Are electric skateboards legal? everything you should know

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In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, electric skateboarding becomes very much popular. But, before you buy an electric skateboard, you should have a clear idea that are electric skateboards legal or not.

Whether people can legally drive electric skateboards on the roads, sidewalks, or bike paths. As the question is a hot debating question, so its answer is not at all satisfactory. In this regard, I have made some researches, and now I am willing to share it with you. Are you ready to learn it?

As electric skateboarding is absolutely a new transportation, people have various queries about it. There are very few countries that are somehow able to make a law regarding electric skateboarding. But, the laws are not completely done as the lawmakers are yet discussing the matter.

On the other hand, several countries do not make any law against it due to proper information.

Can anyone ride an electric skateboard on the road?

If you want to get the answer in a single sentence, then the answer is ‘no’. Actually, almost all the parts of the world are a barrier to electric skateboarding. As the vehicle is extremely new in the world, so many people have not enough idea about it.

Even the law persons (police) have less knowledge. Only because of that several countries are not allowing electric skateboarding.

Perhaps police persons will not get a fine from you. Rather, they will be very tolerant of this new mainstream vehicle. As electric skateboarding is your own property, you can ride on it in a safe and secure place.

Now The Question Is.....

why is electric skateboarding not legal on the street?

We all know that electric skateboard is a new way of transportation. People do not see it much. So, they look at it differently. There is almost no law (or very few) in this present time in the world related to electric skateboarding. 

In this pandemic situation, skateboarding is gradually increasing as it is attractive and secure. We see electric skateboarding in major cities of the world only in the last few years.

For this reason, police and other officials gradually pay attention to this new way of transportation. Very few cities have already enacted laws regarding electric skateboarding. As personal transportation, the demand for electric skateboarding is becoming high. Everybody has to be patient to get the laws.

What should we do now?

If you ask this question, technically, we can say that electric skateboarding is illegal on the street. But, electric skateboarding is personal property, so you may use it in a place where street law is not executed.

I think, after reading this you feel quite well. According to my opinion, you may also ride electric skateboards on public paths. But, your riding should be very much careful. You have to careful not to be got in trouble. To be safe, you should buy the best skateboard trucks for the street.

How can I ride them without getting in trouble?

Recently, there are so many policemen in the big cities. So, if you want to ride an electric skateboard, you should avoid the busy cities and capitals. You may ride outside the city areas. Even if, you are caught by the police person or fined by them, you should not be frustrated.

My personal experience with police persons is very good. Even, they are very much curious to know about electric skateboarding. My personal encounter with the police is very positive. According to my opinion, you can ride an electric skateboard, if you are a safe rider.

What are the tips to avoid trouble while riding on an electric skateboard?

  • Try to ride within safe speed limits.

  • Always ride courteously and considerately.

  • Never give up helmet.

  • While you are skateboarding on the sideway, never disturb or interfere with the pedestrians.

  • If you found yourself in a congested area, you must carry your e-skateboard.

  • While riding during nighttime, always carry a finger bell, reflectors, light.
  • What are the general tips to ride your e-board safely?

  • Always try to avoid the busy capitals or cities.

  • Without annoying people, you must ride courteously and considerately.

  • Avoiding the main road, always ride on bicycle paths, small streets, and pavement.

Some people are always trying to avoid police persons. During the avoiding courses, often accident occurs. So, here are important tips while a rider sees policemen:

  • Without high speed, always ride with normal speed just like average longboarders do.

  • Just like a normal longboarder, always lick-push your electric skateboard to accelerate.

  • Always try to keep your remote control secret in your backhand.

  • Instead of a full lid helmet, always try to put on a half lid helmet.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In The US?

Frankly speaking, electric skateboarding is illegal throughout the UK.

If we want to say technically, skateboards are unclassified. As a result, each and every city may implement rules and regulations against skateboarding.

 There are very few cities like Michigan, Texas, California, etc. that have implemented laws.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In California? 

The people of California have been waiting for the good news. The Government of California permits e-skating in the streets of the country. The Government has implemented some rules, regulations, and limitations against e-skating. People may enjoy e-skating following the laws.

You can check the rules and regulations in the Bill AB-604 Electrically motorized boards (2015-2016).

To your advantage, we are trying to inform you of the rules and regulations regarding electric skateboarding in California. We think you are eager to know the laws. Don’t you?

  • You must have to wear a helmet.
  • The age of the rider must not be below 16.
  • You can safely ride on the streets when your speed limit is under 35mph.
  • While riding you should not be contaminated with drugs or alcohol.
  • Moreover, the speed capacity of your e-board should not be above 20mph.
  • A rider can never ride on the highways.
  • On the public property the speed can not exceed over 15mph.
  • The power consumption of your e-board must be below 1000w.
  • During the night journey, always carry a light, red and yellow reflector.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Florida?

Actually, in the streets of Florida, e-skating is totally illegal. So, you are not allowed to ride on electric skateboarding in public places.

 Moreover, Florida Government classifies a motor vehicle, “an automobile, motorcycle, truck, trailer, semitrailer, truck tractor, and semitrailer combination, or any other vehicle operated on the roads of this state, used to transport persons or property, and propelled by power other than muscular power.”

This rule signifies that motor vehicles are not permitted on bike lanes or footpaths. The Government is unable to register electric skateboards as they are unable to reach the minimum safety level.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Michigan?

Like a few other cities, Michigan has made electric skateboarding legal. In 2018, Michigan has implemented the law regarding e-skating.

As House Bill 5391 passed, so just like a cyclist, an e-skater can also enjoy riding. The rules and regulations of e-skating are just like the rules of cycling. At a speed of under 25mph, you can ride safely throughout the country.

Remember one thing- your skateboard should not have a power consumption of more than 2500W. on your skateboard, one person is allowed at a time.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In New York?

Like many other big countries, the Government of New York has also declared electric skateboarding illegal. For this reason, an electric bike is also banned. This happened due to the massive outrage of the public.

As a result, the state government has not made any development to reconstruct the law regarding electric skateboarding.

We hope, the mind of the lawmakers will change and in recent future, they will permit electric skateboarding.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In The UK?

In a single sentence, the answer is ‘no’. In the public places of the UK, nobody can ride on an electric skateboard. As the law has not yet been properly implemented, the police persons are quite liberal in the streets of Edinburgh and London, and some other major cities too.

On 9th May 2020, the UK government has announced various regulations regarding e-skating which will be implemented from June.

We may take it as the initial steps to legalize e-skating and several other electric means of transport in near future.

Are electric skateboards legal in Europe?

We all have knowledge that Europe is a very area and contains several countries. Each country has its own governing law. Throughout Europe, electric skateboarding is legal in large parts. You may see and follow the rules and regulations regarding e-skating.

Are electric skateboards legal in Australia?

In the major parts of the country, electric skateboarding is illegal in public places. But, very few states of Australia allow electric skateboarding with some requirements and limitations.

Are electric skateboards legal in Singapore?

From January 2017, e-skaters in Singapore are allowed to ride on the cycle paths and footpaths. Only they can safely ride if their speed limit is below 15mph. On the other hand, e-skaters can ride at the speed of 25 mph while they ride on the cycle paths.

Remember that riding on the electric skateboard on the major streets of Singapore is totally illegal. So, as an e-skater, you should avoid all the byways and highways. Moreover, you should confirm that the wide of your electric skateboard should not exceed 700 mm. on the other hand, the weight of your electric skateboard should not exceed 20 kg.

I think you have now got a clear idea of the rules and regulations of the electric skateboarding law. Several people take it as fun or exercise. In this regard, you may ask is skateboarding a good exercise?

In a single sentence, the answer is – ‘yes. As skateboarding involves all the body parts, so skateboarding is a good exercise. It burns a lot of fat.

At last, I should say one thing. If you are ready to start a ride on an electric skateboard, never compromise with the price value. As it related to the mechanical instrument, you should buy the best skateboard trucks for the street.


If you are not quite confirming that your has allowed electric skateboarding or not, you follow various websites. You may find sufficient knowledge regarding electric skateboarding. For more information to know ‘Are electric skateboards legal’, you may take a short look on online.

Now, you are quite acquainted with the laws and regulations regarding electric skateboarding. So, it's high time to get yourself an electric skateboard and enjoy riding. Before buying an electric skateboard, you may go through an electric skateboard buying guide.

In this present situation, people are trying to travel alone and in their own transport. Owing to this situation, electric skateboarding is a good alternative.

I Hope, in recent future, every country will enact a law regarding electric skateboarding. Let’s fun...

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