Top 7 Best Helmet For Roller Skating In 2022

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Why do I need to invest in the best helmet for roller skating? Is it so necessary at all? - Do these questions ever come to your mind? If yes, then don't forget to go through this entire article.

Roller skating is a recreational and competitive sport. Nowadays from kids to adults are indulging themselves in this sport. Skating is undoubtedly a fun providing game.

But dear, your fun and enjoyment can be emaciated within just a few minutes, if you don't follow the safety precautions or avoid wearing protective gear. No one knows what is going to happen with him the next. So, it is always recommended to wear safety gear before starting a ride.

Among these skateboard protective equipment, the helmet is the vital one. It is the helmet that provides enough protection and assures that if you meet any accidents, there will be less risk of getting damage to your head.

In our previous articles, we have already discussed which are the safety gears for skateboarding (elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, goggles, and so on). Now it's time to discuss the most important safety gear, the brain-saver.

As per our skating experts' suggestions, we have elaborated the top 7 best roller skate helmets. 

Let's check out.

Our Top Picks (best helmet for roller skating 2022) : Updated

Best Rated helmet
Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet
  • Best Rated helmet
  • Most Popular & Top Rated
Low Price & Top Quality
Retrospec Dakota Bicycle/Skateboard Helmet
  • Most Popular & Portable
  • Low Price & Top Quality
  • Best helmet 

1. Triple Eight Sweat Saver Liner Skateboarding Helmet:

Here, we have come with one of the most-demanding and top-notch models from the brand Triple Eight.

For many years, triple eight has been renowned as one of the best and trusted roller skate helmet brands.

If you are one of those who avoid wearing helmets just for looking offensive, for them this helmet is the exact one. The stylish and robust design of this helmet makes it a mind-grabbing one.

You can get these helmets in several colors and sizes. The best thing about these helmets is they can be adjusted and customized.

This brain-saved rubber helmet is configured in such a way so that it can withstand any kind of hard impact and offers perfect protection to your head. These Skate Helmets have got certification from CPSC for the hard foam version.

Therefore, you can use these helmets not only for roller skating but also for bicycle riding. If you love to enjoy regular freeride, we can just say that dear, this product is specially made for you.

Have you just started your skating lessons? If yes, then don't forget to wear the skate helmets before starting your journey. No matter whether you are a newbie skater, or thinking about replacing your old and cracked helmet, this helmet can be a great pick for you.

Those who enjoy performing skating stunts and tricks - for them it's very important to make sure that the helmet they are using can offer enough protection to the head. Otherwise, if you fall or meet any accident, it may cause fatal injuries, even can be the reason for death. Therefore, it is recommended to never risk your life by riding without a helmet.

To make the construction of these skate helmets more durable and secure, the manufacturers have used superior quality ABS plastic. Along with this, Triple Eight Best Skating Helmets come with an EPS liner which gives protection to your head from injuries. As these helmets come with shock-absorbing superior quality rubber, you will get protection to your head despite multiple spills.

There are a few skaters who refuse to put on helmets as these are heavyweight. For them, this roller skating helmet from triple eight can work as a mind-changer. Because these models not only come with impressive designs but also are extremely light in weight. The weight of this helmet is only 1.72 pounds. Therefore, you can wear these helmets for a long period.

If you are going to count the reasons for which you should buy these helmets, then it is not going to end here. The liner made of terrycloth helps to wick away sweats. Therefore you won't be feel disturbed by the dripping sweat, as these liners can prevent the sweat from dripping on your eyes and face.

Now you may think that perhaps there will be a chance of getting a nasty odor of sweat. No dear, not at all. This well-ventilated helmet not only absorbs the sweat properly but also helps to evaporate it properly. The airy and outstanding design of these helmets can make your skating journey fabulous. To know more about this sweat saver skating helmet, check out below elaborated features.

Awesome Features of the Best helmet for roller skating:

  • DesignThe unique rubber finish design of these helmets offer enough comfort and safety while skateboarding, roller skating, and roller derby. The ABS outer shell and hard EPS foam make these helmets durable and robust, and apt for withstanding any kind of hard blow. It comes with adjustable chin straps. As these straps are adjustable, the helmet can be fitted properly.

  • Liner: The liners that come with antibacterial properties, can absorb the sweats properly, and eliminate bad smells of sweat. Along with this, the liners offer adequate ventilation and help to evaporate the sweat quickly. Even, you can remove the liners and wash them whenever you want.

  • Colors: These best helmets for roller skating are available in a few eye-catching colors. These are black rubber, Baja teal rubber, black glossy, black rubber W/ red, blue fade rubber, carbon rubber, neon Fuschia glossy, pink glossy, red rubber, Royal blue rubber, white rubber, zest rubber. As per your needs, you can pick your desired color.

  • Sizes: These helmets are available in six different sizes: XS fits 20. 1–20. 5 in (51–52 cm), S fits 20. 6–21. 3 in (52–54 cm), M fits 21. 4–22 in (54–56 cm), L fits 22. 1–22. 9 in (56–58 cm), XL fits 23–24 in (58–61 cm), XXL fits 24-25 in (60–62 cm). If you are confused about what size you need, then use a measuring tape. If you see that your measurements fall between the sizes offered by this brand, then it is recommended to go for the larger size.

  • Warranty period: The manufacturers offer 180 days warranty on the purchase of the product. Therefore, if you face any issue with this helmet during this warranty period, you can contact customer care and get their services.


  • Stylish design.
  • Robust configuration.
  • Removable, and washable liner.
  • Comes in several sizes.


  • A few users face difficulties while picking up the exact size of the helmets.

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike And Skateboard Helmet:

You definitely know that skating is as dangerous as any other thrilling sport. So, it is strictly advised to the skaters not to avoid wearing helmets while skating.

More than 70,000 skateboarding injuries occur per year and lead the skaters to get admitted to hospital.

You definitely don't want the same thing to happen to you. Isn't it? 

Whereas a few skaters think that wearing a helmet isn't cool at all. Is looking cool more important than safety?

Definitely not. Then, don't hesitate twice before investing money in the most important protective gear.

Here is another product from the same brand Triple Eight. This brand is putting its best to innovate new and upgraded models. If you are in need of a helmet for regular skating, then this one can be ideal for you. Although you can use this helmet for other purposes too.

By modifying the previous model, the manufacturers tried to offer an advanced and powerful model that can hit the safety requirements easily. The mind-grabbing and exclusive design and superb construction material enable this helmet to bear high impacts.

Classic style, awesome protective specifications make this brain-saver the best model for rollerblading. This brain-saver is not only robust and super durable but also the stylish and classic design is able to add a complementary look.

  You can use this helmet not only for skateboarding but also for cycling, scootering, rollerblading.

To assure the safety standards, we want to let you know that the helmets have got approved by the CPSC standards. Therefore those who want to purchase a superior quality brain-saver that can offer the utmost protection, this model could be the ideal one.

The helmet comes with an ABS shell. As this model is extremely light in weight, users can wear it for a prolonged period. This brain-saver is equipped with two sets of sweat-absorbing EPS liners.

These liners are designed for a close fit and as well as low profile. One liner is thin and the other one thicker compared to the previous one. As per your comfortability, you can adjust the helmet so that it can be fitted properly. You can make these liners tighter even looser.

One of the best things about this helmet is the adjustable chin strap. As these are adjustable, it doesn't chafe the jaw portion like the other straps. This bike and skateboard Helmet comes with two sets of removable pads that allow the user to customize the fitting of the brain-saver.

These brain-savers are perfect for the kids five years and more than it. You can get these helmets in three sizes. To know more about the best skate helmet, check below.

Awesome Features of this Best helmet for roller skating:

  • Lining: One of the highlighting features, of this model, is the EPS lining. The fabulous construction of these linings allows them to buffer against hard blows and shocks. The liners are covered with a thick and tough polymer exterior. As a result, the shell becomes firm and more robust. That means these models can offer super protection to your head.

  • Versatile usages: Whether you want to use these skateboarding and bike helmets for freeride, or for cycling or for other sports, you can do so without any hesitation. Besides, for roller derby, biking, scootering, you can use this model.

  • Sizes: These helmets are available in a variety of sizes: XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm), S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm).  To measure the size, you can use tape or string. Although you can customize the helmet liners as per your needs.

  • Configuration: This Best helmet for roller skating comes with a 360-degree cover design. Due to its robust, and superior configuration, the model can tolerate high impacts effectively. This helmet comes with an ABS shell whereas the inner portion is made of EPS foam liner. This helmet is engineered in such a way so that both men and women can wear this. The stylish outer design and awesome finishing make this helmet impressive.

  • Sweat-absorbing: The two sweat-saver pads are able to absorb, and evaporate sweats perfectly. As a result, if you wear this brain-saver, there is no chance of crawling down sweat to your eyes and face. Along with having a praiseworthy sweat-absorbing function, this helmet comes with awesome ventilation. This function helps to balance the airflow effectively. Therefore, there remains no chance of getting bad smells of sweat or growing bacterias.

  • Colors: Along with offering incredible protection, these helmets come with a sleek and impressive design. These helmets are available in six different colors: black glossy, black matte, blue matte, gun matte, kelly green matte, white matte. Due to the sleek design of this brain-saver, users can wear this helmet as long they want without feeling overbearing or heavy on the head.

  • Adjustable: To make the helmet properly fitted, this model comes with adjustable straps. Besides, these chin straps are equipped with a side release buckle.

  • Certification: This model has successfully complied with the CPSC safety standards. Along with this, it got ASTM-F-1492 Skate safety standards certification.


  • Versatile usages.
  • Light-weight.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • EPS foam liner.
  • Sweat-absorbing ability.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Offers superb protection.
  • Well-ventilation


  • A few users face sizing issues.

3. JBM Skateboard Helmet:

No matter whether you are a beginner skater, or previously skilled- we never know what is next to happen.

Perhaps you may lose balance while performing skating tricks or stunts and meet serious injuries. Such injuries in the head can even be the reason for death.

So, whether you are performing roller skating, or riding on a skateboard, or skating on-road or on ice - don't forget to put on the best head protection gear.

 In that case, picking a good helmet that can fit properly and offer enough protection can save you from traumatic brain injuries.

If you want to buy such a brain-saver that you can wear easily and get superb protection, then this JBM Skateboard Helmet can be ideal for you. This Helmet is available in several sizes. Therefore skaters of all ages can use this skate helmet easily. Whether you are learning cycling or you are an advanced skater, this helmet can fulfill all of your requirements.

The best thing about this helmet is you can use this brain-saver for several purposes. This helmet is not only suitable for skating but also if you are in need of a super durable and robust one that can be used for trekking and as well as for hill-climbing, go for this model.

The awesome ventilation function of this helmet allows the air to enter inside the helmet. Enough air circulation in the head, allows the users to feel relaxed and cool throughout the entire journey.

Whereas the aerodynamic design of breathable foam allows it to reduce sweating. Therefore, you can get a cool feeling even if you are wearing this helmet for a prolonged period.

Superior quality material PVC and PC are used to build up this helmet. Whereas the inner EPS foam helps to absorb the sweat. As a result, there remains no risk of getting the odor of sweat.

Therefore, if you are skating during the scorching heat of summer wearing this JBM skating helmet, there won't be any chance of feeling overheated and sweaty.

This model is not only super durable and robust but also it comes with an eye-catching, stylish design. Whereas the durable straps of this helmet allow the users to fix it as per their needs. The side buckle and the straps allow the users to tighten the helmet or loosen it as per their comfort level.

If you don't want to spend too much on buying a helmet, then this reasonable model can be well-suited for you. This helmet got certification from ASTM and CPSC.

That means by enduring any kind of hard impact, this helmet can keep your head protected throughout the ride. The high-impact resisting plastic sells along with the soft inner lined offers the user enough protection to head. To know more about this product, check below.

Awesome Features of this Best helmet for roller skating:

  • High-impact resisting: Although this helmet is specially designed for kids, professional skaters can also use this model. This brain-saver model comes with an anti-shock function. Whereas the tough PVC and PC shell make this helmet super durable.

    On the other hand, the inner foam of this helmet is shock-absorbing and protects the head from any kind of direct impact. Thus, the entire cerebrum portion gets optional protection and remains no risk of getting serious injuries and damages to the head. Due to getting certified by CPSC and ASTM, this helmet is considered one of the safest models.

  • Versatility: JBM skate helmet is known as a multi-sports brain-saver. Why so? Because you can use this model for BMX biking, inline and roller skating, skateboarding, cycling, scootering, and so on. If you are an outdoor sports lover, then this helmet can be a perfect pick for you.

  • Ventilation function: Thanks to the aerodynamic design of this brain-saver that comes with multiple vents. Due to this fabulous design, the air can easily go through the helmet. Whereas the EPS foam helps to reduce the temperature and sweating during hot summer days. As a result, you can stay cool even while performing intense body movements or skating stunts.

  • Adjustable: You can get this helmet in three different sizes -Small: 18.1’’-19.7, Medium: 19.7’’-22.8'', Large: 20.9’’-23.2''. To loosen or tighten the brain-saver, you just need to adjust the side buckle and strap and can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. As the straps are flexible, this helmet is considered a unisex model. Therefore, both boys and girls can wear this helmet. The manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty on this product.

  • Colors: This model comes in seven eye-catching colors - black, blue, pink, red, silver, white, yellow.


  • Reasonable price range.
  • Shock absorbing ability.
  • Super durable.
  • An incredible choice for outdoor sports lovers.
  • Easy to wear.


  • A few users reported that after a few usages the inner straps get detached.
  • A few users face issues while choosing the exact size.
types of helmets

4. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet:

No matter whether you are skating, or riding a bike, Or performing any other sports, a brain-saver is essential equipment.

When it comes to a multi-sport helmet, Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet can't be ignored at all.

The outstanding design of these helmets offers the ultimate protection and safety to the user's head. Whereas the ergonomic pads and extra sizing pad set allow the brain-saver to get fitted perfectly and offer the users incredible comfort.

If you are looking for such a helmet that can offer full coverage protection to your kid's head, then without any doubt, go for this model. As these helmets passed all the standards of CPSC, there is nothing to worry about the protection ability of this model.

 If you are a young adult or want to purchase a helmet for your 8 to 14 years kid, this helmet will be a smart pick for you. Although this advanced model equipped with outstanding specifications mainly targets young cyclists.

This helmet is equipped with a simple clip buckle. Due to this, kids can themselves put off this brain-saver easily.

The superior quality components are used to configure this brain-saver. The best thing about this helmet is the helmet remains fitted properly to the user's head and doesn't get loose easily.  Whereas the hard outer shell and inner extra padding foam design can prevent any kind of hard impact.

The scratch-resistant outer shell is able to undergo any kind of hard blows and protects the brain-saver from getting scratched. You can wipe down this helmet using a damp cloth. Whereas the shell of the helmet helps to mold over the inner liner. Thus, it helps to eliminate gaps. As a result, the brain-saver becomes an excellent impact absorber.

The inner foam is extremely light in weight. This helmet is equipped with seventeen air vents that offer outstanding ventilation. Through the vents, the air enters into the brain-saver and the top and rear portion of the helmet allows the air to get out.

The manufacturers have designed this helmet in such a way so that it can ensure any kind of minor and major accident.

The interior padding design makes this model exact for regular use. By absorbing sweat, this brain-saver helps to prevent sweat from dropping to the face. This model can serve as the best women's helmets for roller skating, and as well as the best men's helmets for roller skating.

Yes. You've read correctly. The wonderful and sleek design of this brain-saver makes the product wearable both for men and women. Whereas the superior quality construction and cutting edge make this brain-saver best for kids.

Let's have your eyes on the detailed features of this model.

Awesome Features of these Best Roller Skate Helmets: 

  • Configuration: This helmet comes in 14.5 inches by 9.5 inches by 9 inches measurement. Whereas the weight of this product is 13.4 pounds. Due to these dimensions, from kids to males, and females both riders can use this model.

    The robust outer cover that comes with a glossy finish not only makes this model hard blow resisting but also eye-catching. The interior portion of this helmet is equipped with double stitched super durable pads so that it can offer more firmness.

    Thanks to the latest technology that allows the inner portion of the helmet to remain molded with the outer shell. Due to such construction, when the user meets an accident, the outer portion can easily absorb the generated heat from the inner cushioning.

    On the contrary, the inner padding of the helmet is made of polystyrene, foam, nylon, and ABS. These components can easily absorb shock. Thanks to the blend fabric for ensuring the users that the brain-saver doesn't get split up while it comes across any hard blows or impacts.

  • Adjustable buckles, and straps: The adjustable and durable buckles can be fastened easily. The buckles remain away from the jaw area. Thus, the helmet remains fitted snugly.

    The soft adjustable straps of this helmet offer the user super comfort and allow them to adjust the helmet as per their needs.

  • Comfort: The inner pads come with a moisture-wicking feature. As a result, by wearing this helmet, riders can feel cool even throughout the hot summer days. Whereas the light-weight design of this model allows the user to wear the brain-saver for an extended period.

  • Ventilation function: These Best Roller Skate Helmets come with a fabulous ventilation function. Seventeen top and side vents remain at the chin portion, and the back of the helmet, and over the brows.

    These vents allow the air to flow in and out of the helmet. Whereas the breathability function of this brain-saver helps to prevent building up the dirt or sweat inside of the helmet. Besides, the outstanding design of this helmet helps to prevent the growth of any bacteria inside it.
  • Safety function: If your kids wear these best skating helmets, you don't need to worry about your child falling or getting serious injuries. The safety features of this helmet ensure that this brain-saver won't fly off when it comes across any impact.

    This high-impact endurable multi-sport helmet has met all the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). As per the industry recommendations, users need to change their helmets once they come across a serious collision. But this razor model has proved that it can endure more than one moderate impact.
  • Maintenance: This brain-saver comes with removable inner paddings that you can clean easily. The thick outer shell can be cleaned using ordinary wipes.

  • Durability: This brand Razor is already a renowned brand in the skating industry. Therefore, no matter how much we praise this brand, it will be less. The super durable, and robust shell, soft cushioning, buckles, and straps can last for a long period and don't get shattered easily. As these helmets have passed several tests - there remains no question regarding the sturdiness of this helmet.

  • Warranty: The manufacturers offer one year warranty and ninety days money-back guarantee on the purchase of the product.


  • Excellent protection.
  • 90 - days money back warranty.
  • Perfect for young adults and kids.
  • Super ventilation function.


  • Not an exact model for professionals.

5. Flybar Skateboard Helmet:

No matter for which roller sport you are going to use a helmet, a multi-sport helmet can offer the user full coverage and protect your head against high impacts.

Helmets that are specially designed for rollerblading and skating, must be light-weight.

Here, we are going to elaborate on the last product in this list of best roller skate helmets from the brand Flybar.

This multi-purpose usable helmet can be used for bicycling, longboarding, scootering. The super durable and robust outer shell comes with EPS foam inner lining. The EPA foam can absorb the shocks easily. Thus, the users get ultimate protection from heavy impacts.

You can wear this helmet easily. By offering the ultimate level of security these helmets can offer super comfort to your head. A helmet that is certified can protect your head from any kind of hard blows. This helmet from Flyber has passed all the standards of CPSC and ASTM.

This model comes with twelve wide vents. Through these vents, air can easily enter the helmet. Thus, you may feel cool and calm throughout the journey. The sweat management function prevents the sweat from dropping in your face.

The best thing about this helmet is its reasonable price. Whereas the adjustable dial system that remains at the back portion of the helmet ensures that this brain-saver can easily get fitted to the head.

Not only the configuration but also the design of this helmet is outstanding. This model is perfect for males and females. This model is available in nine different colors that make this model feasible for everyone to adapt. To get more info about this best helmets for roller and inline skating. 

let's check below.

Awesome Features of these Best Roller Skate Helmets:

  • Multi-sport helmet: As we have already mentioned that it is a multi-sport Helmet, you can use this for inline skating, scootering, skateboarding, bicycling, multi-sport activities.

  • Configuration: This brain-saver comes with a durable and robust ABS outer shell. Whereas the EPS foam liner protects the user's head from hard impacts. This liner is thick and comes in black color.

  • Adjustability, and ventilation function: The spin dial ensures that the helmet will be properly fitted to your head. Whereas the twelve vents help the air to enter into the helmet and keep the rider cool throughout the energy. The soft padded chin strap allows the helmet to get fitted snugly.

  • Size: You can get this helmet in several sizes: S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in); M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in); L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in). As per your head's measurements, pick the needy one.

  • Colors: These helmets come in nine different colors - black, camouflage, cloud formations, fly scraper, gray, pink, splatter, true blue, and warning.


  • Offers ultimate protection.
  • Backspin dial for firm fitting.
  • A huge variety of colors.
  • CPSC and ASTM certified.


  • After getting scratched, the colors get removed easily.

Why Should You Wear A Skateboard Helmet?

No matter whether you are a newbie skater or a professional one - when you are riding on the board, there remains a huge possibility of losing your balance and control and falling down from the board.

Because neither destiny can be known nor can be ignored. So, don't be overconfident. Having confidence is cool, but overconfidence can lead to your decline. Therefore, from the time you have started your skating journey till now, if you never crashed, still we will recommend you to put on the brain-savers.

If you aren't an aggressive skater, perhaps you may think that even if you don't wear a helmet, there won't be any chance of getting head injuries. Dear, you are wrong. Even if you skate at a slow speed, you may fall down.

Remember a soft impact can cause serious injury to your skull. So, make sure that you are purchasing the Best helmet for roller skating.

roller skate helmet

How To Choose A Best Helmet For Roller Skating?

Before elaborating on the buying guide, we want to enlighten a sad reality. And it is that most of the skaters think purchasing a helmet is a waste of money.

But dear, how can you ignore this brain-saver which is one of the most important safety gear?

We will strictly recommend the skaters to think about their safety first and purchase a good quality product (no matter how much it costs) rather than risking your life.

If you are a beginner skater, you may be unaware of those facts that need to be considered while buying the best roller skate helmets. Here, we have depicted the guide that will guide you in choosing the right model. 

Let's figure it out.

  • Check whether the brain-saver is properly fitted or not: If the helmet you are purchasing doesn't get fitted properly, then it's gonna be a total waste of money. If the helmet size is too large compared to your head, then it will make you feel uncomfortable, it will be even unable to offer adequate protection to your head. On the flip side, if you purchase a too-small helmet, then it won't be properly fitted. Now, you may think about how to decide which helmet size is appropriate for you. Here is a guide for that. Let's have your eyes on it.

How to measure the head for a skateboard helmet? 

While picking a skateboard helmet, it's very important to confirm that the helmet you are choosing is properly fitted. However, the helmet size can be determined as per the size of your head.

But you should know that the size of skateboard varies from brand to brand. But if you measure your head size before purchasing, it will be easy for you to pick the right model after checking the brand's size chart.

Here, we are going to elaborate on the process that will guide you to measure your head size.  Let's figure it out.

  • First, you need to take a measuring tape. Then you need to wrap the tape around your forehead over the ears and eyebrows. After that, your task is to measure the level. In that case, you need to measure it from the front portion to the back portion of the head. Make sure that the tape is neither too tight nor too loose. After that, you needed to record the measurement in inches.

  • In case, you can't measure your head, then you can find the head size as per the measurement of the hat size. Although you can use a string for measuring your head size. In that case, make sure that you are placing the string about 2 cm above your eyebrows.
  • Safety features: As the main function of a brain-saver is to offer enough protection. But before you use it, you need to make sure whether it is able to offer enough protection or not. The safety of the Best Skating Helmets is determined by its constructional components. ABS plastic is considered one of the strongest and durable materials. The helmet must come with a thick and soft inner lining that can absorb hard impacts and shocks easily. The best lining that is used to configure the skating helmets is EPS. Moreover, don't forget to check whether the brain-saver you are buying meets all the safety standards or not.

Skateboard helmet safety laws

This law depends on the state in which the person is skating. A few states are there that declare that under a specific age wearing a helmet is mandatory. Whereas according to the laws of California, riders under eighteen years of age need to wear such helmets that are CPSC-certified.

Before purchasing a helmet, make sure that the helmet meets all the standards and regulations of CPSC. Such helmets mainly come with EPS protective liner. For more safety, try to wear other protective gear such as knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, skateboard gloves.

  • Padding: These best skating helmets come with a kind of padding that remains in the inner portion of the shell just like a foam liner. This padding helps the user to feel comfortable throughout the journey. Whereas a few padding helps to wick away sweat and evaporate it quickly. It's always better to pick such helmets that come with removable paddings. And also check whether these inner pads are washable or not. A washable pad can remove the dampness easily
  • Straps: These are the straps that help to keep the brain-saver secured in one place. Always try to pick those straps that come in V-shape. These kinds of straps ensure that no matter in which position your head is, the brain-saver is not going to fall off.
  • Retention system: This system permits the user to adjust the length of the strap and to unlock and lock the straps easily. That's why quick-release locks are the perfect option. Most of the brain-savers come with this locking function. Although a few helmets are equipped with adjustable knobs at the back portion. It allows the helmet to fit on the user's head snugly.
  • Shell material: Several materials are used to construct the shell of the brain-savers. Mainly ABS plastic, Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber are used as configuration components.
  • Ventilation system: While skating, if the sweat starts to drop on your eyes and face, you may feel distracted and might face accidents. Therefore, always try to pick such a model that comes with a good ventilation function. Such helmets help to cool the user's head. A good helmet must have strategically placed vents that will allow the wind to enter into the helmet. Besides, don't forget to check the moisture-wicking function.

Types Of Helmets: 

Skateboard helmets are available in several types. As a result, you can pick up your required one as per your preference. Here we are going to depict the types of skateboard helmets. Let's have a look.

  • Mountain bike helmet: If you need full-face coverage, then you can go for these models. By putting on these brain-savers, you will get protection from your heads from all sides. These models are designed mainly for downhill racing. The best thing about these helmets is in spite of offering full coverage, these models come with awesome ventilation functions.
  • Time trial helmets: If you are one of those who want to race against the time, then it is the exact model for you. Due to the aerodynamic design, these brain-saver models help to maintain speed along with countering the air resistance.
  • Full face helmets: If you are skating on the road, these models can offer the ultimate level of safety. As these helmets help to cover the entire face of the skater, there remains no risk of getting injuries in your head and jaw. We will recommend these models, especially for aggressive skaters. These helmets look similar to the motorbike brain-savers.
  • Kids helmets: Wiggle helmets are the best ones for kids. These models are popular due to the safety standards. For kids, parents should purchase light-weight helmets that come in a variety of size options. Although kid's helmets are almost similar to regular helmets. The only differences between the kids' ones with the regular model are the size, color, and design.
  • Leisure: These helmets come in eye-catching looks. If you are in need of a light-weight model, then you can go for these brain-savers. Superb vented function with race pedigree specifications makes this model exceptional. But the only drawback of these models is that these ones are too expensive.
  • BMX: You can get these helmets in two kinds: full face and open face. Then full-face models offer fabulous protection and are able to meet all the requirements of BMX racing. On the flip side, the open face ones are designed mainly for flatland riding and dirt jumping.
  • Mountain bike helmets: These helmets come with a mind-blowing ventilation function, extra coverage. If you are fond of downhill skating, then go for these models.
  • Aero road helmets: These models are newly launched. It is kind that lies between the vented models and the trial models. The awesome aerodynamic design and the compact size of these models make the product light-weight, and exceptional.
  • Road helmets: These are known as multi-purpose helmets. You can use these for multi-sports. These simply designed helmets can be used for skateboarding, cycling, bike riding, longboarding, and so on.

Roller skating and Rollerblading helmets:

A good multi-sport brain-saver that can protect your head from any kind of hard blow is needed for any kind of roller sport. For roller skating, and rollerblading, you need to purchase light-weight and EPS foam-made helmets. Usually, these helmets come with a polycarbonate outer shell.

Skateboarding helmets VS. Bike helmets

Whether you are riding a bike or skateboard, it's very important to give adequate protection to your head.

You may think what's the difference between a skateboard helmet and a bike helmet? Are they the same?

So, here's your answer. Mainly both of these helmets' abilities should be determined by the safety amount that these are offering. Although the function of the helmets is also an important factor.

Here, we are going to elaborate on the difference between these two kinds of helmets.

  • Types of impact, and ability of the helmet: First, you should know that if you fall while skateboarding, or get a crash on a bicycle, you may get different types of impacts on your head. The ability and design of a helmet determine whether it will be able to protect your head from that kind of injury or not.

    Usually, from bike accidents or any falls from bikes, users got high-speed crashes. On the other hand, you may get lower impacts from a skateboard fall. Helmets that are specially engineered for cycling, may not be able to provide adequate protection to the head. The design of a bicycle helmet is to protect the user from odd crashes. But remember, these helmets can't be used when there is a chance of repeated falls. Here, we can find a big difference between these two kinds of helmets.

    Bicycle helmets are engineered in such a way so that they can endure and resist hard impacts. But you need to replace these helmets after one accident.

  • Style, and certification of the helmets: Based on the styles, we can differentiate these two helmets. The style of helmets can be judged as per the safety requirements of every sport. In that case, it's very important to make sure that the helmet you are purchasing meets all the regulations and standards of correct certification. A helmet that can be used for both cycling and skateboarding, should pass both CPSC and ASTM F1492 standards.

  1. CPSC: It is the US standard certification that is needed for bicycle helmets. Helmets that can meet this standard are able to offer enough protection to the skull and any kinds of serious brain injuries. But you need to confirm that you have put on the helmet accurately.

  2. ASTM F1492: Helmets that are ASTM F1492 certified to indicate that these models are able to cover the performance and construction requirements.

Therefore, if you want to use the same helmet both for bicycling and skateboarding, you need to purchase a dual-certified helmet.

  • DesignOne of the main differences between these two helmets is the design. Usually, the skate helmets come in a round shape so that they can cover the back portion of the head easily. The reason behind such configuration is most of the time skaters fall on the back of their heads. Whereas the bikers or the cyclists hardly fall off the back of the bikes.

Final words...

We hope that after reading this entire article, you have come to learn the necessity of wearing a helmet. No matter whether you are an experienced skater or a newbie, a helmet is essential equipment that can protect your head from serious injuries. In this article, we have discussed the most demanding and top 5 Best helmets for roller skating. Pick your required one and enjoy a  safe ride wearing a helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can you use a bike helmet for roller derby skating?

Yes. But only a few models can be used. While recreational in-line skating, or roller skating, or bicycling skaters should wear helmets that have passed all the standards of CPSC.

Q. Is a skate helmet the same as a bike helmet? 

The major difference between these two kinds of helmets is their design. Traditional skate helmets usually come in round shape that can offer enough coverage to the back portion of the user's head. While skateboarding, usually skaters fall on the back of their head. But while biking, riders hardly fall on the back of their head.

Another difference between these two helmets is the construction. Traditional helmets are equipped with soft foam shells that can ensure multiple impacts. Whereas the bike helmets consist of hard EPS foam. These are made to undergo only one serious impact. After that, you have to replace the bike helmet.

Q. Do you need a helmet for roller skating? 

A helmet is one of the most important safety gear. Whether you are a freestyle skater or prefer fitness skating - don't avoid wearing helmets. As it's the helmet that can protect your head from any kind of serious impact and protect your skull from getting damaged.

Q. Is it illegal to roller skate without a helmet? 

In California, kids under the age of 18 must need to wear a helmet while skating, biking, or bicycling.

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