bearings. The cleaning kit consists of a bearing holder, washing container, and cleaning solvent.

The lubricant is suitable to clean penny boards, inline skates, longboards, and skateboards. It is made of orange oil citrus.

Why is it special?

  • A complete Kit – This particular cleaning kit is designed with several cleaning instruments. It holds a bearing holder, washing container, and cleaning solvent.

  • Used for many purposes – Oust Bearings Speed kit comes to be used for different purposes. It works to clean penny boards, longboards, skateboards, and inline skates.

  • Rapid power of spreading – The oil in the kit is very thin and for that, it spreads very quickly in the surroundings of the bearings. It quickly removes dust and dirt and cleans the bearings quickly.


  • Easy to use.
  • Used for multi-things.
  • Lightweight


  • It will take time to clean the bearings.

2. Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard:

Now we are showing you the better lubricant for the roller skate bearings than the previous one.

The lubricant is Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard and it is completely based on synthetic.

The lubricant does the process of bearings cleaning perfectly and for that, the bearings come to move faster. It provides good protection to the bearings from rust and dirt.

The oil is systemized with an eighteen gauge stainless steel grade applicator by 1.5 inches. It is hundred percent safe for any metal and even for the plastic and painted surface.

Why is it special?

  • Lightweight Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Skateboard is very lightweight. This synthetic-based oil makes the bearings smooth and easy to move when the cleaning process is done. It does not attract dust and dirt from the atmosphere.

  • Safe for plastic & painted surface – The particular lubricant does do any damage to the plastic & painted surface. The plastic and painted things will be the same if both of them get in touch with it. Even the color will be unchanged if the lubricant falls on the colored surface.

  • Exact one for rust and dust remover – Liberty 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Skateboard easily removes dust the rust from the bearings. Any single trace will of rust not be seen once the oil works on the bearings.


  • High level of viscosity.
  • Based on synthetic.
  • Hassle-free using.


  • More quantity needed while using.

3. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant:

Our expert suggests roller skate players give more importance to the Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant than the other best lube for roller skate bearings.

Using this particular lubricant for bearings is very easy and simple. 

The lubricant is made of high-density polythene and when it works on the bearings, the bearings get an extreme level of durability.

The oil is undoubtedly suitable for all types of skate bearings and no damage comes on the bearings as it is solvent-free.

This lubricant first removes dust, dirt, and rust and it cleans the bearings completely. The bearings also get rust-free protection for a long duration. For that is the reason, the bearings revolve faster to make the roller skate speedy.

Why is it special?

  • Efficient for cleaning dust & dirtBones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant initially enters into the equipment of the bearings and then removes dust. After that, it starts to works on the rust just to clean from the root level. The bearings get easiness and smoothness to revolve fast.

  • Solvent-free – This particular lubricant does not get in touch with solvent. So, the lubricant does not attract dust and rust during the time of skating. The bearings run for a long time without any disturbance.


  • High cleaning ability.
  • Bearings get high durability.
  • Free from solvent.


  • Small quantity enabled.

4. Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant:

Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant is undoubtedly a popular lubricant for roller skate bearing among skate players.

Even our expert suggests this lubricant as one of the best lubricants for roller skate bearings.

You will be happy to know that the price of this lubricant comes with a lesser price than the others.

This particular lubricant is undoubtedly superb in quality as it is made of synthetic materials. No organic petroleum touches the oil. It has an extreme level of lightness. Even the oil is grease type but no sticky.

A bottle contains the oil having a needle and you can use the oil very comfortably. Only you need to take off the cap, put the nozzle on the bearing and its surrounding area, and slowly pour the oil drop by drop into the bearings.

The oil first works to remove the dust and dirt from the bearings and automatically, the bearings get easiness and smoothness.

Why is it special?

  • Medium Thickness – Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant runs with its medium thickness. It reaches very quickly at every component of bearings and cleans the bearings. Moreover, the oil protects the bearings from rust.

  • Synthetic Based - This particular oil is purely synthetic based and it does not get any attachment of organic materials. As a result of that, it cleans the bearings superbly without any damage.

  • Precision needle oiler – Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant comes to be stored in a precision needle oiler. So, you can put the oil into the bearings very easily and safely.


  • Medium thickness.
  • Synthetic based.
  • Suitable for rust removing.


  • Comparatively high in price.

5. Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant:

Squeaks Gone All-Purpose Lubricant works well for the roller skate bearing.

This lubricant makes the skate players satisfied when they come to clean the bearings of the roller skate.

This is a multi-purpose enabled lubricant that protects bearings from rust, corrosion, and rust. It makes the bearings noise-free after cleaning. You can also use the lubricants for hinges, frames, beds, drawers, and fans. The oil has a special quality that it does not attract dust and dirt.

It is toxin-free, odorless, and free for the environment. If you use the oil regularly, it does not make you suffered from many expenses as its cost not much. The lubricant is completely safe for children and pets if they eat the lubricant mistakenly.

Why is it special?

  • The best protection for bearings – Squeaks Gone All-purpose Lubricant provides good protection for skateboards or longboards bearings from rust and corrosion. Without any damaging hassle, the bearings run for a long period.
  • Price friendly – The lubricant for roller skate bearings gives you financial benefit. You no need to use a lot to clean the bearings. That means if you use the oil more times in a day, your budget for lubricant is under control.
  • Full safety for kids – Your baby and pet will be a hundred percent safe if the lubricant goes into the stomach mistakenly. It does not bring any damage to the skin of your baby. So, you can put this oil anywhere in your home.


  • Using oil in low quantity.
  • Multi-purposed enabled.
  • Safety for pets and kids.


  • Chances for spots on clothes and carpets.

6. Liquid Bearings 100% Synthetic Lubricant:

You cannot understand the quality of Liquid Bearings 100% Synthetic Lubricant until and unless you come to use this lubricant for roller skate bearings. 

It has an unbelievable cleaning quality. The lubricant is not petroleum-based and it has high and low-temperature character for excellent lubrication.

It is good to know that this oil is synthetic-based and good for lubrication as well as corrosion. The oil efficiently works for skateboard bearings, the bearings of longboards, home appliances, gears, sliding parts, and even door hinges.

Why is it special?

  • Used for multi-purposes This particular lubricant not only works for roller skates or skateboards but is suitable for machinery parts, gears, door hinges, and even home appliances.
  • Needle attachment – It is good to know that the best lubrication for bearings comes when the oil reaches at the right point of bearings. For that is the reason, this oil through a needle reaches beside and inside of the bearings.
  • Made with synthetic – This particular lubricant comes with quality synthetic and for that, the lubricant easily cleans rust, dust, dirt and corrosion. No damages come on the bearing and it runs for a long time.


  • Quick cleaner for dust and rust.
  • Used for one more purposes.
  • Weather friendly.


  • More charges according to market ratio.

7. Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube

Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube works as the best oil for roller skate bearings. It especially comes to penetrate the roller and the ball of the bearings to flush out dirt and debris.

The lube does not attract dust or any other particles that cause noise and worst performance.

The oil brings butter-like smoothness to the bearings and free from stickiness as the others have. It works better for freshwater as well as freshwater.

This oil has low viscosity and for that, it can come to work thoroughly among all the components of the bearings. The oil is also suitable for mechanical equipment.

Why is it special?

  • Excellent penetration – This particular oil keeps good penetration on the rollers and the ball of the bearings. First, it removes dust and dirt and then cleans the bearings to make them smooth to revolve first.

  • A low range of viscosity – The lubricant comes with low viscosity that easily works through the components of the bearings. No trace of rust will not be seen once the oil comes to use on the bearings.

  • Suitable for other purposes – It is right that this oil works efficiently for the bearings of skateboards. Apart from the bearings, the oil is also suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment.


  • Easy to remove dust and rust.
  • Used for roller skate as well as equipment.
  • Low viscosity for quick cleaning


  • Wastage comes during using.

8. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle:

If you have a strong desire to collect the best and effective lubricant for roller skate, keeping your eyes close, you can go for Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle.

This lubricant comes with a bottle measured by 20Z including a straw-like tube in need of reaching the surrounding of the bearings.

The lubricant decreases the friction and starts to remove the dirt & dust from the bearings. The bearing gets an extreme level of smoothness when it gets in touch with this lubricant. As a result of that, the wheels easily run fast.

Why is it special?

  • Easy using oil - The oil is preserved in a tube and an attached straw delivers the oil easily in the surroundings of the bearings. The proper distribution of oil keeps the equipment soaked and for that, the bearings come to move fast normally.

  • Lightweight – This oil is very lightweight. So, the oil spreads itself to the roller and balls of the bearings quickly. No trace of rust is not seen after the cleaning process.

  • Low Viscosity – This lubricant bears low viscosity. It quickly reaches the equipment of bearings and starts to clean very quickly. First, the oil makes the rust and dirt soft with the soaking process and then cleans all very easily.


  • Light & thin.
  • Using comes very easy.
  • Sufficient power to fast cleaning.


  • Drying fast.

9.  Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil:

Roller skate bearings’ cleaning service comes excellent if you like to use Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil. 

The oil is synthetic-based and suitable for multi-purpose. It is also used for machinery purposes.

This oil removes rust, dust, friction, and corrosion. The oil works excellently even in harsh weather. The oil is also active for rubbers, wood-painted surfaces, and plastic. As the oil performs well, you no need to use it a great amount. So, it is cost-effective.

Why is it special?

  • Adjustable with the environment – The Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oil works for the bearings according to the environment. The oil does not provide any negative results due to a bad environment. That means it works according to the weather.

  • Synthetic Based – This particular lubricant is synthetic based and for that is the reason, the oil keeps a layer on the equipment of bearings after cleaning the dust. No rust comes on the bearings even after a long duration.

  • Used for several purposes – The oil works for bearings of roller skates, skateboards, longboards, and inline roller skates. Even it is suitable for door and window hinges, machinery equipment.


  • Weather compatibility.
  • Simple to use.
  • Workable for rubbers and plastic.
  • Based upon synthetic


  • Difficult to put the oil in the bearings.

10. Liquid Bearings, SUPERIOR 100%-Synthetic Oil For Lubrication:

If you have already done using different types of lubricants for roller skate bearings but your skate bearings do not move fast and smoothly, then once again, you take your step to use Liquid Bearings, Superior 100%-synthetic oil for lubrication.

Generally, whenever the oil reaches the components of bearings, it then and there starts to remove dust and dirt. After that, the oil gives importance to the works how to clean the rust of the bearings.

You will be very glad that this oil does not do any harm to plastic or painted surfaces. It does not carry any bad smell if it stays for a long time. For the benefit of skate players, the oil comes with a needle for easy oil reaching into the bearings.

You can use it not only for roller skate bearings but you can use this oil for machinery purposes. The oil is a hundred percent synthetic-based.

Why is it special?

  • Exact one for plastic – This particular lubricant works well for bearings made of metal. It is undoubtedly good for plastic as it does not make any harm to the plastic. Even you can use this oil on the painted surfaces. No painting comes from the surfaces.
  • Needle attachment – The oil easily reaches the exact location of bearings through a needle. The dust and rust come off easily from the bearings. The bearings of roller skate become smooth and easy to move.

  • Good for the environment – You need to know that this oil does not harm the environment. The reason behind that is it is made of synthetic materials. No harms come to the environment from this lubricant.


  • Odorless.
  • Facility with a needle.
  • Suitable for environment.


  • Comes to dry within a second.
benefits of lubricate the roller skate bearings

How to choose A Best Lubricant For Roller Skate Bearings?

You need to remember that most of the skate players like to have a good lubricant for roller skate bearings but they do not get the right one that works efficiently. The reason behind this is that they do not have proper knowledge of how to choose the lubricant. Take a look at the below to know the details.

  • Viscosity – Viscosity of lubricant suggests the density. It is the main thing of the oil for the bearings. High viscosity indicates high density and low. Always try to use the low viscosity-based lubricant that reaches the bearings point speedily.
  • Synthetic-based – Synthetic-based lubricant is the best lubricant that puts a layer on the equipment of the bearings. The layers of lubricant do not bring rust and dust to the surface of the bearings. It keeps the bearings fresh and clean.
  • Reviews & Ratings – Reviews and ratings will give you strong confidence in some particular lubricants. The review comes from the users of the product and it comes when the users become satisfied after using it.

Ratings suggest that how much the customers get satisfaction. Generally, ratings are in the form of a star that goes up to five. When a customer gives 5 stars on the product, that means he is a hundred percent satisfied with the lubricant. That means the good ratings indicate the quality of the product.

How To Lubricate Bearings?

The most important component in a roller skate is bearing. The reason behind that is the bearings make the wheel of roller skate speedy. The movement of wheels completely depends on the movement of bearings.

But after a scheduled time, the bearing loses its speed due to rust, dust, and dirt. The bearing can regain its speed if the bearings get a complete cleaning with the help of the best lubricant. When the bearing gets lubrication, it will regain the speed reducing the friction of the balls.

Here one question can arise in you that how can you do the lubrication if you like to lubricate your skate bearings. Yes, if you do not know the process how to lubricate bearings, I will help you. Follow the details mentioned below.

To complete the lubrication for your roller skate, at the initial stage, you have to collect some essential things. Just see here.

  • Pot especially plastic pot
  • Grease
  • Gloves
  • Acetone

In t the beginning stage, you have to remove the bearings from the wheels. Come to remove the seal using the pin. In that case, you need to remember that two types of seals like rubber-made seals and metal-made seals.

After unpinning the seal, you need to submerge the bearings in a container full of acetone. After two minutes, you have to pick up the bearings and dry them before lubrication.

Process of lubrication

Generally, two types of lubrication are available for roller skate bearings. They are oil lubrication and grease lubrication.

  • Grease lubrication – Before you start the lubrication with the grease, you need to be sure either in the bearings any old grease is or not. You have to take a step to remove the old grease if the grease in the bearings. You should take care to clean the dirt, grime, and particles as well.

  • Oil Lubrication – The great performance of cleaning bearings in roller skate comes from oil lubrication. The oil lubrication is systemized with oil through different processes. During the time of bearings’ manufacturing, the manufacturer comes to use enough oil but when the roller skate runs on the street, bearings are chocked with dust and dirt and even the bearings lose their speed.

So, the bearings need lubrication just for removing dust and dirt.

Benefits of Lubricating The Bearings?

Lubricating on the bearings of roller skate gives special benefit for skating players. You need to remember that lubrication on the bearings provides a new life of bearings as well as roller skates.

Generally, lubrication for skate bearings needs when the wheels of roller skates do not run fast or the wheels become inactive to move.

Normally, roller skates run on the street or park where dust and dirt are available. The dust and dirt are preserved into the surrounding bearing set in the wheels. Day after day, dust comes to the store and makes the bearings unable to move. Even rust comes on the bearing and starts to make it inactive.

In these are reasons mentioned, regularly, the roller skate users need to put the lubricant into the equipment of the bearings. Generally, directly and indirectly, lubricant on the bearings provides you lots of benefits. Just take a look.

  • Rust & Dust-Free – The lubricant removes dust and rust from the bearings and cleans the bearings. The wheels of the skates go move well to make the skates speedy.
  • Long-Life – The lubrication process keeps the bearing as the new one. The bearing works all the time very efficiently. No damages come on the bearings if bearings get in touch with lubricants regularly.
  • Good Skating Performance – When bearings get in touch with lubricants, it moves excellently. As a result of that, the wheels of rollers skate runs well. No damage or hassle comes in the street or the skating part. Full charm goes to the skate players.
  • Nothing Sudden Accident – if you pour the lubricant on the skate bearings in a systematic way, the possibility of an accident during skating is nothing as the bearings revolve well. Joyously, you can win the race.
  • Money Savings – You are well aware that the lubrication keeps the bearings active like a new one. That means you no need to change the bearings for your roller skate from time to time. Ultimately, you can save your money.

Inline Skate Lubricant Buying Tips 

If you never use inline skates, you do not have any idea about the lubricants. Without any idea regarding lubricant, the buyer does not come fruitful.

But do not come to be worried, as we are beside of you. We will guide you on how to buy the lubricant.

  • Thickness – The quality work of lubricants depends on the viscosity that means the thickness. In the market, there is a different type of lubricants based on various level of viscosity. But always you should go for thin lubricants that mean, the lower viscosity-based lubricant.

    The thin viscosity-based lubricant provides faster spinning of the wheels. It removes dust and dirt completely from the bearings. The oil makes the bearings smooth and easy to move.

  • Category – Generally, two types of lubricants for roller skate are available in the market. These are grease and oil type. If you go for grease type, the longevity of bearings is higher but it makes the bearings slower. But oil type lubricant allows fast movements but does not go for long. For inline skates, oil lubricant is the best one.


So, always take the best lubricant for roller skate bearings to keep the roller skate active and fast especially when you are on the street or the park. Come to use the lubricant in to the bearings from time to time generally before you go for skating.

 Please make me energized to write more articles like this sharing this article to your nearest and dearest one.

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