Top 10 Best Lubricant For Inline Skate Bearings In 2022

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To keep the inline skate bearings, you have to use the best lubricant for inline skate bearings. You should remember that the use of lubricant keeps the bearings smooth. As a result of that, the bearing revolves easily and gives the force to the wheels to go forward or backward whatever the players like to do.

Even the regular lubrication on the bearings keeps them rust-free and as a result of that, the bearing runs for a long time. If you want easy and effective lubrication for your inline skate by your effort, you need to get in touch with an inline skate bearing cleaning kit.

If you are a professional roller skate player, then a cleaning kit is the best thing for you as it saves your time as well as gives you comfort. As a new skate player, the cleaning kit comes effective when you come to know the best lubricants including the use of them.

Do not worry if you do not know the best lubricant as today you will know the names of quality lubricants through this article. So please do not skip the page. Just go through the information given below and come to have perfect knowledge about the best lubricants.

Our Top Picks (Best Lubricant For Inline Skate Bearings In 2022): Updated!

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Liberty Oil-Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Skate Board
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INGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil
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  • Best Lubricant For Inline Skate Bearings

Best lubricant for inline skate bearings

When you come to use the best lubricant for the skate bearing, your initiative seems a good job for your roller skate. The best lubricant gives bearings dust-free and smooth condition. The bearing will not get in touch with rust that makes the bearings incapable to move.

Even the quality lubricant provides a long life to the bearings. Here are some of the best lubricants mentioned below. Let’s have a look below.

1. Triple Elite Liberty Oil:

Triple elite Liberty Oil is one of the best lubricants for inline skate bearings. It not only cleans the bearings but also gives good protection to the bearings.

The ingredients used in this lubricant form a tri-layered and keep the best protective barrier against decay and corrosion.

 This particular lubricant works against corrosive particles such as dirt, salt, sand, moisture, and dust.

Triple elite oil works for bearing according to the condition of weather. So do not worry about the humid weather. It is made of anti-wear properties just to lengthen equipment life and reduce downtime.

Why is it special?

Triple-layer protection: Triple Elite Liberty Oil comes with strong triple layer protection. As a result of that, it is efficient to protect the bearings against corrosion, humidity, and rust.

Good for rough weather: This particular oil is designed in such a way that it suits any type of weather. It can be able to give good protection for the bearing even in humid weather.

Long-life for bearings: Triple Elite Liberty Oil not only gives a good cleaning for bearings but provides also safe protection for bearings. Even the oil provides smart longevity to the bearings.

A complete packageAs this oil has versatile quality, you do not have to shop for different types of lubricants. It works well for cleaning, protecting, and even long-lasting.


  • Stainless steel applicator
  • Suitable for plastic parts.
  • Extremely long-lasting.


  • It takes time to start work.

2. Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant:

Now we are giving the better lubricant than the previous one and its name is Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant

This particular lubricant is suitable for inline skate bearings. It is lightweight and makes the bearing smooth, easy to move.

It gives you economic benefit as two or three drops of the lubricant make the bearings smooth. It brings a thin film on the surface of the bearing just to protect it from dirt, dust, or famishing elements.

Why is it special?

Lightweight: This particular lubricant is extremely lightweight. When you drop the lubricant on the bearings, it makes the bearings easy to move. As a result of that, the bearings, as well as wheels, revolve very fast.

Rust-free protection: Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant provides rust-free protection to the bearings of a roller skate. It is good to know that this particular lubricant creates a thin film on the surface of the bearings as the best guard to protect dust.

Highest longevity for bearings: When you come to use this lubricant for bearings long-time, the bearings will get a good life span as not rust does get in touch with bearings.


  • Lightweight.
  • Good protection for rust.
  • Film like protection comes.
  • Hundred percent economic.


  • Careless cleaning with this oil may make bearing damage.

3. Oust Metol Speed Oil:

Oust Metol Speed Oil is one of the most popular lubricants to keep the bearing active.

It works well for inline skate bearing as well as other types. As it has low viscosity, it spreads in a large area with a faster mode.

It seems a synthetic lubricant that penetrates metal surfaces just to make a thin layer. The lubricant is suitable for bearings, fishing reels, guns, stuck parts, and hinges.

The lubricant comes with a bearing holder including a needle applicator. The company of the lubricant is based in the USA.

Why is it special?

Fully Oil-based: Oust-bearing lubricants come with oil-based. The oily touch makes the lubricant suitable for inline skates. The lubricants are also the high speed with extreme friction.

Very economic: The particular lubricant is budget-friendly as you need only a few drops. The reason behind few drops, it has a low viscosity.

Multi-purpose use: You can use this lubricant for multi-purposes such as longboards, fishing reels, or cleaning shotgun chokes.

Non-toxic & non-flammable: This particular lubricant is non-flammable and non-toxic. As a result of that, you no need to be worried if the children swallow the lubricant. But it will be safe if you keep the lubricant out of children's reach.


  • Suitable for all types of skate bearing.
  • Hundred percent safe to use.
  • Low viscosity.


  • Thin to use.
benefits of lubricating the inline skate bearings

4. Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle:

Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant has gained a great reputation among skate lovers.

It is one of the best oil for inline skate bearings. The lubricants are lightweight. 

It is well enough in hand to reach areas. This oil comes to be used for cleaning and removing specks of dirt.

The oil can lubricate the bearing and its surrounding area very quickly and easily. It is based on petroleum oil that provides the lowest frictions. The lubricant works in humid weather fighting against rust.

It has light viscosity and for that, it can reach every corner of bearings easily.

Why is it special?

Good power for penetratingIt has perfect viscosity and for that, it comes to penetrate well inside

Perfect for repelling dust: This lubricant has the extreme power to repel dust and dirt. So, you do not need any extra solution for cleaning.

The best one for extreme conditionsIt has a good capability to temperate up to 475 degrees Celsius and can take the pressure up to 3000 pounds.


  • The lubricant is made of special ingredients to remove dust and moisture.
  • It has a good measurement of viscosity.
  • High-quality petroleum comes to be used in the oil.


  • The oil contains toxic Teflon.

5. Finish Line Premium Grease

Finish Line Premium Grease is also one of the best lubricants for inline skates.

 It works excellently for the skate bearing especially it provides a good service to remove rust build-up and corrosion. Even the oil gives total protection against saltwater.

It is good to know that this particular lubricant is made for bicycles but undoubtedly the oil is good for water emulsification. It has special additives that make the oil very resilient for the highest pressure.

As its viscous nature, the bearing will have good protection for decaying even in a longer period.

Why is it special?

Completely Teflon Based: This lubricant is made of Teflon and for that, it becomes an excellent grease lubricant.

Quite smoother: You can use this lubricant on any surface in the best way as it comes to be used smoothly.

Good prevention from rust and corrosion: The oil comes thickener and it is made of fluoropolymer. For that is the reason, the lubricant prevents decay, corrosion, and rust.


  • Great certification.
  • Makes the bearing long-lasting.
  • Certified by renowned bearing manufactures.


  • Its thickness attracts dust.

6. Monkey Loob Skateboard Bearing Oil:

Monkey Loob Skateboard Bearing Oil is the best lube for inline skate bearings. 

It is a synthetic oil-based lubricant that provides perfect protection for bearings. It keeps the bearings lubricated for a long duration.

This oil works as the best repeller of water. So no rust comes on the bearings even after a long time. Generally, the oil becomes suitable for use in machinery, skateboards, sewing machines, and even inline skates.

Normally, this lubricant removes dirt and filth that come on the bearings. That means you do not have to clean the dust and rust before applying the lubricant.

Why is it special?

Cleans Efficiently: This lubricant works excellently as the best cleaning agent. You need to use any extra cleaner before application.

Awesome prevention capability: It is good to know that this particular oil has a remarkable capability for rust prevention. To keep the bearing free from rust, just put few drops of this lubricant from time to time.

Three in One: The oil works in three ways. It comes as cleaner, protestant, and lubricant.


  • Removes dirt from bearings.
  • Has superior water resistance.


  • Better alternatives available.

7. Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube:

Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube is the popular one as the best lubricant for skate bearings. Undoubtedly, it is ultra-lightweight.

The lubricant reaches every corner of the bearing within a second. It also provides effective protection against grinding and corrosion.

It is a synthetic oil-based lubricant and it does not contain any graphite. The bearings work like a new one when the bearings get in touch with this lubricant. It is a completely synthetic base. It offers good performance at any range of temperatures.

Moreover, Ardent 0270-A also protects strongly the bearings from salt water.

Why is it special?

Damage-free bearings: This lubricant comes with synthetic base oil and without the use of graphitizing. So the bearings will work for a long time without damage.

Good cleaning for dirt: The oil cleans out dirt and debris very clearly. As a result of that, no more cleaning agent is needed.

A low range of viscosity: The oil does not contain high viscosity. It reaches easily at every component of bearings.


  • Fully synthetic.
  • Removes rust and dust.
  • Free from graphite.


  • It is something high pricey.

8. Synthetic Oil For Lubricating Clocks:

Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Clocks is 100 percent synthetic base. It reduces friction among the moving surfaces.

The lubricant is completely safe when it comes to being used on plastics or painted surfaces.

The product provides you a money refund guarantee within 60 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The oil comes with a medical-grade one or half-inch needle applicator.

Why is it special?

Fully synthetic-based: Synthetic Oil for Lubricating Clocks is fully synthetic-based. The wastage of the oil is nothing as only a drop of oil spreads itself into the bearing along with its components.

Hundred percent safe: As the oil does not come from any chemical ingredient, it is undoubtedly safe. The oil does not give any side effects when it is used on plastic or painted surfaces.


  • Nothing trace of friction.
  • Completely synthetic-based.
  • Safe for surfaces made of plastic


  • Users are very lesser.

9. SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil:

Singer 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil is undoubtedly better than all oil brands given earlier. It is used for multi-purposes including household machinery and inline skates bearings.

The skate bearings get smoothness having a regular touch of this lubricant.

 The oil removes friction and provides secured protection for the metal parts against rust and damage.

It also works for typewriters, vacuum cleaners, bicycle gears, and other appliances. Just use an appropriate measurement as the excess amount will damage the bearings.

Why is it special?

Economic: Only a few drops of this oil brings an extreme smoothness. That means the oil gives you economic benefit.

Enough for protection: The oil provides good protection for the bearings. Even it keeps the bearings protected from dust, dirt, and rust.

Multi-purposes using benefit: Singer 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil is result-oriented for all purposes. As it cleans the skate bearings, likewise the oil is applicable for a vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, and ceiling fan.


  • Easy affordable.
  • Using capability for multi-purposes.


  • The nozzle comes longer.

10. Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant:

Hetman Bearing & Linkage Lubricant is not only a kind of bearing oil but it keeps the skate roller active protecting the bearing well.

Its thickness comes in high volume and for that, it provides long-lasting protection to the skate bearings.

This lubricant is synthetic-based. It clears the rust and dust from the bearings. It is systemized with a needle applicator. So you do not have to attach an extra needle.

Why is it special?

Strong Mildly: The oil is undoubtedly effective for all purposes. The most important thing is that it does not come to damage plastic parts or joints.

Awesome thickness: You need to remember that the oil has an accurate viscosity. As a result of that, it provides the smoothness of the bearings as well as keeps the dust aloof from the components of bearings.

Well packaged: The oil comes through good packaging. It does not go for wastage even a single drop.


  • Easy to use.
  • Gives good protection for dust.


  • The oil comes in a smaller quantity.

How to Lubricate Bearings?

The process of lubrication on the bearings comes when you end the removing process of bearings. Generally, lubrication goes with two different processes. Just go through the details.

  • Oil Lubrication According to the level of performance, oil lubrication provides the best performance. Before you come for the bearing cleaning process, you need to put the bearings lubricated with oil.

    During the time of manufacturing bearings, the manufacturer uses enough oil, and when the skate roller runs on the street, the bearings get attracted by the dirt.

    After removing the seal from the bearings, you put oil into the bearings with a syringe. Even you apply the oil on the balls of bearings.

  • Grease Lubrication – Before you start lubricating the bearing with grease, just do the old grease cleaning from the bearings. Even remove the dirt and dust if they are attached to the grease. Remember one thing is that grease lubrication is easier than oil lubricating.

Benefits of Lubricating The Bearings

If the bearings of roller skate get in touch with regular lubrication, you will have four types of advantages. The advantages are given below.

1. Economical

  • Long-term equipment protection.
  • Improved mechanical reliability.
  • Cartridge change within one minute.
  • Perfect lubrication.
  • Lower maintenance costs

2. Reliable

  • Minimum 30 years industry distribution.
  • Awesome setting features.

3. Safe

  • For dangerous case, remote installation.
  • Lesser downtime for lubrication.
  • Simple to use.

4. Ecological

  • Unnumbered refills.
  • Decreased environmental impacts.
  • Lesser use of lubricant.

Inline Skate Lubricant Buying Tips

If you are a first-time user of an inline roller skate, you will not have sufficient knowledge about the lubricants. Without the proper knowledge, the buying of lubricants brings hassle to you. Even the quality of lubricant does not come effective once you purchase it.

Moreover, a lack of knowledge regarding buying tips, you will have to pay more price than the actual. To grab the proper guidelines, you need to take a look below.

  • Thickness – The quality of lubricant depends on the levels of viscosity. The best quality of lubricant comes from a low range of viscosity. The low-level viscosity of lubricants provides faster spinning to the bearings and other components. Even the thin lubricant does not attract dust, dirt but easily cleans the rust.
  • Type – There are two types of roller skate lubricants like grease and oil. Grease lube will work for a longer time but it makes the bearing slower. On the other hand, oil-based lubricant spreads fast but will not go for a longer time.

  • Amount – The price of lubricants shows their working benefit. If you go for expensive lube, it will provide you an opportunity for minimal application. Lesser expensive lubricants provide a great amount of usage.


To keep roller skate fast and hassle-free, always you need to keep skate bearing active and smooth. For that reason, you have to use the best lubricant for inline skate bearings in a regular way. To make your effort better, you can consult with some professional skater players.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q. What Can You Use To Lubricate Skateboard Bearings?

You can use grease in need of bringing great protection for skateboard bearings. For the best work, Bones Speed Cream or Sabre Bearing Lube is the exact as these are the skate-specific lube.

Q. Can you use lube for skateboard bearings?

Yes, you can come to use lube for skateboard bearings. The thing is that most of the lubricants have lesser viscosity that makes the bearings smooth and speedy. The lubricant does not attract dust and dirt.

Q. What kind of lubricant should I use for skateboard bearings?

It is good to know that more or less any kind of lubricant is good for skateboard bearings. But the best one comes when you get in touch with Bones Speed Cream or Sabre Bearing Lube. This lube makes the bearings roll much faster.

Q. Can I use olive oil to lube my bearings?

Yes, olive oil can be used as the best lube for your bearings. It is a good protector for metal. That means you can use this lube on gardening tools, hinges, and even kitchen knives.

But you should remember that you have to remove dust and rust before using this oil.

Q. Can you use Vaseline on bearings?

Undoubtedly, you can use Vaseline on bearings. Generally, it works as grease. It is a great lubricant for metal parts during installation.

But one thing you should remember that Vaseline comes in liquid at the highest temperature.

Q. Can you use methylated spirits to clean skate bearings?

Yes, you can use methylated spirit to clean the skate bearings. The spirit comes to soak the bearings easily. It can damage the dust, dirt, and even rust on the bearings.

Q. Can you clean bearings with dish soap?

Generally, water will come to skate bearings. Even the dirt in the water will destroy the smoothness of bearings. So you can use dish soap to clean bearings. But one thing you should always remember that you have to dry bearings out once you end the cleaning process of bearings.

It will be the best effort from your side if you come to use a water-based cleaner such as citrus cleaner.

Q. How can I make my bearings faster?

You can make your bearings faster by your effort and regular use of bearing oils. One thing you need to know that always you should use lightweight bearings oil or lubricant. The lightweight lubricant gives smoothness to the bearings.

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