Top 5 Best Longboard Trucks For Freeride In 2022 | The Essential Buying Guide

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Are you a freeriding lover and looking for the best longboard trucks for freeride that can be a great companion of your longboarding journey?

Then, you must go through this article.In this article, depending on our skating specialists' judgement, we have tried to uphold the top-rated and most selling 5 trucks for freeride longboard. 

Along with this, we have elaborately discussed every essential aspect regarding freeriding trucks so that you can have an explicit and clear concept about freeriding.

So, to become an advanced level freestyle rider, you must have accurate knowledge in terms of freeriding trucks. Otherwise, a wrong pick can hamper your longboarding life totally.

If you want to know more information regarding freeriding trucks, keep reading our entire article.

Here Are The Best longboard trucks for freeride That We Recommend To You

1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks:

Are you a beginner longboarder and finding trucks for freeride longboarding?

In that case, we will recommend you to take a glance at the caliber II trucks review. Caliber is such an eminent brand that is improving its model day by day adding extra features.

While freeriding, you need to perform a lot of tricks. That means you need to purchase such a truck that can offer you proper control while longboarding. And when it comes to the brand 'Caliber', there is no chance of poor quality.

Either you want to spoil your dream of becoming a pro-level longboarder by buying an inferior truck or want to improve your skating skills by using trucks from eminent brands like 'Caliber', now it totally depends on you.

We can just superintend you in the right direction. According to our experts' judgments, we have given the first position to the caliber longboard trucks.

We can ensure by saying that by using this truck, you will be able to get a very smooth and stable longboarding experience. Through this model, the caliber is offering its customers a high-quality, and technically updated truck.

You may wonder about the durability of the truck. Remove your anxiety from the mind. As if you are using the Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks, you don't need to re-spend your money by buying a new truck after two or three years.

In one word, for long-term uses, Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks are eligible.

Let's have a glance at the most attractive features of this truck model.

Captivating specifications of this trucks set:

  • Configuration: By challenging the other truck brands, Caliber has to introduce more firmness, and performing ability in their models.

    If we compare this caliber model with this brand's previous models, then it can be said that this model comes with a 40% more robust and strong configuration than the previous ones.

  • Bushings: Due to the use of blood orange bushings, the truck looks extremely winsome. You definitely know that your skating quality totally depends on the bushings to a great extent.

    The cone-shaped Ultra HR bushings help the riders to perform more tricks and to take smooth curves while longboarding.

  • Baseplate formation: Baseplate is the most significant part that plays a vital role in terms of providing the rider a stable riding. The fantastic baseplate of this model permits the riders to customize the longboard.

  • How compatible the truck is: Whether it comes to pick the Best longboard trucks for freeride or turnings, downhill skating, or cruising, you can undoubtedly choose this Caliber model.

  • Multiple color choice: These caliber 2 trucks are available in Silver, satin coral, satin green, satin lavender, satin smoke in a few colors. The manufacturers have used thinner paint to coat the truck.

  • Other features: The kingpin comes in a 17.4 mm dimension. So, you can enjoy a very mellifluous ride by adjusting the kingpin properly with the help of nuts.

    The updated version of 8 hex head kingpin offers more control to the users while longboarding. 


  • Robust model.
  • Perfect for long-term uses.
  • Smooth and stable riding.
  • Provides adequate control to the users while longboarding.


  • Clamorous bushings.

2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks:

The second Best longboard trucks for freeride truck that has conquered our mind with its engrossing specifications is Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks.

We do believe that after checking the review of this Paris v2 trucks, you will say the same.

If you want to buy a truck from a reliable brand, then you should go for Paris models indisputably. To make their every model top-notch, the manufacturers have given their best effort.

Whether you are freeriding, or willing to buy a truck for cruising, this Paris model is definitely hit your needs. Considering all types of longboarders, Paris has innovated this model is such a way so that it can be the right choice for both professionals and beginners.

Let's figure out the special features of this truck model.

Captivating specifications of this trucks set:

  • Configuration: Whatever skating style you prefer, you can pick these trucks set. To make the model highly durable and long-lasting, the manufacturers have used virgin aluminum.

    Thanks to its pith configuration of the trucks for allowing the riders to skate on the bumpy area. Rather than it, the special T6 heating technology makes the model stronger.
  • Bushings: If you want to enhance your skating skills, then you need to make sure that you are using such a truck set that comes with excellent performing bushings.

    This Paris model comes with two types of bushings- cone-shaped and barrel-shaped. Due to the incredible coordination and balance, you can enjoy a stable performance while longboarding.
  • Baseplate formation: This Paris model offers six holed baseplate. That means this baseplate supports old and new school both skateboard.

  • Kingpin: The aluminum kingpin permits the model to become more robust and stiff.

  • Capacity level: Whether you are a newbie or an expert one, these Paris trucks will give you superior service.

    Mainly, for freeriding, there is no alternative of Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks. But cruising, and as well as carving this truck model will not disappoint you at all.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Eligible for beginner and experienced longboarders.
  • Firm structure.


  • Don't support the boards that come with more than 9 inches in width.

3. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks:

Among all the eminent truck brands, Gullwing is the one. With its incredible quality, excellent performance Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks has occupied its name in our top 5 Best longboard trucks for freeriding.

If you are looking for such a truck that can be a good companion by supporting all kinds of skating styles, then these trucks are the perfect option for you.

In terms of performing skating tricks and taking turns while freeriding, you should definitely purchase sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks.

Let's have a quick look at the special features of these gullwing sidewinder ii trucks set.

Captivating specifications of this trucks set:

  • Unique model: Why we are saying this model unique? The dual kingpin set makes this Sector 9 models unique and trustworthy. By using these unique kingpin set, Gullwing had made this model indefectible and versatile.

    If you want to take mellifluous turns even when you are longboarding in a high speed, then this extraordinary kingpin will help you to do that.
  • Hanger configuration: When it comes to saying about the hanger, then there is no complaint against sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks. The manufacturers have made the width of the hanger 10 inches so that the riders can able to enjoy a more stable riding.

    The use of aluminum as a construction element of the hangers allow it to undergo any types of hard blows. Either you are an aggressive skater or prefer pool skating, you can indiscreetly have faith in this model.
  • Bushings proficiency: We can undoubtedly say that bushings can easily impress you. The 90 durometer bushings add an impeccable complement to the truck.

    You can see two types of bushings that are used in these models. The first one is barrel-shaped and the second one is cone-shaped.

    The unrivaled consistent and consonance between the bushings allow the riders to perform skating tricks smoothly. If you want a proper bouncing truck, then you should pick this gullwing sidewinder ii trucks.
  • Enraging benefits that you can get by purchasing this truck set: After buying this truck model, you don't need to purchase the screws separately. Thinking about the buyers' convenience, Gullwing provides a nuts set along with the two trucks.

    That means if you are a newbie you need not face any type of problem during the installation process of the trucks. By associating the trucks with your longboard and putting the wheels on, you are totally prepared to start your longboarding journey.

  • Color options availability: A few users want to give their longboard an engaging and alluring look by customizing their board with the proper color of trucks.

    In the case of Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks, the manufacturers offer a few color options to their customers. You can get this truck model in silver, aqua, line green, and many more impressive colors.
  • Capacity level: If your longboard is 9 inches wide, don't be anxious by pondering whether these trucks will fit your board or not. You can easily fix these trucks set with your longboard.

    It is such a model that belongs to the good longboard trucks for freeriding category. Otherwise, you can get impressive service while cruising, turning, carving by using this truck set.


  • Multiple colors.
  • Not too much costly.
  • Unique kingpin.
  • Admirable external look.
  • Robust model.


  • Heavy in weight.

4. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set:

Are you feel annoyed while buying the hardware set individually after buying the truck?

Or have you only purchased merely a deck and need hardware set as well as trucks to adorn the board with appropriate ancillary tools?

Then you should go for this Yocaher Longboard trucks, as Yoacher offers a total longboarding combo package with these trucks set.

By purchasing these trucks set, you will be able to get wheels and all essential hardware too.

You definitely want a truck set that you can for a long period. Isn't it? 

Then we can say that this Yocaher Longboard trucks can hit your need easily.

To make the model husky and uncompromising, the manufacturers have paid enough attention to its geometrical formation and as well as its configuration material.

If you want to enjoy your freeriding smoothly and want to take mellifluous turns in the heel sides even at a good speed, then you definitely buy this truck set.

How much concern is Yoacher regarding the conveniences of the customers is clearly reflected in these package combo?

If you want to know more info about this nonpareil model, then just have a glance at the below described special features of this Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set.

Captivating specifications of this trucks set:

  • Configuration material: Aluminum is used to make this model robust. As well as the manufacturers have used the 90A PU bushings in terms of offering the riders a stable riding.

  • Kingpin quality: One of the impressive features of this truck model is its kingpin configuration. The manufacturers have created the kingpin of this model in such a way so that it can offer the utmost enfranchisement in terms of adjusting.

    According to your necessity, you can adjust the kingpin by losing it or tightening it.

  • Risers: Considering the users' convenience, the manufacturers provide risers in this package. The stiff plastic made black colored riser pads prevent wheels rubbing issues.

  • Bearings: The pre-lubricated Ritalin Abec-7 Chrome skateboard bearings that come in a set of 8 pieces are extremely top-rated.

  • Wheels: The bushings are enormously light in weight and as well as durable too, as the structural component of the wheels is plastic.

  • Performance ability: To adopt the skating skills, it's very important to make sure that you are using such a truck that provides you proper grip. Rather than a cruising truck, this model can be your first choice in terms of freeriding.


  • A full package of all necessary longboard tools.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Robust model.
  • Kingpin adjusting facility.


  • Only black color trucks are available.
  • Moderate level bearings.

5. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks: 

The last one in our top 5 best longboard trucks for the freeriding list are BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks. You definitely heard the brand name.

About the brand's efficiency?

How much we will say, it will be very insufficient according to the brand's attributes.

For the heavy riders, the firmness of the axle is a big worrying matter. It may happen that after using some days, the axle gets broken or cracked. But it happens only if you are using poor-quality axles.

Because low-quality axles can't be able to take the excessive weight. So, make sure that the quality of the axles you are using is superior.

By focusing on this aspect, the manufacturers have innovated this model in such a way that the users can use it for a long time. If you don't want to miss the chance of buying a reliable truck set with a pocket-friendly budget, then go for this bear grizzly longboard trucks.

Applying high technology, the bear grizzly has made these longboard trucks immensely proficient that offers the riders impeccable balance while longboarding.

Let's find out the fascinating specifications of this truck model.

Captivating specifications of this trucks set:

  • Versatile model: Bear grizzly has made this truck model in such a way that it has become the most versatile one. It is such a model that can give impressive service whatever skating style you prefer.

    Heavy trucks sometimes seems a little bit annoying to the users. Keeping in mind this fact, the manufacturers have used aluminum to construct the truck. As a result, the truck has become too light in weight.

  • Baseplate Design: The base plate of this grizzly bear truck is mounted with eight holes. Consequently, it can easily distribute the pressure throughout the board.

  • Axle quality: One of the most attractive features of this Bear grizzly longboard truck model is the axle design. The axle of the Gen 5 model that comes in 181 mm latitude, is extremely outstanding and offers flexibility while you are going to perform skating tricks.

  • Quality of the bushings: If you want a high-performing superior bushing, then this Gen 5 truck model is absolutely eligible for you. Its incredible performance can easily conquer the user's mind.

  • Technology: The manufacturers have quarterbacked to make this truck model a premium one. Due to this, they have applied high technology with efficiency.

    They have designed the pivot angle in 52 degrees so that it can offer a stable riding experience to the riders.

    And the specially designed eight holes mounted baseplate makes this truck model unique and admirable.
  • Capability: These grizzly bear trucks are the luscious and spiffy precedent of durability. Either it is a rugged area or the downhills, you can blindly trust this model.

    If you are an aggressive longboarder, of preferring longboarding in high speed, this truck model will be the right choice for you.

    It can serve you the best services whatever the skating style is. It is the best longboard trucks for cruising, freeriding, dancing, carving.
  • Color options: You can get this truck in five colors. By picking your favorite color, customize your board, and associate the other equipment. Now, you are ready to skate.


  • Versatile model.
  • Firm structure.
  • Color varieties.
  • Lightweight.
  • Eligible for all skating styles.


  • No hardware is included in this package.
  • Bushings are not so good.

Types Of Longboard Trucks:

You definitely know that there are two types of longboarding trucks available depending on kingpin types. They are Traditional kingpin trucks and the reverse kingpin trucks.

  • Traditional kingpin trucks: These trucks can be a great choice for sliding. But you can enjoy a great performance by using this truck in terms of carving and cruising.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks: For downhill skaters, and the free-riders, these trucks will be the top pick.

What Is Freeride Longboarding? 

Are you a newbie in longboarding?

Then you may think what is freeride longboarding and what's the difference is between freeriding and the other longboarding styles.

We do believe that before starting your longboarding session, you should have a precision of concepts regarding longboarding styles. This knowledge can help you to become an advanced longboarder.

Freeriding denotes to a skating style that you can perform in medium or slow speed as well while riding on the slopes of the downhills. While freeriding, you need to focus on the power you need to apply while alighting.

While downhill indicates to enjoy the skating race at a good speed, freeride means performing skating tricks, spins, slides, and other maneuvers while controlling the speed.

If we make a comparison freeriding with other longboarding styles, like cruising, carving, downhill, you will be able to realize where's the deference are. So let's start respectively.

Difference Between Cruising And Freeriding

  • While cruising, riders need to concentrate on pushing their feet. It is basically such a skating style that you need to pursue in slow velocity. Most of the longboarders prefer this relaxed riding style on the roads.
  • Freeriding means performing technical tricks at a moderate speed.

Difference Between Carving And Freeriding

  • While carving, riders need to take a few turns while riding.
  • But freeriding is a relaxed style of skating.

Difference Between Downhill Skating And Freeriding

The difference between these two riding styles lays in the case of velocity.

  • While downhill skaters need to skate at a good speed. On the contrary, freeriding is basically done at moderate speed.
  • For the newbies, freeriding is the best way in terms of learning the proper speed controlling.

How To Choose The Best Longboard Trucks For Freeride?

Performing sliding tricks, skating tricks at a moderate speed basically denotes freeriding. The main purpose of freeriding is mainly to enjoy the sliding experience with proper control.

There are a few longboarding trucks are available in the market. But it's quite hard to find out the Best longboard trucks for freeriding. But which longboarding trucks, you will choose that totally depends on your freeriding style.

There are two kinds of freeriding styles.They are:

  • Freeriding at slow speed while performing technical maneuvers and tricks.
  • Riding at fast speed with long slides.

Basically freeriding can be performed well with the decks that are long and wide as well. The trucks come with low angle pivots offer a stable riding. But in that case, you can take fewer turns.

Deck size: A few free-riders who love to perform technical tricks, prefer the trucks that are small in shape. The best longboarding trucks for freeriding depends on the size and shape of the deck.

If you prefer fast riding, then you can go for the decks that are large in size. This type of deck can offer you a stable riding along with good speed. The decks come in 10 inches, 180 mm trucks are suitable in terms of freeriding.

On the contrary, if you want to perform skating tricks at a moderate speed, then you should choose a robust yet shorter deck. For the decks that come in 9 inches or less than it, 150 mm trucks are eligible for those.

Kingpin: Depending on kingpin types, there are two types of trucks are available. One is a traditional kingpin truck and the other is Reversed kingpin trucks.

  • TKP Trucks: In the cases of TKP trucks, the kingpin is located towards the deck and beyond the hanger. To perform tricks on the roads, these trucks are appropriate.

  • RKP Trucks: This type of truck are a great choice for stable riding. Most of the longboarders prefer this truck for freeriding. Although, the small deck's users can select TKP trucks.
good freeride longboard trucks

Check the truck angel: The angle of the baseplate feels a deep impact on the freeriding. Make sure you are choosing the proper angle of the baseplate. Because a small change in angles can hamper your riding.

Mostly the trucks come at 40°-50° angles. The trucks that come in higher angles are the most responsive ones.

On the other hand, for stable and fast riding, low angle trucks are a good choice. If you are using such trucks, then you will be unable to take a lot of turns.

  • Freeriding In Fastest Speed: 40°-50° trucks are recommended as good longboard trucks for freeriding in the fastest speed. By using these trucks, you can enjoy good speed riding while taking fewer turns.
  • Performing Technical Tricks While Freeriding: In that case, trucks that come in 50° angel are a top choice. By using such trucks, you can improve your skating and carving ability.

Bushings quality: Another important aspect that you need to check before purchasing the best longboarding trucks for freeriding is the bushings. In terms of freeriding at a good speed, you need tight bushings. These types of bushings provide more stability even at high speed.

On the contrary, open bushings trucks are best for technical tricks performing at slow speed.

Construction: Make sure that the truck model you are going to use is robust and can endure hard blows. If you want a robust and durable truck model, then precision trucks can be a top choice for you. For freeriding at a good speed, these trucks are the auspicious ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does freeride mean in longboarding?

Freeride is a style of longboarding in which you can perform technical maneuvers. Basically, by controlling your riding velocity, at medium speed, downhill riding is called freeriding.

Q. When should longboard trucks be replaced?

When you can see cracks in your truck or depreciated baseplate, then you must replace these. But, in some cases, you can also replace the longboard parts like bushings, kingpins, hanger, nuts, etc.

Q. How tight should my longboard trucks be?

Make sure that you are not compressing the bushings while adjusting the trucks. You should keep your truck in such a way that it should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Q. Do trucks matter on a longboard?

Every longboard comes with two trucks. Trucks are such equipment of a longboard that transfers the movement of a longboarder to the deck and allow the rider to perform their desired movement.

Q. What trucks should I get for my longboard?

Narrow longboard trucks provide more stable performance than the other trucks. 180 mm trucks are best for freeriding.


If you follow our buying guide of the best longboard trucks for freeride, we do believe that you can able to understand which truck will suit according to your freeriding style. Optimistically, we think that after going through the reviews of best selling freeriding trucks, you can pick your desired one.

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