Top 7 Best Longboard Trucks In 2022 | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Are you enlightened about the fact that a meticulous choice of the best longboard trucks can lead you to become a pro-level longboarder?

Admittedly you can enjoy excessive fun while longboarding with a superior quality board.

But do you know how your skating performance will be that determines the trucks to a great extent? 

Yes, dear!

A wrong choice of the truck can totally spoil your dream of becoming an advanced level longboarder.

In terms of developing yourself as a good longboarder, you should have explicit knowledge about all the parts of a longboard. Among these, one of the vital parts is the trucks that can fell a deep impact on your riding.

Now, you may think that which are the est trucks for longbobards that can increment your skill level.

Don't worry. We are always here for you!

Depending on our longboarding specialist's experiences, here we have reviewed the top 6 most selling longboard trucks, and as well as we have given our feedback at the end of every product.

In this article, we have given an elaborate idea about all the trifles things of trucks that you must know. For instance, the parts of a longboard truck, how to choose the best longboard trucks, longboard truck sizes, how to put trucks on a longboard, etc. After  top 6 most selling longboard trucks.

 What are the Best longboard trucks?

Here, we are going to review the top 6 most selling longboard trucks.Let's have a glance.

Best longboard trucks for downhill

1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks:

If you are a longboarder, you definitely know how much it's important to choose an accurate longboard truck

But do you feel exasperated when you are skating on a craggy road?

It can totally spoil the fun of enjoying a smooth ride. That's why you need to find such a truck that can allow you to enjoy a stable riding experience along with offers to perform skateboard tricks.

So, here we are. According to performance exorcism, we have considered Caliber longboard trucks as our top choice. Caliber is such a brand that comes with offering the buyers quality trucks at a very affordable price range

This truck model also introduces the same excellence as the other models of Caliber to the customers.

If you prefer downhill skating or love to redact any types of skating tricks, then it will be the best model for you. To give a tough competition to all the available truck brands, Caliber is furiously ennobling the quality, firmness, and performance of their models' by making changes in their newly launched trucks' each and every part.

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks are such an advanced truck from this brand that are undoubtedly able to reach the buyers' expectation standard.

Let's have a glance at the caliber 2 trucks review, according to its specifications.

Attention Seeking Striking Features Of This Longboarding Truck Model:

  • Robust formation: In terms of enhancing your skating performance to an advanced level, Cal II 50° RKP Longboard trucks can be a top choice for the longboarders. As the company has improved its models' structures, these updated trucks come with 40% more potential and firm construction than the previous truck models.

    At first, if we talk about the bushings, then we should say that the Blood Orange bushings complement the trucks with an auspicious look. Due to the aluminum configuration, the truck can endure drastically any type of hard impingement.

  • Durability: We know that aluminum is how much durable material is, and as we mentioned before that due to aluminum construction, the truck can tolerate any type of blows. So, it's needless to say this innovative truck model is excessively durable.
  • Bushing quality: How much coherently you can skate, it depends on the quality of the bushings. Only the proper fitting bushings can allow you to enjoy sudden turns and stable riding.

    On the contrary, if you are going for hard type bushings, then you can face a few issues to control the board.These Caliber models come with Ultra HR bushings that have a unique cone version.

    Due to this extra adding feature, you can enjoy a more sharp and smooth turning and carvings.
  • Baseplate: In order to enjoy a stable ride, the baseplate is a very important part that helps the truck to get associated with the board. The baseplate of this Caliber truck set to allow the users to customize their longboard.

  • Compatibility: As we mentioned before that the skaters who love skating on the downhills, Caliber 50° is the best option for them. Whether it's cruising or freeriding, there is no other alternative to this truck set.

  • Kingpin and hanger: 17.4 mm dimensioned circulated kingpin can securely be adjusted with the nuts and allow the skaters to enjoy a better riding experience. Due to its circular shape, the users need not worry about the kingpin rubbing.

    Basically, Caliber has updated the kingpin styles. Thanks to the pressed-in grade 8 hex head kingpin for providing adequate control.

  • Color preference: Pandering different needs of the customers, the manufacturers have paid attention to the color of the trucks. You can get a few color options like raw silver, Satin Coral, Satin Green, Satin Lavender, Satin Smoke, etc of this combo truck set that contains 2 Longboard trucks.

  • Thinner paints: Caliber has used the thinner paint coating so that it doesn't feel any impact on the performance of the truck.

  • Pivot: Thanks to the updated pivot for helping the pins to get fitted duly.


  • Stable riding.
  • Perfect for cruising, downhill skating, and freeriding.
  • 40% firm construction than the previous models.
  • Durable.


  • A little bit noisy bushings.

Ultimate pronouncement:

Ignoring solely one drawback, we can say that you will not be disappointed at all using these Caliber longboarding trucks. In terms of getting a sturdy, and excellent quality truck even at a very equitable price, you can go for these trucks set for sure.

Best longboard trucks for cruising

2. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks:

Finding a good longboard truck for carving?

Then Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks can be a reliable deal for you. Paris has put a great effort to make this truck a top-notch model.

A few truck brands are reigning the market. Paris is one of them. If it comes to reliability, then you can blindly trust this brand

To enjoy smooth turns and morse fun while skating, you definitely should not miss this chance of buying these longboard trucks Paris.

Thinking about all types of skaters, whether it's come to the newbies or the expert ones Paris has innovated this distinguished truck model which is budget-friendly too.

We just only say that it would be totally unfair if we didn't include this Paris 180mm 50-degree RKP truck on our list.


Why we are saying this?


To know more you need to keep staying with us.Without wasting a single minute, let's go through the special specifications.

Attention seeking striking features of this longboarding truck model:

  • Firm construction: One of the best things about this truck that can impress you is this truck supports all types of skateboarding styles. Thanks to the virgin aluminum construction for providing extra durability.

    Due to this robust formation, you can enjoy carving even on the rugged surfaces.

    To make their trucks model hard blowing resistant, the manufacturers have used special T6 heat technology that allows the model to become stronger.
  • Bushings quality: The compatibility of riding totally depends on the bushings. Bushings transfer the movements of the truck to the board. So, you definitely need to make sure the quality of the bushings, like these, are the balance controllers.

    If we talk about the bushings of this Paris truck, then you need to feel worrying even a little bit. The urethane bushings permit the skateboard to rejoin promptly according to the rider's movement.

    The longboard trucks Paris offers the riders two types of bushings. Whereas the upper section is adorned with a cone-shaped bushing, the bottom part is equipped with the barrel one.

    Due to the unrivaled balance and consistency between the two bushings, the truck is able to offer a stable performance to the longboarders.
  • Baseplate configuration: The main responsibility of the baseplate is to distribute the pressure evenly on the board. The Paris V2 model comes with 6 holed baseplate that supports both the old and new school skateboard.

  • Kingpin: One of the most significant parts of a skateboard is the kingpin. A replaceable and good quality kingpin of a truck allows it to become long-lasting. The aluminum made kingpin of the Paris V2 model makes the truck stronger and durable enough.

  • Hanger: The aluminum configured hanger gives a very robust structure as well as durability to the truck model.

  • Capability: Whether you are an experienced one or a beginner, this Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard truck model is best for the right choice for both professionals and beginners.

    Basically, for the skaters who love freeriding, the truck comes with a very impeccable opportunity. Otherwise, according to the expert's views, it is also considered as the best longboard truck for cruising as well as carving.
  • Guarantee period: The USA-made Paris 90a urethane bushings, and other creditable parts of the truck allow the model to become highly durable and pithy.

    Due to its high-tech featured parts, the manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee on this truck model.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Perfect for both newbies and experienced ones.
  • Durable and robust configuration.
  • Universal mounting option.
  • Comprised of using high technology.


  • Not an appropriate choice for more than 9 inched wide boards.

Ultimate pronouncement:

We have reviewed this Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks by keeping in mind all types of skaters. Whether you are looking for a truck that fits within your budget or wants a truck that goes perfectly with your skating styles, then this truck model will be a great choice for you.

Proficiently designed every part of this truck and eye-catching external look of this Paris V2 model undoubtedly admirable.

Best longboard trucks for sliding

3. VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks:

'Unimpeachable'- this word is enough to describe this truck model in one word. The unique design, structure, and as well as its outstanding performance will insist you to choose this product.

Among all the top-selling truck brands, VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks are recommended as one of the engaging and stylish truck models.

Do you fond of downhill skating? But failed to enjoy a speedy ride?


Yeah. A few skaters face such types of problems! 

Regarding this case, you need to make sure that you have chosen a proper truck. Well. In that case, we will suggest you go for the VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks.

Enough speed and stable riding both the facility are providing one truck! Isn't it quite surprising! But it's true. VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks are such a truck that offers the longboarders to enjoy a high speed yet stable riding.

Let's find out the special specifications of this truck model.

Attention seeking striking features of this longboarding truck model:

  • Material: The aluminum made constructed highly durable these trucks are perfect for robust enough to endure any type of hard blows.

  • Hanger: VJ longboard trucks come with a hanger that gets easily fits with the decks. Thanks to its 5 inched dimensional hanger for complementing the truck by providing extra durability.

    And the axle that comes in a width of 7.6 inches easily supports the decks that are 8 inches wide.

  • Compatibility level: Due to being a moderate size truck, this supports all styles of skateboarding. Whether you love to skate on the road or the park, without any hesitation you can choose this one.

  • Baseplate: The VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks that is considered as the best longboard trucks for downhill skating, comes with an extremely durable baseplate that supports all types of boards.

    The six holed baseplate is eligible for both the old school and the new school boards.

  • Lightweight: This combo pack of two trucks set is extremely light-weight that gives absolute comfort to the riders.

  • Kingpin: The reverse kingpin design of this 178mm longboard trucks, makes the board more respondent according to the rider's movement.

  • Performance: As we already mentioned the hanger wide, you may understand how well the truck is in terms of providing stability.

    Along with this, the 50-degree angle of the firm baseplate allows the longboarders to skate in an extremely smart and swanky way.

  • Color variety: This truck set comes in two colors which are black and silver. So, it can definitely realize that it will work as a complementary to you longboard by giving it an extra smart look.


  • Durable construction.
  • Light-weight.
  • Stable performance.


  • A good for only the beginners.

Ultimate pronouncement: 

If you are looking for a moderate longboard truck that also fits in your budget, VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks are a good option for you.

Best longboard trucks for pumping

4. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks: 


Gullwing has conquered the customer's mind bt its outstanding truck models. By keeping in mind the brand's reliability, and as well as the incredible performance of the truck, we have included this truck in our top Best longboard trucks list.

If you want to ameliorate your skating skills, then you shouldn't miss this auriferous opportunity of buying this truck. Those who are looking for a truck that can support all types of skating style, then sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks can be the superior companion of yours.

In terms of enjoying skating with stability and as well as taking sharp turns, there is no other best choice for you except Gullwing sidewinder ii trucks.

Considering the need for all types of skaters, the manufacturers have innovated such a truck model that supports both the expert's and the beginner's needs. By using this truck you can enjoy a perfect amalgamation of balance as well as carving at the same point.

Whether it comes to cruising or performing any type of skating stunts, these trucks can easily hit your expectations.

So, why are delaying? 

Just have a quick look at the specifications of this truck to get more info about it.

Attention seeking striking features of this longboarding truck model:

  • Kingpin: One of the most prepossessing features that make this model consummate among the unique longboard trucks, is its specially designed kingpin. Unlike other truck brands, Sidewinder makes their truck model different by equipping with dual kingpin set.

    Specially structured these kingpins allow the truck handles to take smooth rotations. Due to this unique feature, the riders can enjoy the mellifluous ride even when they are skating at a high speed.
  • Hanger: The hanger of this Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks, comes with a hanger of 10 inched wide hanger that adds more stability in riding. Thanks to the aluminum configuration of the hanger that allows it to endure any types of sharp lesions.

    Whether you are longboarding on a rugged surface, or you are fond of pool skating, you need not feel worried about the casualties, as it is extremely durable.
  • Bushings: Which feature has attracted us the most? It's the bushings. The bushings of this truck offer up to 90 in durometer. Whether the bushings are soft or not depends on the rate of the durometer.

    Basically, Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks offers the riders two kinds of bushings. One is the barrel-shaped bushing and the other one is the cone-shaped one.

    Both of these bushings simultaneously help the longboarders to make smooth moves. As well as its extraordinary bushing design allows the truck to get proper bouncing. Due to this, you can have a compatible control while performing tricks or making sudden turns.
  • Hardware: Another benefit you can get by buying this truck combo that offers two sets of trucks to the buyers. That is there is no necessity of buying individually the screws which you need while fixing the truck with the board.

    Because, considering the buyer's facilities, the manufacturers have included a few nuts in this truck set so that you will not face any kind of problems during installing the truck.
  • Color options: Thinking about the customers of several choices, Sidewinder offers the buyers a few color options for this model. This truck comes in silver, aqua, lime green, orangish blue, purple, and other eye-catching colors.

    You can pick any of them according to your preferences and customize your longboard by giving it a dashing and stylish look.
  • Compatibility level: If you are using a 9 inched longboard, then you need not feel tensed about the truck's adjustment. This truck is easily adjustable to those types of boards.

  • Construction: The firm configuration of this truck makes the truck durable as well as allows the users to enjoy a stable riding.

  • Easy installation process: Basically, it's a pre-built truck. So, you need not spend more time in assimilating the different parts. You just need to attach the truck with your board and put the wheels. And you are ready for experiencing your skating journey.

  • Performance level: Thanks to its hetero shaped bushings for allowing the skaters to enjoy a smooth turning and carving as well. Those who are in need of a quick responding truck that will allow them to take smooth turnings, this truck is highly recommended for them.


  • Color options.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Double kingpin set.
  • Engaging outlook.
  • Smooth carving and turning.
  • Firm construction.


  • A little bit heavy.

Ultimate pronouncement:

If it comes to say a final review of this truck model, then we will say that in an affordable price range it's the best longboard trucks for cruising and carving.

In terms of enhancing skating skills and the balance technique, you will not find any better option than this Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard trucks which is considered as one of the cheap longboard trucks as well.

Best longboard trucks for Beginners

5. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set: 

Are you in need of a combo package that contains not only trucks but also hardware as well as the other parts?

Then you are in an accurate place. We are now going to review one of the most incredible truck models that are Yocaher Longboard Truck which comes in a combo package.

Whether you just ordered only the deck and searching a total set of longboard to adorn your deck in an irreproachable way, then we will suggest you go for this combo set.

Because it is not merely a truck, it is such a combo package that offers wheels even the other hardware as well.

Certainly, you will willing to buy such a truck that will give you a long-term service.

Isn't it? 

Then you need to choose a truck which is firmly made.

You should know that the quality of the truck depends to a great extent on the geometrical structure of its and its structural components.

If you are a newbie or never used this truck before, then don't miss the chance of buying this truck at least now. Thinking about the customer's convenience, Yocaher offers the buyers a total combo package so that you need to search the hardware individually.

If you want to purchase a truck that is robust yet allows you to enjoy cruising in a smoother way, then you shouldn't miss the chance of grabbing the Yocaher Longboard Trucks Combo Set.

We just can ensure you by saying that it is just unsurpassed.

Why we are saying that? 

Let's go through at its exceptional features and you will realize our words yourself.

Attention seeking striking features of this longboarding truck model:

  • Structural components: The manufacturers have chosen aluminum as the configurational component of the truck. Thanks to its firm construction and as well as the 90A PU bushings that can make your ride stabilized.

  • Kingpin: The brand Yocaher gave complete emancipation regarding the adjustability of the truck. It offers the customers an adjustable kingpin which you can tighten and loosen up according to your need.

  • Riser pads: The manufactures have included the riser pads too in terms of protecting the wheels from rubbing. Due to the construction of solid plastic material, the risers which come in a deep black color maintains the distance between the wheels and the board.

  • Bearings: If you don't talk about the bearings, it won't be right at all. This combo set offers a total of eight pieces of Ritalin Abec-7 Chrome Skateboard Bearings which are pre-lubricated.

  • Wheels: The solid plastic made wheels are awfully light-weight and durable.

  • Performance: Overall, all the hardware and the parts are included in this truck, is able to provide a proper grip to the riders so that they can maintain their balance easily.

    If you exploring a truck for freeriding, you can definitely go for this one. Besides, it also considered the best longboard trucks for cruising.
  • Affordable price: Getting all the essential components at a very reasonable price is quite unbelievable. But Yocaher has done so. The set the price range in such a manner that it can get easily fitted in a tight budget.


  • A combo pack of trucks, bearings, wheels, and risers.
  • Adjustable kingpin.
  • Light-weight and durable too.
  • Not so costly.


  • No color option available for the trucks except black.
  • Slow bearings.

Ultimate pronouncement:

For beginners, it would be a great choice. Along with the reasonable price, the overall performance of the Yocaher longboard trucks is really praiseworthy.

Best Longboard Trucks For Heavy Rider

6. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks:


One of the most prominent truck brands that are reigning through the market is BEAR Grizzly. You definitely know that your skating performance depends on the truck quality to a great extent.

If you are heavy, then you may ponder that are the axles really strong! 

Yes! We can understand your worrying! 

If the trucks consist of low-quality axles, then it may not be able to take the load. As a result, after using merely a few days, it will get cracked.

By considering the labyrinths of the heavyweight riders, Bear Grizzly has applied their mastermind for configuring Gen 5 Longboard Truck model. This updated version of the Bear Grizzly truck set is really excellent and long-lasting too.

If we come to say about the brand, then we just can say there are a few trucks available in the market like Bear Grizzly that offers such reliable and quality products.

Why we are saying this? 

After using this truck set, you can see yourselves the reflection of the brand reputation in the truck model.

Within a reasonable price, the manufacturers try to fulfill all the needs of the riders which are really appreciative. The high-tech features of this Bear Grizzly trucks set to allow the riders to enjoy an easygoing performance along with maintaining proper grip and balance.

No matter how much we appreciate this unprecedented truck set, it will be very negligible according to its quality level. Unless you are going a try these bear grizzly longboard trucks, you will not able to realize its exorcism and efficiency. Let's find out the eye-catching specifications of this longboard truck.

Attention seeking striking features of this longboarding truck model:

  • Construction: 'Versatile'- this word is congruous for describing the Bear Grizzly Gen 5 truck model, as it supports all kinds of riding styles.

    While trying to reduce the weight of the truck, the manufacturers didn't forget about its firm construction as well. This truck set which is basically a combo of 2 truck models, is extremely light in weight.

    Due to its aluminum construction, these trucks can't add extra weight to the board, the innovators have fixed it weight merely 2 pounds.
  • Baseplate: One of the most noteworthy qualities of the truck is its baseplate that comes with eight-hole configuration. It means the pressure can be evenly distributed throughout the entire deck.

    Although, the deck of Gen 5 comes in a totally unique structure compared to the ordinary truck model.
  • Axle: Now we are going to abolish one of the special features of the truck that comes with the mesmerizing ability, is the axle. The length of the axle is 181 mm which is perfect for skill performing.

  • Bushings: The urethane bushings rings are really amazing that offers the riders a superior performance.

  • Durability: Whether you are longboarding on a rugged surface, or in the down slopes of the hill, you can undoubtedly go for this one.

  • Special technology:  Thanks to the pivot angle of 52 degrees which helps to enjoy a smooth as well as stable ride. And as we alluded before about the baseplate design of which comes in 8 holes.

    It is really a new and complementary feature that introduces the sign of advancement and smartness of the truck.

  • Color variety: Besides all of these marvelous specifications, Bear Grizzly has paid attention to its color options as well. Five different color options of this truck model give the customers an opportunity to pick any color among these five, according to their choice.

  • Performance: Why this Bear grizzly Gen 5 trucks set is incomparable with the other truck models?

    Let us explain. You can use this truck in two several ways.

    Whether it comes to stable and fast riding, definitely it will provide the best service ever. On the other hand, if we are contemplating to buy a truck that is eligible for downhill skating, then this truck will not disappoint you at all.

    Either the customers want a truck for cruising, or freeriding, it can be a great companion for them. The manufactures designed this truck in such proficiency that it supports almost all the customers' needs. Above all, it is considered as the best longboard trucks for dancing too.


  • Versatile.
  • Robust construction.
  • Color options available.
  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Best longboard trucks for freeride, carving, cruising, and dancing.


  • Bushing issues.
  • No hardware provided.

Ultimate pronouncement:

We do believe that after knowing such captivating features of this Bear grizzly Gen 5 truck model, you will take a smart move. As you are intelligent enough to make the right choice.

If you want to be the lucky one to buy such a truck set which completes all the needs of any skater at a very reasonable price range, then hurry up and place your order without wasting a single minute.

Parts Of A Longboard Truck:

parts of a longboard truck

A longboard truck is formed by a few parts. If you are going to start your Longboarding journey, you should make yourself aware of the essential role of every part of it. Here, we are going to allude five major parts of a longboard that can fell a deep impact on your Longboarding.

  • Baseplate: One of the major parts of a longboard that maintains the connection between the truck and the deck, is the baseplate. It helps in distributing the pressure evenly throughout the board. With its four or six mounting holes, it helps the truck to remain associated with the deck.
  • Kingpin: Basically, it is a kind of huge bolt that holds all the parts of the truck simultaneously. But the best thing about the kingpins is replaceability.

    So, that means if somehow the kingpins get broken, you need not buy a new truck. Just replace the kingpin and you and again your truck will be as new as before.

    But according to the kingpins' location, you can see a major disparity in the longboards.
  • Standard kingpin: The trucks come with SKP and are basically used for performing skating tricks. A few truck brands like Gullwing offers this type of kingpins that make the truck eligible for cruising.
  • Reverse kingpin: RKP is perfect for the longboards. Whether you are longboarding at a low speed, or at a very high speed, this type of kingpin offers the riders excellent control as well as stability respectively.
  • Bushings: The Urethane rings that are located surrounding the kingpin, help the rider to take smooth and sharp turns. Each truck contains two bushings. That means there are four bushings in each longboard.
  • Hanger: This is a 'T' shaped part of a longboard that is constructed by aluminum. It is the part by which wheels get attached to the truck.
  • Riser pads: Among the optional parts of a longboard, risers are another. With the help of these riders can add extra distance between the ground and the board.

Types Of Longboard Trucks

types of longboard trucks

We have already mentioned two types of kingpins while discussing the skateboard body parts. Depending on that, you can get two types of longboard trucks.

They are reverse kingpin trucks and the traditional kingpin trucks.

 Let's figure out the difference between the trucks.

Reverse kingpin trucks 

Whether you are a newbie who prefers to skate at a steady speed, or you are an aggressive skater who prefers high-speed skating, in both cases these trucks are very responsive.

In terms of getting stability, and proper controlling while longboarding, you can select these types of trucks.

Location: Immobiled on the converse side of the axle. The kingpins positioned facing the inverse side.


  • In terms of enjoying an immaculate cruising experience, you can trust these reverse kingpin longboard trucks.

  • If you want to practice your longboarding in the down slopes of the hills, these trucks can be a great companion for you.

  • For the freestyle longboarders, these reverse ones can be considered as the good longboard trucks.

Traditional ( standard) kingpin trucks

These trucks are taller than the reverse ones. The difference between these trucks is the position of the kingpins. In the traditional ones, the kingpins remain positioning vis-a-vis. These trucks are perfect for beginners.


  • Basically, these trucks are used for sliding purposes.

  • Otherwise, you will not be disappointed by using these trucks while cruising or carving.

Longboard Truck Sizes:

What sizes of the trucks are perfect for my longboard?

 You may ponder this question a few times. Predominantly, the truck size depends on the deck's width.

So, before buying must verify whether the sizes of your preferable trucks match the deck size or not.

You definitely don't want the wheels to stay excessively out of the longboard. In case, the trucks' sizes are wider compared to the deck, it can be hazardous for you.

Due to these reasons, you need to make sure that you are choosing the proper size of trucks and tightening them properly as well.

Here we will recommend you 150 mm trucks for the decks that come with 8.5 inches width.

How To Choose The Best Longboard Trucks?

What are the best trucks for longboards?

knowing only this is not enough. As your total skating performance is determined by the truck's quality.

You may not want to make a blunder by purchasing such a truck that will be a total waste of money.

Am I right?

Here in our longboard trucks guide, we are going to allude a few aspects that you should verify before purchasing.

  • Hanger: Among all of the features, the hanger is the one that you should prior first while purchasing. Make sure that you have verified the width of the hanger.

    An excessively long hanger can get you into trouble. In that case, the bearings will come out of the deck. On the contrary, if you go for a very small hanger, then you will not be able to enjoy a stable riding.

    We will recommend you 180 mm hanger for 9 inched wide decks.
  • Angle: The baseplate angle determines how sharply you will be able to take turns. If a truck comes with an approx 50-degree angle, then you can undoubtedly enjoy smooth turns.

    On the contrary, if a truck comes with less than 50-degree angle, then you can't enjoy such a good performance, as it will offer fewer turns.
  • Kingpin: While purchasing the best longboard trucks, you need to decide which type of kingpin you want. Reverse or, standard!According to your riding style, you can select your needy one.

    Whereas the standard ones are best for cruising. These types of kingpins provide great stability.On the other hand, reverse kingpin comes with a few facilities like size options. This type of truck is perfect for downhill skating, freestyle riding.
  • Bushings: Now we are going to mention the next feature in which you need to show your concern. That is bushings. They come in various shapes like a cone, barrel, etc.If you are an aggressive skater and love to perform skating tricks, then hard bushings are the great choice for you.
  • The height of the hanger: Along with the hanger's width, its height also plays a vital role. There is a link between the hangers' height and the wheels. If the hanger is too short in height and the wheels are big, then it can create wheel biting issues.
  • Price range: Except all of these features, one thing that we all think about before buying anything is the price of the product.

Basically, what type of quality truck you will get depends how much you want to spend on it. In that case, you can go for the online shopping stores that provide a few offers on their products, as well as warranties too.

But there is also one thing that you should remember. Too costly products don't come with always good quality. Sometimes, you can get quality products even by spending a reasonable amount.

We do confide that if you follow our guidelines properly, then you will be able to select the top longboard trucks for you.

How To Put Trucks On A Longboard?

In order to put the trucks on a longboard, you need a few pieces of equipment.

  • Trucks and wheels for longboards.
  • Eight bearings.
  • Nuts (four).
  • Washer (eight)


  • At first, you need to loosen all the nuts and take them out from the axle's end.
  • Then remove the washer out as well. Every axle should contain one washer.

Step: 2

  • Take four bearings in your palm. Every axle will contain 2 pieces of bearings. That means you should put four bearings on each truck. Now, you need to slide a washer towards every axle.

  • Check the bearings carefully. You can see two sides of bearings. Sometimes, bearings come with an only one-sided shield. In that case, put the shielded part of the bearings in the direction of the hanger.

Step: 3

After that, you need to furnish every axle by putting one spacer on it.


  • Then you need to make the replication of step 2 in the terms of putting on the rest four bearings. Follow step 2 in order to add the bearings.

  • Now, you can see that every axle is equipped with one washer, one spacer, bearings.

Step: 5

Then take the wheels. With the help of your hand, you need to squeeze the center point of the wheels towards the bearings. While doing this, due to the lock nut facility, you can realize that the wheels are attached properly.


Now remove the wheels from the axles, and check whether the bearings are attached in the hub of wheels or not. If you see that it's not happened, then repeat the process.


  • Now you can see that every wheel is equipped with a single bearing. And the axle is embellished with a washer, spacer, and the bearing.

  • Like previously, attach the wheels by using your hands. Make sure that you are applying the pressure evenly. When you realize the same lock click like before, then you can ensure that the wheels are securely associated.


Now you should add a washer on every axle (beyond the wheels).


Now make sure that you have tightened up all the parts properly. But don't tight too much. Otherwise,  you will face wheels rolling issues.


Now, your truck is totally assembled. Follow these steps for the other truck.

Where To Buy Longboard Trucks?

Rather than going to local skate stores, we will suggest you to make your shopping online. You can use a few reliable shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, to placing your order.

As the online sites provide a few offers on their products, sometimes you can get discounts also. Besides, you can see there the reviews of the buyers that will help you to take a smart move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can longboard wheels fit skateboard trucks? 

Yeah. In some cases, it happens. But make sure that the bushings are hard enough and there is no chance of wheel biting.

q2 What size screws for longboard trucks?

In order to associate the trucks with the board, you need a hardware set. It comes with eight pieces of bolts and nuts respectively. Almost all the hardware come in 7-8 inches of size (without riser pad).

Q3 What kind of trucks for a dancer longboard?

If you are searching a truck for a dancer longboard, then you should go for those ones that come in 180 mm. And the baseplate angle shouldn't be less than 50 degrees.

Q4 What grade of metal are longboard trucks made out of?

Aluminum alloy is used as a construction material of the longboard trucks.

Q5 How to pick longboard trucks?

The longboard trucks should not be wider than the deck. A little bit wider is ok, but not too excessive.


Optimistically, we contemplate that after going through the entire article, you have come to learn a few aspects of longboard trucks like their complexions, types, uses, etc. 

Now it is to be expected that you can understand which truck is right for you and which one is not. As we have tried our best to assist you.

So, it's your turn now. Take an intellectual adjudication and choose the best longboard trucks.

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