The Best Longboard Trucks For Dancing In 2022

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Which are the best longboard trucks for dancing? What kind of trucks are best for dancing longboards? Are these questions bothering you? Among all the longboarding style, longboard dancing has become immensely popular nowadays.

We can see that adults and teens are indulging themselves in longboard dancing. But dear, if you don't use a superior quality truck, it can ruin your longboarding journey within just a few seconds.

A wrong pick of longboard trucks can be the reason for your serious injury. While dancing, you need to perform a lot of tricks and spin on the board.

You need to carve turns by shifting the entire body weight. 

That's why it's very important to make sure that you have picked the appropriate longboard trucks for dancing.

Our Top Picks (Best Longboard Trucks For Dancing 2022): Updated!

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In this article, we have elaborated on the top 4 most demanding trucks for dancing longboards that are suggested by our skating experts.

Let's have a look.

1. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks:

(Longboard Truck Dancing setup is best for experts)

You are definitely aware of the vogue of the brand Caliber. In the skating industry, Caliber is reigning the market for a long period.

If you need a longboard truck set for daily commuting, then don't waste your time by pondering whether you should buy these caliber longboard trucks or not.

Many times, it may happen to you that you feel listless, and flabby while skating on a shaggy surface. The only solution to get rid of such a problem is buying such a pair of the truck that can resist shock and vibration.

If you are dreaming of becoming a pro-level skater, then we will recommend you to go for Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks. The advanced shock-resisting technology makes this model apt for skating on the uneven surface.

The superior construction of this product makes it robust and immensely durable. To know more about these Best longboard trucks for cruising, check the below-described caliber 2 trucks review.

  • Design: To give this product an innovative and eye-catching look, the manufacturers have used blood orange bushings. This product is considered the best street skateboard trucks. As a result, the manufacturers put their ultimate effort to make this model husky enough so that it can endure any kind of hard blows.

    The brand has used superior aluminum as the constructional material. On the other hand, the exterior outlook of this product makes this model elegant, and mind grabbing.
  • Color variety: This truck model is available in many colors such as blue, purple, gold, and so on. According to your longboard color, you can pick any of these and customize your board.

  • Bushings: It's the bushing that determines how well you can skate. The superior quality blood orange bushings allow the riders to take mellifluous turns and offer enough stability while skating.

  • Baseplate Design: The trucks remain connected with the deck by the baseplate. When you will install the trucks, you need to take the help of screws to associate the truck with the board.

    The baseplate provides enough stability while skating. So, make sure that the truck you are purchasing comes with robust construction. The baseplate of this Best longboard trucks for freeriding comes with all kinds of mounting patterns. That means you can customize your board as per your needs.
  • Hanger design: The sturdy and powerful construction of the hanger consent the riders to take smooth moves and turns.

  • Kingpin: Thanks to the 17.4 mm kingpin design of these Best longboard trucks for turning for allowing the riders to experience a smooth-riding while having enough control.

  • Durability: No matter whether you are an aggressive skater or a newbie, you can use this truck set for a long period without facing any issue. The superior construction of this product makes this model long-term usable. This truck set comes in a pack of two trucks.


  • Robust compared to the previous model of this brand.
  • Durable construction.
  • Color options.
  • Excellent outlook


  • Creates noise.

2. Atlas Truck Co. Reverse Kingpin Ultralight Longboard Trucks:

(Longboard Truck Dancing setup is best for beginners)

If you are willing to buy precise and robust trucks for longboards dancing, then you can go for this model. The superior aluminum configuration makes this model stronger and unbeatable.

The tremendous ball pivot and highly durable axle make these Best longboard trucks for dancing unimpeachable. 

Whereas the manufacturers used highly advanced technology to make this truck set perfect for speedy riding. These longboard trucks come with an immaculate pivot cup that you can clean easily.

The manufacturers tried to represent their mastermind plans and technologies through this innovative model. By using this pair of the truck set, you will be able to enjoy a mellifluous ride on any kind of surface.

As the trucks are the most essential parts of a longboard, the manufacturers designed every single part of this truck with superior quality material. By using these trucks, you can enjoy highly responsive, and stable riding.

To know more about this product, follow the detailed specifications.

  • Axle design: These Best longboard trucks for dancing come with an 8 mm highly durable and robust axle that makes this model exceptional.

  • Pivot technology: The manufacturers introduced advanced pivot technology through this model so that the riders can get enough control while skating. And it's the patented pivot technology.

    The pivot cup is configured based on this technology. You can clean it without facing any hassle. You can remove it easily when you need to clean it. As nylon is used to configure it, the truck becomes shock-resisting and reduces friction.
  • Kingpin: This model comes with a custom made kingpin that fits appropriately inside the baseplate hole. The kingpin can be pulled up into the tapered bore hold. As a result, it can offer self-centered performance. Due to such construction, the kingpin gets enough support. Consequently, the kingpin and the baseplate works as one unit.

  • Construction: The superior quality A356/T6 forged aluminum is used to make this model robust and 20% lighter compared to the original Atlas. The sturdy hanger prevents bending and permits the rider to enjoy a confident ride.

  • Bushings: This truck comes with a broadside cone bushing and roadside cone bushings. As a result, the truck becomes apt for carving, freeriding, and cruising. This cone-shaped design offers a perfect curvy feel.

    On the other hand, the 48° baseplate and ball pivot create fluid lean. As a result, you can enjoy stable and smooth riding.


  • Durable enough.
  • Superior construction.
  • Offers stable ridingQuick reactive.
  • Offers enough control while skating.
  • Best for cruising, carving, dancing, and freeriding.


  • Don't come with hardware.

3. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks:

(Longboard Truck Dancing Setup Is very reasonable price)

How fast you will be able to improve your skating skills and performance that depends to a great extent on the truck's quality.

The unbeatable construction, incredible performance make this product one of the best trucks for a dancing longboard.

The manufacturers are trying their level best to make their products top-notch by upgrading the models' specifications and applied technologies. If you need to cover a long distance by skating Or want to skate for an extended period, purchasing these trucks will be a pertinent decision.

Through this model, the brand tried to represent an immaculate and compact truck model that can offer the riders enough stability while skating.

As these bear grizzly longboard trucks come with a lot of remarkable features, you may think that the price of the product is very high.

No, not at all, dear.

The manufacturers tried their level best to set a very reasonable price for this model so that skaters from every financial background can afford this truck model.

Not only the model comes with a robust design, but also this truck is very light-weight. Along with focusing on the interior construction of the product, the manufacturers didn't forget to pay attention to the exterior design.

The exterior design of these bear grizzly trucks makes this product mind alluring and elegant.

After going through the features of the products, you will realize the hard work and efficiency of the manufacturers.

Let's check out the prepossessing features of these Best longboard trucks for dancing:

  • Design: If we need to complement the model in a word, then we will just say-  it's versatile. No matter on which surface you are gonna skate. It can be bumpy or smooth. Just pick these Best longboard trucks for freeride, and enjoy a phenomenal skating journey.

    The unmatchable design of these longboarding trucks helps the entry-level riders to improve their skating skills. Those who are just planning to start their skating sessions, or have prior experience, can undoubtedly go for this truck model.
  • Structural components: The superior quality aluminum construction of this product, makes it immensely durable enough and long-term usable. The advanced design of this best trucks for longboard dancing makes it vibration and sharp blow resisting.

  • Color: These Best longboard trucks for carving are available in a few colors. You can choose your desired color to customize your board.

  • Weight: A lot of skaters are there who feel disgusted due to the heavy-weight trucks. As these ones put extra weight on the longboard, you may face difficulties while performing skating tricks or stunts.

    While upgrading the features of the model, the manufacturers put their efforts to make this model light-weight too. These trucks come in 2.4 pounds weight. While using this truck, you can enjoy a stable and smooth performance even at the high speed.

  • Axle: A few customers complain about the axle quality of BEAR Grizzly's previous model. That's why, to reach the expectations of the buyers, the manufacturers tried their level best to make this model a premium one.

    These best longboard trucks for cruising comes with a 181 mm axle. If you want a longboard truck for skating on the streets, or you are fond of freestyle riding, downhill skating, we can assure you that you will get an unprecedented skating experience, after using this truck set.
  • Construction of the Baseplate: This model comes with 6 holes mounted baseplate. That means it can support both traditional and new boards. The robust design of this baseplate makes this model heavy impact-resisting.

  • Bushings: This product comes with soft urethane bushings. It helps the riders to perform skating tricks easily. Along with this, it makes the truck more responsive.

  • Kingpin: Most of the riders prefer to buy those trucks that come with hollow kingpins. These ones are extremely light-weight. The excellent design of the kingpin permits it to bear superfluous pressure.


  • Superior quality construction material.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Hard blow resisting.
  • Easy to install


  • Kingpin is non-removable.

4. Bear Trucks 180 mm 50° Gen 6 Longboard Trucks:

(Longboard Truck Dancing Setup Is Best For all ages)

If you want to go for a versatile model, then go for bear trucks 180 mm longboard trucks. It can be said that this is a game-changer model. 

The incomparable bearings, robust hanger construction makes this product unbeatable.

Whether it comes to say about Downhill skating, or high-speed riding, picking this model will be a smart move. This highly responsive model can offer you smooth, and mellifluous performance on any kind of surface.

The manufacturers used high-quality material to configure the trucks. The advanced technology that is used to construct the truck ensures that the riders can maintain their balance while skating. This revolutionary model allows the riders to enjoy a flawless performance throughout their skating journey.

The manufacturers tried to offer this phenomenal model in a very affordable price range. While trying to make this model husky one, the manufacturers tried to make the product light-weight too.

  • Design: No matter which skating style you prefer, you can go for this model. Both for even and shaggy surfaces, this truck model is appropriate. The weight of the product is 2 pounds. As a result, it doesn't add extra weight to the board.

    To make this model durable enough, the manufacturers used superior quality material. This best longboard trucks for cruising comes in a vibrant and elegant look that makes this product mind grabbing.
  • Axle construction: This is basically a pin that goes through the hanger and connects the wheels. If you want to enjoy a flawless and smooth performance, these bear trucks 180 mm longboard trucks are incredible. From newbie skaters to the experienced ones, the best longboard trucks for carving can offer unprecedented performance.

    These best longboard trucks for freeride comes with the top-notch quality axle. If you face any issue while using the product, you can call customer care and ask for a replacement or full refund.
  • Baseplate construction: It is the part that remains connected with the deck of the board. It is a flat surface. The baseplate comes in four to six mounting holes that allow the truck to spread the pressure throughout the deck in an even way.

    The manufacturers tried their best to make these bear grizzly longboard trucks robust and sturdy enough. As the baseplate are wide in size, you can perform skating tricks and stunts easily.
  • Bushings: The soft urethane rings that remain around the kingpin allows the riders to perform skating tricks and maneuvers easily. You can enjoy a stable performance by using these best longboard trucks for dancing. 


  • Light-weight.
  • Superior quality bushings.
  • Fabolous outlook.
  • Offers excellent performance on large wheels.
  • Quick responsive.


  • Don't have too many size options.

How to choose best longboard trucks For dancing?

In longboard dancing, you need to perform cross-stepping and a lot of balancing tricks in a flowy and proficient way. The stepping tricks are known as flatland tricks. This trick is quite different from freestyle jumpy tricks. Ollies, kickflips, shuvits are included in the freestyle tricks.

While dancing, you need to perform a lot of dance moves. At that moment, you need to move your weight around on the longboard. Whereas at the same time, you need to keep your longboard rolling under you through a carving.

If you failed to choose the best longboard truck for dancing, then it may happen that you are not getting the freedom that you need while performing dancing tricks, and steps.

The trucks of longboard play a vital role in overall your skating performance. How comfy and smooth your ride will depend on the truck.

A pair of superior quality longboards can offer you a speedy and mellifluous ride. As well as it helps to perform jumping steps and other skating tricks in a flowy way.

A lot of dancers face huge difficulties while choosing the best trucks for longboard dancing. They can't decide what kind of trucks for a dancer longboard. For them, after deep research, and taking advice from our skating experts, today we have come with the longboard trucks guide.

Now, you don't need to blindly rely on the product's reviews. You can check the buying guide and decide Which longboard is best for dancing. Let's figure it out.

  • Determine the skating style: As in this article, we are talking about the dancing longboards, we will not discuss the other skating styles in depth. But you definitely know that dancing and freestyle skating is quite relatable and both have a few similarities.

    We can say that stepping on the longboard in set sequences for carving at that moment of performing twists, turns, and other poses are called dancing. On the other hand, while performing freestyle, you need to do the skating stunts in such a way so that it will involve the wheels leaving the ground. Shuvits, Ollies are a few elements of freestyle.
  • The width of the truck: Trucks are mainly metal T-shaped pieces. These remain mounted onto the underside of the deck. The wheels remain attached to the trucks. The width of the trucks is usually measured by the width of the axle or hanger. You should know that longboard trucks are totally different from skateboard trucks. The trucks of longboards are wider.

    These ones come in two several widths: 180 mm and 150 mm. Always try to choose such a truck the width of which will be close to your deck's width. For sliding and carving 180mm ones are ideal.
  • The width of the hanger: Axle is a long and thin metal piece. It runs through the hanger. It remains connected with the wheels. If your deck is 9 inches wider or more than it, then you should go for a 180 mm hanger. If you are in need of cruising and carving longboards or own a narrower board can go for the 150 mm hanger width.
  • Baseplate angle: The rectangular-shaped metal piece that connects the deck to the truck is considered as the baseplate. How smooth you can take turns, depends on the baseplate angle.

    If your truck comes with a high baseplate angle such as 50°, you can take sharper moves and turns. On the contrary, if the truck is attracted at a low angle, you will not be able to take smoother turns.

    Those trucks come with a 50° baseplate angle and are perfect for cruising, and carving. These ones can provide riders with enough stability.

    If you are previously skilled in downhill skating, then we will recommend you to go for a pair of trucks that come with a 44° angle and 180 mm hanger. Remember that the baseplate angle can be changed while including the risers.
  • Deck lean: It is determined by how tight or lose your truck is. Those who want loose trucks for longboard dancing can go for more lean.

    On the other hand, the skaters who are willing to get tighter trucks should purchase less lean ones. Moreover, the stiffness of the deck, and the pressure you are applying play a vital role in terms of determining the deck lean.

    If your truck is taller, you will get more room for deck lean. That's why we will recommend that skaters who use lower trucks should not apply too much pressure to the rails.

    The more the deck lean will be, the smoother turns you can take. You can adjust the deck lean as per your needs. Those boards come with more deck leanings and are perfect for carving and cruising. Whereas those longboards come with less deck lean can be a great pick for downhill skating.
  • Kingpin: Based on the kingpins, there are two kinds of trucks available in the market. These are Traditional Kingpin trucks and Reverse Kingpin trucks.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks: In the RKP models, the kingpin remains in the opposite direction of the axle. Due to such design, the trucks that come with Reverse kingpin can offer smoother turns and these ones are taller than the traditional ones. Although the baseplate angle affects your overall longboarding journey.

  • Traditional kingpin: In this kind of truck the kingpin remains facing inward. These ones can offer enough stability while skating.
  • Bushings: These ones are soft urethane rings. Bushings remain around the kingpin. The main function of these ones is allowing the riders to take mellifluous turns. The hardness of the bushings can affect your skating performance. These ones come in several shapes such as cones, barrels, and so on.
  • The height of the hanger: Along with the width of the hanger, its height is also a significant factor that you need to consider while choosing the best trucks for longboard dancing. In case, the hanger is too short and the wheels of your longboard are too big, then it may cause wheel biting.

If you consider these factors before purchasing, you will be able to decide what kind of trucks for a dancer longboard required.


After checking this entire article, and the buying guide as well, we do believe that you will be able to make a decision, and can pick the Best longboard trucks for dancing. But make sure that you have mastered the skating tricks, and stunts properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do trucks matter on a longboard?

Longboard truck is a metal shaped pieces. It is an essential component of a longboard. The trucks are measured by the hanger width or the width of the axle. Every longboard needs two trucks. It's the truck that permits you to take turns and moves.

Q. Can you dance on any longboard? 

For dancing, you should go for longer boards. But first, you need to learn balancing techniques. Otherwise, you may fall and get serious injuries.

Q. How much is a good longboard?

You can get a good longboard at 90-150 dollars.

Q.  Are tight or loose trucks better?

Although loose trucks are not so dangerous. But if the Trucks become tightened too much, the turning radius will be tighter. So, your truck should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Q. When should skateboard trucks be replaced?

When your trucks get warped, or small cracks, you can replace them. Although sometimes you don't need to replace the entire truck. You only need to replace a few parts of the truck such as bushings, pivot cups, and so on.

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