What Are The Benefits Of Roller Skating For Health And Fitness?

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Are you a skating lover? But have you any idea about the benefits of roller skating? To make you aware of the convenience of skate exercises, we are here today.

Roller skating is not only an amusement or an avocation. You should know that there are a lot of health benefits of roller skating.

If you want to keep your body fit and also want to lose weight, the first thought that comes in your mind is exercising. To get a good and healthy physique, you should build the habit of daily exercise.

Practicing everyday exercise makes your immunity stronger. That helps to fight your body against any disease. If you want to gain all these fabulous benefits, you should fabricate the practice of skating exercise.

Let's find out, besides these what are the incredible benefits of roller skating for fitness.

Is Roller Skating Good Exercise?

There is an intimate connection between fitness and exercise. Among all those exercises, roller skating is one of the exoteric sports also. You will get amazed after knowing so many advantages of roller skating.

To realize the rollerblading benefits, you need to develop the habit of skating exercises. This habit not only helps you to increase your fitness level. But also you can lose weight.

There is an extra benefit you can gain from the rolling skate. Skates exercise can give you mental pleasure, amusement besides your physical fitness. This can be a good pastime also. It seems like attaining two things in one attempt- gaining a healthy physique and fun too.

Here, we are analyzing the reasons for which you should practice skating. And all the health benefits of roller skating, rollerblading, inline skating.

The health advantages you can get by practicing regular exercise, are mentioned below:

Is Roller Skating Good Exercise
  1. 1
    Decrease the chance of any disease: Exercising in a regular manner makes you stronger. It improves your blood circulation level. It increases the immunity level to such an extent so that you can fight against any disease. Daily practice of skating reduces heart disease risks.
  2. 2
    Controlling body weight: Do you want to give your body a perfect shape? Only dieting is not enough for weight loss. You need to exercise regularly along with proper dieting.Skating workout can help you to maintain your figure. The importance of rollerblading for burning calories inevitable.
  3. 3
    Mentally active:  Regular exercises act as a key to mood-freshening. Roller skate plays an important role in removing the stress level and increasing your thought process. Thus, you can feel relaxed for the whole day.

Here are all the exercise benefits of roller skating. Because of these reasons, we considered rolling skating as good exercise.

Skating Vs Running:

Is rollerblading a better exercise than running? You may confuse by thinking this question a lot of time. To solve this dilemma, here we are trying to portray the comparison between roller skating and running.

1. Body Strengthening:

 Although running is usually a decent exercise, there are a few benefits of roller skating for fitness. Skating is more effective for strengthening muscles and heart. Comparing to running,  skating helps more to make thighs, ligaments powerful.

2. Best Exercise While In Joint Pain:

If you have injuries in the knee or joint, but still want to maintain your regular workout routine. Then, skating is the best option for you to compare to running. But in that case, always try to skate on plain surfaces.

3. Burning Calories:

 Exercising skates, burns more calories than running. It helps to elevate your pulse rate.Analyzing the above points, if we make a comparison like roller-skating vs running, skating stands out the most according to its benefits.

balance for skating

What Are The Benefits Of Roller Skating For Students? 

After researching a lot and according to the experiences of our expert rolling skaters, here we are discussing the benefits of rollerblading. Among most of the body fitting methods or tricks, skate exercises are highly neglected. So, you may ponder about is rollerblading a good exercise or not.

To make your confusion clear, here we are informing you about a few advantages of rollerblading for adults and kids. Thus, you can make yourself aware of the exercise benefits of roller skating.

It's important to keep your child physically strong and active. Rolling skates permits you to become swanky mentally and physically also.

Let's find out the...

Benefits Of Roller Skating For Fitness.

  • Stress level diminishing:  Among all the health benefits of roller skating stress level alleviation is one of them. Skating for exercise is the best path for reducing daily school stress. It helps to have a sound sleep. Thus, you can keep your mind calm and relaxed.
  • Key of avocation:  In everyday conventional and boredom life, we all look for something for mind jollification and mental pleasure. Roller skates are the main equipment of amusement.  It removes our kid's frigidity. And makes your kid physically fit.
  • Improve memory power:  The greatest advantage of roller skating is the enhancement of retention. Discussing the exercise benefits of roller skating, our rolling skater experts said that skating works as not only a child's memory increaser. But also it helps to enhance your remembrance power through the whole life.
  • Physical fitness:  Do you know how many calories does roller skating burn?  If someone roller skates only one hour, he or she can lose at least 330 calories. Skating helps to make the muscles stronger.
  • Self-confidence:  Balancing while using rollerball skates is a very important thing. If you can learn once the balancing, no one can stop you to become a good skater. It will help you to become more confident and self- assured.

Is roller Skating a way of burning calories and making fit?

One of the important advantages of roller skating is burning calories. American Heart Association recommended roller skating as one of the aerobic games. If you want to burn calories in a very short period, then rollerblading is the best option for you.

How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn?

Skating is such a kind of sport that not only helps to keep your body fit and energetic. But also it burns body calories. The amount of calories you can burn, depends on a few phenomenons. Age, skating time duration, health capability- these all play an important role in the dimension of burning calories.

Skating time: By only 30 minutes skating per day,  a person can lose near about 250 calories. But it also depends on the above-mentioned factors.

Body weight of the person: How many calories you can burn by skating? This depends greatly on your body weight. A person with a heavyweight can lose more calories than a lightweight person. Despite both of them skate rolls for the same time.

Skating types: The forms of skating is an important factor of calories burning. In this case, inline skates are better than any other skating type.

Build Muscle From Roller Skating:

Do you want to build your muscles stronger? Another exercise benefit of roller skating is strengthening muscles. To give a proper definition to your muscles comprise the practice of skating.

Skating helps to strengthen your lower body parts. It works as a strength developer in your legs and arms. By skating you can get a flexible and powerful body.

benefits of roller skating for fitness

Improve Your Balance Roller Skating:

Are you facing balancing problems while skating? Balancing is the most important factor in skating. Some people learn balance techniques automatically. Some face a lot of difficulties. If you want to become a good skater, you have to learn balancing tricks.

Skating helps to improve balancing by making stronger the lower-back portion of the body and muscles. Practicing makes everything better. To form a proper balance, you need a good practice of skating. Besides, you need to learn the proper squat position to brake the skates.

Choosing proper gear is also an important thing. It can protect you from any kind of wounds. Goblet Side Lunge, Rear-Foot-Elevated Split-Squat, Goblet Squat, Fire Hydrants- these all are the necessary exercises for skating. These skating exercises can help you to become an expert skater.

Roller Skating For Better Heart Health:

Nowadays heart diseases are becoming the most common reason for death. An improper diet chart, smoking, high blood pressure level can cause serious heart problems. It can lead you to premature death. The smart way to prevent any heart diseases is skating.

According to the report of the National Heart Foundation, more than 78 thousand people die because of heart diseases merely in the USA. Roller skating focuses on full-body boosting. Along with muscles vitalizing, skating helps to strengthen the heart.

Average skating enhances the level of the heart rate of a skater from 140 to 160 beats every minute. Whereas skating at a good speed, increments the heart rate up to near about 180 beats minutely.

So, we can say that among all the roller skating pros, heart-boosting is one of the most profitable benefits.

Defeat Diabetes Roller Skating:

Diabetes is one of the most fatal and ordinary diseases. To prevent this disease, regular exercise is the best solution. In that case, roller skating is the best option.Skating helps to cut down the blood sugar level.

Let's have a look at how skating helps to reduce sugar levels.

  1. 1
    While skating heart starts beating faster.
  2. 2
    At that point of time, muscles begin utilizing more glucose.
  3. 3
    Gradually, you conduct more glucose in the blood. Then the Insulin of your body becomes more active. It starts working efficaciously.

Skating helps to ameliorate the level of cholesterol and reduces the level of glucose.

These entire factors fall a  great impact on diabetes. So to prevent this disease, skating is essential. But you need to maintain the practice of skating regularly in order to get a healthy and fit body.

Strength Training Benefits Of Roller Skating (Get More Body Power):

In addition to all of these above benefits, one of the most important advantages of skating is building body density and strength. Strength training is known as resistance training. This kind of training boosts your muscles.

If you practice strength training regularly, you can develop your muscles more powerful.

Let's see the convenience of resistance training that you can get from roller skating.

  • Potential and muscular bones: Resistance training helps to increment the bone firmness. It lowers the chance of osteoporosis.
  • Weight controlling: Strength training plays a vital role in weight control. It gives a perfect shape to your body by losing your calories.
  • Reduces the chance of incurable diseases: Resistance training cuts down the chances of chronic diseases like diabetes, lower body pain, cardiac diseases, etc.
  • Enhance your thought process: Repeatedly strength training develops your thinking ability.

You can get all of this strength training advantages from roller skating. Skating improves the respiratory and cardiac system.

Roller Skating Makes You Happy

Go Harder For Longer (Endurance Roller Skating)

Rollerblading is the key to full-body strengthening. Skating improves the endurance of muscles along with the muscle density. You can feel more energetic after skating. It means you can work more without feeling fatigued or exhausted.

If you want to build your endurance, then skating is the appropriate option for you. Compare to other exercises like cycling or running, skating develops the endurance level more quickly.

Prevent Injuries Roller Skating

According to the benefits level, we can acknowledge roller skating as the best workout. Rather than other exercises, skating is safer.

But lack of consciousness can become the reason for fatal injuries in the legs, muscles, and knees. To protect you from this kind of wounds, knee and elbow pads are here.

We can compare skating with other sports according to the density of injury. Then we can see that only skating is a sport that doesn't cause any permanent physical damage.

When a person skates, it adds a fluid motion in the body. This type of motion helps you to feel the same enjoyment as other sports.

Comparing to other workouts, the impact of rollerblading and inline skating upon the joints is near about 50% less. It means skating lowers the risk of joint injuries.

Roller Skating Makes You Happy:

Roller skates have not only physical benefits. But also it helps you to remain mentally happy. Skating enhances the happiness level and makes you cheerful. Let's have a look at how skating plays an important role in your exhilaration and merriment.

  • Mood freshener: Skating helps you to have an authentic and fresh mind for a few hours. It works like a key to mind freshening. Only 20 minutes of skating can add spark in your mind. And that leads to active your mind for up to the next twelve hours.
  • Increase the good hormones: A regular practice of skating increments the Endorphins. We all recognize Endorphins in terms of good hormones.
  • Brain pain release: As skating enhances Endorphins, it helps to get redemption from brain pain. It helps to turn your mood, even when you are feeling low.
  • Improve concentration: Rollerblading develops concentration levels and sharpens your thinking capacity.

In one word, we can say that if you want to get relief from a distressful life, then skating is the best option for you.

Live A Stress (Free Life Thanks To Your Roll):

Depression, anxiety has become a common part of our life. Too much depression leads a step closer to death. In that case, skating is the best option for you.

One of the most lucrative benefits of skating is reducing the stress level. You can feel relaxed after skating. Skating helps to calm your nerves and makes you more confident.

To get a peaceful and stress-free life, you ought to practice skating regularly.

Roller Skating Cons

Roller skating has some disadvantages along with a lot of benefits. Till now we are focusing on the advantages of roller skating. Now, let's find out the disadvantages of roller skating.

You have to conscious yourself during skating. Otherwise, a lack of consciousness can lead you to face fatal injuries.

Skating injuries can happen because of these reasons:

  • Lack of skating knowledge: To become a good skater getting proper roller skating training is very important. You need to learn proper instructions about skating. Learning the use of safety gear and balancing is an important factor in skating. Otherwise, you may face fatal accidents.
  • Skating surface: Always try to skate on a smooth and plain surface. Skating on an uneven and bumpy surface can lead to breaking legs or bones or any kind of serious injuries.


Analyzing all these above pros and cons of skating, we can say clearly that there is no alternative exercise of roller skating. Along with a lot of physical advantages of roller skating, you can get mental relaxation also. Skating is an appropriate way of rejoicing and amusement.

If you are feeling bore of common exercises, then you should go for skating without any doubt. Whether you are not interested to go to the gym, skating is the perfect option for you.

"Health is wealth". We all know this proverb very well. To become a successful person in life, having a good physique is essential.

So, why are you waiting for? Start skating and enjoy the benefits of roller skating in order to get a healthy and strong body and stress-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

q. Is skating better than walking?

A. Roller skating is totally an aerobic exercise. It helps to strengthen your heart and muscles. Although skating is a better workout than walking. But it varies according to the age of the person, fitness level, and their choices. But it's a little bit difficult to learn the balancing techniques on wheels while skating.

Q. Does skating make your legs bigger?

A. Roller skating helps to build muscles. But you should skate at least 90 minutes, for your enhancing your fitness level. During skating, your complete weight depends on your thighs and flutes. But, if you want to merely muscle mass gaining, then you can for weight lifting.

Q. Is roller-skating bad for knees?

A. You have joint pain but still want to exercise daily, then roller skating is the appropriate option for you. Comparing to other workouts like jogging, skating offers equal benefits and less joint pain.

Q. What does roller skating do for your body?

A. Skating is the best workout for the lower body. It strengthens the arms, muscles, glutes. It boosts your pulse rate. By making your heart stronger, skating reduces the chance of cardiac diseases.

Q. Is roller-skating badly for ankles?

A. You may face ankle injuries while inline skating. In that type of skating, you need to move in every moment depending totally on your body weight. To prevent ankle injuries, wear the proper size of skates and skates on the smooth surface.

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