Top 5 Best Longboard Trucks For Downhill In 2022

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Are you in search of best longboard trucks for downhill? Then you should go through this article once. In this article, we have included the incredible performing and best-selling top 5 downhill longboard trucks that are ascertained by our skating experts.

Along with that, we have meticulously defined every nicety regarding downhill longboard trucks. We can understand for the basic leveled longboarder, how it's baffling to choose the accurate truck for downhill style longboarding.

If you have not so much idea regarding downhill longboarding trucks, then this ingoing advice by our skating specialists can help you.

If you ensure our guidelines properly, you will be able to understand which truck model is suitable for you and which one is not.

The increment of longboarding skills totally depended on the trucks. That's why make sure that you are taking a judicious decision before buying the truck set for downhill style longboarding.

So, let's figure out a thoroughgoing idea regarding downhill longboarding trucks i.e. what are the major parts of a longboard truck, how to choose best longboard trucks for downhill, types of longboard trucks, etc.

1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks:

If you want quality downhill longboard trucks that also fit in your tight budget, then you should shop for Caliber trucks. Then brand Caliber is reputed for its reliability and luscious performing products.

If you are just going to start your downhill longboarding journey for the first time, you may wonder how I can maintain balance on the bumpy surface?

We can understand the reason for which the newbies feel concerned.

Yeah. An inappropriate choice of trucks can totally hamper the enjoyment of a mellifluous riding. So, before starting your downhill longboarding journey, make sure that you are going with such a truck set that permits you to perform sliding, air brakes, and other skating tricks.

Therefore, depending on the caliber 2 truck reviews and its mind-blowing performance, we have considered this Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks model as our top choice.

Alike the other models of Caliber, this one is also exoteric due to its impressive performance. By including updated features Caliber had tried to develop this model in a new way.

Every part of this truck is exceptionally ameliorated. Whether it's come to say about the structure, design, or capability, in one word we can say that this is such a truck that can undoubtedly hit your anticipation.

Without wasting a single minute, let's find out the extra special features of this truck.

Unprecedented Specifications Of The Truck Model:

  • Structure: Caliber had designed this model 40% stronger than its previous models. As aluminum is used as it's a structural material, the truck has become more robust and durable. The pith formation components of this truck allow it to bear hard blows.

    This immensely durable truck comes with blood orange bushings that add an engaging outlook to the truck.
  • Bushings: Have you acquainted with the fact that your bushings are not adjustable, you will not be able to enjoy a stable longboarding journey. Whereas the harder bushings create a lot of problems while controlling the board.

    These caliber longboard trucks are adorned with the Ultra HR cone-shaped bushings that permit the riders to take turns and slides smoothly even on the slopes of the downhills.

  • Baseplate Formation: It's the baseplate that helps the riders to give their longboard a customized look. And the baseplate of this Caliber truck offers the riders a stable riding experience.

  • Capacity Level: For downhill longboarding, there is no other alternative of Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks. But if it comes to say about cruising, freeriding turning, then it can easily impress you with its incredible performance.

  • Other Beneficial Features: The dimension of the kingpin is 17.4 mm that is easily adjustable. The premium and updated model of 8 hex head kingpin that comes with a pressed-in circular shape, provides the riders enough control while longboarding.

  • Color Options: This caliber truck comes with multi-color options. Silver, Satin Coral, Satin Smoke a few color varieties you can get of this model. The thinner paint coat of this combo truck makes this model elegant.


  • Firm configuration.
  • Updated kingpin.
  • Durable enough


  • Noise creating bushings

2. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks:

One of the most demanding and top-selling truck without including which, our best longboard trucks for downhill list will remain incomplete is the Paris 180mm 50-degree RKP trucks. 

We do believe that after checking out the review and specifications of these longboard trucks Paris, you are going to say the same.

Whether it comes to talk about stable performance or the mellifluous turns, you can enjoy the best performance by using these Paris trucks.

Among the most trustworthy and leading brands, Paris is the most distinguished one. It is such a brand that concerns for the rider's conveniences. The beginners as well as the experienced ones can enjoy the benefits of the pocket-friendly trucks set equally.

Let's figure out more information about this longboarding trucks.

Unprecedented Specifications Of The Truck Model:

  • Structure: The manufacturers have configured these longboards trucks in such a way that all types of skaters can use this. Whatever skating style you prefer, you can indisputably pick this truck set.

    Along with providing extra-durable design, the virgin aluminum makes this truck model sturdy too. So, it can be said that whether it's downhill longboarding or cruising, or longboarding on the uneven bumpy surface, you will not be disappointed by the service of this excellent truck set.

    By introducing the sagacity and intelligence, the manufacturers have used special heating T6 technology in terms of making this truck model more stiff and robust.
  • Bushings: You definitely know that bushings are considered as the controller of balance. That's why it's very important to make sure that you are choosing such a truck of which bushings are really admirable.

    If you are shopping for Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks, then be tension-free regarding the matter of bushings. Due to having urethane bushings, these Paris trucks can response swiftly according to the movement of the rider.

    With the help of two different shaped bushings, the truck offers the riders extremely stable riding. The coordination between the cone bushings of the upper portion and the barrel bushings of the bottom segment helps the longboarders to maintain proper balance.
  • Baseplate Design: Baseplate is that part of a truck that distributes the pressure in an even manner throughout the board.

    The additional benefit of the Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks is its six holes mounting baseplate design that is suitable for both types of skateboard old school and new school.
  • Kingpin: The kingpin that is made of aluminum is extremely robust and durable too.

  • Other beneficial advantages: The long-lasting and durable hanger makes this truck model exceptional one.

    Due to the extra special design of this truck model, it can be the right choice for both professionals and beginners.

    Mainly, for the downhill longboarders, we will just say to try these Paris V2 truck set once. Besides, for cruising, carving these Paris longboard trucks is highly recommend as the top-notch one.


  • Not too costly.
  • Perfect for long-term usages.
  • Extraordinary baseplate design.
  • Robust structure.


  • Not supported in wide boards.

3. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks:

'Outstanding'! Yeah. When we come to say about the gullwing sidewinder ii trucks, then without any doubt this word comes out of our mouth. We do believe that after using this truck set, you will agree with us, as sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks come with mind alluring specifications.You definitely want to improve your skating skills. 

Isn't it? Then you should give a try to these trucks set.

Do you want an all-rounder longboarding truck that can support several skating styles? 

In that case, this wonderfully designed sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks can be the superior choice for you. 

If you are a beginner one, and worrying about whether you can maintain the balance properly while skating Or not, then you can have blind faith in this superior Gullwing model. So, it can be said that either you are a newbie Or an experienced one, this truck model can be your great companion.

Whether it's downhill longboarding Or cruising, you can enjoy the best service from these gullwing sidewinder ii trucks.

So, making no further delay, let's sneak a look at the engrossing features of this model.

Unprecedented Specifications Of The Truck Model:

  • Kingpin: The part of this truck that is most captivating is the kingpin. Where Gullwing makes this kingpin different from the other brands?

    You may ponder it!

    So, here your answer is. By applying their mastermind Gullwing has adorned this truck model with dual kingpins set.

    Due to this extraordinary design, the truck allows the riders to enjoy mellifluous rotations even while you are enjoying speedy longboarding.

  • Hanger structure: The hanger that comes with 10 inches width, allows the riders to enjoy more stable riding. As aluminum is used to structure this hanger, it can easily bear hard blows.

    Whether it's come to say longboarding on the bumpy or pool skating, this ultra-durable truck set can provide excellent performance.

  • Bushings quality: The 90 durometer bushings allow the riders to take smooth turns. The barrel-shaped and the cone-shaped bushings have equipped the truck.

    Due to the wonderful design, the truck can bounce properly and provide enough control while turnings.

  • Hardware set: The additional benefit of this truck that adds cherry at the top of the cake is the availability of the hardware in this package. The manufacturers provide a screw and nut set among this truck combo so that the users need not suffer in terms of purchasing the hardware individually.

    So, if you are a beginner you need not face any issue regarding installing the truck parts, as this truck is categorized as the pre-built one.

  • Configuration: The robust structure of this model make it durable too.

  • Multicolor options: Gullwing tried to represent this model in a few striking colors like lime green, orangish blue, purple, etc. Pick your favorite color and customize your board.

  • Performing ability: The hetero shaped bushings helps the riders to take smooth turns even at the high speed. For downhill longboarding, this promptly responding truck can be a superior choice.

    If your longboard comes with 9 inches width, you can undoubtedly choose this one.


  • Multicolor.
  • Extraordinary dual kingpin.
  • Robust configuration.
  • Affordable.


  • Weighty.

4. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set:

Are you in need of a robust truck model that can give you the unsurpassed and remarkable service while downhill longboarding?

Then these Yocaher longboard trucks can be a suitable pick for you.

Unlike the other ordinary trucks, Yocaher can help you to enhance your longboarding skills and performance.

If you are looking for a combo set that contains all essential parts of a longboard i.e. trucks, hardware, wheels, then this one is only for you. Thinking about the users' conveniences, Yocaher has tried to include all the essential longboard parts in this package.

If you are a beginner and getting puzzled while purchasing each part of longboards individually, then just take a sigh of relief. Your problem is just sorted out, as Yocaher has brought this incredible package.

You can get in this package longboard trucks and wheels, risers, nuts, and whatnot. Even you are getting all of these within your budget. 

Isn't that incredible? 

Yeah. You are not revering. It's tangible.

You can get all the necessary parts of the longboard in this combo set. You just need to purchase the set and adorn your deck.

To know more info regarding this best-selling Yocaher longboard trucks, dig in the below details.

Unprecedented Specifications Of The Truck Model:

  • Constructional material: Due to the use of Aluminum, the truck has become extremely durable and strong. To give this model firmness, Yocaher has complemented the truck with 90A PU bushings. That means you can undoubtedly enjoy a stable riding.

  • Kingpin quality: If you are worrying regarding the truck's adjustability, then you are just taking a headache for frivolous reasons.

    Why we are saying that?

    Because this Yocaher model comes with such a kingpin which is easily adjustable. That means you will be able to tight as well as unloose the kingpin whenever you want.
  • Risers: Yocaher has taken care of every trivial and negligible need of a rider. And their this consideration is reflected in this combo package.

    To make the wheels long-lasting and as well as to protect the wheels from getting rubbed, the manufacturers have included risers in this combo set. The black plastic made stiff riser pads helps to keep the wheels and board far away.
  • Bearings: One of the most impressive thing of this package is the Ritalin Abec-7 chrome skateboard bearings. These eight pieces set of bearings come with the pre-lubrication coat.

  • Wheels: Yocaher has concentrated on the weight of the longboard also. To make it light in weight and as well as durable, the manufacturers have used plastic as the structural material of the wheels.

  • Performing ability: If we give an overall review of this combo set, then it can be said that getting a combo set even in such an affordable price range, really incredible.

    And when you are getting such an opportunity, then letting the chance of buying this package go, will be a sign of stupidity. Whether as a downhill truck or as a freeriding truck, this Yocaher model is reigning all over the market.

    Otherwise, for cruising lovers, it can also be considered as a remarkable choice.


  • An entire set of essential longboard equipment.
  • Updated kingpin.
  • Durable enough.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Trucks come only in black color.
  • Bearings are not so good.

5. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks:

The last truck that has made our Best longboard trucks for downhill list repleted, is bear grizzly longboard trucks. Its remarkable performance, quality, structure make this model a top-notch one.

By adopting more features, and high-technology, the model has become robust and durable enough. The manufacturers basically want to represent such a truck model that is unexceptionable and indefectible as well as can offer the users a long-term service.

Are you a little bit healthy or bulky?

Then the first question that occurs in your mind while purchasing a truck set is how sturdy the axle will be! Yeah. Your worrying is natural.

A few cheap quality trucks are available in the market that comes at a very low price but provides poor quality axles that get cracked after using only a few days.

Do you want this to happen with you? Then make sure that the truck set you are going to purchase, comes with a strong axle that can take the extensive load as well.

If we compare this Gen 5 model of Bear Grizzly with their previous truck models, then you can see that this model comes with more updated specifications.

So, without wasting time, let's have a glance at the specifications of this unblemished truck model.

Unprecedented Specifications Of The Truck Model:

  • Construction: BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks are constructed with aluminum that gives the model firmness and strength.

    The aluminum made 181 mm long hanger is immensely durable. Due to the robust structure, the truck can resist any kind of buffet, scratches, and bash.

  • Weight of the trucks: Most of the riders prefer light-weight trucks. Trying to consider this need of the customers, Bear Grizzly had tried to make this model lightweight enough along with maintaining the quality and firmness. And successfully the brand did it.

    This truck model comes only in 2.4 pounds weight that is extremely mild and doesn't sum up any extra weight to the longboard.
  • Color options: These trucks set come in a variety of color options. By picking your desired one, you can customize your longboard.

  • Stability: The manufacturers have designed the pivot angle at 52° so that it can offer the users a stable riding experience. As well as you can enjoy carving, sliding, and other skating maneuvers easily.

  • Baseplate Design: The unique baseplate design has made this model concentrated and idiosyncratic. The firm baseplate is able to endure sharp bashes.

    Due to having 6 holes baseplate, the riders can easily customize their deck. Either it's old skateboard or the new ones, this truck set is eligible for both.
  • Compatibility level: This versatile truck that you can get at a very affordable price, is really flawless and remarkable. Both newbies and the experienced ones can use this truck and can enjoy smooth as well as stable riding.

    In spite of being the best longboard trucks for downhill, it is considered as a wonderful truck for freeride, carving, and cruising. Even if you are in need of Best longboard trucks for dancing, you can pick this bear grizzly trucks.


  • Firm structure.
  • Color options.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Suitable for both newbies and experts.


  • Doesn't come with any hardware set.

Parts Of A Longboard Truck:

For a longboarder, it's very essential to know about the parts of longboard trucks in detail. It will help you to become an advanced level longboarder. The parts of a truck can feel the impact on your longboarding to a great extent.

Here, we will give you an idea regarding the most vital parts of a longboard. Let's have a look.

Baseplate: It's one of the most important parts of the longboard. It helps to maintain the deck and the truck associated. With the help of this part, the pressure gets distributed throughout the deck.

Kingpin: To hold the parts of a truck this colossal bolt is used. As it is replaceable, you need not get worried if somehow it gets broken. In that case, you just need to replace it despite purchasing a new truck. Kingpins come in two types.

  • Traditional Kingpin: In terms of skating tricks performing, this type of kingpin trucks are suitable.
  • Reverse Kingpin: Either you prefer slow speed or high-speed longboarding, these types of kingpin trucks can provide you stable riding with impeccable controlling.

Bushings: Bushings are basically urethane rings that allow the Longboarders to make smooth moves. A longboard contains four bushings.

Hanger: It's the 'T' shaped segment of Longboard. Mainly, aluminum is used to configure this part. With the help of this part, wheels remain associated with the truck.

Risers: Riser Pads are considered as the volitional parts of a longboard. These pads help to sum up an additional gap between the surface and the longboard.

how to choose the best downhill longboard trucks

Types of longboard trucks:

Depending on kingpin types, you can get two kinds of longboarding trucks. You have already come to know about the kingpin types, as we have alluded these facts in body parts of the longboard.

 Let's know in more detail.

You definitely know the kingpin types names. Reverse Kingpin and Standard kingpin.

But do you aware of the differences between these kingpin trucks? 

Then check our below information...

Reverse kingpin trucks: For beginners and as well as the experienced ones, these trucks can be a good pick. These promptly responsive trucks provide stable riding along with enough control while skating.

  • For the downhill longboarders, these trucks can offer incredible performance.
  • Whereas, the cruising and freestyle riders can pick these trucks as an incomparable companion.

Standard or Traditional Kingpin Trucks: Basically, most of the beginners prefer these type of trucks.

  • In terms of sliding, and as well as cruising and carving, you should go for these ones.

How to choose the best downhill longboard trucks?

As it's very confusing for the buyers to pick the right truck for them that can provide then tremendous service while downhill longboarding for a long-time. Pondering your disquieting issue, we have enlisted a few factors here that will help to choose the proper truck according to your need.

Let's have a look at the best downhill longboard trucks' buying guide.

The width of the truck: While purchasing a truck, one of the most important aspects that you need to check is how wide your downhill truck is. Keep in mind that in terms of width, the truck and deck must be comported.

You may think about why it should correspond? 

To answer this question, we need to say that while longboarding in a high speed, it may happen that your foot is getting touched with the wheels. It can lead to a fatal accident. That's why it's very important to make sure that the width of the deck and trucks have coincided.

In terms of avoiding wheel bites, make sure that the trucks are not slender than the deck. For those who are looking for downhill longboarding trucks, for then we will recommend you 26-31 inches wheelbase.

These types of wheelbase are perfect for the decks that come with 9-10 inches width. For 180 mm longboard trucks, these types of wheelbase can give you a speedy and stable downhill longboarding experience.

Kingpin placement: If you are an aggressive downhill Longboarder and love to perform skating maneuver, then standard kingpin will be consummate for you.

Whereas the trucks come with the reverse kingpin, helps to take safe and unwavering spins and slides while you are longboarding at the elevated downhill.

The angle of the Baseplate: Most of the longboards come in a 40-50 degree baseplate angle. If you are purchasing such a truck that comes with a low baseplate angle, then you can enjoy a stable and responsive riding while taking fewer turns. But if you are downhill or freeride longboarder, then 40-45° angles will be ok for you.

Bushings quality: Most of the buyers don't give too much importance to the quality of bushings. But you should know they bushings are one of the most vital and significant parts that you should concern while choosing a downhill longboarding truck set.

To enjoy an accurate responsive riding with proper controlling, the shape, size, stiffness plays an important role.

Bushing seats: You can get a few types of bushing seats i.e. sharp, flat, round, shallow, etc. But if we categorized bushing seats, then it can be divided into three types: Round, Stepped and Flat.

  1. The round ones can offer you an impressive carving experience.

  2. Whereas the Stepped ones allow the riders to perform skating tricks while taking turns. These type of bushing seats are superior for downhill longboarding.

The construction of the trucks: Depending on the construction, the trucks for longboards can be reckoned in three forms.

  1. Cast trucks: After conferring melted aluminum into a mold, and solidifying it, these trucks are manufactured. You can get such a truck in an affordable price range.
  2. Precision trucks: These trucks are formed with the help of CNC machines. In it comes to stay about the robustness, no other trucks can bit these Precision trucks. To configure this truck  high-quality and expensive aluminum is used.
  3. Forged trucks: These are better than cast trucks. But compared to the Precision ones, it will a little bit inferior.

Where to buy longboard trucks?

Instead of visiting the local skate shops to buy the best longboard truck for downhill, we will recommend you to go for online shopping. As there are a few trustworthy online shopping websites are available i.e. Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, you can easily place your order by using these sites.

Otherwise, you can able to see the prices of a lot of products on these sites. By comparing the price, and quality, you can easily pick your preferable one. Not only that but also you can get a few discount offers on the products, offered by these websites.

As well as you can check the review of the customers. Now it's your choice what will you do. We do believe you are smart enough to take a rational step.

Final words:

After going through the entire article, we do believe that you have understood why it's important to make an accurate choice of truck. If you want to bring betterment and amplification in your downhill longboarding skills, then make sure that you are choosing the proper pick of truck set.

Expectantly, we consider that if you follow our buying guide properly and check our list of top 5 best longboard trucks for downhill, you will be able to pick the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How tight should Longboard trucks be for downhill?

When you are going to start your journey for the first time, do confirm that the truck is loose enough according to your comfort. Keep in mind that while you are adjusting the trucks, you should not consolidate the bushings. After getting comfortable with your longboard, you can adjust the truck according to your comfortability.

Q. Are tight or lose trucks better?

If your trucks are extremely loose, then it can become dangerous for you. On the contrary, immensely tighter trucks can be hazardous too. So, adjust the truck in such a way that it remains neither too tight nor too slack.

Q. Are high Trucks good for street skating?

For beginners, the high truck can be a good choice in terms of street skating. These types of trucks are promptly responsive. As well as while using these trucks, you need not worry too much regarding the wheel rubbing.

Q. Do I need a helmet for longboarding?

It's very important to have the protection of your head while longboarding. That's why most of the riders wear helmets while longboarding. A helmet can protect your head from getting sharp blows.

Q. Is longboarding harder than skateboarding?

These two activities are different. While longboarding, riders need to take smooth turns and carves at a good speed. In terms of downhill skating, you can control longboards in an easier way than the skateboards.

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